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B.Tech IT Sem-VI
Sessional Test- II (2008-09)

Subject: SPM Code: (TIT- 601)

Q. 1 What is a project? What are the benefits of Project Management? What are the various problem with
software project?
Q. 2 Explain different phases of project planning. Indicate the level of managerial effort involved in project

planning & control during implementation.

Q. 3 Why objective of the project should be clearly defined? Discuss software scope vs. time and cost
Q. 4 Why it is necessary to identify project infrastructure during project planning?
Q. 5 Differentiate between RAD & Prototyping model
Q. 6 Explain the cash flow forecasting with example.
Q. 7 Discuss cost benefit analysis in detail. Explain the following terms:
(i) Net Profit
(ii) Return on investment
(iii) Payback period
(iv) Return on investment
(v) Net Present Value
Q. 8 What factors should be considered during the selection of techniques ?
Q. 9 Explain why discounted cash flow technique provide better criteria for project?
Q. 10 What do you mean by strategic assessment? What are the typical issues and questions that should be
considered during strategic assessment of any project?
Q. 11 What is cost estimation? Explain COCOMO model for cost estimation.
Q. 12 What do you mean by Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in context of software project and product?

Discuss with example.

Q. 13 What is effort estimation?
Q. 14 Describe the function point analysis. How the function point are used in estimation of cost and effort
using decomposition technique?
Q. 15 Describe the concept of PERT/CPM in defining an optimal schedule.
Q. 16 What is risk? What are the potential risk condition associated with each required area?
Q. 17 Explain the risk management activity. Risk management is the area that tries to ensure that the
impact of risk on cost, quality and schedule is minimal. Justify the statement.
Q. 18 As size is the main factor in determining the cost of the project, an accurate size is used to estimate
the cost and schedule of the software project. Give your view in favour or in against of the statement.
Q. 19 What is the importance of Human Resource management in Software Project Management?
Q. 20 What is Contract Management?
Q. 21 Explain software quality, reliability, and safety.
Q. 22 Discuss about the software quality factors and attributes.
Q. 23 write a note on SEI Capability Maturity Model (CMM). How does it differ from ISO 9000.
Q. 24 Describe major Software Quality Assurance activities and indicate their importance.
Q.25 Explain the software quality factors proposed by McCall.