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The Heart of Mind Spiritual Support Group


The Heart of Mind Spiritual Support Group is the vision of WBAIs Public
Affairs Director Kathy Davis. Its purpose is to create an atmosphere and provide vehicles within which group members and the public at-large who resonate with this vision can come to seek assistance in their spiritual selftransformation and enlightenment and most importantly unveil and live their lifes purpose.

The ultimate goal, however, for those committed to this vision is the absolute, unwavering cognition that the entire Earth itself can and must be transformed so that all life, not just the few, may be served. It is with the keen realization that everyone and everything has a purpose, and, in the final analysis, that the salvation for all humanity lies in Enlightened Human Relations that this grand vision can be achieved.

Certainly this is not a vision of some far distant future, but rather it is a vision of steadfast clarity that the Divine Kingdom can be lived right here right now on this beautiful planet Earth and that all the Cosmos planets, stars, and galaxies is aligned at this most opportune time to facilitate and assist us in cultivating a new paradigm, a more holistic life experience.

Mission Statement for the Central S.S. Group The mission of the Central Spiritual Support Group is to promote the development and presentation of projects and ideas that will facilitate the spiritual transformation as outlined in the Purpose Statement. To accomplish this, the consensus has been established that certain principles of thought and modes of behavior should be adhered to: Principles of Thought: All of us are leaders. We must be mindful to steer clear of doctrine and dogma. We aim to promote Spiritual Development and SelfRealization. We should become aware that Spiritual Development is necessarily coincident with the development of Enlightened

Human Relations which most effectively occurs through the embodiment of Loving Understanding.
We should compile our energies for holistic healing and for the support of mental growth and development. We should be ever aware of our potential Spiritual Power and its wise application. We must promote and support the discovery and living of ones life purpose. We must become ever more mindful of the energy within those foods we choose to ingest; the energy projected whilst cultivating, husbanding or producing our food supply and experienced and absorbed by those life forms whether done with reverent care or selfish brutality will either way be part of our consumption and unwittingly affect whether

positively or adversely our thinking and emotional behavior; hence the need to become more conscious. As our consciousness grows it is quite understandable that we become more and more aware of the powerful forces that are designed to control us, but we must be ever vigilant to refrain from directing our attention towards these forces because in so doing, we unwittingly support them by giving them our divine power. We must cultivate an attitude of fearlessness and an unequivocal clarity that we are in alignment with the Source of all life and therefore our efforts must eventually bear fruit. Principles of Behavior: Since we are all leaders, no one should attempt to dominate. We must be considerate of others feelings. We must be mindful of how our thoughts can be negatively projected and thereby injurious to others. As listeners, it is our responsibility to project an energy of support and gratitude to those who are sharing their thoughts with us; to listen patiently and graciously. As speakers, it is our responsibility to be as mindful as is possible of how we express our thoughts and their effects on our group participants. We seek to provide services and establish sub-groups and various projects that are aimed to fulfill this mission and are aligned with the aforementioned principles.

Principles and Guidelines by which Sub-Groups and Projects are to be Formed Each sub-group or project coordinator must create their own Mission Statement that is, once again, in line with the above principles. This is so that each person will be clear as to exactly how that S-G. or P. aims to assist in the spiritual development and transformation of the participants. Once created the Mission Statement must be submitted to Kathy Davis for review and final approval. Each Mission Statement should list what participants will be learning from their experience and how it will support their spiritual transformation and development. Since this Vision truly aims to be a spiritual endeavor, no moneys are to be charged for participating or attending any program. However, donations can be suggested and are encouraged but with the ultimate aim in supporting WBAI. But it is also understood that coordinators may incur certain costs associated with the production and dispensing of materials as well as (but not limited to) the securing of possible venues. If this be the case the recuperation of such expenses must be coordinated with Kathy Davis before the commencement of the S-G. or P. and subsequently extracted from whatever donations have been collected. The viability of such a S-G. or P. may be contingent on the ability to acquire donations. Therefore it would be best to secure those donations before the start of ones program with a mechanism designed to return money to each contributor in case insufficient funds are attained to meet the needs of the coordinators program.

Please consider carefully the design of ones program so that such a contingency can be avoided. Coordinators can make suggestions on donation amounts but should adhere to the following principles: Each to ones capacity, and None should ever be turned away because of ones inability to contribute.

And finally, it is each of our responsibility to not just profess these spiritual values and concepts but to actually live it; remembering always that it is not perfection that is expected but progress. Namaste!