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What is your outstanding quality that differ you from the other?

I will answer all of these questions to complete these assignments. All are about me. I believe that I am different from the other. I am a religious woman. I like study about religion. That is why I usually wonder with my capabilities. I am proud of myself. Since I have been child, I did not want defeated. I always want to be number 1 at all. I think that characteristic was decline. I dont know the decline was from my father or my mother. But that made me successful. I always want to be better day by day. God always brings me way of life that easier than before. Today must be better than yesterday. My curiosity is bigger than my friend, after that my astonishment to the person who wonderful man is bigger than my friend too. If there is someone who is wonderful, I always want to be like him/her. Not only imitate him/her, but also I want to be better than him/her. It made me repairing myself. My hobbies are singing, swimming, hiking, and reading the Islamic books. I like singing very much. My mother gives me spirit. When I elementary school. At that time, she costs my necessity for singing on the small stage around my home. Until one day, I sang on the big stage too in big event. I join to big singing competition like AFI, Mamamia, and singing competition in the local television station. I am not a woman who likes frustration with my fail. I like work hard. I like struggle. I have big ideas, so I must reach it come true. I think about responsibility of myself. If I have idea, I try to realize it. Even though the restrictions are too much, I always try to pass them. Moreover, since I met my good friends who were religious. I like it and I imitate them to be religious. After I knew them, I got information from them. I like reading Islamic books too same with them. They were my organization friend in KAMMI. In Indonesia means Kesatuan Aksi Mahasiswa Muslim Indonesia. In English means The Action United of Indonesian Moslem Student. I took knowledge from reading the books. I became more diligent for praying 5 times a day, to fast, to dzikir, to reading Al-quran, to love God more and more.

Give us a practical example of how you preserve Indonesian culture in your daily life? Indonesia is a unique country for me. There are some cultures over there. Islamic culture is not far with Indonesian culture. A practical example that I use in my daily activity of Indonesian culture is practicing good performance. I like perform neatly and respectful. If Javanese people said like this Ajining raga saka busana. It is mean that, the price of self is appropriate how we wear our clothes. The people are good or bad, we can see them from them clothes. How do they perform in the public? How can they bring their self in order to the other people are wondered? Moslem girls will choose good clothes to close their body enough. It is not narrow clothes, but loose clothes. Indonesian culture is recommends Indonesian people wearing respectful clothes. I want to reach good woman predication. So, I try to show my good performance. I wear veil and loose clothes every day when I exit from my home or stay inside my home. The functions of wearing veil are doing Islamic arrangement, keeping me from wicked boy, and protecting my body from dirt of grit and ultraviolet shining. First, Islam commands me to close my body when I have been menstruation. I close it with good clothes. So I have been mature. And then, second function is the men who know me are not brave to tempt me, so I can keep myself. They have not high desire if they do not see my hollow body directly. So I am not afraid become victims of violation. Besides, I can keep my skin from the dirt of the grit outside. Ultraviolet shining which is very dangerous for my skin will not destroy it. So, my skin will be clean. How I still show orderly every day. I preserve it step by step. All need process. In the beginning is difficult to practice. But long time it will be habitual action. What a stiflingly hot I am. But, that is never mind although my country is one of tropical country in the world. I must make it habit because it is Indonesian culture which must be everlasting by me. And I aware, I am an Indonesia youth who must give good example to other youth in the world. You must try it friends!

How this program could help you achieving your big dream in the future? Honestly, this question is my favorite question. Of course I like because I will explain about why I join this program, and what the connection between this program and my big dream are. Since I have been junior high school, my idea is become Indonesia Bank director. But when I have been senior high school, I want to go to abroad for studying in medical program. I want to be a doctor so much. I ever join scholarship but I have not gotten it. I thing I will try in other chance. Until now, I will that idea exhausted. But, when I must study in Indonesia, I entrance in my college now. I study in Institute of Teacher Training and Education of PGRI Blitar. I will become an English teacher. One of my hope is I can go abroad for study. Whatever the step I reach it. This program reminds me to be a true struggler. I must work hard in order to I pass this selection. If I can pass this selection, I will go to abroad and I can study over there. I like study. Moreover, I am in a new place and new situation. I can study other culture in other country. I will build good relationship with the tourists. I will share my experience in Indonesia with other people there. I will ask them how they can reach their successful. I have idea to be successful woman. I want to be an entrepreneur woman who has much money. With that, I can use my money to social event and helping other people in Indonesia. I will build orphanage for women and neglected children in Indonesia. And I know the cost of it is much enough. I have not money now. I promise I will better than before if I can go to abroad for complete my capability. I will pass the rundown of this program well. I believe I take price experience after I return home from joining this program. I will see how the tourists can be rich. What the tourist habit every day. What I can bring to Indonesia from the tourist activity who is match with Indonesian. My future is how I am in my past. If I pass this program, I will more spirit than before, because I have gotten one of my ideas. It is study abroad. I will. I will. I will.

How would you like to make contribution toward the society upon the completion of the exchange program? Before I listed this program, I have joined to an organization in Indonesia. It is KAMMI. And in KAMMI there are some programs. One of the programs is construction of a village. We go to a village, and we present some events. I will continue my activity in KAMMI but, I will match the fix event in abroad which is matching in Indonesia. And it is not opposite with Indonesian culture. It is still in good corridor. It is like, how to do something in children community for kind of arts. Usually in abroad have much creativity. Old event was presenting KAMMI in teaching. So, we teach many children in many lessons. Those are English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and counseling. The most popular event is teaching how to read holly Quran in the best method. In great quantities, they cannot read holly Quran fluently, so we teach them step by step. They have not womb father and womb mother. It is for the orphanage in that village. Only raise parents over there. They have not enough money to go to course even school in formal. We expressly choose the village which left behind than other village. And I hope that our service will answer all the cases in that village. We will clear from many sectors. It is like religious first, and economic in second, socialize in third, etc. I mean, if we will repair a village we must pass through from small thing. And we do that from that orphanage. After we can handle that citizen of orphanage, we will do other expansion. We will visit the leader or the village to present training about entrepreneur. And that is suitable potential kind of entrepreneur for that village. It is such as enlarging livestock of freshwater catfish. I feel all people can do it easily. To make catfish become crispy chip, shredded meat of catfish that has been boiled and fried for side dish when eating, and etc. Thus, economic case in that village will be over. We will invite to the citizen studying about Islamic knowledge.