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Universal flow sensors for external control monitors.

Resistant to aggressive media
Temperature resistant up to

SF flow sensors for gases and liquids.

Sensor with adapter for many process connections. Reliable flow monitoring of all media. Sensors in high-grade stainless steel and titanium housing. Connector and cable connection. Flow and temperature monitoring.

IP 67

plated contacts


Highgrade stainless steel or titanium

Vibration and shock resistant

Pressure resistant up to 300 bar.

120 C

Easy, fast and flexible mounting The specially designed process connection helps to reduce the usual range of parts to a few unit types. They can be used in conjunction with a selection of process adapters in the process in next to no time. The sensors can be mounted irrespective of the direction of flow and orientation. They can be connected to the control monitor either by cable or by connector. Flow monitoring, reliable and informative The control monitors mounted in the control cabinet on DIN rail or Eurocard monitor the cable to the sensor, supply the sensors whose signals are evaluated and output for further processing by means of a relay. Not only the actual flow monitoring is possible, but also temperature monitoring of the medium and output, of its overtemperature or undertemperature as a binary signal. The switch points are set at the control monitor. The switching status and the flow are indicated by multi-colour LEDs. Whether the flow is to be monitored under high pressure, at high temperatures or in aggressive media, these sensors provide a high degree of safety and reliability for almost all tasks of flow monitoring.


evaluation and control technology


Flow sensors

Type SF for various adapters High-pressure resistant High temperature

Connection to VS 0200 control monitor High-grade stainless steel or titanium IP 67

high pressure high pressure high pressure high temperature liquids or gases VS 0200 control monitors high-grade stainless steel 316S12 SF 5200 SF 5350 SF 5300 3...300 / 200...3000 3...60 / 200...800 25...80 25...80 0...120 / 0...100 300 300 1...10 100 / 5 x 0.5 mm 2 IP 67 M12 connector
2 WH 3 BU 1 BN 4 BK 5 GY


Applications Application Connection Housing material Material no. Order no. Setting range liquids / gases Greatest sensitivity liquids / gases Medium temperature liquids / gases Max. temperature gradient of the medium Pressure rating Response time Max. cable length Protection Connection [cm /s] [cm /s] [C] [K / min] [bar] [s] [m]

high pressure aggressive media

high pressure high temperature aggressive media

titanium 3.7235 SF 5700 SF 5800


0...120 / 0...100

cable PVC 6 m / 5 x 0.5 mm 2


cable silicon sheathing 6 m / 5 x 0.5 mm 2


M12 connector
2 WH 3 BU 1 BN 4 BK 5 GY

cable silicon sheathing 6 m / 5 x 0.5 mm 2


Wiring diagram

Socket type ifm ifm ifm
We reserve the right to make technical alterations without prior notice. Printed in Germany on non - chlorine bleached paper. KE20/2001

Description 5 m (PUR), M12 angled, without LED 5 m (PVC), M12 angled, without LED 5 m (PUR), M12 angled, without LED 5 m (PVC), M12 angled, without LED Order no. E 10964 E 10704 E 10967 E 10954
M12 x1
13,5 82 72 45

For details about the control monitors and accessories (to be ordered separately) please refer to our main catalogue Fluid Sensors


22 internal thread M18 x1,5

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