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Alcoholism is a part of history made by alcoholics drinking alcohol often or always in excessive proportions.

The alcoholic doesnt want to be alcoholic but he does drink in order to medicate his ills, ease his hardships, or to just alter his reality if not permanently then only for a night, a day, or however long an alcoholic binge can last. Thus, accepting alcoholism is a must in the eyes of an actively using alcoholic whereas to deny the obvious truth that alcohol is doing more harm than good to his mental, physical, emotional or spiritual health in order that he may continue to seek relief through the use or rather abuse of alcohol. Also, treating an illness with alcohol to relieve pain will cause harm to the alcoholics overall health if ingested in great amounts. And even if the alcoholic stays clean and sober his ills often remain such as in the case of sexually transmitted diseases, other physical or mental illnesses, and or his social and economic status, etc. Overconsumption of alcohol or drinking too much is the main cause of alcoholism. And mostly, the alcoholics degree of alcoholism is directly related to the quantity and potency of the alcohol he has consumed over a given time frame. Or, more similarly the tolerance the alcoholic has developed to process alcohol through his body. A severe alcoholic is sure to develop physical addiction to alcohol requiring him to consume alcohol in order to maintain a stable level of alcohol in his body and or blood stream just to feel normal or be ok or else he will have to face his own painful symptoms of withdraw from alcohol if he quits drinking such as the next morning hangover, sweats, shaking, and in more advanced instances, delirium tremens, or other hallucinations as well as mentally distressing emotions as in case of intense depression or uncontainable anger often leading to dangerous or radical behaviors including violence and suicidal attempts, idealizations or tendencies, etc. A lack of nutrition is common with an alcoholic not only due to possible financial or motivative reasons but mostly due to his stomachs rejection to digest anything other than the drug alcohol like food and water. A successful detoxification from alcohol is reliant upon proper nutrition which may also include medications and vitamins as well as healthy amounts of sleep, sex, mental and physical exercise or work. Once an alcoholic is detoxed from alcohol his ability to stay sober or at least manage his own alcohol consumption is not only dependent upon the willingness of the alcoholic to not drink or drink, but not too much but is also reliant upon the alcoholics access and availability to support from his family, peers, and motivated individuals like teachers, councilors, Doctors and Social Services or other righteous organizations and institutions including Alcoholics Anonymous and Church groups who can and will support the alcoholic in his pursuit of a better existence rather than the one he leads in the clutches of alcohol or even white knuckle motivation so he can maintain a job, relationships, or to just stay alive. As well, often agencies such as the Police Department (PD) , Department of Corrections (DOC), Mental Health Services or even councilors, Doctors, family and peers often encourage overconsumption of alcohol because they too may also have alcoholism and are protecting their own rights to over consume alcohol by supporting him another alcoholic in his own destruction. And or also often those individuals, agencies and services are incapable as well as unwilling to assist the alcoholic to find a humane lifestyle and would rather deal with a drunkard, be drunk themselves, remain ignorant or rather more accurately defined, occupied by stupidity than to be subjected to the potential terrors associated with having contact with him now a more seriously mentally disturbed suicidal lunatic(SL), newly identified insane mother fucker(IMF) or more commonly known title son of a bitch(SOB), that is him the illy treated.

Social interaction with his fellows in the alcoholics natural environment can also be helpful to the alcoholic whereas to develop a new niche as a sober or functioning member of society that he may retain his sanity, not in such case as the damned, destitute, or good for nothing. And, if the alcoholic can maintain a quality support system through the cultivation of a symbiotic relationship between him and those peoples, services, agencies, or organization that can and will support him to establish himself as a contributing member of society then he will be more prepared to set and achieve goals or to deal with struggles, this improving his lifestyle and most probably the lives of those whom he cares for frequently having lifesaving results.