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Flower Pot

crochet amigurumi pattern

© 2008 Copyright by Diana Buß

All rights reserved, not to be reprinted
Patterns are for personal use only, not for commercial or retail purposes
Flower Pot - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Skills needed Abbreviations
You need to know how to make a single beg - begin, beginning
crochet and how to increase / decrease BO - bind off
a stitch dc - double crochet
Yarn requirements dr - double ring: prevents holes
at beginning of work: to make a
Use whatever yarn U like, try double ring wrap yarn around
everything you can find. You might your finger two times, remove
result in something very adorable. resulting loops from finger and
I use catania from Schachenmayr. It is start crocheting desired number
a 100 % cotton yarn and a typical yarn of stitches into these loops.
Holding the stitches firmly with
to make potholders from. one hand, pull on the yarn tail
Needles with the other. One after the
other both loops will drawn
Use the needle size to obtain gauge closed. Insert a marker at the
given on your yarn. If you find your beginning/end of the round.
tension to be very loose try using a hdc - half double crochet
needle size smaller. It is important to m2 - make 2, i.e. make two single
make tight stitches due to a firm and crochets into one stitch
substantial form of your doll. sc - single crochet
Stuffing sc2tog - decrease 1 stitch
You will only stuff the stems and
pistils in this project. Don’t overstuff
because the stems will let stuffing also this pattern is amigurumi style,
shine through easily. which is spiral rounds, keep
crocheting in the round without
Finished size joining!
The finished size of your amigurumi
flower pot goes hand in hand with the
yarn and needle you choose. However
using a 3.5 mm needle you will receive
flowers app. 8“ / 20cm high and max. 4“ /
10cm wide.
Final Tip
Use a row counter or something else to
keep track with your finished rounds.

Flower Pot - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
First Flower / Big Petals Leaves
extra, make 2
pistil and stem 1 make a dr with 4sts
2 sc1, m2, sc2
start with a nice (pale) yelllow 3 sc2, m2, sc2
1 make a dr with 6 sts 4 (sc2, m2) x2
2 m2 x6 5 (sc3, m2) x2
3 (m2, sc1) x6 6 (sc4, m2) x2
4 sc1, (m2, sc2) x5, m2, sc1 7 (sc5, m2) x2
5 (m2, sc7) x3 8 sc5, m2, sc6, m2, sc1
6 sc4, (m2, sc8) x2, m2, sc4 9 sc6, m2, sc7, m2, sc1
make 1 row (sc24) 10 sc7, m2, sc8, m2, sc1
change color to green 11 sc8, m2, sc9, m2, sc1
make 1 row (sc24) make 3 rows (sc22)
9 (sc2tog, sc3) x6 15 (sc9, sc2tog) x2
10 (sc2, sc2tog) x6 16 sc1 and place marker to start a
11 (sc2tog, sc4) x3 new round, don't turn
make 1 row (sc15) 17 (sc8, sc2tog) x2
13 sc2tog x7, sc1 18 (sc2tog, sc5, sc2tog) x2
make 41 rows (8sts), or as long as you 19 (sc2tog, sc3, sc2tog) x2
would like the stem to be BO -- cut yarn with app. 16inch/ 40cm
don't BO yet - cut yarn with app. 2m (3
arm's length) tail
extra, make 6
stuffing: start stuffing when you have
made a few rounds of the stem (not too
many though); stuff the pistil pretty 1 make a dr with 6 sts
tight, I tend to overstuff, but when 2 m2 x6
stuffing the stem don't stuff so tight 3 (sc4, m2, m2) x2
the filling might shine through 4 sc5, m2, m2, sc6, m2, m2, sc1
5 sc7, m2, sc9, m2, sc2
6 sc8, m2, sc10, m2, sc2
make 2 rows (sc24)

Flower Pot - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
9 sc8, sc2tog, sc10, sc2tog, sc2 Leaves
10 sc8, sc2tog, sc9, sc2tog, sc1 extra, make 2
11 (sc8, sc2tog) x2
12 sc1 and pM to start a new round, 1 make a dr with 4 sts
don't turn 2 sc1, m2, sc2
13 (sc5, sc2tog, sc2tog) x2 3 sc2, m2, sc2
14 sc1 and pM to start a new round, 4 (sc2, m2) x2
don't turn
5 (sc3, m2) x2
15 (sc3, sc2tog, sc2tog) x2
6 (sc4, m2) x2
BO -- cut yarn with app. 16inch/ 40cm
7 (sc5, m2) x2
8 sc5, m2, sc6, m2, sc1
Second Flower / Thin Petals 9 sc6, m2, sc7, m2, sc1
make 2 rows (sc18)
pistil and stem 12 (sc7, sc2tog) x2
13 sc1 and place marker to start a
start with a nice (pale) yellow new round, don't turn
1 make a dr with 6 sts 14 (sc6, sc2tog) x2
2 m2 x6 15 (sc2tog, sc3, sc2tog) x2
3 (m2, sc1) x6 BO
4 (m2, sc5) x3
5 sc4, (m2, sc6) x2, m2, sc2 Petals
make 1 row (sc24) extra, make 8
change color to green
make 1 row (sc24) 1 make a dr with 6 sts
8 (sc2tog, sc2) x6 2 (sc1, m2, m2) x2
9 (sc2tog, sc1) x6 3 sc3, m2, sc4, m2, sc1
10 sc2tog x2, sc1, sc2tog x3, sc1 4 sc4, m2, sc5, m2, sc1
make 2 rows (sc14)
7 (sc5, sc2tog) x2
make 36 rows (7 sts), or as long as you make 1 row (sc12)
would like the stem to be 9 sc1 and place marker to start a
don't BO yet - cut yarn with app. 2m (3 new round, don't turn
arm's lenght) tail

Flower Pot - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
10 (sc4, sc2tog) x2 bud leave and stem
make 1 row (sc10)
12 sc1 and place marker to start a make a slip knot
new round, don't turn 1 chain 22
13 (sc3, sc2tog) x2 turn and start in second back 'loop'
make 1 row (sc8) from beginning:
BO -- cut yarn with app. 16inch/ 40cm 2 sc21, join round
continue in spiral rounds
to make a gradient, add different 3 sc5, esc2, hdc1, dc3, hdc1, esc2, sc6
colored yarn in round 11, now make the
row but with changing colors for each 4 sc4, esc1, hdc2, dc2tog, dc2, dc2tog,
stitch ( » alternate yarn color for each hdc2, esc1, sc5
stitch), in round 12 cut the first color 5 sc1, sc2tog, esc2, esc2tog, hdc1,
and continue working with your new dc2tog, hdc1, esc2tog, esc2, sc2tog,
yarn. sc2
6 sc2tog x7
Third Flower / Bud continue making rows of sc7 to create a
after you made the first 2 or 3 rows sew
Bud the green leave to the bud, use some
use a petal like color extra yarn the same color as your stem
and sew one time around the bud and
1 make a dr with 6 sts one time around the beginning of the
2 (sc1, m2) x3 stem to really secure the bud to the
3 (m2, sc2) x3 stem
4 (sc3, m2) x3 make 35 rows (sc7) total
make 1 row
6 sc2, (m2, sc4) x2, m2, sc2
make 1 row
8 (m2, sc5) x3
make 1 row
10 (sc2tog, sc5) x3
make 1 row
12 sc3, (sc2tog, sc4) x2, sc2tog, sc1
make 1 row
14 (sc2tog, sc3) x3
15 sc2tog x6
Flower Pot - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Leaves how to attach the petals to the pistil
extra, make 1

1 make a dr with 4 sts

2 sc1, m2, sc2
3 sc2, m2, sc2
4 (sc2, m2) x2
5 (sc3, m2) x2
6 (sc4, m2) x2
7 (sc5, m2) x2
8 (sc6, m2) x2
make 2 rows (sc16)
11 (sc6, sc2tog) x2 To attach the leaves simply flatten
12 sc1 and place marker to start a them just like described for the petals
new round, don't turn and sew them to their stems, about half
13 (sc5, sc2tog) x2 way between pistil and end of stem.
14 (sc2tog, sc2, sc2tog) x2
BO Now you should have all three flowers
sewn together - - it is time to make a
Assembling the Flowers This isn’t a “real” pattern, it’s quite
free form but I give you what I did and
hope it works for you as well.
First sew the petals to the pistils:
Therefore flatten the petals (and
leaves later as well) simply by folding
along the increases resp. decreases, First continue at ends of each stem:
they should be on top of each other and 1 m2 in every sc
therefore the petal / leave should fold 2 (m2, sc1) until end of row
by itself. For attaching them to the Now you will need to attach all
pistil simply lay them flat and close to flowers together. I hope the picture
the middle of pistil and sew them. next page clarifies what I mean. There
will be stitches of every flower that
I've sewn them where yellow and green you don't crochet anymore, so you
meet hope the picture next column continue to crochet around the first
makes clear what I mean. flower about two thirds - then add the

Flower Pot - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
second flower and crochet another two also I added bobbles of different sizes
thirds around, add the third flower and wherever I liked to add some texture to
you got all flowers 'bond' together. the lawn, I think it resembles some kind
in this third row increase like of grass.
following: (sc2, m2) till end of whole
row (which is all three flowers for Now we want to make a ball of earth,
each about two thirds of the that the lawn will be sewn to and that
circumference) will help our flowers to stay up in the

This earth ball is supposed to fit into a

bulbous pot, you might need to change
the pattern, that I give here, see next

what I did:

the Ball of Earth

1 make 6 sc into dr
2 (m2) x6
now increase every other row like 3 (m2, sc1) x6
follows: 4 (m2, sc2) x6
(sc3, m2) in the fourth row 5 (m2, sc3) x6
6 sc2, (m2, sc4) x5, m2, sc2
(sc4, m2) in the fifth row 7 (m2, sc5) x6
(sc5, m2) in the sixth row 8 sc3, (m2, sc6) x5, m2, sc3
and so on until you have the lawn size 9 (m2, sc7) x6
you desire. make 6 rows (sc54)
When you reached your desired width 16 (sc2tog, sc7) x6
stop increasing and make two more rows. 17 sc3, (sc2tog, sc6) x5, sc2tog, sc3
make 5 rows (sc42)
NOTE: when being "between two 23 (sc2tog, sc5) x6
flowers" (i.e.. in the valley of a row) I 24 (sc2tog, sc4) x6
decreased a few stitches, also I found 25 (sc2tog, sc3) x6
to decrease with dc instead of sc to be 26 (sc2tog, sc2) x6
quite useful, since the row itself would 27 (sc2tog, sc1) x6
become more even, so your lawn will stuff
become more of a circle than this 28 sc2tog x6
roller coaster rows (hope you can BO
understand what I mean)

Flower Pot - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
what you might change: a very useful tip: don't forget to stuff
the full length of your stems before
if your flower pot has a bigger you sew them to the earth ball,
circumference at the bottom, you might otherwise you a) can un-sew it from the
need to increase one or two more rows. earth or b) like I did, push stuffing
the circle made should be almost as big through the little holes between the
as the bottom of your flower pot, but crochet stitches very carefully
not equally big or even bigger. It will
stretch when stuffed. Then just make Now all that is left to do is push some
several rows until the height of your florists wire into the stems. Start at
crochet will be as high as the pot you pistils of flowers and stick it through
use. If your flower pot has a tapering the whole length of the stem right into
form you also should increase one row the earth ball. Bend top endings of wire
in the middle of your crochet (six a little so you can screw it into the
increases evenly spread) or one row pistils carefully and it won’t come out
every third part of your flower pot. by itself.
When reached the desired height just
decrease six stitches every row (see row I needed three to four pieces of wire per
16 and following). flower, but it depends on the strength
of your wire.
You're done!
Now you’re really finished

Don’t water it, it will bloom anyhow


How to sew the flowers including the

lawn to the earth ball?
just do it!
Use leftovers from lawn yarn and seam
BO and hide yarn ends inside.