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( The D.O.C. replaces the Wardens and the I.G. by

Installed Masters, then takes r.h. of the M.E. with his l.h.
and leads him to a position in front of the S.W.’s Pedestal,
facing E. The D.O.C. retaining the r.h. of the M.E. gives the
M.M.M. Sn. and says)

D.O.C.: W.Master ( or W. the Installing Officer), I present

to you Brother …., the Master - elect of this Lodge for the
ensuing year to receive at your hands the benefit of
Installation, the better to quality him for the discharge of
the duties of his important trust. ( In the case of a new
Lodge the D.O.C. would say: Bro. ……, nominated in the
petition, having been approved by you or The M.W. The
Grand Master, as applicable), I present him as the Master –
designate to receive at your hands the benefit of
Installation, the better to quality him for the discharge of
the duties of his important trust)

( D.O.C. releases the r.h. of the M.E., cuts Sn. and returns
to his seat)

Installing Officer – Brother …….., I congratulate you

on the honour which has been conferred upon you by your
Brethren, and shall have pleasure in complying with the
request now made. Before proceeding, however, to install
you as Master of this Lodge of M.M.M., it is necessary that
I should address a few questions to you, with a view to test
your qualifications for the office. You will accompany your
reply to each with sign of Fidelity.

First, have you been legally elected to fill the First

Chair by the members of this Lodge regularly assembled
for that purpose, as having duly served the office of Warden
in a lawfully constituted Lodge of Mark Master Masons,
and having been installed in the Chair of a Craft Lodge of
Master Elect - I have.
( If the answer is in the negative, the dispensation must be
read at this stage.)

I.O. – Second, do you consider yourself qualified to

undertake the management of the Lodge by reason of your
conduct as a man and as a Mason, your skill in our noble
art, and your knowledge of the traditions, landmarks and
constitutions of the Mark Degree?

M.E. – I do.

I.O. – Lastly, do you promise faithfully and impartially to

discharge your duties as Master of this Lodge, and neither
in that capacity, nor at any time when the Lodge may be
under your direction, to permit any deviation from the
established landmarks, regulations, and ceremonial of the
Order ?
M.E. – I do

I.O. – Then you will ratify and confirm the same by sealing
it on the Volume of the Sacred Law in the manner most
binding on you.
( The D.O.C. conducts M.E. to the Altar, where he ratifies,
D.O.C. then conducts him to a seat in S.)

I.O. – I will now thank the Brethren below the rank of

Installed Master in this Degree except the M.E. to

( The Brethren retire from the Lodge without saluting,

Officers leave their Collars with the I.G. The D.O.C.
conducts M.E. to the Altar.)

I.O. – I declare this a duly constituted Board of Installed

Masters in the Degree of Mark Master Masons. ( gavels
once, Not repeated by Wardens)

I.O.: The brethren will rise and assume an attitude of

Prayer, turning to the East.
( The brethren turn to the East and stand with the Sn. of R.,
the D.O.C. prompts M.E. to do likewise.)

Chaplain (or I.O.) – Almighty Father and Great Overseer of
the Universe, Vouchsafe Thy blessing on this our solemn
rite, and grant that the Brother who is now about to be
numbered among the Rulers in Mark Masonry may be
endued with wisdom to comprehend, judgement to define,
and ability to enforce obedience to Thy most holy law.
Sanctify him with Thy grace, strengthen him with Thy
mighty power and enrich his mind with genuine
knowledge, that he may the better be enabled to enlighten
the minds of his brethren and to promote the honour and
glory of Thy most holy name.

All - So mote it be!

( Brethren drop Sn., turn to face inwards, D.O.C. prompts

M.E. to drop Sn. and returns to his seat)

I.O. – Brother ….., you will now take a solemn Obligation

as regards the duties of your office and the secrets restricted
to the Master’s Chair, for which purpose you will stand
erect, place your right hand on the Volume of the Sacred
Law, elevate your left hand towards Heaven.
( M.E. complies with the palm of the l.h. facing upwards)
I.O.: - State your name at length and repeat after me:

“I ….., in the presence of the Great Overseer of the
Universe, and of this worshipful assembly of Installed
Masters in the Degree of Mark Master Masons, do accept
the office of Master of this Lodge, and pledge myself to a
faithful discharge of the duties of the same, until the next
annual period of election within the Lodge, and until a
successor shall have been duly elected and installed in my
I hereby bind myself to maintain and preserve the ancient
discipline, landmarks and traditions of the Order.

I solemnly vow that I will never divulge the secrets

restricted to the Master’s Chair to anyone in the world
unless it be to an Installed Master of a Lodge of M.M.M. or
to a candidate duly elected to that office, and then only in
the presence and with the assistance of at least one other
Installed Master in the Mark Degree duly summoned for
that purpose.

I further engage myself to uphold the authority and

supremacy of the Grand Lodge of M.M.M. of India.

Lastly, I pledge myself to an exemplary practice of the

principles of this Degree and the maintenance of its
peculiar rites and ceremonies. All this I do on my honour
and on my fidelity to my Obligation.

So help me the G.O.O.T.U. and keep me steadfast in this

my S.O. of an Installed Master of a Lodge of M.M.Ms.

I.O. – As a pledge of fidelity and to render this solemn

Obligation binding on you for so long as you shall live, you
will seal it on the the manner most binding on you.

(Instructed by D.O.C M.E. drops the l.h., places it

alongside r.h. on the V.S.L. and complies)

I.O. – In ancient times, a candidate was required to take his

obligation under no less a penalty than that of having his
I.O. – I now acknowledge you a duly obligated Master of a
Lodge of Mark Master Masons.

(I.O.leaves his pedestal by the S. side, takes M.E. by both

hands, turns anticlockwise and places him on S. side facing
N., I.O. in the N. facing M.E. and about one pace from

After the death of our Master, H.A.B., with the
circumstances of which you are, of course, well acquainted,
it was necessary to elect a presiding Master to fill his place.
But, on account of the number of able and intelligent
Craftsmen, it was difficult to choose on without giving
umbrage to the rest. It was at length determined to select
twelve from among those Mark Master Masons who had
already held office as Overseers, and who were deemed
superior to others. They were desired to repair on the
following morning to a particular spot, and it was arranged
that he, who should first see the rays of the rising sun,
should be acknowledged Master and supply the place of H.
While the majority looking towards the E., ( I.O. instructs
M.E. in a whisper to remain still, himself turns to the E.
gives the screened their eyes with their hands
( shows the Scr.Sn. – both hands s.t.e.) to guard them from
the approaching glare, A., turning to the W., ( I.O. instructs
M.E. to copy him, both turn to W.) observed a sunbeam
strike the roof of the Temple. He immediately fell on his
r…k.. (both kneel on r.k.) and held out his r…h.. thus (both
show Pl. Sn. – given by stretching out the r.h. with the
t.a.f.f. touching and pointing downwards, other fs. Closed)
to indicate his discovery; this being peculiarly appropriate
to him as it was his particular duty to prove Masonry p….
by thus holding the infallible plump line (I.I.rises, but
instructs M.E. to remain in position). He was at once
acknowledged as the legitimate successor of H.A.B., and
one of his companions raised him with this G. (I.O. takes
hold of r.wr. of M.E. between his and f.f., raises him
and turns him to face N.) and the whole saluted him thus
(I.O. gives Scr. Sn. followed by Pl. Sn.; M.E. does NOT
copy) The words are S..H…m, signifying Ch… of the B….
The P.Sn. is given by drawing the right thumb from throat
to chin the fs.closed. (I.M. gives P.Sn., M.E. does not copy).
These signs ( the Scr. Sn.Pl. Sn. and P.Sn. and
instructs M.E. to copy) and words (I.O.pronounces the
Words and instructs M.E. to repeat) are the distinguishing
secrets of an I.M. of a Lodge of M.M.M.

(D.O.C. presents Master’s Apron to I.O.and then removes
the apron of M.M.M. from M.E. and returns to his place.)

I.O.:- I now invest you with the Badge of an I.M. (invests

with Apron) and also with the Collar and Jewel (invests
with Collar) of your office, the highest honour the Lodge
can bestow on any of its members (I.O. takes hold of the
r.wr. of M.E. between his and f.f., instructs M.E. to do
the same and walking backwards leads him by the N. of the
Pedestal to the Master’s Chair). With the G…and the Wd.
S.. H…m. of an Installed Master I install you in the Chair
of A., (I.O. places Master in the Chair, releases G.) and
offer my congratulations on your past services having been
such as to justify the Brethren in submitting themselves to
your direction. I place in your hand this gavel (gives gavel
to Master. Master does not rise) the symbol of your rule,
(I.O. places r.h. on heart) and may God speed you in your

(I.O. steps back a pace and salutes Master with Scr. Sn.,
Pl.Sn. and P.Sn., returns to the S. side of Pedestal and says)

W.M., you will now invest your I.P.M. Brn. be seated.


W.M. – ( D.O.C. gives Collar and Jewel of I.P.M. to

Master who stands and invests the I.P.M. standing on his
left). W.Bro. ….., I have much pleasure in investing you
with this J. as the I.P.M. of the Lodge, feeling assured from
the manner in which you have transacted the business of
the Lodge during your Mastership, that, should I at any
time require assistance, my reliance on your cooperation
will not be misplaced.

(The W.M. resumes seat.)

I.O. –I now have to inform you that the reading of the

Hebrew characters on the obverse of the keystone, as
communicated to an Installed Master, is Hiram the hole
structure showed to King Solomon

I.O. – Brethren, Brother,…. having been regularly installed

in the Chair of A. according to ancient custom, I call upon
you to form a semi – circle in the East – and salute him as
I.M. taking the time from me

(The I.O.proceeds to the front of Altar and stands at a

distance of about 3 feet from the Altar facing W.M., other
Installed Masters proceed to the body of the Lodge and
stand in a semi –circle behind the I.O.)

I.O.:- To order, brethren. ( All salute the W.M. with Scr.Sn.,

Pl.Sn. and P.Sn.)

I.O. – I declare this Board of I.M. closed. (Gavels once)

(Brethren resume their seats)


I.O. – Brother I.G., admit the Brethren.

( The Brethren, including visitors, if any, enter without

saluting and line up in the N. side of the Lodge; the leading
Brother proceeding nearly to the E. end of the Lodge and
all face S.)

I.O. ( from left of W.M.) – Brethren during your temporary

absence, Brother…. has been duly installed into the Chair
of A. according to ancient custom, and I call upon you to
salute him as M.M.M. in passing.
( At this stage, the I.O. places himself at the head of line in
the E. and leads procession round the Lodge, each Bro.
salutes Master as M.M.M., procession re-forms line in the
N. as before)


I.I.- I now proclaim Brother…….. W.M. of the Tuticorin

Lodge of M.M.M. No 88 on the register of the Grand
Lodge of M.M.M. of India, until the next regular period of
election within the Lodge, and until a successor shall have
been duly elected and installed in his stead, and I call upon
you to greet him as M.M.M. with one round of claps in
rhythm with the knocks of the degree.

( Brn. Greet Master with claps in rhythm of the knocks of

the Degree once.)
(Brethren are seated)


I.O.:- ( from left of W.M.) – I now present to you the W…..

T… of a M.M.M. which are the m. and c. ( shows the tools)
on which also you were admitted to this degree. With their
symbolic uses in other degrees you are familiar. In this
degree they are employed to i. the t., Mark Master’s mark
of approval of the work, as being fitted for its place in the
intended structure. But, as we are not all operative but free
and accepted or speculative masons, we are by these tools
again reminded of the moral advantages of discipline and
education, and are led to entertain a firm but humble hope
that by the correction of irregularities and subjugation of
our passions, we may hereafter be found worthy to receive
the approving mark of the Great Overseer of the Universe,
as fitted to form part of that spiritual edifice, “that house
not made with hands, eternal in heavens,”

( I.O. requests Master to stand.)

I.O. – I now present to you the Warrant of the Lodge,

which has already passed through the hands of many
worthy and distinguished Brethren, and I trust that it will be
transmitted to your successor pure and unsullied as you
now receive it; ( W.M.sits.), also this Book of Constitutions
and Bye – laws of Regional Grand Mark Lodge, of which it
will be your duty to make a careful study; likewise these
Bye – laws which you are to enforce in your Lodge. You
will now appoint and invest your officers.

(The I.O.or D. of C. presents the Officers in succession as

they are nominated by the W.M., who invests them with
suitable words.)


D.O.C.: All Brethren except the W.M., Wardens and

Overseers be upstanding.

I.O. (from the East) – Brethren, such is the nature of our

Constitution, that as some must of necessity rule and teach,
so others of course, must learn, submit and obey. In this
degree, as in those through which you have been previously
passed, you are required to acquiesce in the wisdom and
impartiality of the W.M., whom you have chosen to rule
over you and to unite in cordially promoting the harmony
and prosperity of the Lodge.

The practice of this beautiful and important degree in

Freemasonry is so well understood and so highly
appreciated by you that I am confident that no exertion on
your part will be spared to increase still further the high
reputation of this Lodge by diffusing light and knowledge
and promoting Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.
Thus, you will best exhibit the distinguishing
characteristics of a Freemason’s heart and win the esteem
of you fellowmen; for remember, my brethren, that the day
is fast approaching when the G.O.O.T.U. will judge every
man according to his work, and will give to him that
overcometh a white stone in which a new name is written,
which no man knoweth save him that receiveth it .

I.O. ( from the West) – W.M. you having been regularly

installed in the Chair of this Lodge cannot be insensible to
the obligation which devolves on you as its head; nor to
your responsibility for the faithful discharge of the duties
annexed to the appointment. The honour and character of
the Lodge will mainly depend on the skill and ability with
which you manage its affairs, whilst the happiness of the
Brethren will be generally promoted in proportion to the
zeal and assiduity with which your promulgate the genuine
tenets and principles of the Order. In the traditional history,
which has been communicated to you this evening, your
attention has been particularly directed to that great
luminary of nature, which rising in the East, regularly
diffuses light and luster on all within the circle of its
influence. TO you, in your present exalted position, the
reflection of its rays has been shown to be of great import,
and thereby the beneficial effect of vigilance, combined
with judgement, has been illustrated. In a similar manner it
will be your duty to reflect on the members of your Lodge,
collectively and individually, the radiance of honour, of
virtue, and of high principles, which have been poured
upon you in ample streams during the course of your
Masonic career.

As the stone rejected by the Overseers, possessing merits to

them unknown, ultimately became the head – stone of the
building, so may you, both by precept and example, be able
to enlighten and impress the minds and regulate the actions
of those under your rule, that by the display of all Masonic
virtues, in the midst of the errors and vices of the world,
they may exhibit in their lives and conduct the effect of the
hidden mysteries which our symbols and our teachings are
intended and are well calculated to unfold. (gives R.Sn.)
May the G.O.O.T.U. bless and aid you in your arduous
work and may His revealed word be your guide, (drops