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Immortal Kindergarten Book 1

Tanya Parker Robert Selby

2009, 2011 Left Side Unlimited, Inc. All Rights Reserved ISBN 978-0-557-13972-9
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Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. So therefore, trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility. ~Kahlil Gibran

To question the thought that death is inevitable is to unshackle the human mind and produce a new experience of natural divinity. This experience can be perpetuated by daily practices of spiritual purication. ~Leonard Orr

Always, heal yourself rst. This is not selshness. This is good selshness. You have to love yourself rst, then your neighbor. You are creating your own world. Shinto teaches that you are God and creator. Thats why you have to love yourself rst. Thats what the chant teaches. You are God and creator, and it lasts forever. ~Shinto Priest Hideo Izumoto

God is with me. He is the source of life, the life within, the air I breathe, the food by which I am sustained, the water which renews and cleanses me. He is my home, wherein I live and move; the spirit, which directs my actions, offers me Its thoughts and guarantees my safety from all pain. ~ACIM Lesson 222

"It would be great if we could open people's minds. But we'd rather make some mind-blowing music." ~ BLK JKS guitarist Mpumi Mcata, South Africa

Dedicated to the Baby Immortal, Osho Azul Maharaj

The Eternal Sadhanapurication of the body with the elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Airis a well-dened set of ancient practices that help us to settle peacefully and vitally into the physical body. All life forms are composed of these elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Here is the key to these practices:

Fire puries Fire Earth puries Earth Water puries Water Air puries Air

You may have heard of and worked with these elements previously in some combination or another. Our goal is to assist you to complete your understanding of how these elements function in unison, and to guide you in the process of coming into conscious relationship with each of them. This book will teach you how to work with each of the elements in a way that opens your being for energy to ow as it was meant to, giving you the opportunity to experience life as an awake and radiantly healthy being. Our mission for this material is to provide an introduction to the simple and pleasurable practices of purifying the energy body with the elements of Fire, Earth, Water, and Airor FEWA, for short.

You have attracted this information and us into your life as a direct reection of your deeper spiritual destiny and desire. The transformation that awaits you as you begin to do the practices is happening because you called it forward. We are spiritual beings awakening to our divine nature, navigating the human experience and establishing a culture of creative, awakened people. We are committed to the purication practices and sharing the information with everyone in the world who is interested in learning them. We are actively creating a community of individuals dedicated to living these practices and experiencing the benets they provide to us as individuals and as a collective. Our work is to help seed the vision for this community and provide the tools that facilitate its birth. Your work is to use the practices to become your own healer, physician, psychiatrist, therapist, and teacher so that you can see yourself as the whole, innocent, powerful, prosperous, creative, stylish, wildly divine being that you are. From that vantage point, you will be able to help us grow our vision for a community of radiant, liberated expressions of divinity known as humans. We want you to understand this: these practices are your birthright, and they feel good. They are the missing linkand so obvious that they have been easy to overlook. When these practices become a part of your daily routine you will quickly see their power to work radical change in your emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. Have you long sensed that your health wasnt really your doctors business, or wondered if there was something else you could do to deepen your spiritual practice? Here is a piece of what you have been intuitively reaching out for: an introduction to the ancient process of cleaning the energy body. These practices are easy, pleasurable and available to you now, in this moment.

Working with the practices has given us so much more breathing room and clarity in our lives. Our energy is strong, our bodies are healthy, and our vision of the present moment we would like to build with you is clear. What can you expect from doing these practices? A biological experience of your natural divinity, harmonious relationships, greater joy, increased vitality, owing prosperity, and direct access to bliss. Your highest self has brought you this far So read on.

The Energy Body

Your physical body exists because of your energy body. Human beings are orbs of energy spinning from head to toelight beings that have condensed into material form. We would like to invite you to meet your energy body at the level of a deep inner awareness. So try this: Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Begin to feel how your body occupies space. Feel the breath as it enters this space. Where does the breath travel? How does it feel? We know that the actual breath is reaching only as far as the lungs, yet the sensation of deep breathing is felt in the entire being. Follow this sensation to experience the contours of your energy body. It is not a xed form, but a dynamic locus of energy that is constantly in ux, projecting your physical form. The breath comes in through the physical body and nourishes our energy body, which in turn generates our physical body. This cycle is continuous and potentially innite. But without a conscious relationship to the energy body, the process breaks down. Heres a nice denition of the energy body from The Science of Energy Healing:

Energy body: the consciousness in charge of repair and regeneration of our body and energy anatomy. The energy body interfaces between the conscious and unconscious mind.

The more inner awareness you develop of your energy body, the better you will be able to rejuvenate it with the practices set forth in this book. The vocabulary of the Energy Body may be new to you, but the experience of having an energy body is not. Once you tune in and begin working with the elements to nourish and purify your energy body, you will nd that it is like working with an old frienda friend that has missed you while you were asleep

The Elements
The majority of cultures throughout human history have embraced the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water in both sacred and mundane ways. We have always sensed, intuitively, that they are the building blocks of what we are. Take a moment to observe the world around you. How is re being used? What relationship do you and the people around you have with the element of Earth? Can you identify the Earth element in your daily life? What about Air? And Water? Now observe your inner world, your body. Do you feel each of these qualities at work in your being? We are asking you to expand your awareness around these elements because they are the core of the practices we teach. Working with Fire, Earth, Air and Water in a conscious way will allow you to connect more deeply than ever with your natural divine state. You will begin to experience the elements as intelligent allies. These practices are not foreign to humanity, merely forgotten. Many of us already know the value of pausing to take a deep breath, or the immense relief that a hot bath can bring. Opening to a complete understanding of the power these elements have to heal, strengthen and rejuvenate our beings is a giant step for each of us in our spiritual advancement. As we progress in our relationship to the elements and the energy body, we live life with more pleasure, courage, health, clarity, ease, prosperityall the qualities we embody when energy is moving as it should. This is key to understanding the power of the elements: we are vessels for energy to move throughnot containers for energy to be stored in. Our bodies are composed of re, earth, water, and air. We can work with each element externally to purify that aspect of our energy internally.

Without the practice of elemental cleansing, energy has a tendency to stay stuck. Each of the main centers of energy in our body should be free to move, like a gear or vortex, spinning the energy through and out of us that is when we feel the movement and bliss of life force in our beings. When things slow down and become stagnant, our experience can turn to disease, dullness and depression. Many people at this very moment are living life with only a fraction of the health, joy and power that is eternally available to them. Clearly, our goal is to come into deep awareness of these shifts in experience and then choose radical well-being, armed with the knowledge at last of how to triumph in our experience of the physical body. Fire, Earth, Water and Air are the keys to your temple, and your divinity is waiting for you inside.

The Philosophy
Miracles are everyones right, but purication is necessary rst. ~ACIM p. 3

What is in the energy body that needs to be cleaned? Nothing terrible, actually. It is not the nature of the energy that affects us, it is the motion of the energyor lack of it. Energy needs to move. Excess energy stored in our bodies becomes damaging to us because of its need to stay in motion. Consider the elements for a moment. We understand that we are composed of the qualities of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. These are forms of energy, the owing electrical current that forms our universe. The nature of this energy is to encounter itself constantly, and keep moving. Meditate on movement as it relates to each of the elements: It is fairly easy for us to imagine what happens to water when it ceases to circulate. We can encourage the water element within us to move by connecting with the energy of owing rivers, swelling oceans, and crashing waterfalls. The movement of re expresses itself as a dancing ame, a roaring open re, or even the subtle aliveness of a glowing coal. Within our bodies, re, or Agni, generates our digestive and circulatory energy, as well as our will and power that emanate from the solar plexus. Fire easily reveals its preference for unconstrained motion. Air is most noticeable when it is in movement: erce winds, gentle breezes, or anothers breath tickling our skin. Air is a circus of moving molecules. Contained, it quickly loses its ability to sustain life. Air needs to circulate and revive itself by mixing with fresh air.

So water, re and air all easily expose their owing nature and love of movement. The element of Earth is not so obvious. Earth is thought of as solid, supportive, unmoving, denselike a rock, or tightly packed soil. In truth, the element of Earth requires movement just as much as the others. Every vital molecule in existence has a spinning atom at its core. This is also true of the food that grows from the earth. A green leaf of spinach, a freshly unrooted carrot, or an almond pried from its shell can be placed under a microscope and examined to unveil its hidden aliveness. When we take on food in this statespinning, alive, unprocessed and powerfully nourishingthe element of earth within us maintains these qualities. If we were to take this same spinach, carrot and almond, but instead ship them to a factory, grind them into a pulp, ll them with additives, expose them to blazing heat, and then store them in a box on a shelf for several months, we would nd that the spinning, alive quality of the foods had ceased, and that the earth element had turned into something depleted, cold and still. Lifeless food, precisely what most people depend on for nutrition at this point in history, is the reason we see so many cases of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancerbecause the earth element is stuck. So it is extremely important for us to begin redening our relationship to food as we begin to work with the earth element, understanding thatjust like re, water, and airthe nature of earth is to keep spinning, so we must help her to stay in motion.

For purposes of easily referring to the phenomenon of stored, uncirculated energy, we have adopted and adapted a term originated by Leonard Orr: EEP. EEP stands for Emotional Energy Pollution. EEP is the result of storing the absorbable, invisible information (energy) that moves between people and things and within you. The EXCESS of energy, the

ness of it, is what makes it pollution. Energy is owing into us constantly, and the key is to spin with it and then release itto Flow and Glow. The effects of EEP in the body are disease, depression, fatigue, a sense of separation from self and others, negativity, anger and hostility. EEP is responsible for all of our grumpies, all of our grudges, all of our bad hair days, all of our indigestion and all of our self-sabotaging moments. These afictions, these bliss blockers, are simply the result of being slimed with EEP. The obvious solution? De-EEP. The set of practices that this book will teach you are designed to clean the energy body and keep energy in motion. There is no EEP deep enough to withstand the purifying power of Fire, Earth, Water and Air when they are administered with love. Basically the excessive accumulation of EEP inhibits bliss and complicates the experience of being in a body. Accumulated pollution turns the physical body into an unpleasant host of symptoms. We are designed to ow and radiate love from a place of vitality and wholeness. EEP stops the ow of energy. Our goal is to assist the energy to ow in alignment with nature. Collecting EEP is a natural part of being in a body. Cleaning our energy body of EEP is also natural. What has long been absent from our experience is the information on how to help this energy ow through and out of our body. The energy needs to move. This is not a question of right or wrong, good or evilit is about aligning with the nature of things. Not having this information has made it challenging to be in a body. More than ever, we are exposed to each others energies as we move around the globe. We now have the option to empower ourselves with information capable of transforming our experience of what it means to be alive in a physical body. Working with the elements helps us to become conscious conductors of energy and allows us to realize our innite potential in every moment.

A natural aspect of being in a body is that we encounter energy constantly. Rather than collecting and storing this energy, we are meant to spin with it, learn from it, interact with it, and release it. Breath (Air) and Movement (Earth) are two powerful tools for engaging with energy as it comes into us. Fire and Water work well to help us clear energy that came in too deeply, abundantly, or rapidly for us to stay in front of it. So a nice long session soaking or sitting next to a re opens the door for release. We begin to see that these practices, rather than being a set of empty rituals, closely resemble a martial art. They help us to become aware of energies and to skillfully circulate them with ease. The practices will teach you to become aware of energy as it comes in and ows out. They will help you move out layers of excess energy that you have been storing since birth and nally begin to feel what it means to live cleanly, clearly, and consciously. Simply having awareness of Emotional Energy Pollution helps to set it in motion. EEP also collects in the spaces we inhabit. We can facilitate its movement and keep our environment hospitable by maintaining a clean, uncluttered lifestyle. Keep in mind that you are revealing your natural divinity to yourself, so create comfortable, beautiful spaces for yourself that accommodate your divine nature. As we make space in ourselves and strengthen our practice, we develop the ability to help others in our environment process their excess energies. We become, in effect, spiritual vacuum cleaners. With the support of the purication practices, we can take in and release other peoples energy pollution with no harm to ourselves. This is an excellent way to be of service. We also nd that helping those around us to get clear improves the quality of our interactions. To conclude the introduction to EEP, Id like to make the distinction that EEP is not to be understood as some negative material on or in us that needs to be expelled. The term EEP is a way of giving ourselves a

vocabulary to understand why energy feels better when it is owing in accordance with nature. So we can set about De-EEPing ourselves and our world with a relaxed mind and an easy heart, knowing that all is well.

There Is Nothing To Fear. ACIM Lesson 48

The Practices
Now that you have an understanding of how energy collects in the energy body, you need to know how to begin cleaning and moving that energy. Working with each of the elements, often in concert with one another, is a pleasurable and powerful enhancement to your lifestyle. We will explain in detail how to begin this work.

As you practice, you come back to Gods being, and you become a more normal being. A person creates more energy for himself, and he or she naturally happens to become more God-like. ~Shinto Priest Hideo Izumoto

Three of the four elements are shared by all creatures, but re was a gift to humans alone. ~Tom Robbins Fire is the king of the elements in its capacity to heal and restore us to perfect health. It is also the element that must be used with the most intelligence, as it has the power to diminish material reality to nothingness. The Sun is the Father of Fires, a burning ball of gas that makes life on this planet possible. This same fast-moving energy resides at the very center of the Earth, in her molten metallic core. We carry this energy inside of our own bodies, and are sustained by the light of the suns re that grows our food and warms our bodies. Many cultures and religions have maintained re as part of their ceremonial practices. The Zoroastrians worship re as the visible expression of God (Ahura Mazda). Brahmans consider re to be the divine and omniscient mouth of God. Many religions, however, reduce Fire to a symbolic level, lighting candles to represent the light of the divine. These vacant practices separate us from the real power of the re to heal and transform our physical bodiesimagine 12 tiny candles hufng and pufng to clean the energy bodies of an entire congregation! For most people, the relationship to re is utilitarian. It is thought of in terms of its usefulness for heating our homes and showers, for cooking food, lighting incense and powering factories. Even the act of smoking is partially rooted in our intuitive connection to re:
"Smoking cigarettes is as intimate as we can become with re without immediate excruciation. Every smoker is an embodiment of Prometheus, stealing re from the gods and bringing it back home. We smoke to capture the power of the sun, to pacify Hell, to identify with the primordial spark, to feed on the marrow of the volcano. When we smoke, we are performing a version of the re dance, a ritual as ancient as lightning." Tom Robbins (Still Life with Woodpecker)

So the practice of working with the element of Fire is about rst healing our understanding of what Fire is and how to connect with it. We must be clear that Fire is a divine gift that can help us to navigate the experience of being human. It is a powerful and awe-inspiring tool that we can benet from simply by sitting down next to a re and letting it work its magic. The Essene Gospel of Peace tells us that the Fire of Life is in us, in our blood, in our bodies. It is the re that feeds our circulation and digests our food. We can activate and nourish our internal re by becoming aware of the quality of re within us, and by taking the time each day to consciously relate to re. Fire interacts with our energy body as we sit in its presence. On an energetic level our energy body spins into the re, where all that is burdening it is burned out, transformed and transmuted in the ames. Fire removes pain and clears negative emotions. It frees us from some of our most constricted patterns. The positive effects of sitting with a re can be felt immediately, and the healing nature of re increases as we become more aware of its gifts. Allow yourself to come into a feeling of deep gratitude and appreciation for the presence of Fire in your life. Offer to the re the stuck, stored energy of all that no longer serves you so that it may in turn nourish you with fresh new energy for life. Any re is capable of purifying your energy. The source of the ame that you choose is not as important as assuring that you get re into your life everyday in some way. Generally, the bigger the re, the more power it has to purify. To improve the chances that youll remember to sit with re on a daily basis, keep candles in every room so that re is always available. You can light several candles while you prepare a meal in the kitchen, or while you take a shower in the bathroom. When you wake up in the morning, you can light a candle next to your bed to begin the day. Purifying salt res are a wonderful way to experience an open ame. The salt has the additional benet of cleansing the energy of the space you are

in. The best container we have found for doing these res is available at most stores that sell kitchen wares. They are the little metal cups used for dressings and condiments by restaurants--heat safe, easy to clean, and very inexpensive. Heres how we use them: Place one of the metal cups on a clear, at surface, in an area free of drafts, well away from curtains or anything else that could easily catch re. Fill the cup with about a tablespoon of Epsom Salts, a little less than halfway. Pour rubbing alcohol over the salt until the little cup is full. Carefully light the alcohol with a lighter or match, then sit back to enjoy. If you are lucky enough to have a home with a replace, you will want to go stock up on wood. The modern privilege of having a well-ventilated, safely contained re within the comfort of your home is not to be underestimated. You can spend the entire night sleeping next to your friend Fire, cleaning your energy at its deepest levels. Please take advantage of your replace if you have one. If not, make friends with somebody who does. The alternative to an indoor replace is an outdoor repit, an open campre or even a bonre, if you have access to a space where they are permitted. The open, powerful ame of an outdoor re moves energy with ease. Even just an hour or two spent next to a crackling re in the open air can work miracles. Breathe deeply while focusing on the sensation of old energy leaving as new energy enters. Even when the beauty of a real re is temporarily inaccessible, a deep meditation on re can serve the same purpose. Simply build a re in your minds eye, as large or small as youd like. Imagine yourself sitting close to the ame, spinning with it. You can even picture yourself sitting within the re, with no harm to yourself, while you pleasurably incinerate your EEP. Whichever source of re you are able to access, do so with a deep reverence for the power of re and an intelligent concern for safety.

The element of Earth resides in the food we eat and the ways we move and use our bodies. The purication practices use vital sources of Earth energy to enliven this element in our body and set it in motion. This is where the project of spiritual purication faces its biggest challenge, because earth can be the most difcult element to conduct. Yet it is also the easiest element to feel moving within us, so when we direct our efforts toward freeing our earth energy, we feel the results very deeply. This is why going for a walk can help us clear our mindsloosening the earth element gives space to the emotional mind. Fasting works the same way: it gives the earth element room to move, and opens us up to receive fresh energy from the universe. Periodic fasting is an invaluable practice for freeing our emotional bonds around food and shifting the way we nourish ourselves. The food we do eat needs to be lled with life force, spinning with energy. This energy is stored in the food as it is grown by the sun, water, air and earth. Fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and sproutsthese powerhouses of life force need no improvement in order to be eaten. They are best consumed as close to their natural state as possible, soon after being harvested. As Dr. Aris LaTham of Sunred Foods is known to say, It is not the food in our life, but the life in our food that nourishes us. He encourages culinary creativitythe artistic combination of fabulous natural foods to awaken our taste buds and joy for life. We advise you to dive into the earth element with both hands and make something amazing for yourself. In order for a high vibration earth element practice to be sustainable for large numbers of people over the long term, the ways we source our food will have to shift. Ideally, everyone should have access to a garden. Community gardens are a great way to democratize access to fresh, organic food. Growing Power, headed by Will Allen, is one organization

that has devoted itself to expanding awareness of urban agriculture and educating communities on how to organize gardens for themselves. Following this example, we can create sustainable food-growing systems and learn to feed ourselves again. The rst thing most people think when faced with the prospect of changing their diet is What am I supposed to eat? The idea here is not to blindly follow another set of instructions, but to get very closely tuned in to the intelligence of your own body. The way to connect with that intelligence is to get quiet and learn the language your body uses to communicate with you. Before you even change one thing about your diet, begin paying attention to the subtleties of appetite, energy, fatigue, mood and digestion that result from the foods that you choose.

So many times I hear people resist changing their diet because they don't want to give up something t h ey l i ke. T h a t ' s t h e r s t g re a t m y t h t o b e d i s p e l l e d . Lear ning to eat as Mother Nature intended her c h i l d re n t o e a t d o e s n o t m e a n g iv i n g u p s o m e t h i n g. I t means just the opposite! It means gaining something of g reat value; a value far g reater than the old r a t i o n a l i z a t i o n " I ' ve g ro w n a c c u s t o m e d t o i t s t a s t e. " It means gaining health, youthful energ y and a p p e a r a n c e , i n c r e a s e d m e n t a l c a p a c i t y, a n d a j o y i n l i v i n g y o u n e v e r d r e a m e d p o s s i b l e . To s a y n o t h i n g o f the clean, fresh, natural taste of the food you will be e n j o y i n g ! ~ D i c k G r e g o r y, N a t u r a l D i e t Fo r Fo l k s W h o Eat

Wherever you are with your relationship to food, becoming a conscious eater is a giant step towards becoming a conscious being. Food mastery is part of the human experience, and an essential part of the awakening process. RememberYoure Gorgeous BUT! youve gotta GLOW. We understand that the issues around food are some of the hardest energies to moveonly those who are willing to take full responsibility are going to prevail. Understand that shifting to a diet of living food is not the end in itselfthe ultimate goal is to free your energy and support its movement so that you can experience the pleasure of being in your natural state. Part of the reason that humanity has spent so long suffering through the physical experience without knowledge of the spiritual purication practices is due to the darkness cast over our intuition by our way of eating. We have learned vast lessons from this period of history, but we now have the information we need to lift the veil and begin to experience a higher plane of existence. We applaud you for your willingness to examine your way of living and ask hard questions about what needs to change. The entire universe is behind you.

As earth enthusiasts intent on awakening the element of earth within us, we must also commit to a personal system of physical exercise. The body needs tness every dayit cant be stored! Exercise helps to release the earth energies that we free up through fasting and nutrition. Walking, Weightlifting, Qi Gong, Yoga, Biking, Boxingwhatever moves you, just make sure you keep movingAND be sure to get enough rest so you can do it all again tomorrow.

To be immortal in todays world, one must learn how to soak. ~Leonard Orr I believe that prior to Adam and Eve water itself held the consciousness of God -- that God's intention was put into the medium of water, and that this was used in the creation of Earth and Nature. ~Masaru Emoto

Many cultures throughout history have ritualized the bathing experience. The Koreans, the Turks, and the Japanese developed beautiful architecture devoted solely to the art of soaking. Many Muslims around the globe still visit hammams as part of their devotional practice. The Mikvah is the ritual bath used in the Jewish faith to prepare for Shabbat. Christians use water in the ceremony of Baptism, and are known for the epithet cleanliness is next to godliness. We have never forgotten the capacity of water to clean off the grime of life and help us to feel fresh and new, to deliver us into our present moment full of purity and innocence, open to the divine. When we enter water we are cleaning not only our physical body but our energy body as well. When we enter the water with awareness, we are able to consciously clean ourselves from our densest material body to our lightest etheric essence. The nature of water is movement, and water helps us to move energy through us and out of us. Water has the power to liquefy EEP with a wave of its watery wand. We can hydrate ourselves with pure, fresh, living water in abundance, helping to rid our bodies of cellular wastes. We can soak tranquilly in warm thermal springs, or surrender ourselves to the crashing salty waves of the ocean. Orjust sink into a meditative mind state and get in the tub.

Drinking water is an amazing way to build your practice around the element of water. Begin taking in the highest quality water that you can nd. (One beautiful practice is writing on or reciting to your water the Hebraic letters Vav Mem Beit, the name of God invoked to restore water to its original divine vibration of purity.) As you drink the water and feel it ow into your body, imagine that it is setting into motion whirlpools of energy within you, stimulating your life force and clearing the way for fresh blood and prana to move through your being. If you live near a body of water, spend time in or around the water as often as possible. Just being near water can refresh and restore your energy body. Meditate while looking out over the sky and water, with the horizon as your soft focal point. Allow the vastness of the air and water elements to blend with your energy body and share their spaciousness with you. All of the energy that we encounter as we move through the world can be puried with the element of water. Begin the day by getting up before sunriseeven if you go back to sleep!and clean your energy body with a conscious shower, bath, or dip in a hot tub or natural spring. Warm water is your ally for clearing away the EEP of sleep and dreams while preparing space in you for all that you will experience throughout the day. Take time before sunset to repeat the process. While you are bathing, breathe and feel the energies that you accumulated in the world as they are dissolved and released into the water. Develop a rhythmic, ritualized relationship to bathing as a cornerstone of your water purication practice.

There are three levels to the practices that work with the element of air, all of them are rooted in breathing. The rst is simply becoming aware of the breath. The second is using the breath in new ways to navigate energy throughout the day. The third is the mastery of focused breath work sessions known as rebirthing. The Breath is, quite literally, the source of the body. To understand this, we must understand that oxygen and the other compounds that make up air are the names we have given to the superne particles that serve as the vehicle for prana (qi, life force, divine energy). The intangible rides in on the tangible. Each time we take a breath we are sipping from the well of energy the universe makes available to us, and using that energy to create our physical body. It is our method for continually recharging our connection to source. When we anchored ourselves in the physical universe by implanting in our mothers womb, we began to access the material world through her breath. In addition to food, our mothers created our bodies with their breath, and we continue the process once we leave the womb and enter into physical reality. We build our bodies with earth and air and cleanse them with re and water. How can we ever feel hungry, thirsty, or alone when we have consciousness of what is present in the very air we breathe?

So the rst level of practice, noticing the breath, is just coming into quiet observation of how your body is relating to breath right now. As we take notice of the breath it will usually begin to deepen right away. If you continue to deepen your breathing, how does that affect your state of mind? How many times throughout the day do you nd yourself holding your breath or breathing shallowly? What connections are you aware of between your feelings and your breath? What happens to the breath when you are nervous, scared, angry, excited or in pain? These accumulated breathing patterns tend to get stored in the physical body. The breath itself is a way to sink into the patterns and stimulate their release. Taking a break to do a set of deep rhythmic breaths is like walking through a doorway into your beautiful natural state of beingand it gets you HIGHnaturally high! It is the highest natural high ever, and it is always available to you, for free, with no harm to yourself. The 21 Breath practice allows us to integrate the element of Air into our life with ease. It clears the mind quickly and gets things moving--making space inside of us for fresh, new energy. Try it when you are in a situation that is feeling static or stressful to you, and see if you can open some room for some fresh air to ow. You will nd that negative emotions are reinforced by holding the breath, and that we can instead move towards a peaceful state of mind by allowing the breath to take us there. Consistently remembering to do 21 Breaths invites miracles into our lives by constantly making room for them in our energy and in our attitude.

21 Breaths

Feel free to breathe naturally during each breath, without forcing. Relax your shoulders and perineum. Inhale energy and air from every direction, pulling it all the way in through the soles of the feet and your navel and up to your chest and crown. Allow the in-breath to open your heart. Relax into the exhalation without controlling the air ow. The exhale happens naturally as you let go of the breath. Establish a rhythm. Connect the Inhale to the end of the Exhale, without pausing. Once you establish the rhythm and are connecting the breaths to each other uidly, begin counting until you reach 21. Welcome the sensation of fresh energy as it rejuvenates your energy body and balances your emotional mind! You can experiment with altering the pattern by taking six short breaths followed by a long one. Do this set of seven three times. This is a useful technique when you are short on time or patience.

The father of Rebirthing Breathwork, Leonard Orr, describes the technique as an unraveling of the birth-death cycle. It is an utterly transformative method for directly experiencing the higher self, connecting with source and awakening our innocence. There is only one solitary instruction for your odyssey of rebirthing: Breathe and see what happens. The process is designed to provide a safe, guided space for you to completely relax into your natural breathing rhythm. The presence of a rebirther during the session helps to create and hold this space for you. The role of the rebirther is to gently redirect your attention to the breath as they neutrally observe your patterns and help you to see, know and experience yourself more deeply. The rhythmic, connected ow of breath establishes the current of energy needed for activating the release of emotions and memories stored in the body. At a cellular, physical level, the body is being saturated with oxygen. At an energetic level, you are saturating your being with prana, also known as chi, or simply energy. Both levels serve the function of restoring the natural ow of life force within. Rebirthing Breathwork is also known as energy breathing, conscious connected breathing, breathing integration and radiant breathwork. They all operate under the principle of breathing energy along with air. You can nd a rebirther in your area online, as well as information on retreats and seminars worldwide.

r e b

W F o

h r

t m

i e o f t h

s i i t

r t h n g

e i e

b s y

i s o w o n o l t

r a o u

t b

h o u

i u l . a r

n t

? I n

i r t h r e b i r n r s

e t t i g y d e o a n s f d s o n g

c y o

o u w i a n

t a u g h t c i o u s l y s o u l b y

h c

o c a i

t n n

o e c e

t c

t h s p i r i t u d d r a w i n g e l T i f h m w e m e t . o f

e n e r i n s i e s y r n i s r h e c f t r t h a

b t l

r h i

y o u r s e a t h . i s a r m s e a p e r t t l e i s e v e

i t h t h e f f e c t d i E p b s t r e g b t l t h i r e e e a v o t e g a p e r

n e n t e p

e d s o i

i r r r y a n t t b i o i a r e

e v e r s i l i t t l e n f o r n l l y , a t h i i c y p d u . o t

i e a s d

E s s i s c t u h n i c l o e n

n g p y t o h e l

i n c i o i v i

w h u s l n e s o a n y o

h y o u c o n n e w h t a r e t a r o

v e r s e e a n s e

i t n s f

w i l o r m

Integrating the Practices

We have presented the practices of each element separately in order to honor and explore the distinct qualities of each element. But just as in our bodies and in nature, the elements exist and function in combination with each other. Frequently, the practices will overlap, and are strengthened by one another in turn. When Leonard Orr developed rebirthing, he did so in a tub, soaking endlessly in water while he breathed away his unconscious death urges. The breathing practices can absolutely be integrated with bathing to great effect. The presence of re when bathing enhances the sensation of release. For a purifying experience that completely integrates all four elements, try the following experiment:

Set the stage for a ritualized bathing experience. Clean your bathroom until it shines, lower the l i g h t s a n d s e t o u t s e v e r a l c a n d l e s . I f y o u p r e f e r, you can prepare a purifying salt re for a more i n t e n s e a m e . R e m e m b e r, t h i s b a t h i s n o t f o c u s e d o n s c r u b b i n g t h e p h y s i c a l b o d y, s o p u t a w a y y o u r l o o f a h , r a z o r, a n d r u b b e r d u c k y. A l l o w y o u r s e l f to focus solely on the sensation of merging your physical body with the elements. Before you step i n t o t h e w a t e r, l i g h t t h e c a n d l e s o r s a l t r e , a n d t a k e 2 1 B r e a t h s a s y o u o b s e r v e t h e r e a n d w a t e r. T h e n , s t i l l b r e a t h i n g r h y t h m i c a l l y, m o v e i n t o t h e w a t e r s l o w l y. R e l a x i n t o t h e w a t e r a n d c o n t i n u e b r e a t h i n g. A l l o w t h e b r e a t h , a m e a n d w a t e r t o s u p p o r t t h e m o v e m e n t o f e n e r g y i n y o u r b o d y. Experiment with getting in and out of the water until you become acutely aware of the shift that t h e w a t e r p r o d u c e s i n y o u r e n e r g y b o d y. A f t e r y o u nish bathing, spend some time integrating the space you have created by moving through some gentle stretches. Hydrate yourself with something a m a z i n g ( c o c o n u t w a t e r. . . ? ) a n d r e l a x

Prescription for integrating the practices into your lifestyle:

Start each day with several glasses of water. This helps to carry out the wastes your body released during sleep and clears your energy body for fresh incoming energy. Welcome this knowledge into your life with gratitude and appreciation. Meditate on the elements as your new sacred friends- Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Maintain an awareness of your energy body as you move through the day, and also be aware of the energy you are taking on. Begin to develop a philosophy that you are more than just a body-you are an innitely renewable spiritual being. Bathe at least twice a daypreferably before sunrise and before sunset. Soak Soak Soak. Light a candleor severalwhen you bathe. Step into water with awareness, move gently and pay attention notice how your energy body begins to lighten up as the physical body comes clean. If you have a replace, put it to good use- light a re and sleep next to it. Spend the night next to re as often as possible. Breathe! Notice your breath thought the day and use the tool of conscious connected breathing whenever you remember. Breathe energy as well as air. Take in energy consciously and feel it ripple through you, lighting up your cells and higher consciousness.

Seek out a rebirther and master the skill of rebirthing. Get conscious around food and tness. Living bodies require living foodsanything else just gets in the way of the energy you are focused on moving. Dedicate yourself to these purication practicesThey are the highest form of self-love you can demonstrate. Welcome the practices with ease and pleasurethis is not about forcing yourself into compliance! Relax, breathe and become completely aware of your divine nature as you become more clear, open, conscious and awake. Master your own brand of Wildly Stylized Divinity. LOVE! Each element is a pillar that holds up the temple of our physical body. Love is the foundation. Build your practice so that each pillar is solid and your temple will be strong.

You are not alone! We are with you, committed to delivering these practices into the hands of awakening beings everywhere. We recognize the forces that have been instrumental in allowing this knowledge to ow through our awareness and into yours. So whats next? As the engineers, architects and midwives of this movement, we are devoted to creating the inspiration and foundation for a renewed culture of Life. This includes constantly growing our community of practitioners, as well as building the social framework and businesses needed to support the practices in comfort, pleasure and style. (Soaking palaces, re temples, superfood lounges, breathing salons, meditation domes...) Understanding the importance of spiritual community to support our collective evolution, we authorize ourselves as visionary leaders and encourage you to do the same. Please join us in our commitment to creating the channels of communication and spaces so necessary for us to connect meaningfully with each other. You are encouraged to articulate this experience to yourself and others. Self-reection and conscious expression can greatly accelerate personal and social transformation! Tell us about your experiences in doing the practices:

What is my understanding of the Energy Body?

Fire puries____________ Earth puries ___________ Water puries ___________ Air puries _______________

What is EEP and how does it affect me?

What is a spiritual vacuum cleaner?

Why is cleaning my energy body important to me?

What are my intentions for practicing spiritual purication?

What are the 4 elements and how do I plan to practice with them? Air: 1. 2. 3.

Fire 1. 2. 3.

Earth 1. 2. 3. Water 1. 2. 3.

What other education for self-improvement and spiritual mastery am I going to investigate?

What resources are available to me for exploring the practice of rebirthing breathwork?

Do I want to experience rebirthing breathwork?

Names & Numbers of rebirthers/breathworkers in my area: 1. ______________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________

What questions do I have as I begin doing the practices?

How do I imagine this information changing my community and the world?

Afrmations are life-afrming statements about who you are that you make to yourself daily. Jot down some positive statements about yourself to remind yourself of your divine greatness.

I am _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ My life is ______________________________________________ _________________________________________________ I enjoy _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ I am entitled to _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ I deserve _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________