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OUR IDENTITY WHO WE ARE Mpulungu Youth Empowerment Trust (MYET) is a nonprofit and non-denominational organization which uses

the Integrated Youth Development (IYD) approach to empower and enhance the leadership potential of young people in Zambia by enabling them to be part of efforts directed towards the reconstruction and future development of their country. VISION MYET seeks to create a just and equitable society for all, free from all forms of imbalances, and where the youth are in control of their own lives and actively contribute towards the development of Zambia. MISSION Our holistic approach of looking at all the aspects of a young persons life (spiritual, emotional, physical, social and intellectual) is aimed at developing programmes that will achieve sustainable growth for young people and help in the identification and subsequent creation of empowerment opportunities that will enable them to be independent ,actualize and fulfill their potential. OBJECTIVES To create wealth empowerment opportunities and provide training in leadership and business skills development of marginalized youth in Zambia. To increase the capacity of the youth to engage in local, national and regional efforts to create sustainable development and involve young people, especially women to take on leadership roles in enhancing civil society and strengthening of democratic institutions in Zambia.

To engage with external stakeholders and network with other organizations involved in the promotion of Gender equality, empowerment and the upliftment of the youth To entrench a deep level of participation amongst the youth in issues of local governance and initiate innovative research in order to influence policy around issues that affect the youth. To contribute towards the attainment of the MDGs by 2030 using the Integrated Youth Development approach with special focus on H.I.V/AIDS, Gender Equality and eradication of Poverty. ACTION AREAS Youth Entrepreneurship, Small business development and Sustainable community development Gender justice Poverty eradication Environmental Education Environmental Protection Human rights and Good governance

CORE PROGRAMMES YOUTH EMPOWERMENT The focus will be on interventions that will ensure that young people are empowered and actively participate in local and national efforts to develop Zambia. Activities include: Entrepreneurship and SMME Development Education Leadership Development Promotion of Community-based income generating activities. Vocational skills training

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH The main objective of this programme is to encourage young people to adopt and live positive healthy life styles and become their own role models. The activities focus on:

Gender awareness and sensitization Behavioral change HIV/AIDS

LIFE SKILLS TRAINING The main objective of this program is to create vehicles through which values are learned and integrated into young peoples lives, equipping them with skills that will enable them to become active and responsible citizens. Activities include: Career Guidance Personal Development Spiritual self discovery Human Rights Education Vocational Skills Training

ADVOCACY AND RESEARCH The Advocacy and Research unit is to develop strategic partnerships with key role players that can advance youth development, stimulate learning and information sharing on issues affecting the youth. In order to achieve this, the following activities have been identified: Host an annual Youth Empowerment Forum Facilitate a Provincial Youth Caucus Develop and maintain a MYET website Develop MYET policy positions on key emerging issues Produce a MYET Newsletter twice yearly Produce documentation on programmes run by the organization. Host/participate in local, regional and international exchange programmes THE MPULUNGU YOUTH EMPOWERMENT TRUST TEAM SECRETARIAT


The MYET office and day to day programmes are implemented by the Secretariat which comprises the following team members:

Directors Advocacy, Research and Information Mungulube Brian Special Projects Simwinga Daniel Programmes Officer (Human rights and Good governance) Finance and Admin Manager Programmes Officer (Youth Entrepreneurship, Small Business Development and Sustainable Community Development) Mungulube Brian Programmes Officer (Gender Justice and Poverty Eradication) CONTACT DETAILS Physical Address: Plot #: 655 Mpulungu E-mail: Cell Numbers: +260 965 828 595 +260 966 219 085