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THE MONOLITH Vol. 2 WV THE MONOLITH Volume 2+ No.2. Winter contents EDITORIAL SCIENCE AND MAGIC: Shirley McIver. RITUAL: Gavin Bissell. TRANSFIGURATION: Nicholas Spalding. THE SPHERE WORKINGS: The Enochian Alphabet clairvoyantly examined. LIGER MYSTERIORUM: PART 3. A study in the lesser known aspects of Dr, John Dee's Magic: Robert Turner. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Eortors: ‘THE WARDENS. ARTWORK: ROBERT TURNER. LAYOUT: PATRICIA TURNER. © Copyright, THE ORDER OF THE CUBIC STONE, 1976, Solstice, 1977. 12 13, 15 45 49 THE MONOLITH is printed by GALATA COINS LTO., Park House, Albert Road, Wolverhampton, V6 DAG. Single copies: £1,00 post free U.K. only. U.S.A. $6.00. Subscription: £1.90 (2 issues) UsSeAe $116006 Europe & Scandinavia: £3.25. Australia, New Zealend, Africa & South America: £5.00. Available from: THE ORDER OF THE CUBIC STONE, P. 0. BOX NO. 40, WOLVERHAMPTON, WEST MIDLANDS, wv2 4PH. ENGLAND. THE MONOLITH: January 1978, All rights reserved. No part of this Publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted ‘in any form other than that in which it without the prior written permission of The Wardens. is published