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P541/P542 Hardware A is not compatible with B G or J Hardware relays. P541 A and B are not compatible. However they can work together,if following is done in A model relay : Replace the co-processor board ( should be same as per B relay) Upgrade the SW version to 12 with same suffix HW i.e A .So in this case Model no. should be P541311C1A0120A P541 & P542 work together for B G or J Hardware,any combination for example : P541 or P542 Hardware B at one end can work with P541 or P542 Hardware G or J at other end since there is no differences in the message structure. P541/P542 Software 12 and 13 Settings and PSL are compatible. We prefer customers to order software 13. This has all the features of 12 plus Control inputs enhancements including non-volatile, latched, pulsed and support for dnp3 pulsed. We are trying to reduce the number of active softwares. Version 12 PSL and SET files can be used with SW 13. Software 12 PSL and setting files are comatible with software 13. We can confirm it is possible to extract these files from existing relays, change the model number and download software 13 and then download the PSL and set files. There are no problems. In fact there are no changes to the DDB between SW 12 and 13. The only changes in the setting files concern control inputs. However we recognise that some customers may wish to order 12 for example if they have approved it or for a replacement. For these cases we can approve SW 12 from Marketing.

P543 P546 onwards
Our recommendation would be to move to software 13 for existing relays ( with Software 12)and to consider software 55 for future orders. We do not see any real advantage in moving to 20 or 30 while there are big advantages in moving to K hardware but the costs involved could be large.

Between 12 & 30 due to large differences it's not possible to use same settings & PSL files.

There has been no changes to the Current Differetial protection function so threre is no compatibility issue with various P543 -P546 HW B, G, J & K. P541 & P542 work together but will not work with P543-6 B, G or J. Nor will they work with P544 or P546 K. (Due to difference in message structure between P541-2 & P543-6) However P541 or P542 will work with P543 & P545 K if Inrush mode is enabled on both. (For normal line they won't work while with in-zone transformer they will work)

The following identifies which models of the P540 family will operate together. Hardware issue A Group 1 P541, P542 Group 2 P543, P544 Hardware issue B, G, J, K Group 1 P541, P542, Note P541 & P542 are not available in K hardware. Also included are P543 & P545 hardware K when Inrush restraint is enabled. Group 2 P543, P544, P545, P546 Hardware K Group 1 P543, P544, P545, P546 Compensation set to None or Cap Charging Group 2 P543, P545 Compensation set to Transformer