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The political situation in Abra province remains stable as of this time. There are still no clear aspirants who will challenge the incumbent elected provincial officials although some of the aspirants and prospective candidates are now starting to build-up their political machineries. The political atmosphere in the province remains normal inspite of the occurrence of several shooting incidents in the past being perpetrated by riding in tandem suspects, but investigation showed that they are not politically motivated. II. POLITICAL PERSONALITIES 1. Maria Jocelyn Valera Bernos She is the incumbent congresswoman in the lone district of Abra under the Liberal Party.. . 2. Eustaquio Takit Purruganan Bersamin He is the incumbent Governor of the province recently shifted to Liberal Party on July 25 2012. 3. Cecilia Seares Luna She was the former Congresswoman of the lone district of Abra last 2007-2010 under LAKAS

KAMPI CMD. During the 2010 elections, she was defeated by the current Congresswoman Maria Jocelyn V. Bernos. She is also the mother of Bangued Mayor Ryan S. Luna and ABC of Lagayan Jendricks Luna. 4. Ryan Seares Luna The son of Cecilia S Luna and the current mayor of Bangued, Abra.

POWER BROKER 1. Mr. Dominic Valera Former Mayor of Bangued, one of the most successful businessman in the province and the father of Congresswoman Maria Jocelyn V. Bernos. He was defeated by the current Bangued Mayor Ryan S. Luna. 2. Mr.Andres Bernos Former Governor of the province and served as mayor of Lapaz for many decades, he had been the controller and decision maker of the Bernos Political clan.







The tandem of Gov. Bersamin and Cong. Bernos has the advantage this forthcoming 2013 midterm election because they enjoy total access from government machineries. The Governor has already established a good relationship between most of the municipal officials in the province. Mr. Andres Bernos, former Governor, Board member and Mayor and the father In-Law of Congresswoman serve as the controller of the tandem, hes been the decision maker in many decades both in the municipality of Lapaz and Danglas. The Iglesiani Cristo will also give a great effect in favor of the tandem. WEAKNESS Last 2010 election, Congresswoman Bernos challenged former Congresswoman Cecil Luna. Congresswoman Bernos emerged as the winner but Cecil Luna filed an electoral protest against her, nevertheless, the outcome of the recount was the same, so the win of Congresswoman Bernos was affirmed; while Governor Bersamin still enjoys the support of the populace of Abra. OPPORTUNITIES Congresswoman Bernos is the daughter in law of then strongman Mr Andres Bernos, former Governor of Abra and

Mayor of La Paz town and the daughter of former Bangued Mayor Dominic Valera. She was also the wife of assassinated late La Paz Mayor Marc YsraelBernos; while Governor Bersamin was propelled to the governorship of the province when his late Congressman brother Luis Chito Bersamin was assassinated on December 16, 2006 in Quezon City. He ran due to the clamor of the Abrenians and won via landslide decision. THREATS As of this time, there are still no threats reported nor monitored either with the incumbents or to the possible aspirants since election period is still far. IV. POSSIBLE OPPONENT ON 2013 ELECTION a. Congressional Position: Cecile Luna Former Congresswoman of lone district of Abra RolandoSomera The current Vice Governor of the province and is allegedly running as an independent b. Gubernatorial Position:

As of this time, there are still no reports of any possible opponent since the current Governor still being supported by the different sectors in the province.

STRENGTH Former Congresswoman Luna is the standard bearer of LAKAS KAMPI CMD, she still enjoys connections with higher officials. She has the full control of Lagayan Municipality and some part of Bangued. Ryan Luna, the incumbent mayor of Bangued has established good reputations to Tricycle Operator Drivers Organization which composed of thousand of members. WEAKNESS During the past years, the Luna brothers Ryan and Jendricks were involved in election related incidents. Cecil Luna lost her political protest against incumbent Congresswoman Bernos OPPORTUNITIES Cecile Luna was a former representative of the province, she has the connections, she is the standard bearer of LAKAS KAMPI CMD. THREATS As to their security, generally, there are no threats monitored to both opposing party.




As of this date, political situation of Apayao Province remains stable. There are negative indicators into existence of Private Armed Groups (PAGs) OCGs or any other threat groups within the AOR that can cause violence to the forthcoming 2013 National and Local Elections. The peace and order Situation of Apayao Province remains peaceful. II. POLITICAL PERSONALITIES 1. Congresswoman Eleanor BulutBegtang She was the former three terms Mayor of the Municipality of Calanasan, Apayao and now the incumbent Representative (congresswoman} of the Lone District of Apayao under National Peoples Coalition Party. (NPC) 2. Governor Elias C Bulut JR He was the former three terms Representative (Congressman) of the Lone District of Apayao and now the Incumbent Governor of the Province of Apayao under National Peoples Coalition Party (NPC). 3. Elias K Bulut SR Hon. Elias Bulut SR who was known as a legendary Hero of Apayao is the Incumbent Mayor of CalanasanApayao, the hometown of the Bulut Family. He was been elected as Municipal mayor of Calanasan (1972-1992) Congressman of KalingaApayao (1992-1995) Congressman Lone District Apayao (19962001) Governor Province of Apayao (2001-

2010) and Municipal mayor of Calanasan (2010-to present) under Nationalista Party. (NP) POWER BROKER: 1. Congresswoman Eleanor BulutBegtang, Governor Elias C Bulut JR, Mayor Elias Bulut SR. Hon. Elias Bulut SR was the former Governor upon finishing his term, he was presently elected as Mayor of Calanasan and the former Mayor of Calanasan was elected as Congresswoman and Hon Elias Bulut JR who was the previous Congressman was the presently elected Governor of Apayao. III. GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ELECTED CONGRESSWOMAN: Hon. ELEANOR BULUT BEGTANG GOVERNOR : Hon. ELIAS C BULUT JR STRENGTH: Cong. ELEANOR BULUT BEGTANG and Gov. ELIAS BULUT JR, have the greater advantage being the incumbent congressman and governor of Apayao, who have the access to government resources. They are very active in terms of politics; they have the logistical and financial capability to sustain their political powers. Elias BULUT SR, who is said to be the patriarch and the decision maker who is known to be the legendary hero of Apayao have already established his power in all of the Municipality of Apayao as an evidence to that they were never been opposed in their political careers for the last 2010 national elections and most of their Political line up won.

WEAKNESSES: As of this time we can say that they have no weakness for the reason that they have controlled the political situation of Apayao. Weakness on their part will arise if Hon ELIAS BULUT SR, will be departed from them. OPPORTUNITIES Cong. Eleanor BulutBegtang and Governor Elias C Bulut JR have no opponent for the last election and it is expected again that they will be un- opposed for the coming 2013 national election; as long as their father Hon. ELIAS K BULUT SR is alive they will always have control over the political situation of Apayao. THREATS: As to the security of BULUT Family, this office monitored that they have threats since 2008 as evidence to that the Congresswoman Eleanor BulutBegtang received a death threat sometimes on the month of august 2008 when she was still the Mayor of Calanasan. That allegedly two (2) male person was monitoring her movements from Calanasan to Manila. This was validated when two unidentified suspects offered (P30, 000.00) to Mrs Lilia Darisan in exchange for any information of her whereabouts. That she often receives text message threatening her and her immediate family up to date. IV POSSIBLE OPPONENT ON 2013 ELECTION: a. Congressional Position : NEGATIVE b. Governatorial Position : NEGATIVE STRENGTH WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS : NEGATIVE : NEGATIVE :N/A :NA

BENGUET I. POLITICAL SITUATION: BENGUET the vegetable and mining capital maintained its moniker as the most peaceful province in the Cordillera and rest of the archipelago with no election-related violence reported during the May 10, 2010 polls while winning and losing bets are back to old ways offering peace and reconciliation. For the present, political situation in the Province of Benguet is generally peaceful on the ground that this is manifested on the past elections wherein competing candidate to a certain position does not necessarily employ dirty tactics to ensure their victory. During the past election, it was observed that Mayor and Vice Mayor in the municipality of Kapangan, Benguet were unopposed leading to their unity incumbency and that gives a good indicator that people in the town have a unity to maintain peaceful and orderly election. No indicators noted as to the existence of Private Armed Group (PAGs) that can cause violence to the forthcoming 2013 National and Local Elections as compared to other provinces. Although there are monitored political line-up of some of the prospective candidates, the peace and order situation remains stable. II. POLITICAL PERSONALITIES 1. Atty. Ronald Morales Cosalan The incumbent congressman former of the Lone District of Benguet Province.Liberal Party

2. Nestor BagtangFongwan Incumbent governor of the Province of Benguet. He is the former Mayor of La Trinidad, Benguet for three terms from 1998-2007 under LAKASKAMPI-CMD. 3. CrescencioCarioPacalso Former three term Mayor of Itogon, Benguet. Incumbent Vice-Governor of Benguet who hails from Bua, Tuding, Itogon, Benguet. 4. Nelson Dangwa Incumbent Provincial Board Member of Benguet, District II (Atok, Bakun,Buguias, Kapangan, Kibungan,Mankayan, La Trinidad &Tublay). POWER BROKER: 1. Benguet Contractors Group this group can connive and withdraw to any candidate or throw their support to any candidate they favor. This group was responsible for the loss of former Governor Raul Molintas and Congressman Ronald Cosalan in 2001 election. 2. Iglesiani Cristo the solid vote of this religious group has been the determining factor of winning candidates particularly in La Trinidad where they are many.


GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ELECTED CONGRESSMAN : Atty. Ronald Morales Cosalan - - - 1 Term GOVERNOR : Nestor BagtangFongwan - - - - - - 2nd Term V-GOVERNOR : CrescencioCarioPacalso - - - - - 3rd Term STRENGTH:

Incumbent Cong. Ronald Cosalan is the son of Municipality of Tublay which earned him solid votes from the populace. Likewise his ancestor came from the municipalities of Bokod and Kabayan. He was previously elected two (2) terms as congressman of this province during the 1998 and 2001 election which brought him enough experience in the congressional seat. Likewise, Cosalan Family is well known in the political arena. Gov. Fongwans political career begun in 1988 when he won a seat in the Sangguniang Bayan of La Trinidad, Benguet. After serving one term at the municipal council, he tried his hand as vice mayor and handily won the position in 1992.In 1998, the erstwhile vice mayor sought the mayoralty seat in La Trinidad and was rewarded with an overwhelming mandate from the electorate. Vice GovPacalso is a former three term Mayor of Itogon, Benguet. He is undefeated Vice-Governor garnering 100,594 votes last May 2012 election and the highest votes garnered by a politician with political rival in the Cordillera in recent memory. WEAKNESSES:

Congressman Cosalan served two terms as representative of Benguet. However, due to rumors of unfair distribution infrastructure projects to contactors, he lost his final term to former Congressman Samuel Dangwa during the 2004 election. The same as in 2007 elections the former likewise bested him in the same race. During the 2012 National Election, he regained the support from the constituents of Benguet Province and won the congressional seat. OPPORTUNITIES Congressman Ronald Cosalan is one of the allies of the present administration. He is the present chairman of the committee on Public Works and Highways, Senior Vice Chairman of the Committee on Labor and Employment and the Senior Vice Chairman of Ethics and Privileges in the congress. Being a lawyer and as representative of the province, he has the opportunity to earn trust from the people of Benguet Province. THREATS: As to their security, generally, there are no information obtained pertaining to threats to both incumbents and prospective candidates as of this moment. IV. POSSIBLE OPPONENT ON 2013 ELECTION: c. Congressional Position: Cresensio C Pacalso- Last term Vice Governor in the Province.

d. Governatorial Position: No Information obtained STRENGTH: Hehas logistical and financial capability to support his campaign for the coming 2013 Elections. Many of his supporters are loyal to him and can be a probability to ensure victory. Being a former Mayor and current Vice-Governor garnering 100,594 votes last May 2012 election and the highest votes garnered by a politician with political rival in the Cordillera. WEAKNESSES: Has no established association organization on his own to support him. THREATS: This Office has not received any reports pertaining to their threats to life as of this period.


The Province of Ifugao is known not only in the Cordillera Region but in the entire country for its peaceful execution of the National and Local Elections as well as Barangay Elections. Observation and information revealed that aspiring politicians are

taking every opportunity to reveal their intentions with the identifications of their plans and programs and political affiliations for the forthcoming 2012 National and Local Election. The peace and order situation of the Province of Ifugao remains unaffected. II. POLITICAL PERSONALITIES 1. Atty EUGENE M BALITANG He is the incumbent Governor of the Province of Ifugao and Chairman of the RPOC-Cordillera who defeated the three times Congressman, Atty SOLOMON R CHUNGALAO during the 2010 Gubernatorial Race under the Liberal Party. 2. Atty DENNIS HABAWEL Lost the Congressional position during the 2010 election against incumbent Congressman TEODORO B BAGUILAT JR with six other opponents under the NPC. 3. TEODORO B BAGUILAT JR The incumbent Congressman of the Lone District of Ifugao under the Liberal Party, former two time Mayor of Kiangan, former Governor of Ifugao-2001 but lost re-election against the late Cong BENJAMIN CAPLEMAN during the 2004 gubernatorial election, however, elected again as Governor during the 2007 election.

4. Atty PEDRO MAYAM-O The incumbent Vice-Governor of the Province of Ifugao under the Liberal Party, former member of the SanguniangPanlalawigan (SP) during the 2004 election. 5. JONATHAN CUYAHON Former Mayor of Kiangan during the period of 2007 but lost his bid against Hon TEODORO B BAGUILAT JR with six other for the 2010 Congressional Seat. 6. Atty ALBERT PAWINGI Former Governor of Ifugao who lost his bid for the 2010 Congressional Seat against Cong TEODORO B BAGUILAT JR. 7. Atty SOLOMON R CHUNGALAO Three timer elected Congressman of the Lone District of Ifugao from 2001 to 2010 but lost for the 2010 Gubernatorial Race against Atty EUGENE M BALITANG under the LAKASKampi/CMD. 8. Maj Gen NELSON ALLAGA (Ret) Lost his Congressional bid for the 2020 election against incumbent Congressman TEODORO B BAGUILAT JR under the LAKAS-

Kampi/CMD 9. Atty JUMBO WACHAYNA Lost his Congressional bid against former Congressman SOLOMON R CHUNGALAO during the 2007 election and to incumbent Congressman TEODORO B BAGUILAT JR during the 2010 election. 10. JOSEPH J ODAN Incumbent SP Member from District II and Graduating as SP Member. 11. JORDAN GULLITIW Enjoying his last term as SP Member (District I), former three termer Mayor of the youngest Town of the province, the municipality of Asipulo. III. GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ELECTED CONGRESSMAN: BAGUILAT JR GOVERNOR BALITANG STRENGTH: Both the incumbent Congressman and Governor have the advantage respectively, who have the access to government : Hon EUGENE M Hon TEODORO B

resources not only as current leaders but as party members (LP) of the President of the Republic. The congressman is active in his transparent leadership while the governor is also active in pursuing his political platforms; they have the logistical and financial capability to sustain their political careers. Both are being supported by big time contractors in the province like JR Luglug who manages the PHRANARETE Construction and MrErenio G Bobola Aka LANGILANG, a native of this province who migrated as a miner and contractor to Didipio, Kasibu, NV. WEAKENESSES: Both political leaders sustained their support from a number of contractors who bear financial and logistical support for them. Their political maneuvers/strategy in affiliating themselves to the CNN during the 2010 election has gained loosing support because of some unmet contracts. For the Gov, his political ambition was caught with anomalies and frustrations that will eventually become an issue during the campaign in favor of his would be opponents. While for the Congressman, he was not able to sustain the benefits being enjoyed by the province during the time of Former Congressman Atty SOLOMON R CHUNGALAO, a few to mention was the DPWH Road Maintenance and etc. OPPORTUNITIES Both leaders are the 2013 bets of the Aquino Administration (LP) for Congressman and Governor respectively. THREAT Generally, there are no threats monitored to both Congressman and Governor.


POSSIBLE OPPONENT ON 2013 ELECTION: 1. Congressional Position: Atty. SOLOMON R CHUNGALAO Former Congressman of the Lone District of Ifugao with possible tandem with Atty DENNIS HABAWEL as his Governor 2. Gubernatorial Position: a. Atty DENNIS HABAWEL b. Atty PEDRO MAYAM-O Incumbent V-Governor c. JONATHAN CUYAHON Former mayor of Kiangan who lost his bid for Congressman during the 2010 election.

STRENGTH For Atty SOLOMON R CHUNGALAO, he has the number of elected municipal mayors whom seven (7) of them (60%) won during the 2010 election under his Political Party (LAKASKampi/CMD) as chair Provincial Level. Most of his supporters/leaders are intact; he was a leader who concedes both opponent and followers; has the financial support from most befriended contractors within and outside the province and the majority support from the AYANGAN Tribes (AYANGAN Tribe is the most dominant tribe in the Province of Ifugao). For JONATHAN CUYAHON, hes financially able being a big time businessman.

For Atty DENNIS HABAWEL, hes has the able support from his Law Firm in Manila and possibly politically affiliated with the UNO of V-Pres BINAY and Senate Pres ENRILE. WEAKNESSES: For Atty CHUNGALAO, some Religious Groups dont like his being a change smoker; some projects were unaccomplished but source of anomalies of some of his contractors; and he has no political figures/personalities and political party affiliated as of this report. While Atty DENNIS HABAWEL spent most of his time in the Metropolitan same with JONATHAN CUYAHON. For Atty PEDRO MAYAM-O, no assurance from his supporters due to financial constraint. OPPORTUNITIES A tandem between Atty SOLOMON R CHUNGALAO and Atty DENNIS HABAWEL under the UNO Political Party is a great challenge for the Administration Candidates; considering the political history of politicians from the Municipality of Hingyon like Hon Gov BALITANG, none of them graduated for the position as Governor, Vice Governor or Mayor. A greater number of Political aspirants for the major position in the provincial level will give a greater chance to both JONATHAN CUYAHON and Atty PEDRO MAYAM-O. THREATS: No monitored threat/s to their person and activities.

KALINGA PROVINCE I. POLITICAL SITUATION: As of this date, political situation of Kalinga province remains stable. There are negative indicators into existence of Private Armed Groups (PAGs) that can cause violence to the forthcoming 2013 National and Local Elections. Although some of the prospective candidates are now starting to build-up their political line-up to propel their political plans and ambitions, the peace and order condition of Kalinga remains stable. II. POLITICAL PERSONALITIES 1. Manuel L. Agyao He is the former undersecretary of the DPWH and now on his 2ndterm as the incumbent congressman of Lone District of Kalinga under the banner LakasKampi but he shift to the Administration Party the Liberal Party before the Impeachment of CJ CONONA of the supreme court. 2. Jocel C. Baac The Incumbent governor of the Kalinga province and the former Vice-Governor of Kalinga under the Administration Party LP. 3. Allen Jessie C. Mangaoang The incumbent Vice Governor under the banner of the Nationalista Party (NP) former Municipal of Balbalan for three (3) terms. POWER BROKER: As of time no report on power broker. II. GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ELECTED

CONGRESSMAN : Engr. Manuel L. Agyao GOVERNOR : Engr. Jocel C. Baac VICE GOVERNOR : Engr. Allen Jessie C. Mangaoang STRENGTH: Congressman Manuel L. Agyao and Governor Jocel C Baac have the greater advantage being member of the administration party and incumbent congressman and governor of Kalinga respectively, who have the access to government resources. They are very active in terms of politics; they have the logistical and financial capability to sustain their political portfolio and campaign. WEAKNESSES: For Congressman Manuel L. Agyao no weakness monitored as of this time. Governor Jocel C Baac with the negative impact of his suspension by the DILG for a period of one (1) month. And the questionable project at the national highway along the TabukPinukpuk road located at BrgyGobgob, Tabuk City, Kalinga which was under investigation and filed at the Ombudsman. OPPORTUNITIES: Vice Governor Mangaoang on the other hand had his chances being the incumbent and the son-in-law of the incumbent Congressman under the Administration Party. THREATS: As to their security, generally, there are no serious threats monitored to both incumbents and prospective candidates as of this moment. Although for Governor Baac, we dont discount any possible threat while he is serving his suspension handed over by the DILG for the his involvement in a case filed against him by Jerome B. Tabanganay of Radio Ng Bayan. IV POSSIBLE OPPONENT ON 2013 ELECTION: a. Congressional Position:

Atty. MacarioDuguian Former Provincial Governor if tap by the opposition party under UNA. c. Gubernatorial Position: Allen Jessie C. Mangaoang Incumbent Vice-Governor of Kalinga and standard bearer of NP he might run if the NP and LP will not merges. Atty. MacarioA.Duguiang Former governor of Kalinga province and standard bearer of NPC Conrado T. Dieza Former Chairman of LP Kalinga Chapter and ran for Governor but lost to Baac and now got again the Chairmanship of UNA Coalition Kalinga Chapter. STRENGTH: Allen Jessie C. Mangaoang is the incumbent ViceGovernor of Kalinga and standard bearer of NP. He might run if the NP and LP will not merge. For he had the support of 90% voters from the municipality of Pinukpuk and Balbalan and has also logistical and financial capability to support his campaign for the coming 2013 Elections. He had also established rapport with the voting populace for his charming images. Atty. Macario A. Duguiang is a former governor of Kalinga province and standard bearer of NPC if the business community like the OCDC will support him for his logistical and financial needs. Conrado T. Dieza being the chairman of UNA Kalinga Chapter is an advantage. WEAKNESSES: Atty. Macario A. DuguiangLack of logistical and financial

budget. Conrado T. Dieza, no established reputation in the Province of Kalinga. The people of Kalinga observed that when ever an election comes he surface. OPPORTUNITIES: Allen Jessie C. Mangaoang Being the Incumbent OIC Governor of Kalinga until October during the filing candidacy. THREATS: There is no apparent threat on this person as of this period. Whenever they are attending to special events they would always ask for police escorts/security. MT PROVINCE



The province is still experiencing peaceful political atmosphere without any monitored Private Armed Groups organized by political personalities to be utilized to rig, disrupt or ensure their winnability during the upcoming 2013 National and Local Elections. The absence of intense political rivalry among candidates and the culture of this province have a great impact to diffuse most if not all political differences which may lead to isolated violent incident as in the case of the Late Mayor Rafael of Paracelis, Mountain Province. Presently there are no rumors of political alliance in preparation to 2013 election, however, respected personalities holding high positions in the government are planning to run for provincial seats in 2013 after retiring, the likes of Usec. Roy Manao of DPWH and Gen. Gomez, 5th ID PA.


POLITICAL PERSONALITIES: 1. Atty. MAXIMO BADECAO DALOG, Former Governor of Mountain Province and now incumbent Congressman of this lone District of Mountain Province under LAKAS NUCD and allied himself to the Liberal Party. 2. Atty. LEONARD G MAYAEN Incumbent Governor of Mountain Province, ran as Nationalista Party. He is respected and a high caliber lawyer in and out of the province. Earned his good image and political popularity through his connection alliance to the late Cong. Victor Dominguez coupled with his expertise in court battles especially in drug related cases. 3. Engr. JUPITER C DOMINGUEZ Former Mayor of Sabangan, Mountain Province, lost during the 2007 and 2010 congressional seat by the late Victor Dominguez and incumbent Cong. MaximoDalog respectively. However, his loss to AttyDalog was very slim despite the fact that he ran independently while AttyDalog was then the incumbent Governor. 4. THOMAS A KILLIP Former Mayor of the Sagada, Mountain Province lost during the 2010 election eyeing for congressional seat. He was previously the Presidential Assistant of the OPAPP of

former President GMA. 5. FRANLKIN C ODSEY

Former Mayor of Bontoc, Mountain Province, lost during the 2010 election under Independent Party against MaximoDalog. He is now the Provincial Administrator of Governor Mayaen. He is planning to run for Mayor for the municipality of Bontoc but it depends on the political lineup in the congressional seat and if Jupiter Dominguez will still run for Congress. POWER BROKERS There are no perceived power brokers who can handle the whole Province which may affect the political atmosphere of the province. There may be power brokers at the Municipal and Barangay levels who will be wooed by politicians. III. GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ELECTED CONGRESSMAN GOVERNOR STRENGTH CONGRESSMAN MAXIMO B DALOGhas an edge over his rivals in terms of financial and logistical capabilities being the incumbent while his rivals are still in the stage of recovering their lost financial assets during the 2010 election. It can be recalled that during his stint as governor of the province he secretly mobilized the provincial government in preparation to the highest political : Atty. MAXIMO B DALOG : LEONARD G MAYAEN

seat in the province. The birth of Lang-ay Festival the famous feast celebration of the province was named during his incumbency as governor which gave him high expectations of the people of Mountain Province. This festivity was utilized by Congressman Dalog during the campaign period. AttyMaximoDalog is being backed-up by his Abalayan Daniel Peckley a big time contractor and businessman in the province. GOVERNOR LEONARD MAYAEN: Incumbency is the most advantage of Atty. Mayaen coupled with stable financial resources to sustain his political battle until the end of the campaign period. His expertise as a high caliber lawyer charmed the local populace to praise and support him. Livelihood Financial assistance was provided to all rebel returnees under his programs embodied in Executive Order Number 24, Series of 2011, of which there are 37 rebel returnees who availed the program coming from Bontoc, Sadanga, Sagada and Natonin, Mountain Province. WEAKNESSES: CONGRESSMAN MAXIMO DALOG Hon. Congressman Maximo B Dalog was implicated in the last 2010 election wherein members of his supporters were flagged down in Paracelis and several high powered firearms were confiscated. One of which was registered under his name. A case of election protest was filed by Jupiter Dominguez, case is on progress.

Some supporters of Hon MaximoDalog were dismayed because of his promise to provide them some projects if ever he will win as congressman but all the projects today are all monopolized by his Abalayan and his close relatives.

Governor Leonard Mayaen needs to strengthen his political maneuvering in the eastern part of the province wherein he lost in three (3) municipalities by slight margin. OPPORTUNITIES Congressman Maximo B Dalog will be secretly supported by Governor Mayaen against Engr Jupiter Dominguez with logic that Dalog is older than Dominguez which give him more opportunity to run for Congressman in the future as compared to Jupiter. Franklin Odsey being the present Provincial Administrator under Gov. Mayaen will cast his support to the incumbent Governor. POSSIBLE OPPONENT ON 2013 ELECTION a. Congressional Position:

Engr. Jupiter Dominguez Former Mayor of Sabangan, Mountain Province under Independent Party Franklin Odsey Former Mayor of Bontoc, mountain Province


Gubernatorial Position:

MarcialCapsuyenLawilao Jr. Former ABC president (SK Federation) almost upset Hon Leonard Mayaen during 2010 election. Harry Dominguez Former Mayor of Tadian, Mountain Province Ezra Alipit Gomez Former Board Member lost during 2010 election STRENGHT/WEAKNESS: Engr. Jupiter Dominguez. For his outstanding performance and dedication as municipal Mayor of Sabangan, he was adjudged as the best Mayor all over the country and an unopposed candidate during 2004 election. Unification among the supporters of his late uncle Congressman Victor Dominguez and his loyal supporters is an armada to fight the political strategies of Congressman Dalog. Engr. Jupiter Dominguez lacked campaign fund during the duration of the election period. More exposure during the campaign in the heart of the province to gain sympathy of the voting populace of Bontoc and Bauko, Mountain Province. His good leadership, untiring and diligent service to sustain the peace and order of Mountain Province is most likely his winnability among political rivals.

Lack of political maneuvering during the start and at the end of campaign period. Marcial C Lawilao Jr. Former ABC President, the voice of the KABATAN for the improvement of the province. Lack political experience and machinery. Harry Dominguez Seasoned political candidate who have many political strategies during election period doubled with campaign portfolio, however, he never wins. Trust and confidence of the people is not yet touched by Harry Dominguez despite of his charmed and party affiliation more so that he was baptized by his rivals as Dirty Hary because of his dirty tricks during the election period. Ezra A Gomez Good performance during his stint as Provincial Board Member of the province but lack of political machinery to survive during the height of election period. OPPORTUINITES: In as much as there are no political alliance among the politicos in the province, Jupiter Dominguez is perceived to be the Congressional contender to fight against the incumbent, probably one on one if Roy Manao will not push through with his desire to run for the same seat. THREATS:

All of the above mentioned personalities have no threat on their persons as of this report.


Baguio City has no intense political rivalries nor has encountered any politically related problems. Unlike in other provinces in the Cordilleras, the exercise of local politics in the city is respected and admired. The residents of the city have a great respect to politicians, most especially to the elected local officials as evidenced by the fact that the City of Baguio has never been put into any controversy involving threat, fraud or force and intimidation employed by its political candidates and their supporters during the election periods, although, there were instances that local candidates engaged themselves in verbal tussles and criticisms but our candidates are politically mature and professionals. People believe without any doubt that public officials were duly elected and therefore legitimate. Elected officials also reward this respect in protecting the rights and welfare of the people. Likewise, based on the previous political exercises, local politicians do not employ Partisan Armed Groups (PAGs) during election period, thus there were no instances where Intense Political Rivalry (IPR) was ever monitored. There are no identified critical areas described as Area of Concern and Area of Immediate Concern as election ends with no election-related violent incidents. II. POLITICAL PERSONALITIES

1. Engr. Bernardo M. Vergara Incumbent Congressman ( First Term ) He served as congressman from the lone district of Baguio City for three (3) consecutive terms from 1992 to 2001 and elected as Mayor of Baguio for one (1) term from 2001 to 2004. At present, he won as Congressman on the 2010 national and local elections under LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD. 2. Atty. Mauricio G. Domogan Incumbent City Mayor ( First Term Hon Mauricio G Domogan, fondly called Morris was born on October 10, 1946, he began his political career as a Councilor of the City of Baguio from 1988-1992. Impressed by his humility, honesty, and genuine service, the people of Baguio elected him Vice Mayor in May 1992. But as destiny willed it, he never served as Vice Mayor. It is because 15 minutes after taking his oath as Vice Mayor, he took his oath as Acting Mayor. He served as Acting Mayor from July 1, 1992 to October 24, 1992, when he assumed as the real City Mayor by virtue of the disqualification of then elected Mayor Jun Labo, who was disqualified by the Supreme Court due to his being an Australian citizen. Thereafter, he was elected and served as City Mayor from 1992 to 2001. After he finished his term as City Mayor, he has been elected to three terms as Member of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, representing

the Lone District of Baguio City. He first won as a Representative on 2001, and was re-elected in 2004 and 2007 respectively. He reclaimed his mayoralty post in Baguio City after winning the 2010 national and local elections under the LAKAS- KAMPI CMD. 3. Atty. Daniel T Farinas Incumbent City Vice Mayor ( Second Term ) Atty. Daniel T Farinas was elected City Vice Mayor for three consecutive terms from 1992 to 2001, then ran for city councilor and eventually won. On 2007 and 2010 national and local elections under Nationalista Party (NP), he again won for vice mayor. POWER BROKER 1. Iglesiani Cristo like any other parts of the country, the solid vote of this religious group has been the determining factor for winning candidates in the City of Baguio




Hon. Congressman Bernardo M. Vergara has unquestionable performance for a hardworking habit during his stint as the representative of Baguio City. He has been instrumental

in the upliftment of the city which was ruined by the July 1990 devastating earthquake, he was awarded as the Philippines Ten Most Outstanding Congressman for two (2) times and he was also known for his involvement in the construction of Marcos Highway and magnanimous efforts to improve Baguios economy by way of extensive infrastructure projects. Mayor Mauricio G Domogan is consistent in his good performance and hard work habit during his stint as elected City Councilor, Vice Mayor, three (3) consecutive terms as City Mayor and Congressman. Likewise, the people of Baguio were impressed on his good governance, his humility, honesty, and genuine service to the people as Janitor of Baguio.

WEAKNESS As of this report, the career of the honorable congressman is in its high peak. However, his political opponents in the upcoming 2013 elections may fabricate stories to discredit his credibility. Mayor Domogan on the other hand has unquestionable integrity; no weakness was seen in his political career. However, his opponents and detractors are capitalizing the garbage problem of the city to pin him down on the political arena. OPPORTUNITIES The Hon Congressman has a great possibility to win against his opponents on the upcoming elections.

Hon Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan is still undefeated in the political race for he is well supported by the people of Baguio. THREATS No monitored threats against the honorable congressman as of this report.



a. Congressional Position: 1. Engr Leandro B YangotJr He is the Regional Coordinator of the Liberal Party (LP) in the cordilleras, he was former elected as ABC president, City councilor and declared Acting Vice Mayor when then elected Vice Mayor Peter Rey Bautista Jr was also declared as the city mayor during the time when elected city mayor BraulioDacanayYaranon was sacked in his post. He ran for congressman last 2010 elections under the LP but loose. At present, EngrYangot was appointed by HEP Benigno S Aquino III as Board of Director of Camp John Hay Development Corporation under BCDA. STRENGTH Engr. Yangot is a member of the present administration ruling political party, the Liberal Party and he is known to be closed to His Excellency President BenignoSemion C Aquino III and DOTC Secretary and president of the LP, Atty Mar Roxas.

WEAKNESS One of the weaknesses of EngrYangot is the leadership problem of the Liberal Party in Baguio City. OPPORTUNITIES Most likely he has the chance to win against his close opponent, incumbent Congressman Bernardo M Vergara. THREATS Negative as of this moment. 2. Atty. Nicasio M AlipingJr He was re-elected as City Councilor last May 2010 elections. At present, he is the chairperson on Committee on Public Utilities and Traffic Legislation, a member on committees on Laws; Urban Planning, Lands and Housing and Ways and Means and Finance Cluster B Division III Barangay Administrative Cases. Likewise, he headed the Special Committee on Transportation and Management Council (TTMC) and elected as Vice President, Philippine Councilors League-Baguio City Chapter. STRENGTH Atty. Aliping was elected number 1 city councilor during the last May 2010 national and local elections. WEAKNESS

His weakness cannot be ascertained as of this moment. OPPORTUNITIES Atty. Aliping will probably won if he will run for reelection for City Council on the upcoming 2013 election however, if he will push thru his plan to run for congressman, there is a possibility that he will lose against incumbent Congressman Bernardo M Vergara. THREATS There were no threats in the life of Hon Aliping as of this report. 3. Atty. Rocky Tomas Atiwag Balisong was born on September 4, 1969, he was a member of the NACIONALISTA PARTY. He has served the people of Baguio for two consecutive terms (six years) from 2004 to 2010 as city councilor and served as acting vice mayor during his terms. He ran for congress on last May 2010 national and elections but lost. STRENGTH The political strength of Atty. Balisong cannot be ascertained as of this report. WEAKNESS Information gathered by this office reveals that Atty. Balisong has a series of Estafa cases and are now pending before the court here in Baguio City. Further, subject posted bail for his

provisional liberty. OPPORTUNITY The chance of Atty. Balisong to win on the forthcoming 2013 election is remote. THREATS The possible threats in the life of Atty. Balisong that might arise is not politically motivated but instead it will apparently come from those who filed cases against him. 4. Atty. Edgar M Avila Atty. Edgar M Avila, is a graduate of Saint Louis University College of Law. He was admitted to the practice of Law in 1985.. He was distinguished in the field of social engineering as a Member of the House of Representatives representing the Youth Sector in the 9th and 10th Congress from 1992-1998. During his stint in Congress he was a member of the Committee on Justice, Education, Constitutional Amendments, Public Order and Safety, Tourism, Youth Sports and other significant committees. He was Chairman of the Oversight Committee on Duty Free. He has not only infused innovative ideas into the Congressional debates but also steered policies and programs towards being more responsive to the specific needs and aspirations of the people. In his six year stint in Congress, he authored 84 Bills and Resolutions, 54 of which were of National Significance. As a neophyte Congressman he was able to sign into law, four (4) bills and was in the list of the country's TOP TEN CONGRESSMEN in 1996. In May 2010 national and local elections, he run for congress for the lone district of Baguio City but loose to Hon Bernardo M

Vergara. STRENGTH Atty Avila has his own LAW FIRM and a well known practicing criminal and corporate lawyer with eight (8) associates. He is the CHARTER PRESIDENT of the Rotary Club of Downtown Session and wrote columns in both national and local dailies particularly the Journal Manila Times, Baguio Reporter, Skyland News, the Weekly Tribune and the Cordillera Post. WEAKNESS Lack of political machinery. OPPORTUNITIES The chance of Atty Avila to win on the upcoming 2013 election if he will run again for congressman against incumbent congressman Bernardo M Vergara is remote. However, he will surely win if he will run for City Councilor. THREATS Negative as of this report. 5. Rienaldo A Bautista Jr RienaldoAsperin Bautista Jr. @ Peter Rey was born on April 14, 1969, he was elected as City Councilor from 1998 to 2004. He won as City Vice Mayor on 2004 election and was declared as City Mayor on 2006 when then elected City Mayor BraulioYaranon was suspended and eventually removed from his office. On 2007 national and local elections, he run for City Mayor and eventually

won against his close opponents former Mayors BraulioYaranon and Bernardo M Vergara and on May 2010 national and local elections he again run as an independent candidate for congressman of the lone district of Baguio City but loose to the now incumbent Congressman Bernardo M Vergara. STRENGTH Cannot be ascertain as of this report. WEAKNESS He has no political party coupled by controversies while he was the City Mayor from 2007 to 2010. OPPORTUNITIES The chance of Peter Rey to win for the upcoming election cannot be ascertain as of this report. THREATS Negative as of this report. b. For Mayoralty Position 1. Atty. Jose M Molintas The possible close opponent of Hon Mauricio G Domogan on the upcoming 2013 national and local election is ATTY JOSE MENCIO MOLINTAS of the Liberal Party (LP). Atty. Jose M Molintas @ JOEMOL was born on July 12, 1961 at Baguio City, he was elected City Councilor on 2004 and was ranked number 12 and on 2007, he ran for congress but loose against his opponent

Atty. Mauricio G Domogan. He again tried his luck and ran as city mayor but again he loose the race from the same opponent, the incumbent City Mayor Mauricio G Domogan. STRENGTH Atty. Jose M Molintas is well known Human Rights practicing lawyer and a member of the present administration ruling party known as Liberal Party (LP). WEAKNESS Lack of political machinery coupled by controversies that greatly affects his political career. OPPORTUNITIES The chance of Atty. Molintas to win on the forthcoming election against his opponent incumbent Mayor Mauricio G Domogan is remote. THREATS As of this report, no monitored nor established threats in the life of Atty. Molintas.

Respectfully submitted for your information.

ERNESTO DAYTEC GAAB, PESE Police Senior Superintendent OIC, RID