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A function is a relation that uniquely associates members of one set with members of another set. More formally, a function from to is an object such that every is uniquely associated with an object . A function

is therefore a many-to-one (or sometimes one-to-one) relation. The set called its domain, while the set synonymous with function.

of values at which a function is defined is

of values that the function can produce is called its range. The term "map" is

Examples of functions over the reals single point ), etc.




(two-to-one except for the

Unfortunately, the term "function" is also used to refer to relations that map single points in the domain to possibly multiple points in the range. These "functions" are called multivalued functions (or multiple-valued functions), and arise prominently in the theory of complex functions, where the presence of multiple values engenders the use of socalled branch cuts.

Several notations are commonly used to represent (non-multivalued) functions. The most rigorous notation is , which specifies that function) and returning a value is function acting upon a single number (i.e., is a univariate, or one-variable, , where " is

. To be even more precise, a notation like "

sometimes used to explicitly specify the domain and codomain of the function. The slightly different "maps to" notation is sometimes also used when the function is explicitly considered as a "map."

Generally speaking, the symbol when evaluated at a point refer to the function

refers to the function itself, while

refers to the value taken by the function is commonly used to is

. However, especially in more introductory texts, the notation

itself (as opposed to the value of the function evaluated at

). In this context, the argument takes a single argument (as

considered to be a dummy variable whose presence indicates that the function opposed to

, etc.). While this notation is deprecated by professional mathematicians, it is the more familiar is taken in this

one for most nonprofessionals. Therefore, unless indicated otherwise by context, the notation work to be a shorthand for the more rigorous .

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While I were conducting this Additional Mathematics Project Work, I have learnt many things. One of that is I am improving my ICT knowledge. I have learnt to write the formula by using Microsoft Office Excel. I also use table to represent my results and I have surfed the internet to get the information. During completed this project, I have practice several moral values. I have to be hardworking to do research in order to complete this project. Besides that, I have to be patient because of several problem while searching the information from the internet. I also learnt for not to give up easily. Lastly, the project I have done make me more confidence to communicate with other people.