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Bishops Committee Meeting, April 14, 2013 In attendance: Johnnette Shane, Kevin Minch, Steve Reiser, Kirsty Imes,

Karen Henness, Sally West Meeting called to order: 1 p.m. February minutes approved unanimously. Vicars report: Last meeting had no quorum Easter had excellent attendance and went really well Johnnette will be gone for about ten days in May for a conference on congregational development in Alabama (May 5-13) Johnnette will be on vacation in June (7-15) Bishops Warden report: Tim gave a report on the completion of the church survey today in church. The survey process was a lot more laborious than originally thought as the surveyor had to correct ancient and wrong city surveys. Tim believes that we should pay more than the original estimate of $2800, since he spent many more hours than expected. Tim suggests less than $3400 would be exploitative. The committee decided to wait for the bill first, and then discuss it. Junior Wardens report: We had a successful clean-up day on Saturday, 4/13, with nine people, including an exchange student from France. A lawn-mowing sign-up sheet is in the undercroft. Lots of people helped with snow removal during our frequent snowstorms. We should empty the snow blower for the season so that it doesnt clog. Steve will help with that next weekend. Treasurers report: 1. Bursar training do Karen and Julie need bursar training? 2. The $168 for the pet waste station is still available. 3. The money for the Accessibility Project has been moved to separate reporting. The income is now broken out by Pledge, Non Pledge and Fundraising. As a budget is developed it will be added to the reports. 4. This is just a reminder about the need for a Letter of Agreement or some form of documentation for everyone who is paid by the church. Currently I am not sure how the choir director is paid when he serves as the organist. 5. To repeat from last month, the 2012 audit has begun with the help of Alan Davis who is working with one of his students, Sarah Goo. The audit should be completed by the first week of June.

Old business: We approved the Safeguarding Gods Children Policy (finally!) Bishops Committee requirements o Regular attendance at meetings o Regular attendance at worship o Regular pledging Building committee o We have looked over plans, but they were drawn before the survey. They are very large so printing them out was not an option. They look good. They incorporate additional storage space below the lift. The large window removed from the current church will be flipped to point north, so it will be seen from Harrison. o The roof was discussed, with some consensus that the shingles that replicate the current roof should be our choice. The question is whether to do the whole roof at the same time. We are due to replace the roof, but it will be expensive. o There should be an alley behind the church and vicarage that is city property but has been appropriated into neighbors gardens. This property may need to be reclaimed by the city, giving us off-street access and a potential parking spot for the vicarage. o We have the grant assistance application, but the deadline is April 22, so it is not clear that we can make that deadline. o What is the status of a loan from the diocese? Johnnette will talk to Dan Smith to find out the practical steps for this. He has already expressed support in principle. New business: What to do about Kirstys position on the BC committee when she leaves in June? She could finish out her term via Skype, but discussion focused around whether a BC member should be someone who is physically no longer in the community. Consensus was that we should nominate someone to replace Kirsty for the next year and a half. o Kevin and Kirsty will be nominators for her half-term replacement. Safeguarding Our Children Coordinator o We all need to complete two new units of training. And some members have not done the initial training. Kerrin Smith used to be coordinator, but she is not coming regularly. Johnnette nominated Steve Reiser to take up this responsibility, as he could organize it from the road via computer. Steve accepted. Children and Childrens Program o Discussion about whether to pay for nursery care this summer. It was not originally budgeted, but since we did not pay for Carmen this semester, we could use that money. Forrest Beck has asked about doing nursery this summer. Motion passed to extend an offer to Forrest this position for the summer. Motion passed. We still need to find someone for fall semester. o Older children: we need a meeting. Meeting dates need to be changed due to the vicar and other members availability. o May 19 will be the next meeting at Kevins house

o June 30 o July 21 o August 11 International Truman student, Jonathan, needs to work 25 hours for his scholarship this semester. He will be doing odd jobs like scraping trim. Rummage sale discussion o We discussed having one in June o Karen will be chair of the sale committee. Table Program o A social media tool we could use. This is something that we will learn more about from Maria. She did training in the program.

Meeting adjourned at 2:54

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