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Republic of the Philippines NATIONAL YOUTH COMMISSION

9th National Youth Parliament

Series 2012

A RESOLUTION URGING THE NATIONAL YOUTH COMMISSION TO COORDINATE WITH LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNITS AND OTHER IMPLEMENTING AGENCIES OF R.A. 9211 OTHERWISE KNOWN AS TOBACCO REGULATION ACT OF 2003 TO STRENGTHEN ITS IMPLEMENTATION, MONITORING, AND COMPLIANCE Introduced by: Committee on Health and Wellness WHEREAS, there are two out five young Filipinos aging 13-15 smoking and the number has been steadily increasing since 2003 according to the National Youth Commission; WHEREAS, the Global Youth Tobacco Surveys, conducted in the Philippines in 2003 and 2007, say there is a significant increase in the number of young smokers in the country; WHEREAS, price range of cigarettes per stick in the Philippines is from P1.00 P3.00 making it very affordable for young people to avail; WHEREAS, vendors in the Philippines also sell cigarettes individually, making them more accessible to smokers on a budget (Gulf Times March 29, 2012); WHEREAS, in adults, cigarette smoking causes heart disease and stroke and studies have shown that early signs of these diseases can be found in adolescents who smoke (World Health Organization); WHEREAS, R.A. 9211 also known as Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003 Section 3-e aims to protect the youth from being initiated to cigarette smoking and tobacco use by prohibiting sale of tobacco products to minors; WHEREAS, as stated in Section 9 of RA 9211: Minimum Age Sales Under this Act, It shall be unlawful: a. For any retailer or tobacco products to sell or distribute tobacco products to any minor; b. For any person to purchase cigarettes or tobacco products to any minor; c. For a minor to sell or buy cigarettes or any tobacco products; and d. For a minor to smoke cigarettes or any other tobacco products. WHEREAS, Section 9 of RA 9211 provides that it shall not be a defense for the person selling or distributing that he / she did not know or was aware of the real age of the minor. Neither shall it be a defense that he / she did not know nor had any reason to believe that the cigarette or any other tobacco product was for the consumption of the minor to whom it was sold; WHEREAS, World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO-FCTC) first International Public Health Treaty that the country ratified in 2005, along with 173 other nations seeks to protect present and future generations from global tobacco epidemic; WHEREAS, according to the Monitoring and Enforcement Guidelines for the implementation of R.A. 9211, the Department of Health (DOH) is designated as the lead agency in the monitoring and enforcement of the provisions of the law (Sections 5 and 6) relating to Healthful-Smoke free environments; WHEREAS, there is an urgent need for actions from the National Youth Commission and other youth organizations to support and continuously monitor the status and progress of enforcement of RA 9211in their respective areas and communities; WHEREAS, Section 2 of the R.A. 8044 states that the state recognizes its responsibility to enable the youth to fulfill their vital role in national building and hereby establishes the National Comprehensive and Coordinating Program on youth development;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED by the Chairperson and members of the 9th NYP to approve the resolution urging for the strict implementation, monitoring and compliance to RA 9211 also known as Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003; RESOLVED FURTHER that the following should be taken into consideration: 1. By virtue of the mandate given under RA 7160 also known as the Local Government Code, Local Government Units should make ordinances in accordance to or in support with RA 9211; 2. The Department of Health, Department of Education and the National Youth Commission should monitor the strict enforcement of the provisions of the law concerning Section 9 of RA 9211 in coordination with other implementing agencies (Department of Agriculture, Department of Justice, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Science and Technology, National Tobacco Administration, representative from the Tobacco Industry and representative from a nongovernment organization); 3. The National Youth Commission should create a Technical Working Group for active youth participation in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of RA 9211; and 4. The Sangguniang Kabataan and other youth organizations shall serve as a role model of advocates of anti-smoking to other youths; 5. The Sangguniang Kabataan and other youth organizations should assume social responsibility to submit reports on illegal sale or to submit reports on violations of RA 9211 6. The implementing agencies should annually submit and publish a compliance monitoring report to the President of the Philippines and both Houses of Congress as stipulated in RA 9211 and make it available to the public in the LGU level.

ADOPTED this 5th day of May 2012 at Naga City, Philippines.

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Secretary General

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Committee Members: Vincent Rhay P. Villeza (Committee Chairperson), Jeross R. Aguilar (Committee Secretary), Vincci Monique T. Salud (Deputy Committee Secretary), Stephen Bryan Y. Bongcaras, Catherine R. Sayson, Je-Christian M. Gonzales, Dondie Moore, Ellaine G. Dimayuga, Faye Dominique, Palmares, Jackie John B. Corral, Dennis Antonio Dacayanan, Jonathan Paghubasan, Renaleh-Nur Disumimba, Allissandra Jasmin Cadag , John Oliver Tablazon, Sittie Ailah M. Andig, Darren Carino, Amy Sagalla, Laura M. Ermem,Danica Shahana G. Magtubo, Christine Violago, Karl Vincent P. Abalajon, Nafieza S. Mohammad.