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A. The United Arab Emirates Foreign Affairs The UAE is a Muslim Arab country whose people have strong ties with the Arab Nation. They are unified by religion, language, history, customs, aims, common interests and destiny. The UAE is associated with the Muslim World by having strong relations represented by religion and common interests. The U.A.E pays attention to the formation of friendly relations with the rest of the countries of the world. The UAE has paid much attention to its relations with the Arab countries. This interest is shown by: Taking part in the foundation of the Arab GCC. The UAE has made great efforts to set up this council which includes the Arab Gulf countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the Sultanate of Oman. Some Aims of the AGCC: The agreement of its members upon one policy of defending Arab and Muslim Causes. Internal and external cooperation in affairs like education, economy, telecommunication and information. Joining the Arab League: The UAE has joined the Arab League, which was set up in 1945 to unify the Arabs and defend their interests and issues. UAE Relations with Muslim Countries: The United Arab Emirates supports the Muslim people all over the world. It has joined the Islamic Organizations and has become an effective member in them. The UAE supports the causes of Muslims like the Muslim cause of the Afghani people and defending and helping the Palestinians.

UAE Relations with foreign countries: The UAE follows the policy of establishing friendly foreign relations with the non-Muslim world. It has joined international organizations like The United Nations. In addition, it has adopted the policy of non-alignment with the great powers. The UAE has cultural and commercial relations with countries of the world and international organizations as follows: Cultural Relations: (a) Accepting training and educational missions by the ministries of the country and its establishments. (b) Exchanging cultural and scientific expertise. (c) Fulfilling the needs of the ministry of education through the provision of Arab teachers and experts. (d)Accepting some students of these countries in UAE University and giving scholarships to those who study outside. (e) Accepting Arab and Muslim students in the schools of the state. Commercial relations between the UAE and other countries of the world cover many fields such as: Exporting oil. Importing vehicles, equipment and machinery. Importing foodstuffs.

Answer the following questions in your notebooks. Q1. Name any 5 Arabian Gulf countries. Q2. Write any 2 aims of AGCC countries. Q3. The people of the U.A.E are associated with the Arab world in many ways. Mention any 3 of them. Q4. Give the names of any 3 countries which have cultural relations with the U.A.E.