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Pagan Freedom Day Festival 2014 Application form

Address: Email: Date:

17th Avenue, Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa 24 April 2014

Contact number: 0745801771

Company/Individual name:

Contact person: Email address: Contact number: Website address: to be linked on our web page: Yes No Facebook Page address:

Type of product/service:

Food Stalls: Number of stalls:

Please note we require two food vouchers from each food stall (this is for the assistants of the day that help) One Two Three More: ________________ If more than one stall, do you want them to be next to each other: Yes No

We request that each stallholder donates something from their stand to be used in a raffle: (All donators will receive preferential listing on our stall listing brochure, to be handed out at the gate) yes/no If yes: description of donation & value


Account: PAN Bank: Capitec Bank Branch Code: 470010 Account Number: 1350788048 Reference: your company/individual name Once completed please return to

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Pagan Freedom Day Festival Ts & Cs.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Stall fees are R200 per 3x3m stall Stall fees are to be paid in advance to secure you stall, first paid first served. Once your stall has been allocated there will be no refunds of stall fees Form is to be completed in full and returned to, accompanied by your proof of payment by the latest 31 March 2014. If your payment is not in by then, your stall will be reallocated. No stall payments will be accepted on the day of the festival in the interest of security. In the interest of variety be detailed about your trade so we can ensure limited duplication. Gates for stall holders will open by 7am, all cars are to be removed and parked in the designated area by 9:30am. Gates to the public will open by 10am. No cars will be allowed to drive onto the rugby field. Pagan Freedom Day Festival is from 10am till 8pm. (the next day is a public holiday) there will be a fire show from 7pm. No tables, chairs, gazebos or electrical extensions nor electricity will be provided by the organisers. Please be mindful this is a Pagan event. NO REFUNDS FOR NO SHOWS NO REFUNDS IF EVENT IS DISRUPTED BY UNCONTROLLABLE ACTS OF NATURE OR ANY OTHER UNCONTROLLABLE EVENT There will be designated handicapped parking available. At the PFDF stall there will be a point of sale machine that all stall holders may use. This will be up to each stallholder to keep track of their transactions.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions set out above: Stall Holder: ______________________________ (Signature) Date: _______/________/20_____

Welcome to Pagan Freedom Day Festival!!!!

Office Use: Stall number: ________________ Date of Payment: _____________ Donation: Yes No