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Use the correct pronoun ( who, whose, who, which, that, whom) in the blanks Q1 - The people ________ moved in next door seem very friendly Q2 - The man _________ answered the phone was rather rude Q3 - Where are the people _________ordered the taxi? Q4 - I've lost the paper _________I had written her phone number on Q5 - The day _________I started work there was a disaster Q6 - The man _________interviewed you is the boss Q7 - The man _________house was robbed has still not been paid by the insurance company Q8 - He's got three dogs, all of _________are aggressive Q9 - Who's moved the papers _________I left on my desk? Q10 - You should complain to the people _________supplied it Q11 - They arrested the man _________was over the alcohol limit Q12 - The men, _________were in a hurry, didn't finish the job properly Q13 - The pub, _________lost its licence, has been turned into a shop Q14 - Two guys, _________car had broken down, asked me for a lift Q15 - I'd love to meet the idiot _________made these rules Q16 - Did you get everything _________you wanted? Q17 - The boy _________bag was stolen is over there Q18 - She failed the exam, _________came as a great surprise to us all

Q19 - The film, _________lasted for three hours, was boring Q20 - The flats, _________will house over two hundred families, were completed last month Q21 - The boxer _________career was ruined by health problems was on TV last night Q22 - The day _________we met was the happiest of my life Q23 - You'll have to speak to the person _________is in charge Q24 - He's the guy _________brother was sacked for stealing Q25 - Is there a shop nearby _________sells stamps? Q26 - Is there a store around here _________I can get some stamps? Q27 - They blamed me for everything _________went wrong Q28 - Nothing _________she said surprised me Q29 - I was to blame for everything _________went wrong Q30 - You'll have to try to get in touch with the person _________is responsible for staff training Q31 - The man _________wanted to see you left a few minutes ago Q32 - There were three applicants, none of _________seemed very competent Q33 - A lot of people were offended by the jokes _________he told Q34 - He works for a firm _________produces software Q35 - Companies _________shareholders control them have little possibility of making their own decisions