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Bishops Committee February 2, 2013 Johnnette Shane, Kevin Minch, Kirsty Imes, Steve Reiser, Sally West, Julie


Meeting called to order at 2:25 Minutes approved unanimously from January 20 Bishops Committee meeting (which was held briefly after the annual meeting). Vicars report Outreach committee has met and presented a proposal for outreach this year. Pastoral care committee is discussing its purview, led by Diane Johnson. Bishops warden (issues dealt with under old and new business) Junior wardens positions are currently vacant -Johnnette nominates Sally West and Julie Seidler to share this position. This position lasts for one year. -Kevin moved that Sally and Julie be co-wardens. Motion passed. Treasurer: no report Krista conducted a new training session for bursaring. Old business: Safe-guarding children policy: Steve will find the full report so that we can add in the missing last paragraph and vote on it next month. New business Pam, Talie, Johnnette, and Sally will meet to discuss the future of Sunday School Snow clearing Julie and Sally will set up a snow clearing schedule and sign up. Next bishops committee meetings: March 10: at Sallys house April 14: at Steves house Meeting adjourned: 3:15 p.m.