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Two meetings on Friday May 10th, 2013

Venue: Historical Archives of the European Union - HAEU Villa Salviati, Via Bolognese 156 - 50139 Florence

Morning session (09:30-12:30) Meeting of the Friends of the Historical Archives of the European Union
EUI Alumni Associations working group Friends of the Historical Archives of the EU organised its kick-off meeting in October 2012. The major conclusion reached by the participants was the transformation of this working group into an autonomous association open to EUI Alumni and non-Alumni alike. This will serve to reinforce its role as an end-user organisation of scholars and informed European citizens and former EU officials committed to publicizing the existing records of the Historical Archives of the European Union HAEU and supporting the activities related to the appreciation of these papers and enriching its collections. To that purpose, the Alumni Association is organising a meeting in the morning of the 10th of May at the EUI, where the new association will discuss its legal statutes and elect its board. Program: 09:30-12:30: Discussion of the Statutes and election of the Board of the Association. Welcome: Dieter Schlenker, Director of the Historical Archives of the European Union Guest Alumni: Richard Griffith (Leiden University), Anne-Christina Knudsen (Aarhus University), Anjo Harryvan (Groningen University), Carlo Spagnolo (University of Bari), Niccolo Tognarini and Cathrine Previti (Historical Archives of the EUI). 12:30-14:00: Lunch at Villa Salviati

Afternoon session (14:00-19:30) Workshop on The future of the past: The Transportation Policies of the European Union (1958-2050)
In the afternoon of Friday 10th of May a workshop will be held to discuss the EU transportation policies since 1958. Bringing together EUI Alumni, scholars, former and current civil servants of the European Commission and other EU agencies, this workshop aims to show how the archival sources of the HAEU can be used to enlighten current debates and foresight perspectives of current EU policies. In particular it will investigate how the European Commission and other European actors, both public and private, imagined the future of transportation policies since the creation of the EEC in 1958 until today. Scientific organizers: Dr. Sigfrido Ramirez and Dr. Massimo Moraglio

Program 14:00-15:30 Archival and oral sources for European transportation policies (1958-1985) Chair: Carlo Spagnolo (Universit di Bari)
Sigfrido Ramrez Prez ( GERPISA-ENS Cachan): the formative years: sources and conclusions Catherine Previti (HAEU): Archival sources: the Franois Lamoureux archives (1999-2005)

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break 16:00-17:30 Liberalisation versus Harmonisation (1985-2000)

Chair: Anjo Harryvan (Groningen University) Federico Paolini, Naples II University, EU directives and national environment policies: a look at the transport field Amadeu Lopes Sabino (Former director, Council of the EU): The view from the Council

17:30-17:45 Coffee Break 17:45 -19:15 The recent past and future of Transportation policies (2000-2013)
Chair: Anne-Christina Knudsen (Aarhus University) Massimo Moraglio (Technical University Berlin): A usable past: history for foresights in the transport field Stefan Back, European Economic and Social Committee, Civil society and EU transport policy the EESC experience

20:30 Dinner- EUI, Badia Fiesolana, Via dei Roccettini, San Domenico di FIesole