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Expros Modular Equipment Package

The modular equipment package is a three-phase separation train, complete with electrostatic coalescer for crude oil dehydration to export specification.
This package has proved to be extremely flexible, operating on a range of applications from offshore extended well tests (EWT) to onshore early production facilities (EPF) providing our customers with valuable reservoir data and/or early cash flow to assist with development of their life-of-field solutions. This equipment can be made available at short notice either on a where-is, as-is basis or, supplemented with additional equipment to meet your project specific needs. The modular equipment package was initially used in 2001 offshore the Philippines for the Shell Malampaya EWT. The EWT was carried out on the Atwood Falcon Semi Submersible Drilling rig and flowed a total of almost two million barrels during the planned 150 day operation. Following the successful Malampaya EWT the flexibility of the modular equipment package was highlighted when in 2002 it was redeployed for a period of nine months onshore Indonesia for Kufpecs EPF on the Oseil Field. The package was subsequently redeployed on the same location for Kufpec in 2005 for a period of 3 months while essential maintenance work was carried out on Kupecs permanent facility. The modular equipment package was reconfigured in 2006 to meet the demanding process requirements (heavy oil) for the Shell EWT on the BS-4 Field offshore Brazil, further testimony to the systems operating flexibility. The EWT was carried out from the drill-ship Deepwater Navigator. At the end of 2008 the modular equipment package was completely refurbished to an as new condition and is currently available for redeployment to meet our customers' needs as required.

Expros Modular Equipment Package

Design Specification
The actual throughput that can be achieved with this package is dependent on the nature of the well fluids being processed and the inlet conditions experienced at the inlet manifold. However, the following information is intended as a guide to the overall processing capabilities of the package Expro Production Systems would be pleased to evaluate the throughput of these facilities upon the receipt of project specific design conditions:
Potential Throughputs: Maximum Fluid Flow Rate Maximum Oil Flow rate Maximum Water Flow Rate Maximum Gas Flow Rate 32,000 bfpd 25,000 bopd 7,500 bwpd 45 MMscfd

Basic Process Flow Diagram

Inlet conditions: Maximum wellhead shut-in pressure Maximum wellhead flowing pressure Wellhead Flowing Temperature Oil Gravity 5,000 psig 1,440 psig 122 to 176 F 13 to 43 API

Export parameters: Maximum export pressure Typical export oil BS&W Stabilised crude oil Reid Vapour Pressure (RVP) 245 psig 0.5 % 11 psia

Design codes & standards

The process package is designed and built to the following international design codes & standards:
Society American Society of Mechanical Engineers Description Chemical Plant & Petroleum Piping Systems. Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code. Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code. American Petroleum Institute Analysis, Design, Installation & Testing Of Basic Surface Safety Systems For Offshore Production Facilities. Recommended Practice For Design & Installation Of Offshore Production Platform Piping Systems. Recommended Practice For Classification Of Locations For Electrical Installations At Petroleum Facilities Classed As Class I, Division 1 & Division 2 Recommended Practice For Classification Of Locations For Electrical Installations At Petroleum Facilities Classed As Class I, Zone 0, Zone 1 & Zone 2 Sizing, Selection, & Installation Of Pressure Relieving Devices In Refineries. Guide For Pressure Relieving & De-Pressuring Systems. Installation Of Refinery Instruments & Control Systems API 520 API 521 API 550 API RP 505 Reference ASME/ANSI B31.3 ASME VIII DIV. I ASME VIII DIV. II API 14C API RP 14E API RP 500

Expros Modular Equipment Package

Equipment List
The basic package consists of the following main equipment items: Inlet desander Choke manifold skid - Optional for use during initial well clean-up - 31/8, 5k psig Inlet pre-heater skid - 2 off shell & tube heaters in parallel 1st stage separator skid - Horizontal 3-phase vessel, 96 x 24 Interstage heater skid - 2 off shell & tube heaters in series 2nd stage separator skid - Horizontal 3-phase vessel, 60 x 20 Electrostatic coalescer skid - Horizontal vessel, 120 x 30 Crude oil cooler skid - Plate heat exchanger Crude oil export pumps - Duty/standby twin screw type Export metering skid - Duty/standby turbine meters Produced water cooler skid - Plate heat exchanger Flare KO skid - Vertical 72 x 10 vessel c/w condensate return pump Flare tip & panel - Rated for up to 20 MMscfd of gas

Overall operating weight (excluding interconnecting piping) circa 235 tonnes. Please note that additional skids can be provided to meet project specific requirements such as produced water treatment and increased oil export pressures. Expros Production Systems would be pleased to evaluate this upon receipt of the required design conditions.

Typical Layout

Expros Modular Equipment Package

Typical Applications
This particular equipment package has been utilised on a range of projects - both on and offshore. Kufpec Oseil Temporary Production Facilities PT Expro Indonesia was awarded a contract by Kufpec (Indonesia) Limited to provide temporary production facilities and services for first oil production from the Oseil field, located on the remote island of Seram in the far eastern province of Indonesia. This allowed early production from the Oseil field while Kufpec continued with installation of permanent facilities. The project, undertaken by Expros Production Systems in Jakarta, required processing of up to 12,000 barrels of sour crude oil per day; and assistance with the loading of the crude to a storage tanker, provided by Kufpec. Expro supplied all required operations and maintenance materials, safety and control devices, experienced personnel and vehicles. Additional contract variations were awarded to Expro for temporary production pipelines and a 40man camp.

Typical Onshore Early Production System Application

Shell BS4 Extended Well Test Shell do Brasil awarded a contract to Expro for supply of topsides process equipment for their BS-4 extended well test in the Santos Basin, offshore Brazil. The well test enabled Shell to resolve reservoir uncertainties, reducing these uncertainties so that they could proceed more efficiently with full-field development, test use of electric submersible pumps on the field, and to collect data to help in the efficient design of future processing facilities to treat the heavy oil from the field to marketable condition, and to aid in formulating appropriate flow assurance programs. The equipment was mobilised from Expros Batam base for transport to Niteroi in Brazil, where topside pre-assembled units were assembled, ready for installation on the Transocean Drillship Deepwater Navigator, in the Maua Jurong shipyard.

Typical Offshore Extended Well Test Application (Drill Ship)

Shell Malampaya Extended Well Test Expro was awarded the contract to supply topsides process equipment and subsea facilities for Shell Malampaya Oil Rim extended well test. The oil rim was appraised through a 150 day test, processing crude oil on the Atwood Falcon semisubmersible drilling rig, and oil transfer through a floating hose to a dynamically positioned storage tanker. The tanker was filled three times during the test with a total of 1,938,000 bbls of export quality crude produced to storage.

Typical Offshore Extended Well Test Application (semi-submersible drilling rig)