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This Contract of Lease made and entered into the City of Davao, Philippines, this 10 th day of January, 2013, by and between: JOSELITO R. BLEZA, of legal age, Filipino, married and a resident of Purok 3, Brgy., 5, San Francisco, Agusan del Sur, hereinafter called the LESSOR. -AndPAUL CECIL MILNE and/or JEAN G. FUNA, both of legal, both single, British Citizen and Filipino, respectively, both a residents of Cecilia Heights, Davao City, hereinafter called the LESSEES. WITHNESSETH THAT: WHEREAS, the LESSOR is the true, lawful and absolute owner and processor of a resident unit/apartment/building at Cherry Blossom Street, Cecilia Heights, Davao City. WHEREAS, the LESSEES are desirous of leasing the above described residential unit/apartment/building at Cherry Blossom Street, Cecilia Heights, Davao City under the terms and conditions herewith stipulated; NOW, THEREFORE, for an inconsideration of the foregoing premises, the herein LESSOR, by these presents, hereby leases and demises unto and in favor of the LESSEES of the above describe property, subject to the terms, conditions and stipulations as follows: 1. TERM: This lease shall be for a period of ONE (1) year from March 2, 2013 until March 2, 2014, RENEWABLE EVERY YEAR. In case the PARTIES desire to terminate the lease or abandon the leased premises on or before the expiration of the term, a written notice shall be given to each party THIRTY (30) DAYS prior to the intended date of termination of this contract.

2. RENTAL: The LESSEES shall pay the LESSOR a monthly rental of TWENTY TWO THOUSAND PESOS ONLY (PHP 22,000.00) in cash payable without the necessity of demand. 3. DEPOSITS AND ADVANCE: the LESSES shall pay in cash two (2) months deposit with the LESSOR in the amount of FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS (PHP 50,000.00) and on March 2, 2013 upon transfer of the LESSEES, and the remaining one (1) month advance of TWENTY TWO THOUSAND PESOS ONLY (22,000.00) shall be paid on April 2, 2013 plus the balance of SIXTEEN THOUSAND PESOS (P16, 000.00) for the first monthly rental in the total amount of THIRTY EIGHT THOUSAND PESOS ONLY (PHP 38,000.00) to guarantee LESSEES obligations under the lease, to cover damages to the leased premises and any unpaid obligations and liabilities to the LESSOR including utilities charges, at the termination of the lease. The deposits shall not be applied to monthly rentals but be retained by the LESSOR and refunded to the LESSEES on the date that the LESSEES vacates the premises at expiration of the lease deductions as enumerated above if any, and without any interest on the entire amount of residue thereof whatsoever. 4. The LESSEES lose the right on the two (2) months deposit if the unit was occupied only for LESS THAN SIX (6) MONTHS, which is understood as a breach of contract as stated in Section 1 of this Lease Contract.

The LESSOR has the option to increase rent by 10% per year as inflation clause to help defray the LESSOR in the payment of land taxes as well as any other taxes that may be imposed by the government. 5. The LESSEES hereby covenants unto the LESSOR the following: a) PREDOMINANT USE: To occupy, use and utilize the property FOR RESIDENTIAL USE ONLY; b) RENT: To pay the rent stipulated at the time and in the manner aforesaid. c) SUBLEASING: Not in any manner sublease the whole or any part of the premises nor shall the LESSEES accept boarders; this contract will automatically considered breached and the tenant has to vacate the unit within 30 days; d) UTILITIES: All charges from utilities: water, electricity, lights, telephone, cable TV and etc., shall be for the exclusive account of the LESSEE and upon the expiration of the LEASE, the LESSEES shall before his deposit be returned, present proof that all such charges have been paid full. An arrear equivalent to the average usage of fifteen (15) days will entitle the LESSOR to disconnect or cut off supply, without the necessity of getting the court order. e) INSPECTION: To permit the LESSOR at seasonal at reasonable times to enter upon the examine of the premises and make such repairs as he may think necessary for the protection thereof; f) REPAIRS: The LESSEES shall bear the cost of all repairs necessity or otherwise, of any damages or breakages on the leased premises and without any reimbursement whatsoever from the LESSOR. In making repairs, workmanship and replacements, the LESSEES shall maintain the quality of the materials used in the leased premises; g) ALTERATIONS: Now to make any alterations or improvements in any portion of the said property occupied without first securing the written approval of the LESSOR and such alterations or improvements shall form part of the property and accordingly become the property of he LESSOR at the expiration of the lease contract without the need of payment by the LESSOR; h) PETS AND ANIMALS: The LESSEES are not allowed to have any kind of domestic animals such as cats, dogs, pigs, etc., to roam freely of the premises and of the neighbor for safety, sanitary health reasons; i) EXPIRATION: Upon the expiration of the period of lease, or it is renewal or extension, the LESSEES shall peacefully vacate the premise, turnover of all apartment keys and restore possession thereof to the LESSOR, in as good condition as at the time of delivery to the LESSEES ordinary wear and tear expected. 6. The LESSOR hereby covenants unto the LESSEES the following; a) RIGHTFUL USE: The LESSEES shall peaceably hold and enjoy the leased premises during all the time of this lease contract; b) REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE: To make thereon, during the time of the lease all the necessary repairs of the premises in order to preserve them in serviceable condition for the purposes for which they are leased. However, new outlets such as water faucets, electrical switches and outlets installed by the LESSOR and misused and damaged by the LESSEES on or before its useful lifespan of six (6) months, will be charge to the LESSESS account. c) BREACH OF CONTRACT/ FAILURE TO PAY/ EJECTMENT: In the event of failure on the LESSEES to pay any monthly rental on the date agreed upon, or incase of breach of any of the terms and conditions thereof, the LESSOR can, in addition to the right of rejection, be entitled to interest, to collect damage cost of collection and ATTORNEYs FEES with a minimum of PHP 5,000.00; venue for any suit or litigation arising out of this contract shall be the proper court of the City of Davao.

7. Remedial measure: In case of violation or infringement of any of the foregoing terms and conditions, the LESSOR reserves the right to terminate this Contract of Lease immediately and the LESSEES agrees to vacate forthwith the premises without need of court proceeding, with the right of the LESSOR as herein granted by the LESSEES to padlock the premises making the equipments, machineries and properties inside answerable to the overdue and unpaid rentals of the LESSEES. It is understood that the failure of the LESSOR to insist or enforce any of the terms of this contract shall not be construed as a waiver of such terms and conditions. In case of any violations by the LESSEES of any of the terms hereof, this contract shall be rescinded and cancelled automatically without resort to judicial processes thereby. IN THE WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto set hands this 10th day of January, 2013, in the City of Davao, Philippines.





ACKNOWLEDGMENT REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES) CITY OF DAVAO )s.s. x- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x BEFORE ME, in the City of Davao, Philippines, this 10th day of January, 2013, personally appeared; Name: 1. JOSELITO R. BLEZA 2. PAUL CECIL MILNE 3. JEAN G. FUNA Com. Tax Cert. No. Passport No. EB3068207 Passport No. 652883259 Passport No. EB2145841 Issued on / Issued at / by * 07-15-2016 * 09-13-2010 * 03-28-2011

known to me and to me known to be the persons who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledge to me that the same is their voluntary act and deed. The forgoing instrument, consisting of three (3) pages including this page wherein this acknowledgment is written refers to CONTRACT OF LEASE signed by the parties and their instrumental witnesses on each and every page hereof. WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL. BIBIANO M. BUSTAMANTE Notary Public UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2014 PTR NO. 2423427 / 01-03-13 D.C. IBP NO. 884201 / 11-15-12 D.C. Roll No. 41867 dtd 05-08-97 TIN No. 137-555-475

Doc No. 46; Page No. 10; Book No. I; Series of 2013.