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The Anthem Lights of the Heaven: Chapter Summaries Chapter One: Im Numb but I Can Hear You Harry

Potter is assigned an Auror bodyguard by the Ministry, the second in command of the forces, Caelum Phoenicis. They meet alright, and leave Hogwarts together early. They meet the Dursleys at the train station, with Harry having a leaving party, and then theyre off to Privet Drive. Caelum disgustedly realizes their treatment of Harry, who has become lukewarm towards him, and they have their first clash over the Ministry workings. Caelum gives a silent apology later, and they got to bed quietly. Harry has a nightmare and Caelum tries to wake him uponly to find out he is a she. Chapter Two: How to Train a Phoenix Harry explains the truth, and then the dynamics between them change even more. He finds out more about her home life, especially her cupboard. They clash again, after she attacks the Ministry, but then she blurts out and shows him what Umbridge did to her. He is left shocked as she runs away, and then comes to her seeking repentance. Time passes, Caelum hesitantly but resolutely seeks her out to find out what else the Ministry failed in. She brings up Sirius and he doesnt believe her at first, until she breaks down in grief over his death and he put things together. After letting her rest, he asks for what else has happened. And then Umbridge comes up again and he implies that she hasnt been punished, and that upsets them both. Chapter Three: To Swallow Ones Pride Caelum goes on a one-man mission to tear down the Dursleys reputation around neighborhood, while bringing up Harrys and getting the truth (as much as can be told) out. He succeeds, while subtly implying a forbidden romance between him and her, to further manipulate the neighborhood into sympathizing with them. He takes her shopping and then they spend the night in Big Ben. Chapter Four: Girl on the Verge They spend more time together, with the usual being him helping her with her homework. Vernon comes in and tells them they are leaving for a bit and to not blow up the house, with Caelum then informing Harry that theyve been invited over for dinner. Dinner goes well, with truths spilling out. They discover the horrible prank Vernon (and possibly Petunia) leaves behind. Chapter Five: Itll Be Alright Caelum tries to comfort her as best he can, and they end sulking in bed together. Theyre interrupted with Yvonne comes over and suggests that they hold a house party, like the neighborhood regularly does. It was Petunias turn, and it would be great for them to take over. Caelum agrees, thinking it might be just the thing to lift up Harrys mood and distract her from what happened. Things eem to be going well and everyone is enjoying Harrys party more than Petunias regulars, especially her food, with Yvonnes husband makes a mess and asks where the cleaning supplies are. Directed to the cupboard, Harry realizes too late about it until she tries to stop him and he finds out about her cupboard. The party comes to a standstill, until Harry firmly brushes it off and forcefully restarts the party.

Chapter Six: Dying to Walk Away The Dursleys finally come back and are oblivious to the tense and hostile attitudes of everyone towards them. Its back to chores for Harry, who chooses to wear the rags from before to not mess up the nice clothes Caelum (and consequently the others in the neighborhood have been spoiling her with), further rising everyones ire as they watch. Unaware of the previous party held in their home by their own niece, Petunia hosts one herself, partly to celebrate their return and Vernons promotion. Harry quietly blends in the background, and doing her usual duties, which irritates many there now that they notice and observe what has been the usual for years. Vernon and Harry break out into an argument, which ends with him berating her and the degrading her in front of everyone. Upset, Harry runs away and Caelum anxiously runs after her. He finds her on the swings and sits with her in silence. Chapter Seven: Make It Easy On Yourself Its tense and aggressive in the Dursley home after that, and Caelums not sure how long theyll last. Hes dying to get out of there and take Harry with him, like hed said he would in the beginning. After yet another argument that gets too loud, Caelum has Harry pack her things and they head over to Yvonnes to stay for a bit. While there, Caelum organizes a place that will safe enough to host Harry and keep her safe for the summer. Harry miserably asks him why he bothers and that tells him he should just leave her behind. Chapter Eight: Dont Worry About Me At the new place, Harry is still quiet and uneasy. She tries to adjust and Caelum keeps watch and guards her, while she attempts to go about things as normal. She even goes to collect her school things early from Diagon Alley. When Caelum still is hovering closely, she finally relaxes and tries to reassure him that shes okay or at least she will be. He then helps her contact her school friends and finds out about the organization shes helping to form. Chapter Nine: So Much for My Happy Ending Caelum asks more about her school years and her life, trying to get to know her more. She hesitantly tells him more about herself. Gringotts sends them a letter, informing them about Sirius will. Caelum remembers the Potters will and has them access it as well, for Harrys benefit. Dumbledore catches up with them as they reflect in a caf. Chapter Ten: A City So Dead Dumbledore asks for Harry, and by extension Caelum, to accompany him in asking a certain professor to return to teaching. Caelum is curious about this, especially since Harry has been asked to do this specifically and because its unusual for a student to get involved in something like this. He stays in the background and watches, and only speaks up when it is revealed that Snape will do DADA. He suggests Harry do it instead, relating the success of her DA, and that if there is a curse on the job, then Potter Luck would certainly be strong than it. Dumbledore says hell think about it. Chapter Eleven: Im Such a Breakable Thread Since Harry decides not to go to the Weasleys for their protection and stays with Caelum in his apartment. Things get a little awkward between them because of it, though theyre not too sure why. After Seri calls them to inform them that the Dursleys have been arrested, Harry ends up

trying to brood by herself. Caelum gets fed up with it and ends up kissing her, which shocks them both. They avoid each other after that, before Caelum does some thinking and makes a decision. He seeks her out and kisses her again, this time intentionally and fully knowing of what hes doing.