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Eng 11


147 Wkbk: Do ex. 145-146
Hndbk: Read sections 35.81-35109. Review sections 35.1-35.109 for quiz
VS: Finish p. 82, ex. A, for next lesson
Research Paper: edited draft due in L149
148 AL: Read p. 469 and 472; answer p. 472, #11
VS: Prepare for Quiz 11A over Vocab 11 and Spelling 11A in next lesson
Res Paper: Edited draft is due. Bring all materials to class
149 AL: Read 470-471; answer p. 472, #7
Wkbk: Do ex. 147
VS: study synonyms and antonyms; do pp. 82-83, ex. B
Res Paper: Continue final draft for L152.
150 AL: Read pp. 473-474; answer p. 473, #3
Wkbk: Do ex. 150-151
VS: Memorize p. 83, prefixes, roots, and suffixes in ex .C(1); do ex C(2)
RP: Final outline and Works Cited page are due. Final draft of completed
paper is due in L152. Bring all materials to class. Plan to turn in all
preliminary work with completed paper
151 AL: Read 475-476; answer question on p. 475
VS: Do p. 84, ex. D
RP: Final draft of completed paper is due in folder. Include all preliminary
work in packets of folder: bib cards, note cards, preliminary outline, and
earlier drafts
152 Wkbk: Finish 153, numbers 6-10
VS: Do p. 84, ex. E
153 Wkbk: Do p. 154, numbers 6-10
Composition: Write final copy of definition poem
VS: Study for Quiz 11B over unit 11 vocab and spelling 11B in class
154 Wkbk: Do ex. 155
Comp: Write a rhyming couplet about a season other than winter.
155 Hndbk: Review section 35, diction. Write 10 different diction rules to
Wkbk: Do ex. 157
Composition: Write down a theme for your rhyming poem. Make a list of
10-15 details. Note at least one example of figurative language you could
use in the poem
156 AL: Answer the Identify from Unit 14 Review, part III, from Sandburg to
cullen. Write five facts from unit 14, pp. 458-476
Wkbk: Do ex. 160.
Comp: Finish first draft of poem. Final draft is due in L160
157 AL: Study for Test 11 over unit 14 pp. 458-476 in next lesson
Hndbk: Study for Test 11 over sections 35 and 42 in next lesson
158 AL: Read 477-489, answer p. 489, #2, 7 and 8
VS: Do p. 88, ex A
Comp: Rewritten draft of rhyming poem due
159 AL: Read 490-493; answer p. 493, question 1
Comp: Final copy of rhyming poem (12 lines) due
Wkbk: Rewrite paragraph for ex. 161
VS: Study for Quiz 12A over Vocab List 12 and Spelling 12 A in next lesson
160 AL: Read 494-505; answer p. 505, #2
Wkbk: Do ex. 163, marking errors first in the Workbook and then rewriting
the paragraph
VS: Study antonyms and synonyms; do pp. 88-89, ex. B
161 AL: Read 506-512; answer p. 512, #4
Comp: Write and edit a 1/2-1 page exposition of a process
VS: Memorize p. 89, prefixes, roots, and suffixes in ex. C(1); do ex C(2)
162 AL: Read 513-514; answer p. 514, #2
Comp: Write and edit 12-1 page classification paper
VS: Do p. 90, ex. E
163 AL: Read 515-518; answer p. 518, #1
Composition: Write first draft (not edited) of 1-2 page extended definition
VS: Do p. 91, Review 4, ex. A-B. Review units 7-8 vocab and spelling.
Write a 5-question quiz over nits 7-8
164 AL: Read 519-527; answer p. 527, #2
Comp: Write final copy of 1-2 page extended definition
VS: Do pp. 92-93, Review 4, ex C and D. Review units 9-10 vocab and
165 AL: Read 528-530; answer p. 530, #2
Hndbk: Read sections 60.5-60.7d, pp. 269-271, business letters
VS: Do p. 94, Review 4, ex. E and F. Review units 11-12.
166 AL: study unit 15 Review, p. 530. Know details. Write five facts from units
Comp: Write a 1-page description of what you think life will be like in 2052
VS: Prepare for Review Quiz Four over units 7-12 and Spelling Lists 7A-
12B in next lesson
167 AL: Review units 6-9 and Scarlett Letter. Write a 10-question quiz
Wkbk: Review Handbook sec 5-7; do ex. 167-168
Comp: Write an application letter and resume for writing / editing job. Attach
a 1- page description of resume

168 AL: Review units 10-15 , using unit reviews.

Hndbk: Review sections 36-42; write 10 facts
Wkbk: Review Handbook sections 9-12 and then do ex. 169
169 AL: Prepare for Final Exam over units 1-15 and Scarlett Letter in the next
Hdnbk: Prepare for final exam over sections 1-42 in next lesson