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Anatomy ............................................................................................................ 2

Biochemistry ...................................................................................................... 6

Chiropractice & Osteopathy ............................................................................... 7

Clinical Medicine ................................................................................................ 7

Dentistry & Dental Hygiene .............................................................................. 10

Embryology ...................................................................................................... 11

Epidemiology ................................................................................................... 12

Histology .......................................................................................................... 13

Immunology & Microbiology ............................................................................. 13

Massage Therapy ............................................................................................ 14

Neuroanatomy & Neuroscience ....................................................................... 15

Nursing ............................................................................................................ 17

Nutrition ........................................................................................................... 28

Occupational Therapy ...................................................................................... 29

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Pathology ......................................................................................................... 30

Pathophysiology .............................................................................................. 30
Pharmacology .................................................................................................. 32

Inspection copies Pharmacy ........................................................................................................ 33

Physiology ....................................................................................................... 34
Online ancillaries
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Physiotherapy .................................................................................................. 36

Psychiatry ........................................................................................................ 37
Radiology & Radiography ................................................................................ 37

Reference & Revision ...................................................................................... 38

Speech, Language & Hearing .......................................................................... 39

Sports & Exercise Science .............................................................................. 40

Index ................................................................................................................ 44

Within each chapter titles are arranged by the surname of the lead author 1

Acland’s Atlas of Human Anatomy Series
R. Acland
A beautifully produced anatomy atlas available on video or DVD showing true images of real, exquisitely dissected human anatomical specimens, in
three dimensions. Only fresh, unembalmed specimens are used, thus retaining the colour, texture, mobility and beauty of the human body.
• Students see multiple views of each structure – anterior, posterior, superior and inferior
• Shows the movements made by muscles, tendons and joints enhanced by live models illustrating the surface movements
• A clear narration by Dr Acland is synchronised with the movements and actions shown, while the names of newly seen
structures appear on the screen
‘This atlas will serve as a useful adjunct to the traditional methods of learning…I will certainly be using them to revise my anatomy prior to the end of
year examinations.’ Richard Smith, Medical Student, University of Southampton, UK

1: The Upper Extremity 978-0-7817-4063-0 / DVD / 2003 / £19.50 + VAT €26.00 + VAT

2: The Lower Extremity 978-0-7817-4064-7 / DVD / 2003 / £19.50 + VAT €26.00 + VAT

3: The Musculoskeletal System of the Trunk: Spine, Thorax, Abdomen & Pelvis 978-0-7817-4065-4 / DVD / 2003 / £19.50 + VAT €26.00 + VAT

4: The Head & Neck, Part 1 978-0-7817-4066-1 / DVD / 2003 / £19.50 + VAT €26.00 + VAT

5: The Head & Neck, Part 2 978-0-7817-4193-4 / DVD / 2003 / £19.50 + VAT €26.00 + VAT

6: The Internal Organs 978-0-7817-4067-8 / DVD / 2003 / £19.50 + VAT €26.00 + VAT

Two DVD Set: 4&5 978-0-7817-4272-6 / DVD / 2003 / £35.00 + VAT €52.00 + VAT

Six-DVD Set: DVDs 1-6 978-0-7817-4068-5 / DVD / 2003 / £100.00 + VAT €135.00 + VAT

Six DVD Set: DVDs 1-6 (Institutional Version) 978-0-7817-4075-3 / DVD / 2003 / £729.00 + VAT €1080.00 +VAT

Streaming Video 978-0-7817-5822-2 / 2004 / £2,000.00 + VAT €2,900.00 + VAT

For more information on institutional pricing, please contact us by email at, or by faxing + 44 (0) 20 7981 0565.

Acland’s Cross-Sectional Grant’s Atlas of Inspection

Anatomy and Pathology:
Navigator Anatomy, copy
The World’s Best Anatomical
R. Acland 12th Edition Charts, 5th Edition
Student CD A. Agur, A. Dalley, II Anatomical Chart Company
978-0-7817-6199-4 / CD / 2005 / Renowned for its accuracy, 978-0-7817-7356-0 / 62 pp / 2007 /
£21.50 + VAT €32.00 + VAT pedagogy, and clinical relevance, the new £16.99 €21.00
edition of this classic anatomy atlas features
Institutional Single Seat DVD many improvements, including updated artwork,
more vital tissue colours, new conceptual
978-0-7817-8584-6 / DVD / 2005 / diagrams, vibrantly re-coloured illustrations,
Diseases and Disorders:
£269.00 + VAT €399.00 + VAT and a more consistent art style. A companion The World’s Best Anatomical
website offers student and instructor versions
Institutional Network DVD of Grant’s Interactive Atlas, including images Charts, 3rd Edition
from the book, video clips from Acland’s DVD
978-0-7817-6201-4 / DVD / 2005 / Anatomical Chart Company
Atlas of Human Anatomy, revision questions,
£431.00 + VAT €639.00 + VAT image-based drag-and-drop questions, and 978-0-7817-8211-1 / 85 pp / 2008 /
electronic flash cards from Gould’s Clinical £19.95 €30.00
Anatomy Flash Cards. For more information
on online ancillaries for instructors and
students, please visit

978-0-7817-7055-2 / 834 pp / 1,623 illus /

2008 / £39.99 €51.00


Systems and Structures: Memmler’s The NEW Dynamic Human

The World’s Best Anatomical Human Body in copy
Anatomy, Version 2.0
Charts, 2nd Edition Health and Disease, A. Dalley, II, D. Gould
Anatomical Chart Company 11th Edition This is a flexible electronic product that can
be used as a programmable presentation tool
978-1-58779-892-4 / 44 pp / 2005 / B. Cohen for instructors, a student/instructor information
£13.00 €19.00 This widely read classic resource, an interactive atlas, and a study/
is an excellent primer review/testing aid. Windows / Macintosh /
on normal anatomy and Network Compatible.
Anatomy Recall, Inspection
physiology, as well as
Institutional Network CD
an introduction to the
2nd Edition copy

human disease process. 978-0-7817-5573-3 / CD /

J. Antevil, L. Blackbourne, C. Moore The well-organised text 2,600 full colour illus / 2004 /
is presented in a manner £1,287.00 + VAT €1,656.00 + VAT
Anatomy Recall, Second Edition is a that is easily digested
concise, affordable, pocket-sized review of the and retained, with a writing style that is easy Institutional Single Seat CD
fundamentals of human anatomy. As part of the to understand and will engage students.
popular Recall Series, it utilises a two-column, Information covers normal and abnormal 978-0-7817-5572-6 / CD /
question-and-answer format that facilitates anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, 2,600 full colour illus / 2004 /
quick learning of human anatomical facts basic microbiology, and chemistry. £513.00 + VAT €764.00 + VAT
through repetition. Anatomy Recall highlights
the most important anatomical principles, which Paperback
are complemented by a wealth of illustrations 978-0-7817-9073-4 / 608 pp / 470 illus,
and anatomical correlations to clinical problems. Clinical Anatomy
431 in full colour / Sep 2008 / £23.95 €32.00 Inspection

Flash Cards
It is an ideal study guide for medical students
in their pre-clinical coursework, undergraduate
or nursing anatomy study, clinical rotations, and D. Gould
for revision. 978-0-7817-6577-0 / 608 pp / 470 illus, This clinically relevant
978-0-7817-9885-3 / 384 pp / 134 illus / 431 in full colour / Oct 2008 / £25.95 €35.00 anatomy flash card set is
2005 / £18.95 €26.00 based on the concepts and
Study Guide full colour images in Moore
and Dalley’s Clinically
978-07817-6581-7 / 384 pp / 200 illus /
Oriented Anatomy, Fifth
Functional Anatomy: A NEW Oct 2008 / £12.95 €18.00
Edition and Agur and
Guide to Musculoskeletal Dalley’s Grant’s Atlas of
Anatomy, Eleventh Edition.
Anatomy for Memmler’s Structure NEW The card set is a convenient, flexible, portable,
practical study aid. Organised and colour-
and Function of the copy

coded using the regional approach of Clinically

C. Cael Human Body, 9th Edition Oriented Anatomy, the cards feature clinically
relevant descriptions of structures, concise
For more information, please see the Sports B. Cohen versions of the text’s clinical “Blue Boxes”,
and Exercise Science section.
Based on Memmler’s and correlating images. Realistic anatomical
978-0-7817-7404-8 / 496 pp / Human Body in Health renderings from Grant’s Atlas complement
700 full colour illus / Oct 2009 / and Disease, this text this clinically oriented material. For more
£31.00 €41.00 focuses on anatomy and information on online ancillaries for instructors
physiology without the and students, please visit
content on disease. It is an gouldflashcards.

Anatomy: A Regional Inspection

excellent primer on normal
anatomy and physiology,
978-0-7817-6509-1 / 696 pp / 452 illus,
451 in full colour / 2007 / £19.95 + VAT
Atlas of the Human
basic microbiology, and
€30.00 + VAT
chemistry. The friendly format makes normal
Body, 5th Edition anatomy and physiology easy to understand
C. Clemente and remember. Students can turn to this
valuable resource again and again for accurate,
This classically organised reliable, up-to-date information.
regional atlas is based on
the strikingly colourful yet 978-0-7817-6595-4 / 496 pp /
realistic illustrations of the 289 full colour illus, 75 tables / Oct 2008 /
world-renowned Sobotta £22.95 €30.00
atlas. Hallmarks of the
atlas include its bright
and realistically-detailed
illustrations, the wealth
of accompanying diagnostic images, and
numerous muscle tables. For more information
on online ancillaries for instructors and
students, please visit

978-0-7817-5103-2 / 640 pp / 1,206 illus,

1,069 in full colour / 2006 / £39.00 €54.00 3

Clinical Anatomy NEW Coloring Atlas of NEW Clinically Oriented NEW

Inspection Inspection Inspection
for Your Pocket copy
the Human Body copy
Anatomy, 6th Edition copy

D. Gould K. Hull K. Moore, A. Dalley, II

This pocket-sized book Coloring Atlas of the Human Body provides Clinically Oriented
serves as a premier ancillary a comprehensive overview of human anatomy Anatomy, Sixth Edition
reference, review, and study and physiology for visually-oriented learners. provides first-year medical
tool for human gross anatomy By colouring a series of specially designed and allied health students
with a strong focus on high- diagrams and the accompanying flashcards, with the clinically oriented
yield topics and presentation. students will learn and remember concepts anatomical information that
It includes the “bare bones” much more effectively than with traditional they need in study and
minimum essential information textbooks alone. The completed colouring practice. This best-selling
needed for course and exam exercises and flashcards can also serve as tools textbook is renowned
revision in a concise, quick- to review and prepare for examinations. for its comprehensive coverage of anatomy,
reference format with tables presented as it relates to the practice of
and bullet-point text including mnemonics 978-0-7817-6530-5 / 248 pp / 250 illus / medicine, dentistry, and physical therapy.
(“memory tips”) and an introduction to Feb 2009 / £17.95 €24.00
The Sixth Edition features improved
terminology. This is a “just-the-facts” reference
artwork and integrates radiology within the
that intuits how students typically study for
chapters. The clinical Blue Boxes now have
exams and provides this highly distilled content LWW’s Human 3D categorisations such as “Health” “Clinical
in one easily portable source. For more
information on online ancillaries for instructors Encyclopedia and Procedures” “Physical Examination” and
“Development” and are indexed at the front of
and students, please visit Anatomy Atlas the book so they are easier to locate.
Megasystems A companion website on thePoint offers fully
978-0-7817-9193-9 / 224 pp / 50 illus,
searchable text, interactive questions, case
27 in full colour / Oct 2008 / £14.50 €19.00 This comprehensive four CD set on human
studies, Surface Anatomy and Clinical Imaging
anatomy and physiology is comprised of
Libraries, a bonus chapter on ageing, and
two educational programmes: Human 3D
references. Online faculty resources include an
Encyclopedia and Anatomy Atlas. The Human
Textbook of Head and NEW 3D Encyclopedia programme features a
Image Bank, Interactive Atlas, Test Generator,
and course outlines.
Neck Anatomy, complete encyclopedia that covers all major
areas of anatomy and physiology. The Anatomy ‘The writing style is easy to read, and not as
4th Edition Atlas serves as an interactive map of the prose-like as some other texts. Ideal. With
human body. Both educational programmes the synopses (bottom line) and highlighting
J. Hiatt, L. Gartner
allow users to explore the body’s structures of words it is now more a study-friendly than
Concise yet complete in its regional treatment and functions while also viewing text, graphics, reference text…The best book that is out
of head and neck anatomy, this acclaimed text animations, and 3D models associated with there…would recommend this to any Med
features more than 200 superb illustrations particular parts of the anatomy. This complete student as an essential buy. ‘ Kevin McCarthy,
and tables designed to facilitate its use in the four CD set features over 1,200 detailed University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland
dental classroom and practice. Completely illustrations of organs, muscles, and bones, and
updated, this Fourth Edition is now in full colour more than 500 cutting-edge 3D animations and 978-1-60547-652-0 / 1,248 pp / 1,166 Illus,
and features a detailed description of the oral videos. Windows compatible.
1,088 in full colour / Feb 2009 /
cavity from an oral examination point of view,
Single User Student Edition £39.99 €51.00
clinical considerations that tie the significance
of anatomy to practice, a discussion of the 978-0-7817-6605-0 / CD / 2006 /
anatomical basis of local anesthesia, and £26.50 + VAT €38.00 + VAT
an embryological account of head and neck Essential Clinical
Institutional Single Seat CD Anatomy, 3rd Edition copy

978-0-7817-8932-5 / 352 pp / 978-0-7817-6607-4 / CD / 2006 / K. Moore, A. Agur

310 full colour illus, 36 tables / Apr 2009 / £267.00 + VAT €396.00 + VAT
£35.00 €46.00 Essential Clinical Anatomy, Third
Edition presents the core anatomical concepts
found in Clinically Oriented Anatomy in a
concise, easy-to-read, and student-friendly
format. This streamlined book is an excellent
review for the larger text and an ideal
primary text for health professions courses
with brief coverage of anatomy. This edition
features updated full colour surface anatomy
photographs and new diagnostic images. For
information on online ancillaries for instructors
and students, please visit

978-0-7817-6274-8 / 691 pp / 627 illus,

546 in full colour / 2006 / £26.99 €34.00


Color Atlas of Anatomy: Clinical Anatomy Anatomy and Physiology NEW

Inspection Inspection
A Photographic Study copy
by Systems copy
Made Incredibly Easy!
of the Human Body, R. Snell 3rd Edition Inspection

6th Edition This clearly-illustrated and practical Springhouse

textproviding students with core knowledge
J. Rohen, C. Yokochi, of anatomy as it relates to clinical practice. It
Now updated to full colour
E. Lütjen-Drecoll throughout, Anatomy
features illustrated embryology sections added
& Physiology Made
This atlas includes colour throughout, with respect to the abdominal
Incredibly Easy! Third
photographs of actual cavity, pelvic cavity and head and neck.
Edition presents the vast,
cadaver dissections instead Clinical notes appear in red shaded boxes sometimes overwhelming
of idealised illustrations, to within each chapter. details of anatomy
accurately and realistically and physiology in the
represent anatomical For more information on online ancillaries for
enjoyable, user-friendly,
structures. It is often used instructors and students, please visit thepoint.
award-winning Incredibly Easy! style. It reviews
by students as an alternative
the core concepts of anatomy and physiology
or supplement to their and offers detailed coverage of every body
978-0-7817-9164-9 / 960 pp / 650 illus,
lab experience, and as system, nutrition, fluids and electrolytes,
350 in full colour / 2006 / £32.00 €46.00
an introduction to exactly what they should reproduction and lactation, and genetics.
see before they dissect, as well as a study
aid before practical/identification exams. For 978-0-7817-8886-1 / 384 pp /
information on online ancillaries for instructors Clinical Anatomy by Inspection
300 full colour illus, 15 tables / 2008 /
and students, please visit £22.50 €31.00
Regions, 8th Edition copy

978-0-7817-9013-0 / 528 pp / 1,047 illus, R. Snell

819 in full colour / 2006 / £39.95 €53.00 Widely praised for its Grant’s Dissector, Inspection

14th Edition
clear and consistent
organisation, abundant
Rohen’s Photographic illustrations, and emphasis P. Tank
Inspection on practical clinical
Anatomy Flashcards copy
applications of anatomy,
Since 1940, when Dr. J.C. Boileau Grant
created the first lab manual based on Grant’s
Dr. Snell’s Clinical
J. Rohen, C. Yokochi, Anatomy is in its revised
method of dissection, Grant’s Dissector
E. Lütjen-Drecoll, J. Vilensky has clearly established its authority and
Eighth Edition. It offers
preeminence as the “gold standard” of gross
This set of 220 flash cards medical, dental, allied health, and nursing
anatomy dissection manuals. In the last edition,
is based on the images in students a thorough introduction to anatomy
the material was streamlined to focus on more
Color Atlas of Anatomy: and also covers embryology. The book is
accurate, specific and clear steps, based on
A Photographic Study organised by body region, from surface to deep
market conditions and feedback. This edition
of the Human Body, structures. Each chapter includes an Outline,
continues to focus on the trend of reduced lab
Sixth Edition. This is the Objectives, Basic Anatomy, Radiographic
hours yet maintains the quality and reliability
only gross anatomy flash Anatomy, Surface Anatomy, Clinical Notes,
of Grant’s original manual. Grant’s Dissector,
card set that includes full Clinical Problem-Solving, and National
Fourteenth Edition features over 40 new figures
colour photographs of Board-Type Questions. This edition includes
to provide consistent appearance and include
actual cadaver dissections. The photographs Embryologic Notes and up-to-date new Clinical
additional details, and is cross-referenced to
realistically depict anatomical structures as Notes, Clinical Problems, and review questions.
the leading anatomy atlases, including Grant’s,
seen on the cadaver, allowing students to All illustrations have been re-coloured, and
Netter’s, Rohen, and Clemente. For more
prepare for lab dissections and study for all Surface Anatomy illustrations are now in
information on online ancillaries for instructors
practical laboratory exams. colour. Upgraded clinical imaging includes
and students, please visit
radiographs, CT scans, MRIs, and sonograms.
978-0-7817-7835-0 / 440 pp / For more information on online ancillaries for 978-0-7817-7431-4 / 288 pp / 312 illus,
220 full colour illus / 2008 / £19.95 + VAT instructors and students, please visit thepoint. 83 in full colour / 2008 / £24.95 €37.00
€30.00 + VAT

978-0-7817-6404-9 / 944 pp / 731 illus,

631 in full colour / 2007 / £34.95 €48.00
Clinical Anatomy: Inspection

An Illustrated Review copy

with Questions and

Explanations, 4th Edition
R. Snell
978-0-7817-4316-7 / 294 pp / 178 illus /
2003 / £22.50 €31.00 5
Anatomy, Biochemistry

Lippincott Williams NEW Biochemistry Marks’ Basic Medical Inspection

& Wilkins Atlas of Biochemistry: A Clinical copy

Anatomy Inspection Lippincott’s Illustrated Approach, 3rd Edition

P. Tank, T. Gest Reviews: Biochemistry,
M. Lieberman, A. Marks
Featuring more than 750 4th Edition A best-selling core
new, modern images, textbook for medical
the Lippincott Williams P. Champe, D. Ferrier, R. Harvey students taking
& Wilkins Atlas of medical biochemistry,
Anatomy is a vibrantly This new edition of the Marks’ Basic Medical
coloured regional atlas best-selling medical-level Biochemistry links
of human anatomy biochemistry review is biochemical concepts
offering an unprecedented beautifully designed and to physiology and
combination of visual executed, and renders pathophysiology, using
aesthetic appeal and anatomical accuracy. the study of biochemistry hypothetical patient vignettes to illustrate core
Many student-friendly features set this atlas enormously appealing concepts. The thoroughly updated Third Edition
apart from others on the market, including a to medical students and features a new full colour art programme,
unique art style featuring bright colours, colour various allied health expanded Stethoscope Notes that provide more
coding of anatomical elements, judicious use of students. It has over 250 questions with clinical information, and new Measurement
labelling, and no extraneous text. answers and explanations, as well as carefully- Notes that explain the “why” of clinical
crafted illustrations. The new full colour Fourth measurements as they relate to biochemistry.
Each plate is designed around a teaching/ Edition includes end-of-chapter summaries, For more information on online ancillaries for
learning objective, providing immediate illustrated case studies, and summaries of instructors and students, please visit thepoint.
focus and resulting in easier and faster key diseases. For more information on online
comprehension. Packaged with the atlas is an ancillaries for instructors and students, please
online interactive atlas with all of the images, visit 978-0-7817-7022-4 / 960 pp / 885 illus /
including fully searchable legends and labels 2008 / £32.99 €42.00
and “zoom-and-compare” features. Also 978-0-7817-6960-0 / 528 pp / 645 illus /
included are electronic flash cards that permit 2007 / £24.95 €34.00
students to test their knowledge of newly
learned concepts and structures. For more
Marks’ Essential Medical Inspection

Biochemistry: A Clinical
information on online ancillaries for instructors
and students, please visit or Approach
English version M. Lieberman, A. Marks, C. Smith
978-0-7817-8505-1 / 432 pp / 750 illus / 978-0-7817-9340-7 / 584 pp / 650 illus /
2008 / £39.95 €53.00 2006 / £22.00 €30.00

English- Latin Version

978-0-7817-8866-3 / 432 pp / 750 illus /

Aug 2008 / £39.50 €57.00

Image Bank- English version

Institutional Single Seat

978-1-60547-126-6 / Sep 2008 /

£257.00 + VAT €351.00 + VAT

Institutional Network

978-1-60547-127-3 / Sep 2008 /

£413.00 + VAT €564.00 + VAT

Image Bank- English-Latin version

Institutional Single Seat

978-0-7817-9343-8 / Oct 2008 /

£280.00 + VAT €354.00 + VAT

Institutional Network

978-1-60547-703-9 / Oct 2008 /

£449.00 + VAT €568.00 + VAT

Chiropractice & Osteopathy, Clinical Medicine

Chiropractice & Essentials of Skeletal Bates’ Focused NEW

Radiology, 3rd Edition Assessment on DVD
Osteopathy T. Yochum, L. Rowe L. Bickley
The Third Edition surpasses any other radiology This set of two DVDs provides an in-depth
Photographic Manual of Inspection
reference in content, illustration and design. guide to assessing specific body regions and
Regional Orthopaedic This two volume edition incorporates the latest life-span variations. The first disc presents

imaging technologies including SPECT bone anatomy and physiology for all body regions
and Neurological Tests, scan, diagnostic ultrasound, helical 3-D CT, and and includes a special section of drag-and-
MRI, and features over 5,000 images obtained drop exercises. The second disc demonstrates
4th Edition with state of the art techniques. Coverage examination techniques, with particular
J. Cipriano includes a new chapter on soft tissue imaging emphasis on a) focused exam - quick
and paraspinal abnormalities, plus more techniques from head to toe; b) comprehensive
Designed to teach correct evaluation information on sports related injuries. examination in-depth techniques for each body
and performance of basic orthopedic and region; and c) life-span variations in the region
neurological tests, chapters in this text are 2 volume set
under study for infants, children, and older
organised by region starting with the upper 978-0-7817-3946-7 / 1,800 pp / 5,112 illus / adults.
extremities progressing to lower extremities,
200 tables / 2004 / £135.00 €184.00 978-1-58255-795-3 / DVD / Dec 2008 /
including anatomical drawings.
£32.00 €43.00
978-0-7817-3552-0 / 475 pp / 835 illus /
2002 / £44.00 €60.00
Bates’ Guide
Clinical Medicine to Physical
NEW Inspection
An Osteopathic
Examination and

Approach to Diagnosis

Obstetrics and NEW

and Treatment, 3rd Edition
copy History Taking,
E. DiGiovanna, S. Schiowitz,
10th Edition
6th Edition
D. Dowling L. Bickley, P. Szilagyi
American College of Obstetrics and
Medical students and faculty benefit from The Tenth Edition of the
a uniquely practical text that organises
Gynecology (ACOG) with B. Barzan-
pre-eminent textbook
osteopathic concepts and step-by-step sky, C. Beckmann, W. Herbert, D. on physical examination
techniques into a single, comprehensive Laube, F. Ling, R. Smith and history taking
volume. The Third Edition includes new, all- contains foundational
Established as a standard textbook for
important updates on somatic and visceral content to guide students’
the OB/GYN clerkship, Obstetrics and
aspects. approaches to history
Gynecology is now in its completely revised
taking, interviewing, and
978-0-7817-4293-1 / 641 pp / 649 illus, Sixth Edition. The edition has been reviewed
other core assessment
7 tables / 2004 / £54.00 €64.00 and vetted by members of the American
concepts, as well as fully illustrated, step-
College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG)
by-step techniques that outline correct
and is the only book on the market fully
performance of physical examination. The
compliant with ACOG guidelines, treatment
Rehabilitation of the recommendations, and committee opinions.
comprehensive content is intended for
high-level nursing education and practice
Spine: A Practitioner’s It also follows the Association of Professors
markets, medical students, and related health
of Gynecology and Obstetrics’ (APGO) latest
Manual, 2nd Edition educational objectives, upon which clerkship
professions such as physician assistants. Text
includes free head-to-toe assessment and
evaluations and final exams are based. Its
C. Liebenson clear and concise writing style combined with
techniques of communication videos. For more
information on online ancillaries for instructors
The foremost authorities from chiropractice, a new full colour interior design makes this an
and students, please visit
orthopedics and physiotherapy present a ideal resource for clerkship and end-of-rotation
practical overview of spinal rehabilitation. This exams. This edition includes online access to
clinical resource presents the most current the fully searchable text, clinical cases, and 978-1-60547-400-7 / 992 pp /
and significant spinal rehab information, Q&A. For more information on online ancillaries 1,400 full colour illus, 800 tables /
showing how to apply simple and inexpensive for instructors and students, please visit Dec 2008 / £39.00 €52.00
rehabilitation in the office. The updated Second
Edition includes clinical/regional protocols Instructor’s Resource DVD
978-0-7817-8807-6 / 576 pp / 245 illus /
and chapters on diagnostic triage, acute
care, functional assessment, recovery care, May 2009 / £32.00 €43.00 978-1-60547-241-6 / 2008 / Free for Adopters
outcomes, and biopsychosocial aspects. A
DVD with video demonstrations of technique is

978-0-7817-2997-0 / 992 pp / 671 illus,

95 tables / 2006 / £55.00 €75.00 7
Clinical Medicine

Bates’ Pocket Guide to Physical NEW Case Studies to Accompany Bates’

Inspection Inspection
Examination and History Taking, copy
Guide to Physical Examination and copy

6th Edition History Taking, 9th Edition

L. Bickley, P. Szilagyi L. Bickley, F. Prabhu
This concise pocket-sized guide presents the classic 978-0-7817-9221-9 / 208 pp / 2005 / £15.00 €22.00
Bates approach to physical examination and history
taking in a quick-reference outline format. The book
features a beautiful full colour art programme and an
easy-to-follow two-column format with step-by-step
examination techniques on the left and abnormalities
with differential diagnoses on the right. This edition’s
health promotion sections have been extensively
updated and expanded in all chapters. Detailed
information on pain assessment is now included in the general survey,
vital signs, and pain chapter. A new chapter presents assessment of
mental health status and behaviour to encompass the psychosocial
dimensions of care. A bound-in CD-ROM contains a free PDA download
of head-to-toe examination.

978-0-7817-8066-7 / 416 pp / 550 full colour illus, 150 tables / Dec

2008 / £21.50 €29.00

Bates’ Visual Guide to Physical Examination, 4th Edition

L. Bickley
Bates’ Visual Guide to Physical Examination offers new equipment, techniques, and modern settings for physical assessment. With 6 new videos in
addition to the 12 body system videos, the Fourth Edition focuses on how to approach and communicate with patients to prepare for clinical practice.
Available in 2 convenient formats— DVD and streaming video files—each module provides 25 minutes of step-by-step examination footage with
rationales. Patients and examiners represent diverse age groups and cultures to provide students with a well-rounded, realistic view. This revision
features new emphasis on health history and documentation as well as communication and patient/practitioner interaction.

All Systems, 18 Modules 978-0-7817-5763-8 / DVD / 2006 / £3,132.00 + VAT €4,640.00 + VAT
978-0-7817-5764-5 / Streaming Video / 2006 / £3,600.00 + VAT €5,220.00 + VAT

Body System, 12 Modules 978-0-7817-5827-7 / DVD / 2004 / £2,376.00 + VAT €3,520.00 + VAT
978-0-7817-6090-4 / Streaming Video / 2004 / £2,600.00 + VAT €3,770.00 + VAT

Non-Body System, 6 Modules 978-0-7817-5830-7 / DVD / 2006 / £1,129.00 + VAT €1,672.00 + VAT
Abdomen 978-0-7817-5866-6 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
Approach to Patient 978-0-7817-5860-4 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
Breast and Axillae 978-0-7817-5865-9 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
Cardiovascular: Peripheral Vascular System 978-0-7817-5869-7 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
Cardiovascular: Neck Vessels and Heart 978-0-7817-5864-2 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
Female Genitalia, Anus and Rectum 978-0-7817-5868-0 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
Head, Eyes and Ears 978-0-7817-5861-1 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
Head-to-Toe Assessment of the Adult 978-0-7817-5859-8 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
Head-to-Toe Assessment of the Older Adult 978-0-7817-5875-8 / DVD / 2005 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
Head-to-Toe Assessment of the Child 978-0-7817-5874-1 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
Head-to-Toe Assessment of the Infant 978-0-7817-5873-4 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
Male Genitalia, Hernias, Rectum and Prostate 978-0-7817-5867-3 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
Musculoskeletal System 978-0-7817-5870-3 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
The Nervous System: Cranial Nerves and Motor System 978-0-7817-5871-0 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
The Nervous System: Sensory System and Reflexes 978-0-7817-5872-7 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
Nose, Mouth and Neck 978-0-7817-5862-8 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
Thorax and Lungs 978-0-7817-5863-5 / DVD / 2004 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT
General Survey, Vital Signs and Skin 978-0-7817-5876-5 / DVD / 2005 / £217.00 + VAT €322.00 + VAT

Clinical Medicine

Surgical Recall, Handbook of Dialysis, Designing Clinical

Inspection Inspection
5th Edition copy
4th Edition copy
Research: An Epidemiologic
L. Blackbourne J. Daugirdas, P. Blake, T. Ing Approach, 3rd Edition
Thoroughly updated for its Fifth Edition, this The revised, updated Fourth S. Hulley, S. Cummings,
reference for medical students on surgical Edition of this popular handbook W. Browner, D. Grady, T. Newman
clerkships enables quick study in a rapid-fire provides practical, accessible
Q&A format. A perfect fit for a lab coat pocket, information on all aspects of Designing Clinical
this book is commonly used as a quick review dialysis, with emphasis on day- Research sets the
prior to surgical rounds as well as for revision. to-day management of patients. standard for providing a
For more information on online ancillaries for Chapters provide complete practical guide to planning,
instructors and students, please visit thepoint. coverage of haemodialysis, tabulating, formulating, peritoneal dialysis, special and implementing clinical
problems in dialysis patients, and problems research, with an easy-
978-0-7817-7076-7 / 800 pp / 333 illus / pertaining to various organ systems. This to-read, uncomplicated
2008 / £22.00 €30.00 edition reflects the latest guidelines on presentation. This edition
haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis incorporates current research methodology-
adequacy and on nutrition. New chapters including molecular and genetic clinical
The Washington Manual® cover chronic kidney disease management in research-and offers an updated syllabus for
conducting a clinical research workshop.
predialysis patients, frequent daily or nocturnal
of Medical Therapeutics, haemodialysis, and haemodiafiltration. Emphasis is on common sense as the main
ingredient of good science. The book explains
32nd Edition Chapters on venous and arteriovenous access
how to choose well-focused research questions
have been completely revised. Each chapter
D. Cooper, A. Krainik, S. Lubner, provides references to relevant websites. and details the steps through all the elements of
study design, data collection, quality assurance,
H. Reno 978-0-7817-5253-4 / 800 pp / 57 illus, and basic grant-writing.
Established for over 40 years 118 tables / 2006 / £35.00 €44.00
as the “Bible” of the medical 978-0-7817-8210-4 / 384 pp / 43 illus,
ward, The Washington 75 tables / 2006 / £39.95 €50.00
Manual® of Medical Clinical Skills Made NEW
Therapeutics is now in its Inspection

32nd Edition and builds upon Incredibly Easy! copy

Critical Care Medicine:
that proud tradition- with even
more of the current information
1st UK Edition The Essentials, 3rd Edition
you need, and a focus on M. Hastings, BA, RGN, Local Health J. Marini, A. Wheeler
inpatient care, delivered in a
Partnership Nurse Manager –
timesaving, quick-reference 978-0-7817-3916-0 / 894 pp / 125 illus,
style. Hospitals for Wigtownshire LHP,
161 tables / 2006 / £39.95 €50.00
Dumfries and Galloway NHS Board;
978-0-7817-6517-6 / 780 pp / 16 illus / 2007 / formerly Clinical Skills Tutor, Clinical
£28.00 €36.00
Skills Service, Whipps Cross The ICU Book, 3rd Edition
University Hospital NHS Trust and
London South Bank University. P. Marino
Clinical Radiology: The Inspection
For further information, please see the This best-selling resource
Essentials, 3rd Edition copy
provides a general overview
Nursing section
and basic information for all
R. Daffner adult intensive care units.
978-1-901831-05-4 / 384 pp / 200 illus /
For further information, please see the Aug 2008 / £21.95 €31.00 The material is presented
Radiology section. in a brief and quick-access
format which allows for
978-0-7817-9968-3 / 544 pp / 1,247 illus / topic and exam review. It
2007 / £29.95 €41.00 ECG Workout: Exercises Inspection provides enough detailed
in Arrhythmia copy
and specific information to address most all
questions and problems that arise in the ICU.
Interpretation, 5th Edition Emphasis on fundamental principles in the text
should prove useful for patient care outside
J. Huff
the ICU as well. Additional chapters in this
978-0-7817-8230-2 / 384 pp / 721 illus / edition include hyperthermia and hypothermia
2005 / £22.50 €31.00 syndromes; noninvasive ventilation; and
non-pharmaceutical toxic ingestions. Sections
have been reorganised and consolidated when
appropriate to reinforce concepts. Purchase
of The ICU Book, Third Edition gives you
free access to a website featuring links from
references to PubMed, updated regularly; and a
directory of websites handpicked by Dr Marino.

978-0-7817-4802-5 / 1,088 pp / 450 illus,

30 tables / 2006 / £45.00 €57.00 9
Clinical Medicine, Dentistry & Dental Hygiene

Introduction to
Dentistry & Color Atlas of NEW Inspection
Emergency Medicine copy
Common Oral copy

E. Mitchell, R. Medzon
Dental Hygiene Diseases, 4th Edition
978-0-7817-3200-0 / 752 pp / 100 illus / R. Langlais, C. Miller,
2005 / £23.00 €31.00 Evidence-Based J. Nield-Gehrig
Decision Making: The Fourth Edition of this user-friendly

Advanced Health A Translational Guide for reference focuses on the diagnosis and
treatment of oral manifestations of local or
Assessment and
copy Dental Professionals systemic diseases. It contains over 600 clear
photographs and radiographic illustrations on
Diagnostic Reasoning J. Forrest, S. Miller P. Overman, the clinical manifestations of oral diseases and
M. Newman is presented in an easy-to-navigate format.
J. Rhoads For more information on online ancillaries for
978-0-7817-6533-6 / 192 pp / 53 illus,
978-0-7817-5037-0 / 528 pp / instructors and students, please visit thepoint.
10 tables / 2008 / £24.50 €36.00
175 full colour illus / 2005 / £38.00 €57.00
978-0-7817-8097-1 / 288 pp / 697 illus,
Clinical Aspects of 686 in full colour, 22 tables / Feb 2009 /
Assessment Made NEW Dental Materials:
copy £29.95 €39.00
Incredibly Easy! 1st UK Theory, Practice,
Edition Inspection
copy and Cases, 3rd Edition Foundations of Inspection
H. Rushforth, Senior Lecturer,
M. Gladwin, M. Bagby
Periodontics for the copy

School of Nursing and Midwifery, Dental Hygienist,

University of Southampton 978-0-7817-6489-6 / 464 pp / 490 illus,
50 tables / 2008 / £33.95 €46.00 2nd Edition
For more information, please see the
Nursing section. J. Nield-Gehrig, D. Willmann
Instructor’s Resource CD
978-1-901831-07-8 / 378 pp / 100 illus / 978-0-7817-8487-0 / 544 pp / 594 illus,
978-0-7817-7539-7 / 2008 / Free for Adopters
May 2009 / £21.95 €31.00 25 in full colour, 280 in two colour,
160 tables / 2007 / £34.50 €47.00
Textbook of Head and NEW
The Only EKG Book NEW
Instructor’s Resource CD
Inspection Neck Anatomy,
You’ll Ever Need, copy
978-0-7817-7008-8 / 2007 / Free for Adopters
4th Edition
6th Edition
J. Hiatt, L. Gartner
M. Thaler Patient Assessment NEW Inspection
Please see the Anatomy section for more Tutorials: A copy
This popular and practical text presents all the
information clinicians need to use the EKG in
everyday practice and interpret hypertrophy and
Step-By-Step Guide for
978-0-7817-8932-5 / 352 pp /
enlargement, arrhythmias, conduction blocks, 310 full colour illus, 36 tables / Apr 2009 / the Dental Hygienist,
pre-excitation syndromes, and myocardial
infarction. It is an ideal reference for medical
£35.00 €46.00 2nd Edition
students, house officers, or anyone directly J. Nield-Gehrig
involved in patient care, whether student,
teacher, or practitioner. 978-0-7817-9980-5 / 736 pp / 871 illus,
268 tables / Apr 2009 / £37.00 €49.00
978-1-60547-140-2 / 352 pp / 285 illus /
Sep 2009 / £25.00 €31.00

Dentistry & Dental Hygiene, Embryology

Woelfel’s Dental
Clinical Practice Embryology
Anatomy: Its copy
of the Dental
Relevance to Dentistry, Hygienist, 10th Edition Langman’s Medical NEW
7th Edition E. Wilkins Embryology,

R. Scheid Written in a 11th Edition

straightforward, concise
A core anatomy textbook
outline format, this text T. Sadler
for dentistry, dental
equips both students
hygiene, and dental Widely acclaimed for
and practitioners
assisting students, its scientific authority,
with the clinical and
Woelfel’s Dental Anatomy pedagogy, clinical relevance,
educational skills needed
provides in-depth coverage and clear, concise writing,
for successful practice.
of tooth structure, tooth this classic text covers all
Features include full
function, morphology, aspects of embryology of
colour artwork and photographs, case-based
anatomy, and terminology. interest to medical, nursing,
exercises, procedure boxes, and ethics boxes.
Revised for greater readability, this Seventh and health professions
The Tenth Edition presents the latest technical
Edition includes more material on the clinical students. It features
advances and research findings and includes
application of tooth morphology and features outstanding full colour illustrations and clinical
a new chapter on teeth whitening. For more
690 illustrations, twice as many as the previous images and photographs, end-of-chapter
information on online ancillaries for instructors
edition. Content includes an updated operative summaries and Problems to Solve, and Clinical
and students, please visit
dentistry chapter, a new section on sketching Correlates boxes that provide information on
teeth in occlusion, and a chart on geometric birth defects and other clinical entities directly
tooth shapes. This edition also includes more 978-0-7817-6322-6 / 1,216 pp / 530 illus, related to embryological concepts.
end-of-chapter review questions and new 250 in full colour, 135 tables / 2008 /
question sections. For more information on This Eleventh Edition has additional images in
£43.00 €58.00 the birth defects chapters, many new full colour
online ancillaries for instructors and students,
please visit clinical photographs, and re-coloured drawings.
Instructor’s Resource CD Other highlights include a glossary, new and
978-0-7817-6860-3 / 534 pp / 690 illus, 978-0-7817-7009-5 / 2008 / Free for Adopters updated Problems to Solve, and updated
60 in two colour, 90 tables / 2007 / molecular genetics information.
£32.00 €44.00 Workbook A companion website on thePoint includes fully
searchable text, interactive review questions
Instructor’s Resource CD 978-0-7817-6452-0 / 416 pp / 100 illus / and problems, updated Simbryo animations
2008 / £13.50 €20.00 of embryological system development, and
978-0-7817-7190-0 / 2007 / Free for Adopters
PowerPoint slides for instructors. For more
information on online ancillaries for instructors
and students, please visit
Nutrition for a NEW Inspection 978-1-60547-656-8 / 414 pp / 320 illus,
Healthy Mouth, copy

304 in full colour, 17 tables / Feb 2009 /

2nd Edition £27.50 €37.00

R. Sroda
Written specifically for dental hygiene students,
this text provides a solid foundation in basic
nutrition and diet information, emphasizes the
relationship between nutrition and diet to oral
health, and provides information on nutrition
and dietary patient counselling. For more
information on online ancillaries for instructors
and students, please visit thePoint.lww.

978-0-7817-9825-9 / 256 pp / 60 illus /

Apr 2009 / £29.00 €38.00

Stedman’s Medical
Dictionary for the
Dental Professions
Please see the Reference and Revision
section for more information.
978-0-7817-6865-8 / 800 pp / 500 illus,
300 in full colour / 2007 / £24.95 €37.00 11
Embryology, Epidemiology

Langman’s Simbryo: An Animated Clinical Epidemiology:

Inspection Inspection
Essential Medical copy
Tour of Human How to do Clinical copy

Embryology with Simbryo Development, Version 2 Practice Research,

Version 1.1 CD-ROM P. Ecker, G. Ecker, C. Butler, 3rd Edition
T. Sadler L. Mathers, D. Wilson R. Haynes, D. Sackett, G. Guyatt,
Langman’s Essential Developed using Macromedia Flash, Simbryo P. Tugwell
Medical Embryology is consists of nine original vector art animation
modules of embryological system development: 978-0-7817-4524-6 / 480 pp / 33 illus,
the ideal text for medical 76 tables / 2005 / £28.95 €40.00
and health professions early development, cardiovascular,
education programmes genitourinary, gastrointestinal, pulmonary, head
that are shortening and and neck, limb, and how spina bifida and heart
condensing their coverage defects develop. A developmental clock is Modern Epidemiology,
shown in the upper right hand corner to depict
of embryology. The book
the time frame of each animated process. 3rd Edition
combines concise but
Large, high-quality animations allow the user
thorough descriptions with over 400 full colour K. Rothman, S. Greenland, T. Lash
illustrations, mostly taken from the renowned to navigate by pausing, slowing the speed,
Langman’s Medical Embryology. Emphasis moving backward, moving frame by frame, and The expanded Third Edition
is placed on illustrating development, with zooming. Windows and Mac compatible. of this acclaimed volume
only the necessary amount of supporting text, is the most comprehensive
Institutional Single Seat CD
helping students to focus on the key concepts. and cohesive text on
Clinical correlations help students understand 978-0-7817-4597-0 / 2003 / £267.00 + VAT the principles and
the clinical implications of embryology. For more €396.00 + VAT methods of contemporary
information on online ancillaries for instructors epidemiological research.
and students, please visit Single Seat Upgrade (for those with Version 978-0-7817-5564-1 /
sadleressentials. 1 already) 851 pp / 76 illus,
Langman’s Essential Medical Embryology 978-0-7817-4668-7 / 2003 / £135.00 + VAT 75 tables / 2008 /
is packaged with Simbryo, Version 1.1, the €200.00 + VAT £52.00 €70.00
popular embryology animations CD that shows
three-dimensional embryological development Institutional Network CD
over time.
978-0-7817-4595-6 / 2003 / £483.00 + VAT
Book and CD Package
€716.00 + VAT
978-0-7817-5571-9 / 150 pp / 575 illus,
407 in full colour / 2004 / £16.50 €23.00

Image Bank
Institutional Single Seat CD

978-0-7817-5749-2 / 2004 / £196.00 + VAT Clinical Epidemiology:

€290.00 + VAT Inspection

The Essentials, copy

Institutional Network CD 4th Edition

978-0-7817-5750-8 / 2004 / £308.00 + VAT R. Fletcher, S. Fletcher
€456.00 + VAT
This introduction to epidemiology helps
medical, nursing, and pharmacy students
develop a system to observe and assess
outcomes in similar patient types, and then
apply this knowledge of outcomes to improve
future patient care. The Fourth Edition has been
redesigned to enhance understanding with new
illustrations, pedagogical tools, examples, and
summary boxes. For more information on online
ancillaries for instructors and students, please

978-0-7817-5215-2 / 288 pp / 105 illus /

2005 / £22.00 €30.00

Histology, Immunology & Microbiology

Histology Interactive Color Atlas Immunology &

of Histology, 4th Edition
L. Gartner, J. Hiatt
diFiore’s Atlas of Inspection

Histology with copy

Institutional Single Seat CD
Functional Correlations, 978-0-7817-6026-3 / 2005 / £267.00 + VAT
Illustrated Reviews:

€396.00 + VAT
11th Edition Immunology
V. Eroschenko Institutional Network CD
T. Doan, R. Melvold, S. Viselli,
diFiore’s Atlas 978-0-7817-6027-0 / 2005 / £375.00 + VAT
C. Waltenbaugh
of Histology with €556.00 + VAT
Functional Correlations, Lippincott’s Illustrated
Eleventh Edition, explains Reviews: Immunology
is a brand-new addition
basic histology concepts Histology: A Text and to the internationally
through full colour, Inspection

schematic illustrations. Atlas with Correlated copy

best-selling Lippincott’s
Illustrated Reviews
These illustrations
are supplemented by
Cell and Molecular Series. This volume
more than 450 digitised full colour online Biology, 5th Edition offers a highly visual
photomicrographs of histological images. Part presentation of essential
One explains tissues and their relationship to M. Ross, W. Pawlina immunology material, with all the popular
their systems; Part Two addresses organs in a features of the series: over 300 full colour
The Fifth Edition of this
similar way. annotated illustrations, an outline format,
best-selling text and atlas is
chapter summaries, review questions and case
Aimed at undergraduate, allied health and the perfect text for medical,
studies that link basic science to real-life clinical
first and second year medical students, the health professions, and
situations. For more information on online
Eleventh Edition includes new and enhanced undergraduate biology
ancillaries for instructors and students, please
images through redrawing and digitisation students. This edition
to provide increased detail. This edition also includes over 100 new
features updated illustrations and information illustrations, more Clinical 978-0-7817-9543-2 / 384 pp /
on the functions of cells, tissues, and organs of Correlation boxes on the 300 full colour illus / 2007 / £24.95 €34.00
the body based on advances in research and histology of common medical conditions, and
expert recommendations. new information on the molecular biology of
endothelial cell function.
The atlas’ student-friendly “Functional Burton’s Microbiology Inspection
A powerful interactive histology atlas CD for
Correlations” sections help students study
structure and function together. Students also students is included with the book and features for the Health Sciences, copy

benefit from a “realistic” perspective as more all of the plates found in the text with interactive 8th Edition
than 70 micrographs appear adjacent to colour functionality.
illustrations. For more information on online P. Engelkirk, G.Burton
978-0-7817-7221-1 / 906 pp / 740 illus,
ancillaries for instructors and students, please Now in full colour, the Eighth Edition of
317 in full colour / 2006 / £38.99 €49.00
visit Microbiology for the Health Sciences
978-0-7817-7057-6 / 465 pp / 317 illus, Image Bank is the ideal source for students who need
Institutional Single Seat CD to learn the basic microbiological concepts
330 in full colour / 2008 / £35.00 €44.00
involved in the care of patients and protection
978-0-7817-6305-9 / 2006 / £267.00 + VAT against infectious diseases. The new edition
€396.00 + VAT is completely updated with the latest research,
Color Atlas of NEW techniques and philosophies of microbiology in
Inspection Institutional Network CD
Histology, copy the health sciences today. For more information
on online ancillaries for instructors and
978-0-7817-6304-2 / 2006 / £375.00 + VAT
5th Edition €556.00 + VAT students, please visit
L. Gartner, J. Hiatt
978-0-7817-7195-5 / 418 pp / 250 illus,
Now in its Fifth Edition, this best-selling atlas 125 in full colour, 51 tables / 2006 /
provides medical, dental, allied health, and
£25.00 €34.00
biology students with an outstanding collection
of histology images for all of the major tissue Instructor’s Resource CD
classes and body systems. It features a full
colour art program comprising over 500 high- 978-0-7817-6776-7 / 2006 / Free for Adopters
quality photomicrographs, scanning electron
micrographs, and drawings. The Fifth Edition
has been revised to improve clarity and
completeness of presentation. A companion
website on thePoint includes an interactive atlas
and a question bank. For more information on
online ancillaries for instructors and students,
please visit

978-0-7817-8872-4 / 464 pp / 580 illus,

544 in full colour, 8 in two colour, 5 tables /
Feb 2009 / £29.95 €39.00 13
Immunology & Microbiology, Massage Therapy

Lippincott’s Illustrated Koneman’s Color Atlas Introduction to

Inspection Inspection Inspection
Reviews: Microbiology, copy
and Textbook of copy
Massage Therapy, copy

2nd Edition Diagnostic Microbiology, 2nd Edition

R. Harvey, P. Champe, 6th Edition B. Braun, S.Simonson
B. Fisher W. Winn, S. Allen, W. Janda, 978-0-7817-7374-4 / 625 pp / 525 illus,
Now in full colour, E. Koneman, P. Schreckenberger, 260 in full colour, 25 tables / 2007 /
Lippincott’s Illustrated G. Procop, G. Woods £34.00 €49.00
Reviews: Microbiology,
Second Edition enables Long considered the definitive work in its field,
Instructor’s Resource CD
rapid review and this new edition presents all the principles
assimilation of large and practices readers need for a solid 978-0-7817-7010-1 / 2007 / Free for Adopters
amounts of complex grounding in all aspects of clinical microbiology
information about - bacteriology, mycology, parasitology and
virology. This extensively revised edition
medical microbiology.
includes practical guidelines for cost-effective,
Basic Clinical
The book has the hallmark features for which Inspection

Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews volumes are clinically relevant evaluation of clinical Massage Therapy: copy

specimens including extent of workup and

so popular: an outline format, 450 full colour
abbreviated identification schemes. For more
Integrating Anatomy and
illustrations, end-of-chapter summaries, review
questions, plus an entire section of clinical case information on online ancillaries for instructors Treatment, 2nd Edition
studies with full colour illustrations. For more and students, please visit
information on online ancillaries for instructors J. Clay, D. Pounds
978-0-7817-3014-3 / 1,736 pp / 1,270 illus,
and students, please visit This superbly illustrated
600 in full colour / 2005 / £40.00 €55.00
lirmicrobiology. text familiarises students
with individual muscles
978-0-7817-8215-9 / 432 pp / 450 illus /
and muscle systems
2006 / £24.95 €34.00
and demonstrates basic
Massage Therapy clinical massage therapy
techniques. More than
Schaechter’s Inspection
550 full colour illustrations
Mechanisms of
Plain & Simple NEW
of internal structures are
embedded into photographs of live models
Microbial Disease, Guide to to show each muscle or muscle group,
surrounding structures, surface landmarks, and
4th Edition Therapeutic Massage & the therapist’s hands. Students see clearly
N. Engleberg Bodywork Examinations, which muscle is being worked, where it is,
where it is attached, how it can be accessed
Now in full colour, the 2nd Edition manually, what problems it can cause, and
Fourth Edition of this how treatment techniques are performed. This
L. Allen
text gives students a edition features improved illustrations of draping
thorough understanding 978-0-7817-9705-4 / 320 pp / 41 illus, and includes palpation of each muscle.
of microbial agents and 40 in two colour, 17 tables / Jan 2009 /
the pathophysiology of An accompanying Real Bodywork DVD
£24.00 €32.00 includes video demonstrations of massage
microbial diseases. A
back-of-book CD includes techniques from the book. For information on
animations, questions, online ancillaries for instructors and students,
and all schematic illustrations and photographs Outcome-Based please visit.
from the text. For more information on online Massage: From copy
978-0-7817-5677-8 / 443 pp /
ancillaries for instructors and students, please 570 full colour illus / 2007 / £29.95 €41.00
visit Evidence to
978-0-7817-5342-5 / 784 pp / 455 illus, Practice, 2nd Edition Instructor’s Resource CD
405 in full colour / 2006 / £29.99 €38.00 C. Andrade, P. Clifford 978-0-7817-6955-6 / 2007 / Free for Adopters
Image Bank For further information, please see the
Institutional Single Seat Physiotherapy section.
978-0-7817-6006-5 / 2006 / £267.00 + VAT 978-0-7817-6760-6 / 576 pp / 267 illus,
€396.00 + VAT 23 in two colour. 27 tables / 2008 /
£24.95 €34.00
Institutional Network

978-0-7817-6007-2 / 2006 / £429.00 + VAT

€636.00 + VAT

Massage Therapy, Neuroanatomy & Neuroscience

Body Mechanics for NEW A Massage High-Yield™ NEW

Manual Therapists: A Therapist’s Guide copy
Functional Approach to to Pathology, 4th Edition 4th Edition Inspection

Self-Care, 3rd Edition R. Werner J. Fix

B. Frye The best-selling pathology 978-0-7817-7946-3 / 160 pp / 167 illus,
textbook for massage 15 tables / Sep 2008 / £14.95 €20.00
This best-selling text teaches massage therapy
therapy is now in its Fourth
students and practitioners the essentials of
Edition. The book presents
body mechanics they need to know in order to
detailed information on
care for themselves while practicing massage
the etiology, signs and
Sidman’s Neuroanatomy: Inspection
therapy. Each chapter starts with a brief
narrative explanation of a movement, followed
symptoms, and treatment A Programmed Learning copy

of over 200 diseases and

by hands-on exercises, self-observation
conditions, emphasising Tool, 2nd Edition
exercises, self-care and injury prevention tips,
how massage influences the disease and
and client education tips. D. Gould, J. Brueckner
healing processes and how therapists can
978-0-7817-7483-3 / 304 pp / maximise the benefits while minimising the Sidman’s Neuroanatomy:
231 full colour illus / Jan 2009 / risks. For more information on online ancillaries A Programmed Learning
£24.50 €32.00 for instructors and students, please visit Tool, Second Edition is an innovative combined
neuroanatomy text and
Instructor’s Resource 978-0-7817-6919-8 / 740 pp / 195 illus, review that covers the
978-0-7817-7484-0 / Jan 2009 / 119 in full colour, 230 tables / 2008 / structure of the entire
Free for Adopters £30.50 €41.00 nervous system. Its
unique programmed
Instructor’s Resource CD learning approach allows students to easily
retain information and learn at their own
Aromatherapy for 978-0-7817-8564-8 / 2008 / Free for Adopters pace by slowly building on previously learned
Massage Practitioners concepts throughout each chapter. For more
information on online ancillaries for instructors
I. Martin and students, please visit
978-0-7817-5345-6 / 336 pp / 140 illus /
2006 / £19.95 €27.00
Neuroanatomy & 978-0-7817-6568-8 / 656 pp / 1,500 illus,

Instructor’s Resource CD
Neuroscience 20 tables / 2007 / £27.95 €38.00

978-0-7817-6447-6 / 2006 / Free for Adopters

Neuroscience: Neuroanatomy: An Atlas Inspection

Exploring the Brain,

copy of Structures, Sections copy

Pathology A to Z: NEW and Systems, 7th Edition

3rd Edition
A Handbook for D. Haines
Massage Therapists, M. Bear, B. Connors, M. Paradiso
Now in its Seventh Edition,
3rd Edition Neuroscience: Exploring
the Brain continues to
this best selling work is the
only neuroanatomy atlas
K. Premkumar serve as an undergraduate
to integrate neuroanatomy
textbook that approaches
Now in its Third Edition, this handbook focuses and neurobiology
the study of the brain from
on pathology needs for massage therapists, with extensive clinical
a biological perspective,
and is organised alphabetically according to information. It combines
focusing on the systems
diseases. It covers over 400 conditions likely full colour anatomical
that underlie behaviour.
encountered by massage therapists, and illustrations with over 200
This edition provides
provides descriptions followed by Cause, Signs MRI, CT, MRA, and MRV images to clearly
increased coverage of taste and smell,
and Symptoms, Risk Factors and Caution and demonstrate anatomical-clinical correlations.
circadian rhythms, brain development, and
Recommendations to Therapists. developmental disorders and includes new This edition contains many new MRI/CT
information on molecular mechanisms and images and is fully updated to conform to
978-0-7817-4799-8 / 384 pp / 154 illus,
functional brain imaging. For more information Terminologica Anatomica. Fifteen innovative
149 in full colour, 5 tables / Feb 2009 /
on online ancillaries for instructors and new colour illustrations correlate clinical images
£29.95 €39.00 students, please visit of lesions at strategic locations on pathways
bear3e. with corresponding deficits in Brown-Sequard
Instructor’s Resource CD syndrome, dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, and
Hardback with CD
978-1-60547-268-3 / Feb 2009 / other conditions. The bound-in CD, Interactive
Free for Adopters 978-0-7817-6003-4 / 928 pp / 657 illus, Neuroanatomy, Version 3, contains new
72 in full colour / 2006 / £29.95 €41.00 brain slice series, including coronal, axial, and
sagittal slices. For more information on online
Instructor’s Resource CD ancillaries for instructors and students, please
978-0-7817-7607-3 / 2006 / Free for Adopters
978-0-7817-6328-8 / 336 pp /
237 full colour illus, 4 tables / 2007 /
£29.95 €40.00 15
Neuroanatomy & Neuroscience

Interactive Barr’s The Human NEW Clinical NEW

Inspection Inspection
Neuroanatomy: An Atlas Nervous System: copy
Neuroanatomy, copy

of Structures, Sections and An Anatomical 7th Edition

Systems, Version 3.0 Viewpoint, 9th Edition R. Snell
D. Haines J. Kiernan Organised classically by
system, this popular text
Interactive Neuroanatomy, Version 3 contains This classic well-illustrated
gives medical and health
all the images from the Seventh Edition of Dr textbook simplifies
professions students
Haines’s best-selling neuroanatomy atlas, plus neuroscience content to
a complete, clinically
turn on/turn off labels, self-testing hotspots, focus coverage on the
oriented introduction to
and over 235 questions. Version 3 has new essentials and helps
neuroanatomy. Each
brain slice series, including coronal, axial, and students learn important
chapter begins with clear
sagittal slices. neuroanatomical facts
objectives, includes
and definitions. Among
Images of internal spinal cord and brainstem clinical cases, and ends with clinical notes,
its many distinctions are
morphology and functional components, tracts, clinical problem-solving, and review questions.
its organisation by region and then pathways
pathways, and systems can be rotated from Hundreds of full colour illustrations, diagnostic
into and out of the nervous system, which
anatomical to clinical orientations, enabling images, and colour photographs enhance
permits students an integrated view of the
students to see exactly how the brain and its the text. This Seventh Edition features new
anatomy and physiology; level of treatment
functional systems are viewed in the clinical information relating the different parts of the
suited to increasingly shorter neuroanatomy
setting. Images can easily be exported to use skull to the brain areas, expanded coverage
course hours for medical and allied health
in class presentations. Windows / Macintosh of brain development and neuroplasticity, and
students; and the author’s succinct writing
compatible. updated information on stem cell research.
style. The Ninth Edition features new and
New Clinical Problems have been added, and
Institutional Single Seat improved artwork, updates in current trends
updated Clinical Notes incorporate recent
and terminology, additions/updates to the
978-0-7817-6483-4 / 2007 / £267.00 + VAT advances resulting from war veterans’ head
Cranial Nerves chapter and Cells of the
injuries and treatment. A companion website
€396.00 + VAT Nervous System chapter, and a major pathways
on thePoint includes fully searchable text
illustration in the front or back of the book.
and 454 review questions with answers and
Institutional Network A companion website offers more than 400
interactive multiple-choice review questions,
978-0-7817-6484-1 / 2007 / £429.00 + VAT an expanded version of selected chapters, and 978-0-7817-9427-5 / 560 pp / 404 Illus,
€636.00 + VAT images from the book. For more information on 314 in full colour, 42 tables / Feb 2009 /
online ancillaries for instructors and students, £29.95 €39.00
please visit

978-1-60547-396-3 / 480 pp / 222 Illus,

165 in full colour, 17 tables / Sep 2008 / Basic Clinical
£24.95 €34.00 Neuroscience, copy

2nd Edition
Essential Inspection
P. Young, P. Young, D. Tolbert
Neuroscience, copy

Basic Clinical
Updated 1st Edition Neuroscience offers
medical and other health
A. Siegel, H. Sapru professions students a
clinically oriented description
Faculty and students
of human neuroanatomy
now have a textbook
and neurophysiology. This
that embraces the
text provides the anatomical
dramatic proliferation of
and pathophysiological basis
knowledge of physiological,
for understanding neurological abnormalities
chemical, and biological
through concise descriptions of functional
neuroprocesses while
systems with an emphasis on medically
responding to the
important structures and clinically important
increased demand for
pathways. It emphasises the localisation of
clinical relevance and streamlined presentation.
specific anatomical structures and pathways
This succinct text gives balanced weight to the
with neurological deficits, using anatomy
key branches of science within neuroscience—
enhancing 3-D illustrations. For information on
anatomy, physiology, biology, and chemistry—a
online ancillaries for instructors and students,
distinguishing feature that achieves appropriate
please visit
content breadth. For information on online
ancillaries for instructors and students, please 978-0-7817-5319-7 / 384 pp / 315 illus,
visit 183 in two colour, 23 tables / 2007 /
978-0-7817-9121-2 / 576 pp / 451 illus, £23.50 €32.00
304 in full colour, 100 tables / 2007 /
£29.95 €41.00


Nursing Bates’ Pocket Guide to NEW Nursing Care Plans and NEW
Physical Examination Documentation:
Atlas of Pathophysiology, and History Taking, Inspection
Nursing Diagnosis and
NEW copy

3rd Edition 6th Edition Collaborative Problems,

L. Bickley, P. Szilagyi 5th Edition
Anatomical Chart Company Inspection
For more information, please see the L. Carpenito-Moyet
For more information, please see the
Clinical Medicine section.
Pathophysiology section 978-0-7817-7064-4 / 1,120 pp / Nov 2008 /
978-0-7817-8066-7 / 416 pp / £28.50 €38.00
978-1-60547-152-5 / 464 pp /
550 full colour illus / Dec 2008 /
450 full colour illus / May 2009 /
£21.50 €29.00
£29.95 €39.00
Nursing Diagnosis: NEW
Application to Clinical
Transcultural Bates’ Visual Guide to
Practice, 13th Edition
Concepts in Nursing
copy Physical Examination
L. Carpenito-Moyet
Care, 5th Edition L. Bickley Manual of nursing diagnoses, applications,
For further information, please see the assessment, interventions, and rationales
M. Andrews, J. Boyle and goals, in accordance with the most recent
Clinical Medicine section
Now in its Fifth Edition, NANDA guidelines. Appendix shows diagnoses
this text conveys the grouped under Functional Health Patterns.
importance of diverse
cultural knowledge for
Math for Nurses: NEW
978-0-7817-7792-6 / 1,024 pp / Jul 2009 /
£25.95 €35.00
evaluation of patient A Pocket Guide to copy

outcomes, understanding
persons in clinical Dosage Calculation
settings, and appropriate and Drug Preparation, Nursing Diagnosis: Inspection
responses during the Application to Clinical

nurse/client interaction. For more information on 7th Edition

online ancillaries for instructors and students,
M. Boyer
Practice, 12th Edition
please visit
L. Carpenito-Moyet
This pocket guide is a compact, portable,
978-0-7817-9037-6 / 560 pp / 65 illus, easy-to-use reference for dosage calculation 978-0-7817-8121-3 / 1,024 pp / 9 illus / 2007 /
15 in two colour / 2007 / £28.50 €39.00 and drug administration. The author uses a £28.95 €39.00
step-by-step approach with frequent examples
to illustrate problem-solving and practical
Bates’ Focused NEW applications. Coverage includes a review of
mathematics, measurement systems, and a
Assessment on DVD comprehensive section on dosage calculations.
L. Bickley For information on online resources for students
and faculty, please visit
For further information, please see the boyer7e.
Clinical Medicine section
978-0-7817-6335-6 / 368 pp / 30 illus /
978-1-58255-795-3 / DVD / Dec 2008 / £32.00 Oct 2008 / £11.95 €16.00

Handbook of Nursing NEW

Bates’ Guide to NEW Inspection Diagnosis, 13th Edition
Physical copy

L. Carpenito-Moyet
Examination and
This quick reference to nursing diagnoses
History Taking, and collaborative problems is authored by
10th Edition the foremost authority on diagnoses, and
uses a two-part format (nursing diagnoses
L. Bickley, P. Szilagyi and diagnostic clusters) and easy-access
organisation for speedy reference.
For more information, please see the
Clinical Medicine section 978-0-7817-7793-3 / 768 pp / Aug 2009
£18.50 €25.00
978-1-60547-400-7 / 992 pp /
1,400 full colour illus, 800 tables /
Dec 2008 / £39.00 €52.00 17

Children’s Nursing Made NEW Mental Health Nursing NEW Clinical Skills Made NEW Inspection
Incredibly Easy! Made Incredibly Easy! Incredibly Easy! copy

1st UK Edition Inspection

1st UK Edition Inspection
1st UK Edition
copy copy

P. Devitt, RGN, RSCN, RNT D. Evans, PhD, Head of Applied M. Hastings, BA, RGN, Local Health
Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing, Social Sciences, University of Partnership
University of Salford Worcester; H. Allen, BA, Practice
Nurse Manager – Hospitals for
Children’s Nursing Facilitator, Worcestershire Mental
Wigtownshire LHP, Dumfries and
Made Incredibly Easy! is Health Partnership NHS Trust
Galloway NHS Board; formerly Clinical
a handy reference book Students beginning their Skills Tutor, Clinical Skills Service,
in the award-winning mental health nursing
Incredibly Easy! Style - Whipps Cross University Hospital
course and experienced
perfect for those entering mental health nurses NHS Trust and London South Bank
or needing a refresher in University.
will find Mental Health
children’s nursing, a core Nursing Made Incredibly The ability to perform
subject for nurses. Easy! 1st UK Edition! an nursing procedures with
The particular conditions, skills, and practice accessible guide to this skill and confidence is
of sick children’s nursing are a common complex subject. the essence of nursing
component of nurse training, and the curricula care. Mapped to the NMC
Written in the award-winning Incredibly Easy!
for sick children’s nursing courses include a (Nursing and Midwifery
Style, the clear language and liberal use of
heavy emphasis on family-centred care, health Council) Essential Skills
bullet points keep information concise and easy
promotion and communication skills. This Clusters, Clinical Skills
to find. The reference is organised by disorder
book organizes developmental concerns and Made Incredibly Easy!
and includes an overview of mental health
childhood disorders in an intuitive way, while presents, clearly and concisely, the essential
nursing. Numerous icons provide the reader
weaving a family-centered approach to practice clinical skills for safe and professional practice.
with expert tips on patient care, the latest
throughout the material. research, cultural considerations, and the latest
The book begins with fundamental skills
Taking a developmental approach, the latest news in psychopharmacology. Memory joggers
covering the patient’s hospital stay, including
information on more than 100 paediatric and quick quizzes reinforce learning.
specimen collection, aseptic technique and
disorders is included, highlighting collaborative wound care, and medicines management. The
Mental Health Nursing Made Incredibly
management opportunities that identify text then focuses on procedures related to
Easy! 1st UK Edition is organised into 13
appropriate involvement of other health care specific body systems, in which nurses have to
chapters, beginning with an introductory chapter
team members, so vital in clinical practice demonstrate their competency. Each procedure
that provides descriptions of the mental health
today. is presented in the same, easy-to-follow format
nurse’s scope of practice, areas of concern, the
This informative text assists the nurse in nursing process, communication techniques, (equipment, instructions for patient preparation,
dealing with situations unique to children’s multidisciplinary care, patient and family step-by-step instructions for each procedure
care - psychosocial structures of families, rights, advocacy, and ethical and legal issues. with rationales, and practice pointers to avoid
common milestones in development, childhood Seventy specific disorders, such as depression, errors and complications) to aid understanding
hospitalizations and terminal illnesses, and substance abuse, and eating disorders, are and learning. The last section details a range of
dosage calculations and techniques for presented in the next 12 chapters, including two other skills essential for competent practice.
administering medications to children. chapters that address disorders experienced by
“Clinical Skills Made Incredibly Easy! 1st UK
children, adolescents, and older adults.
978-1-901831-09-2 / Oct 2009 / 608 pp / Edition is like having your very own Clinical
£21.95 €31.00 For each disorder, the text presents a brief Skills Tutor with you at home or in the clinical
introduction, typical symptoms, possible setting” Clinical skills lecturer
causes, diagnostic methods, treatment
“This is a great book which I will use a lot,
approaches, and nursing interventions.
Gerontological NEW Research findings and the latest pharmacologic
and know the students will buy” – Lecturer,
Wolverhampton University
Nursing, 7th Edition advances are also included where appropriate.
Nurses are in a strategic position to intervene 978-1-901831-05-4 / 384 pp / 200 illus /
C. Eliopoulos Aug 2008 / £21.95 €31.00
on behalf of people with mental illness and to
This student-friendly text focuses on how to promote mental health in all settings. Mental
provide the type of high quality of life that older Health Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! 1st
adults desire and need. Presented in a concise, UK Edition presents information in efficient, The Clinical Practice of NEW
easy-to-understand manner, this edition effective ways to increase under-standing
focuses on the integration of holistic concepts of metal health nursing and optimal nursing Neurological and
and practices; and places a greater emphasis interventions for patients and families who are Neurosurgical Nursing,
on the emotional and spiritual aspects of aging dealing with specific mental disorders.
and gerontological care. Improved organisation, 6th Edition
new special features, and updated illustrations
978-1-901831-10-8 / 544 pp / 100 illus /
Jun 2009 / £21.95 €31.00 J. Hickey
and photos are key changes to the Seventh
Edition. 978-0-7817-9529-6 / Dec 2008 / 816 pp /
978-0-7817-5344-9 / 652 pp / 506 illus / £43.00 €57.00
93 full colour illus / Mar 2009 /
£29.95 €39.00

Instructor’s Resource CD

978-1-60547-494-6 / Mar 2009 /

Free for Adopters


Leddy & Pepper’s NEW Focus on Nursing NEW Taylor’s Clinical

Inspection Inspection Inspection
Conceptual Bases copy
Pharmacology, copy
Nursing Skills: copy

of Professional Nursing, 1st UK Edition A Nursing Process

7th Edition A. Karch, adapted for the UK by Approach, 2nd Edition
L. Hood, S. Leddy E. Sheader BSc (Hons) PhD, Senior P. Lynn
Teaching Fellow, University of
978-0-7817-9248-6 / Oct 2009 / £24.95 €34.00 Manchester; T. Speake BSc (Hons) 978-0-7817-7465-9 / 1072 pp /
987 full colour illus / 2007 / £39.95 €55.00
PhD, Senior Teaching Fellow,
University of Manchester; C.Griffiths
Leddy & Pepper’s Inspection RGN, Nurse Practitioner, Bury Primary
Instructor’s Resource CD

Conceptual Bases of copy

Care Trust. Lancashire 978-0-7817-6918-1 / 2007 / Free for Adopters
Professional Nursing, Fully adapted for the UK, this text presents Skills Checklist
6th Edition essential pharmacology concepts in a
978-0-7817-6405-6 / 2007 / 376 pp /
streamlined, user-friendly fashion. Organised
L. Hood, S. Leddy by body system, the book explains the rationale £12.95 €18.00
for each drug class’s therapeutic actions,
Now in its Sixth Edition, contraindications, and adverse effects, using
this text provides nurses
with a comprehensive
the British National Formulary as its reference
guide. Each chapter opens with learning
Understanding Nursing Inspection
overview of the evolving objectives and ends with questions to reinforce Research: Reading and copy

marketplace, emphasising learning. Illustrations, tables, side bars, and

the need to develop boxes summarize concepts and focus attention
Using Research in
and maintain sound
professionalism. The
on critical thinking, patient safety, evidence- Evidence-Based Practice,
based practice, lifespan issues, patient
book discusses the teaching, and case study-based critical thinking 2nd Edition
nurse’s role in public policy and management exercises.
of patient care. This edition includes new C. Macnee, S. McCabe
material on professional nursing roles, nursing 978-1-901831-01-6 / Sep 2009 / 1,088 pp / This textbook explicitly
management and leadership theories, quality 153 Illus / £29.95 €42.00 links understanding of
improvement processes, and working in diverse nursing research with
and international communities. evidence-based practice,
Each chapter includes clinical vignettes Focus on Nursing and focuses on how
representing real-life practice situations,
to read, critique, and
thought-provoking questions to stimulate critical
Pharmacology, copy
utilise research reports.
thinking, research briefs to promote the use 4th Edition Organised around
of research in practice, and critical thinking questions students have
exercises. Internet exercises are included to A. Karch when reading reports—how the conclusions
familiarise students with online resources. were reached, what types of patients the
In its updated Fourth conclusions apply to, how the study was done,
For more information on online resources for Edition, this text presents
students and faculty, please visit thepoint.lww. and why it was done that way—the text explains
essential pharmacology the steps of the research process to answer
com/hood6e. concepts in a streamlined, these questions.
978-0-7817-6100-0 / 688 pp / 11 illus / 2005 / user-friendly fashion.
Organised by body Chapters include clinical vignettes, highlighted
£24.95 €34.00
system, the book explains key concepts, and out-of-class exercises.
the rationale for each drug Appendices present a variety of research
class’s therapeutic actions, examples. This edition includes significant new
Coloring Atlas of the NEW contraindications, and adverse effects. material on evidence-based practice and more
Human Body Each chapter opens with learning objectives
distinction between qualitative and quantitative
research. For information on online resources
and ends with NCLEX®-style and other
K. Hull Inspection
copy questions. Illustrations, tables, side bars, and
for students and faculty, please visit thepoint.
For further information, please see the boxes summarise concepts and focus attention
Anatomy section. on critical thinking, patient safety, evidence- 978-0-7817-7558-8 / 448 pp /
based practice, lifespan issues, patient 36 full colour illus / 2006 / £23.50 €32.00
978-0-7817-6530-5 / 248 pp / 250 illus / teaching, and case study-based critical thinking
Feb 2009 / £17.95 €24.00 exercises. For information on online resources
for students and faculty, please visit thepoint.
An Introduction to NEW 978-0-7817-9047-5 / 1,088 pp / 153 illus /
Theory and Reasoning 2007 / £42.00 €57.00
in Nursing, 3rd Edition Inspection
Instructor’s Resource CD

B. Johnson, P. Webber 978-0-7817-6809-2 / 2007 / Free for Adopters

978-0-7817-9103-8 / 416 pp / 45 illus /

Feb 2009 / £19.95 €27.00 19

Leadership Roles Critical Care Nursing: NEW Maternal-Neonatal Care NEW

and Management copy
A Holistic Approach, Made Incredibly Easy!
Functions in 9th Edition 1st UK Edition Inspection

Nursing: Theory and P. Morton, D. Fontaine S. Nurse, Senior Lecturer,

Application, 6th Edition Now in its Ninth Edition, Queen’s University Belfast
this classic text and Part of the popular
B. Marquis, C. Huston reference maintains its Incredibly Easy! series,
Now in its Sixth Edition, popular holistic approach Maternal-Neonatal Care
this foremost leadership to the complexities of Made Incredibly Easy!,
and management critical care nursing. The First UK Edition, offers
text incorporates book’s comprehensive everything you need
application with theory coverage begins with the to know to perform
and emphasises critical psychosocial concepts of competent and safe
thinking, problem solving, care and progresses through assessment and maternal and neonatal
and decision making. management of a variety of disorders. nursing care. It covers fundamentals, such as
More than 225 case fetal development, legal issues, and ethical
The Ninth Edition has additional full colour art
studies and learning exercises promote critical issues; family planning, including advantages
and has been thoroughly updated. Highlights
thinking and interactive discussion. and disadvantages to contraception methods;
include new chapters on disaster management
and end-of-life care; expanded coverage infertility; perinatal periods, from conception to
Case studies cover a variety of settings,
of evidence-based practice, ethics, and labour; postnatal maternal and neonatal care
including acute care, ambulatory care, long-
computerised charting; new information on and assessment; and more. It also features
term care, and community health. The book
bariatric surgery; and discussions of paediatric physiological and psychological adaptations to
addresses timely issues such as leadership
considerations. pregnancy, complications of labour and birth,
development, staffing, delegation, ethics and
complications of the postnatal period, and high-
law, organisational, political, and personal
978-1-60547-518-9 / 1,408 pp / risk neonatal conditions.
power, management and technology, and more.
Web links and learning exercises appear in 510 full colour illus / Dec 2008 /
978-1-901831-08-5 / 544 pp / 200 illus /
each chapter. An Instructor’s CD includes a £35.00 €46.00
Jun 2009 / £21.95 €31.00
testbank and PowerPoint slides. For information
on online resources for students and faculty, Instructor’s Resource CD
please visit
978-0-7817-9874-7 / Dec 2008 / Statistics for Nursing NEW
978-0-7817-7246-4 / 752 pp / 2008 / 20 illus / Free for Adopters
£27.95 €38.00
and Allied Health
S. Plichta, L. Garzon Inspection

Statistical Methods
Instructor’s Resource CD
Inspection This introductory textbook explores the role of
978-0-7817-8989-9 / 2008 / Free for Adopters for Health Care copy
research in health care and focuses in particular
on the importance of organising and describing
Research, 5th Edition research data using basic statistics.
Theoretical Basis for B. Munro 978-0-7817-5459-0 / 352 pp / 106 illus /
Nursing, 2nd Edition 978-0-7817-4840-7 / 512 pp / 2004 / Oct 2008 / £24.50 €32.00
£27.95 €38.00
M. McEwen, E. Wills Instructor’s Resource CD
978-0-7817-6283-0 / 576 pp / 2006 / 978-1-58255-940-7 / Oct 2008 /
£26.95 €36.00 Lippincott Manual Free for Adopters
of Nursing Practice, copy

Theoretical Nursing: 9th Edition

Development and Progress, S. Nettina
4th Edition Expanded and completely updated for its Ninth
Edition, this full colour classic reference is the
A. Meleis one source every nurse needs for essential
information on patient care. In an easy-to-read
978-0-7817-3673-2 / 832 pp / 2006 /
outline format, this clinically focused guide
£33.95 €46.00 covers all disorders and patient problems in
medical-surgical, maternal-neonatal, paediatric,
and psychiatric nursing, and includes over 150
Psychiatric-Mental Health NEW step-by-step procedures.
Nursing: Evidence-Based 978-0-7817-9833-4 / 1,920 pp / May 2009 /
Concepts, Skills and £35.00 €44.00

Practices, 7th Edition

W. Mohr
978-0-7817-9097-0 / 912 pp /
433 full colour illus, 77 tables / Oct 2008


Nursing Research: Essentials of Assessment Made NEW

Generating and Nursing Research: copy
Incredibly Easy!
Assessing Evidence for Appraising Evidence for 1st UK Edition Inspection

Nursing Practice 8th Edition Nursing Practice, H. Rushforth, Senior Lecturer,

D. Polit, C. Beck 7th Edition School of Nursing and Midwifery,
University of Southampton
Thoroughly revised D. Polit, C. Beck
to emphasise the link The skills covered in this
Essentials of Nursing book are fundamental to
between research and
Research is designed to the delivery of excellent
evidence-based practice,
teach students how to health care, and can help
this Eighth Edition
read, understand, analyse, readers to make a real
presents methods and
and evaluate research difference to the quality
tools for generating and
reports in nursing practice. of care that their patients
assessing evidence for
The Seventh Edition receive.
nursing practice. This
has been updated with
edition offers more guidance on evaluating
stronger coverage of The Nursing and
and critiquing research evidence. Other
evidence-based practice, including content on Midwifery Council Standards for pre-registration
revisions include more in-depth coverage of
how to read, interpret, and critique systematic education call for the nurse to be able to
both qualitative and quantitative research and
reviews, which are considered by many to be undertake and document a comprehensive,
a new chapter on developing and testing new
a cornerstone of evidence-based practice. systematic and accurate nursing assessment of
Also included in the Seventh Edition: a more the physical, psychological, social and spiritual
The ancillary Student Resource Guide is now balanced presentation of medical and social needs of patients, clients and communities.
electronic and fully revised to meet emerging science methods and nomenclature; enhanced The text provides the know-how nurses need
graduate course needs. New features include coverage of qualitative research; and more! to interview patients, obtain health histories,
an expanded “toolkit”, application exercises, perform physical examinations, and interpret
samples of systematic reviews, and full 978-0-7817-8153-4 / 576 pp / findings.
critiques of two of the eight studies in the 32 full colour illus, 40 tables / Feb 2009 /
£24.95 €33.00 Taking a system-by-system approach,
text. For information on online resources for
Assessment Made Incredibly Easy has
students and faculty, please visit thepoint.lww.
numerous reader-friendly features including
com/polit8e. Study Guide
abundant illustrations, cartoons, checklists,
978-0-7817-9468-8 / 816 pp / 978-0-7817-8581-5 / 336 pp / 38 illus, quick quizzes, memory joggers and chapter
47 full colour illus, 78 tables / 2007 / 25 tables / Feb 2009 / £11.95 €16.00 summaries.
£29.95 €44.00 978-1-901831-07-8 / 378 pp / 100 illus /
May 2009 / £21.95 €31.00
Instructor’s Resource CD Essentials of Inspection

978-07817-6637-1 / 2007 / Free for Adopters Pathophysiology: copy

Concepts of Altered Lippincott’s Manual NEW Inspection

Student Resource Guide
Health States, 2nd Edition of Psychiatric copy

978-0-7817-7052-1 / 400 pp / 2007 / Nursing Care Plans,

£14.50 €20.00 C. Porth
8th Edition
For further information, please see the
Pathophysiology section. J. Schultz, S. Videbeck
978-0-7817-7087-3 / 1184 pp / 400 illus / This student-friendly resource, now in its
Eighth Edition, contains 52 nursing care plans
2006 / £29.95 €41.00
that address the most commonly encountered
behaviours in psychiatric-mental health nursing.
This new edition maintains the strong focus on
Pathophysiology: NEW Inspection
interdisciplinary care, community resources,
Concepts of Altered copy
communication, and assessment. Plus,
updated features include: expanded content
Health States, 8th Edition on evidence-based outcomes, increased
coverage of the grieving process, expanded
C. Porth psychopharmacology content and screening
For further information, please see the tools. For information on online resources for
students and faculty, please visit thepoint.lww.
Pathophysiology section.
6978-1-60547-390-1 / 1,680 pp /
978-0-7817-6868-9 / 464 pp / Sep 2008 /
500 full colour illus / Oct 2008 /
£24.95 €33.00
£38.00 €50.00 21

Dosage Calculations NEW Nursing Pharmacology NEW Basic Concepts of

Made Incredibly Easy! Made Incredibly Easy! Psychiatric-Mental copy

1st UK Edition Inspection

1st UK Edition Inspection
Health Nursing,
W. Scott, BSc, MPhil, PhD, Lecturer in W. Scott, BSc, MPhil, PhD, Lecturer in 7th Edition
Biomedical Science, Faculty of Health Biomedical Science, Faculty of Health L. Shives
Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast, Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast,
The updated Seventh
and D. McGrath, RN, BSc, MSc, and D. McGrath, RN, BSc, MSc,
Edition of this respected
Lecturer in Nursing, School of Nursing, Lecturer in Nursing, School of Nursing, learning text delivers the
Queen’s University Belfast Queen’s University Belfast clinically essential content
psychiatric and mental
Numeracy skills are a Pharmacology is a
health nurses need to
high priority in education challenging topic and
practice with confidence.
and practice. The nurse can be overwhelming
Spanning the continuum
is the last link in the chain to nursing students in
of care, this edition will
to protect the patient from today’s rapidly changing
help you excel in a range of settings, improve
medication administration health service. The
client and family education skills, and build the
errors, and is responsible Nursing and Midwifery
self-awareness you need as a member of the
for every dose that they Council Code of
interdisciplinary care team. The book’s wealth
administer and are held Professional Conduct
of new learning features and dynamic full
to the five rights of medication -administration: is explicit about the nurse’s accountability
colour design combine to create an engaging
right medication, right dose, right route, right in administering medication safely and in
knowledge-builder you’ll turn to again and
patient, and right time. To enhance accuracy the best interests of the patient. Nursing
and confidence in drug administration, Dosage Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy! First
Calculations Made Incredibly Easy! First UK Edition takes a simplified and lighthearted A Student Resource CD bound into each
UK Edition is a complete and clear guide to approach to pharmacology that explains book includes clinical simulations for major
calculating drug dosages. The text covers basic its complex concepts in clear, concise, and depression and schizophrenia, psychotropic
maths (fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions interesting language, making the information drug monographs, over 300 review questions,
and percentages), measurement systems easy to learn and, most important, to remember. and movie viewing guides. For information
and practical calculations. Additional chapters on online resources for students and faculty,
The text covers fundamentals of pharmacology,
cover paediatric, obstetric and critical care please visit
including where drugs come from and how
dosage calculations. There is vital information
they are classified and administered, drugs by 978-0-7817-9707-8 / 768 pp / 44 illus,
on recording drug administration, routes of
pharmacological class for all body systems, 16 in full colour / 2007 / £33.95 €46.00
administration, and reading drug labels, and
plus pain medications, and coverage of
preventing errors associated with each of these.
potentially dangerous drug interactions. Each
The text promotes awareness of all of these
aspect of how the body processes a drug and
issues through the use of realistic examples
the subsequent actions of that drug on the body
and self-test questions throughout.
are discussed in detail, and many are illustrated
“I will be strongly recommending this text to for clarity. The text is organised by body
students as a companion to all their studies” system, and supported by quizzes, patient
- Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University information alerts, and other features to make
learning pharmacology fun!
978-1-901831-03-0 / 336 pp / 100 illus /
Aug 2008 / £14.95 €21.00 “This book will be strongly recommended for the
duration of the students’ programme” - Lecturer,
Liverpool John Moores University

978-1-901831-04-7 / 696 pp / 100 illus /

Aug 2008 / £21.95 €31.00


Brunner and NEW Brunner and Stedman’s Dictionary for NEW

Inspection Inspection
Suddarth’s Textbook copy
Suddarth’s Textbook copy
the Health Professions
of Medical-Surgical of Medical-Surgical and Nursing, 6th Edition
Nursing, 12th Edition Nursing, 11th Edition Stedman’s
S. Smeltzer, B. Bare, J. Hinkle, S. Smeltzer, B. Bare, J. Hinkle, For further information, please see the
K. Cheever K. Cheever Reference and Revision section
Brunner & Suddarth’s Textbook of Medical- Single Volume 978-0-7817-7618-9 / 2,432 pp / 1,000 illus /
Surgical Nursing is designed to assist nurses 2007 / £21.50 €32.00
in preparing for their roles and responsibilities 978-0-7817-5978-6 / 2,776 pp /
in the health care setting. This leading textbook 940 full colour illus / 2006 / £39.99 €51.00
focuses on physiological, pathophysiological,
and psychosocial concepts as they relate
2 Volume Set Qualitative Research in Inspection

to nursing care. Extensively redesigned 978-0-7817-6695-1 / 2,920 pp / Nursing: Advancing the copy

throughout, the Twelfth Edition has a brand new

art programme and design, updated content
940 full colour illus / 2006 / £50.00 €68.00 Humanistic Imperative,
throughout and enhanced, state-of-the-art Handbook 4th Edition
ancillaries For information on online resources
for students and faculty, please visit thepoint. 978-0-7817-6749-1 / 912 pp / 9 illus / 2007 / H. Streubert Speziale, £17.95 €25.00 D. Rinaldi Carpenter
Single Volume Study Guide Qualitative Research in
978-0-7817-6543-5 / 528 pp / 480 illus / Nursing: Advancing the
978-1-601831-080-7 / Dec 2009 /
Humanistic Imperative is
£39.99 €51.00 2007 / £13.95 €19.00
a graduate-level nursing
Instructor’s Resource CD research text that provides
2 Volume Set a sound foundation for
978-0-7817-6662-3 / 2006 / Free for Adopters understanding a wide
978-0-601831-88-3 / Dec 2009 /
range of qualitative
£50.00 €65.00
research methodology and
Study Guide
Handbook of Signs and NEW approaches. Using companion chapters, the
text illustrates various qualitative approaches
978-0-7817-8594-5 / Dec 2009 /
Symptoms, 4th Edition applied to nursing education, administration,
£12.95 €19.00 Springhouse and practice as reported in the literature. For
information on online resources for students
Handbook 978-1-60547-052-8 / 768 pp / Mar 2009 / and faculty, please visit
£26.00 €34.00 streubert4e.
978-0-7817-8592-1 / Dec 2009 /
978-0-7817-6313-4 / 496 pp / 2006 /
£18.95 €26.00
£27.00 €37.00
Lippincott’s Visual NEW
Encyclopedia of Clinical
Skills Inspection

Lippincott’s Visual Encyclopedia of
Clinical Skills is an innovative book that
improves nursing skills through the use of
close-up pictures. More than 700 detailed, full
colour photographs, diagrams, step-by-step
illustrations, and other graphics help nurses
better understand the correct way to perform
everyday clinical skills and procedures.

978-0-7817-9832-7 / 768 pp /
700 full colour illus / Oct 2008 /
£29.95 €39.00 23

Fundamentals of Fundamental Mental Health NEW

Inspection Inspection Inspection
Nursing: The Art copy
Nursing Skills and copy
Nursing, copy

and Science of Concepts, 1st UK Edition

Nursing Care, 6th Edition 9th Edition S. Videbeck; Adapted for the
C. Taylor, C. Lillis, P. LeMone B. Kuhn Timby UK by K. Acott, RGN, BSc, MA,
Mental Health Tutor/Practice
Designed to maximise Now in its Ninth Edition, this
Development Consultant, University
visual learning, this Sixth full colour text combines
Edition features a new theoretical nursing Of Surrey/Surrey and Sussex
art programme and an concepts, step-by-step Partnership NHS Trusts
integrated, cohesive, skills and procedures, and
This text is designed for pre-registration
student-focused suite clinical applications. This
diploma and degree mental health nursing
of multimedia products. edition features over 100
courses. The book presents sound nursing
Brand-new icons direct new photographs, exciting
theory, therapeutic modalities, and clinical
students to free video full colour ancillaries,
applications for the major ICD-10 disorders
clips and online activities. New concept end-of-unit exercises, and extensively updated
across the treatment continuum, from hospital
maps walk students through the nursing chapters on nursing foundations, laws and
to home setting. The text emphasises
process for selected case-study patients. ethics, recording and reporting, nutrition, fluid
developing student self-awareness,
Unexpected outcomes are now included in and chemical balance, safety, asepsis, infection
communication skills, and utilising family and
skills descriptions. Like previous editions, the control, and medication administration.
community resources. The text uses the
text maintains its unique holistic “blended skills”
For information on online resources for students nursing process framework and emphasises
approach to nursing care and focuses on case-
and faculty, please visit assessment, therapeutic communication,
based learning and critical thinking.
timbyfundamentals9e. neurobiology, and psychopharmacological
A back-of-book CD includes video clips. A intervention.
companion online course is available free with 978-0-7817-7909-8 / 992 pp /
496 full colour illus, 300 tables / 2008 / The text is divided into four units: Current
purchase of the text. For information on online
£27.95 €38.00 Theories and Practice provides a strong
resources for students and faculty, please visit
foundation for student; Building the Nurse-
Client Relationship presents the basic elements
Instructor’s Resource CD
978-0-7817-8157-2 / 1,856 pp / essential to the practice of mental health
990 full colour illus, 400 tables / 2007 / 978-0-7817-9036-9 / 2008 / Free for Adopters nursing, including therapeutic relationships and
£38.00 €52.00 therapeutic communication; Current Social and
Study Guide Emotional Concerns covers topics that are not
exclusive to mental health settings (legal and
Instructor’s Resource CD
978-0-7817-8491-7 / 320 pp / 50 illus, ethical issues, anger, aggression and hostility,
978-0-7817-6820-7 / 2006 / Free for Adopters 20 tables / 2008 / £13.95 €19.00 abuse and violence, grief and loss); Nursing
Practice for Psychiatric Disorders covers all the
Skills Checklist major categories of the ICD-10.

978-0-7817-6406-3 / 176 pp / 2007 / 978-1-901831-02-3 / May 2009 / 508 pp /

£13.50 €18.00 200 illus / £29.95 €36.00

Study Guide

978-0-7817-6407-0 / 428 pp / 43 illus / 2006 /

£13.95 €19.00

Informatics and NEW

Opportunities and
Challenges, 3rd Edition
L. Thede, J. Sewell
978-0-7817-9597-5 / 400 pp / 116 illus /
Apr 2009 / £24.95 €33.00

Instructor’s Resource CD

978-1-60547-490-8 / Apr 2009 /

Free for Adopters


Wound Care Made Health Assessment in

Incredibly Easy! copy
Nursing, 3rd Edition
1st UK Edition J. Weber, J. Kelley
J. Vuolo, MA, BSc, Dip HE, RN, LPE 978-0-7817-6240-3 / 1,040 pp / 1,200 illus,
Senior Lecturer, University of 500 in full colour / 2006 / £49.00 €67.00
Hertfordshire; Contributors include Made Incredibly Easy!®
I. Anderson, MSc, BSc, DPSN, Instructor’s Resource CD This innovative, award-winning, one-of-a-kind
PGCE, RN, LPE, FHEA, Senior education and reference series uses humour
978-0-7817-7274-7 / 2006 / Free for Adopters
and recurring characters to encourage the
Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire; reader and make learning fun. Popular features
J. Fletcher, MSc, BSc, PGCE, RN, such as animation, memory joggers, quick
FHEA, Principal Lecturer, University of Nurses’ Handbook NEW Inspection
quizzes and end of chapter summaries make
Hertfordshire of Health copy learning incredibly easy!

Wound Care Made Assessment,

Incredibly Easy! 1st
UK Edition contains 7th Edition Anatomy & Physiology Inspection

Made Incredibly Easy!

a wealth of essential
wound care information J. Weber
for nurses. Written by This popular full colour spiral bound handbook 3rd Edition
recognized experts in the provides quick access to all aspects of the
field, it focuses on the Springhouse
nursing health history and physical examination.
needs of nurses who are The new Seventh Edition presents a complete For more information, please see the
new to wound care practice, covering all the update of all content and references, and Anatomy section.
fundamentals of wound care including wound additional new chapters on the Frail Elderly and
healing, wound assessment, cleansing and ‘Basic’ Head-to-Toe assessment suitable for the 978-0-7817-8886-1 / 384 pp /
dressing selection and adjunctive therapies. It clinical setting. 300 full colour illus, 15 tables / 2008 /
also has dedicated chapters on diabetic foot £22.50 €31.00
ulcers, pressure ulcers and vascular ulceration. 978-0-7817-9576-0 / 736 pp /
240 full colour illus / Oct 2009 /
Wound Care Made Incredibly Easy! 1st
£18.95 €25.00
UK Edition includes a chapter dedicated to Best of Incredibly Easy! Inspection
accountability and legal issues. A must for every copy

pre-registration and newly qualified nurse, this Springhouse

chapter includes sections on the role of key Nurses’ Handbook Inspection 978-1-58255-446-4 / 640 pp / 116 illus,
of Health
organisations such as the NMC and NICE,
16 in full colour / 2005 / £21.00 €31.00
healthcare quality control mechanisms, patients’
rights and the fundamentals of litigation. Assessment,
978-1-901831-06-1 / May 2009 / 288 pp / 6th Edition Breath Sounds
200 illus / £21.95 €31.00 Inspection
J. Weber Made Incredibly Easy! copy

978-0-7817-6632-6 / 704 pp / Springhouse

Health Assessment in 229 full colour illus / 2007 / £18.95 €26.00
978-1-58255-354-2 / 224 pp / 200 illus,
Nursing, 4th Edition 4 in full colour / 2004 / £21.00 €30.00
J. Weber, J. Kelley Cardiac Nursing, 6th Edition
Weber and Kelley’s Health Assessment in S. Woods Cardiovascular Care
Nursing has evolved into a complete suite Inspection

Made Incredibly Easy!

of products poised to help both the student Cardiac Nursing is considered the “gold
standard” reference for nurses caring for
and the instructor. This colourful and user-
friendly text is targeted to Diploma and Degree patients who have or are at risk for developing 2nd Edition
programmes and presumes no prior knowledge cardiac disease. Known as “The Red Book”,
of health assessment. this indispensable reference provides cardiac
and critical care nurses with both basic and 978-0-7817-8824-3 / 352 pp / 200 illus,
978-0-7817-8160-2 / 1,040 pp / advanced content in evidence-based care, 20 tables / 2008 / £21.00 €30.00
1,200 full colour illus, 500 tables / with an emphasis on health promotion, health
Oct 2009 / £44.00 €66.00 maintenance, and disease management. Sixth
Edition features include a new 2 colour interior
Lab Manual design and new emphasis on multicultural
Charting Made Incredibly NEW
issues. Easy! 4th Edition
978-0-7817-8161-9 / Oct 2009 / £12.95 €18.00
978-0-7817-9280-6 / 1,056 pp / 800 illus / Springhouse Inspection
Aug 2009 / £52.00 €71.00
978-1-60547-196-9 / 352 pp / 100 illus /
Feb 2009 / £22.50 €29.00 25

Clinical Pharmacology Heart Sounds Nutrition Made Incredibly

Inspection Inspection Inspection
Made Incredibly Easy! copy
Made Incredibly Easy! copy
Easy! 2nd Edition copy

3rd Edition 3rd Edition Springhouse

Springhouse Springhouse For more information, please see the Nutrition
978-0-7817-8938-7 / 448 pp / 2008 / 978-1-58255-358-0 / 224 pp / 200 illus,
£22.50 €31.00 4 in full colour / 2005 / £21.00 €30.00 978-1-58255-521-8 / 416 pp / 2006 /
£21.00 €30.00

Critical Care Nursing I.V. Therapy NEW

Made Incredibly Easy!
Made Incredibly Easy! Pathophysiology

2nd Edition 4th Edition Made Incredibly Easy! copy


Springhouse Springhouse
4th Edition
978-1-58255-560-7 / 704 pp / 2007 / 978-1-60547-198-3 / 352 pp / 104 illus,
£22.50 €28.00 4 in full colour / Mar 2009 / £22.50 €29.00 For further information, please see the
Pathophysiology section.
978-0-7817-7912-8 / 544 pp / 2008 /
Diagnostic Tests Medical Terminology £22.50 €28.00
Inspection Inspection

Made Incredibly Easy! copy

Made Incredibly Easy! copy

2nd Edition 3rd Edition

Pediatric Nursing
Springhouse Springhouse Inspection

Made Incredibly Easy! copy

978-0-7817-8690-4 / 448 pp / 130 illus, 978-0-7817-8845-8 / 416 pp / 220 illus,

20 tables / 2008 / £21.00 €30.00 15 tables / 2008 / £22.50 €31.00 Springhouse
978-1-58255-347-4 / 640 pp / 200 illus,
8 in full colour / 2004 / £21.00 €30.00
ECG Interpretation Inspection
Medical-Surgical Nursing Inspection

Made Incredibly Easy! Made Incredibly Easy!

copy copy

Respiratory Care
4th Edition 2nd Edition Inspection
Made Incredibly Easy! copy

Springhouse Springhouse
978-1-58255-564-5 / 384 pp / 300 illus / 978-1-58255-567-6 / 944 pp / 800 illus /
2007 / £21.00 €30.00 2007 / £21.00 €30.00 978-1-58255-335-1 / 352 pp / 200 illus,
8 in full colour / 2004 / £21.00 €30.00

Emergency Nursing Medication

Inspection Inspection
Made Incredibly Easy! copy
Administration copy

Springhouse Made Incredibly Easy!

978-1-58255-464-8 / 544 pp / 2006 / Springhouse
£21.00 €30.00
978-1-58255-222-4 / 352 pp / 90 illus / 2002 /
£21.00 €30.00

Fluids and Electrolytes


Made Incredibly Easy! copy

Nursing Care Planning
4th Edition Made Incredibly Easy! copy

Springhouse Springhouse
978-1-58255-565-2 / 384 pp / 300 illus / 978-1-58255-553-9 / 288 pp / 2007 /
2007 / £21.00 €30.00 £21.00 €30.00

Fundamentals of Nursing Inspection

Made Incredibly Easy! copy

978-1-58255-930-8 / 672 pp / 2006 /
£21.00 €30.00


Made Incredibly Visual! copy

978-1-58255-555-3 / 256 pp / 2007 /
£22.00 €31.00
Incredibly Visual!™ Made Incredibly Easy!®
Incredibly Visual! offers an innovative new way Surgical Care UK Editions
to approach demanding subjects, by presenting
the basic principles and practice of nursing care Made Incredibly Visual! Inspection
copy The new UK editions of Made Incredibly Easy
retain all the great features of the original Made
in a visual way. Designed to serve as both a
reference and a review, this series illustrates Springhouse Incredibly Easy! ® series, and are adapted
to meet the needs of UK nurses in education
the latest techniques using a task-oriented 978-1-58255-946-9 / 208 pp / 2006 / and practice. Roles, responsibilities, practice,
approach, offering clear, concise coverage of
£22.00 €31.00 terminology, NMC Essential Skills Clusters and
basic and complex aspects.
guidelines, National Service Frameworks and
Hundreds of detailed and colourful NICE guidance are some of the many topics
photographs, diagrams, charts, and other Wound Care covered in an enjoyable easy-to-read style.
visual presentations foster an understanding of
Made Incredibly Visual!
complex information, making it clear, concise,
and easy to understand.
Springhouse Children’s Nursing NEW

Anatomy and Physiology 978-1-58255-554-6 / 192 pp / 2007 / Made Incredibly Easy!

Made Incredibly Visual!
£22.00 €31.00 1st UK Edition Inspection

P. Devitt, RGN, RSCN, RNT Senior

Lecturer, School of Nursing, University
978-0-7817-8686-7 / 256 pp / 2008 / of Salford
£22.00 €30.00
For further information, please see the
Nursing section.
Cardiovascular Care Inspection
978-1-901831-09-2 / Oct 2009 /
Made Incredibly Visual! copy 608 pp / £21.95 €31.00

978-1-58255-636-9 / 240 pp / 2006 / Mental Health Nursing NEW
£22.00 €31.00 Made Incredibly Easy!
1st UK Edition Inspection

Health Assessment Inspection

D. Evans, PhD, Head of Applied
Made Incredibly Visual!
Social Sciences, University of
Worcester; H. Allen, BA, Practice
Springhouse Facilitator, Worcestershire Mental
978-1-58255-985-8 / 224 pp / 2006 / Health Partnership NHS Trust
£22.00 €31.00 For further information, please see the
Nursing section.

Hemodynamic Monitoring 978-1-901831-10-8 / 544 pp / 100 illus /

copy Jun 2009 / £21.95 €31.00
Made Incredibly Visual!
978-1-58255-503-4 / 160 pp / 2006 /
£22.00 €31.00 27
Nursing, Nutrition

Clinical Skills NEW Nursing Pharmacology NEW Nutrition

Made Incredibly Easy! Made Incredibly Easy!
1st UK Edition Inspection
1st UK Edition Inspection
copy copy
Nutrition and
M. Hastings, BA, RGN, Local W. Scott, BSc, MPhil, PhD, Inspection

Health Partnership Nurse Manager – Lecturer in Biomedical Science, Diagnosis-Related copy

Hospitals for Wigtownshire LHP, Faculty of Health Sciences, Queen’s Care, 6th Edition
Dumfries and Galloway NHS Board; University Belfast, and D. McGrath,
S. Escott-Stump
formerly Clinical Skills Tutor, Clinical RN, BSc, MSc, Lecturer in Nursing,
Timely, pertinent dietary information is provided
Skills Service, Whipps Cross School of Nursing, Queen’s University for the proper medical care of patients with
University Hospital NHS Trust and Belfast a wide variety of conditions. In addition,
London South Bank University. For further information, please see the current dietary guidelines, objectives for care
and dietary therapy are discussed. For more
For further information, please see the Nursing section.
information on online ancillaries for instructors
Nursing section. 978-1-901831-04-7 / Aug 2008 / 696 pp / and students, please visit
978-1-901831-05-4 / Aug 2008 / 384 pp / 100 illus / £21.95 €30.95
978-0-7817-9845-7 / 948 pp /
£21.95 €30.95 143 full colour illus / 2007 / £44.00 €59.00

Wound Care Made NEW

Maternal-Neonatal Care NEW Incredibly Easy! Sports and Exercise Inspection
Made Incredibly Easy! 1st UK Edition Inspection
Nutrition, 3rd Edition

1st UK Edition Inspection
copy J. Vuolo, MA, BSc, Dip HE, RN, W. McArdle, F. Katch, V. Katch
S. Nurse, Senior Lecturer, LPE Senior Lecturer, University of For further information please see the
Queen’s University Belfast Hertfordshire; Contributors include Sports Science section.
I. Anderson, MSc, BSc, DPSN,
For further information, please see the 978-0-7817-7037-8 / 672 pp /
Nursing section. 198 full colour illus, 160 tables / 2008 /
Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire;
£36.95 €47.00
978-1-901831-08-5 / 544 pp / 200 illus / J. Fletcher, MSc, BSc, PGCE, RN,
Jun 2009 / £21.95 €31.00 FHEA, Principal Lecturer, University of
Hertfordshire Modern Nutrition in Health
Assessment Made NEW
For further information, please see the and Disease, 10th Edition
Nursing section.
Incredibly Easy! M. Shils, M. Shike, A. Ross,
978-1-901831-06-1 / May 2009 / 288 pp /
1st UK Edition Inspection
copy 200 illus / £21.95 €31.00
B. Caballero, R. Cousins
The Tenth Edition of this widely acclaimed
H. Rushforth, Senior Lecturer, book is a complete, authoritative reference
School of Nursing and Midwifery, on nutrition and its role in contemporary
University of Southampton medicine, dentistry, dietetics, nursing,
pharmacy, public health and public policy.
For further information, please see the Distinguished international experts provide
Nursing section. in-depth information on historical landmarks in
nutrition, specific dietary components, nutrition
978-1-901831-07-8 / 978 pp / 100 illus /
in integrated biological systems, nutritional
May 2009 / £21.95 €31.00
assessment through the life cycle and nutrition
in various clinical disorders.

Dosage Calculations NEW 978-0-7817-4133-0 / 2,146 pp / 480 illus,

30 in full colour / 2005 / £75.00 €103.00
Made Incredibly Easy!
1st UK Edition Inspection

W. Scott, BSc, MPhil, PhD, Lecturer in

Biomedical Science, Faculty of Health
Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast,
and D. McGrath, RN, BSc, MSc,
Lecturer in Nursing, School of Nursing,
Queen’s University Belfast
For further information, please see the
Nursing section.
978-1-901831-03-0 / Aug 2008 / 336 pp /
£14.95 €21.95

Nutrition, Occupational Therapy

Nutrition Made Incredibly Willard and Spackman’s Perspectives in

Inspection Inspection Inspection
Easy! 2nd Edition copy
Occupational Therapy, copy
Human Occupation: copy

Springhouse 11th Edition Participation in Life

Using the award-winning E. Blesedell Crepeau, E. Cohn, P. Kramer, J. Hinojosa, C. Royeen
Incredibly Easy!
B. Boyt Schell 978-0-7817-3161-4 / 352 pp / 105 illus /
style, Nutrition Made
Incredibly Easy! Second This market-leading 2003 / £29.95 €40.00
Edition presents essential text and reference
information on nutrition provides the most current
in a light-hearted and
appetising way. Coverage
and comprehensive
presentation of
Frames of NEW Inspection

includes the physiologic occupational therapy Reference for copy

processes that transform concepts and practice. An

food into energy, nutrient metabolism and occupation-based, client-
Pediatric Occupational
recommended allowances, assessment of centred, and evidence- Therapy, 3rd Edition
nutritional status, and the needs of special based approach to practice is described
patient populations. across a variety of community, education, and P. Kramer, J. Hinojosa
medical-based practice arenas. It answers the The Third Edition of Frames of Reference for
978-1-58255-521-8 / 416 pp / 2006 / questions: “What will I do as an OT?”, “Who will
£21.00 €30.00 Pediatric Occupational Therapy provides an
I treat?”, and “Where will I practice?” exceptional foundation of theory and practical
This updated edition reflects trends toward the tools that will serve as the basis of pediatric
centrality of occupation to practice, and the link occupational therapy practice. For more
Nutrition for a NEW Inspection between theory and practice. Chapters and information on online ancillaries for instructors
Healthy Mouth,
units have been reorganised to improve the and students, please visit http://thepoint.lww.
flow throughout the text and integrate theory, com/Kramer3e.
2nd Edition evaluation, and intervention into single units.
978-0-7817-6826-9 / 656 pp / 300 illus /
New personal narrative chapters introduce
R. Sroda Mar 2009 / £39.00 €52.00
readers to people with disabilities. For more
For more information, please see the information on online ancillaries for instructors
Dentistry / Dental Hygiene section. and students, please visit
978-0-7817-6004-1 / 2008 / 1,120 pp /
Kinesiology: The
978-0-7817-9825-9 / 416 pp / 60 illus /
Apr 2009 / £29.00 €38.00 354 illus, 16 in full colour, 200 tables / Mechanics and
£39.95 €53.00 Pathomechanics of Human
Movement, 2nd Edition
Women’s Health in NEW
Occupational Physical Therapy:
C. Oatis

Therapy Principle and Practices for For more information, please visit the
Physiotherapy section.
Rehabilitation Professionals 978-0-7817-7422-2 / 2008 / 960 pp / 880 illus,
Conditions in J. Irion 657 in full colour, 150 tables / £42.00 €57.00

Occupational Therapy: copy 978-0-7817-4481-2 / 608 pp / 260 illus,

40 tables / Jun 2009 / £30.00 €39.00
Effect on Occupational Clinical and Professional Inspection

Performance, 3rd Edition Model of Human Reasoning in

B. Atchison, D. Dirette Occupation: Theory
copy Occupational Therapy
This Third Edition focuses and Application, 4th Edition B. Boyt Schell, J. Schell
on chronic health problems
This book helps readers develop the strong
and their impact on an G. Kielhofner theoretical and practical foundation needed
individual’s physical,
Model of Human for effective decision-making in the field of
cognitive, psychological,
Occupation, Fourth occupational therapy. Emphasis on both clinical
and social capabilities.
Edition offers a complete and professional reasoning helps refine the
Readers learn how the
and current presentation skills required to make informed decisions as
patient’s age, life tasks,
of the most widely used a practitioner, or a manager. It offers easy-to-
and living environment
model in occupational follow explanations of current theories of clinical
affect occupational therapy needs, and how to
therapy, and delivers the and professional. For more information on
determine what occupational therapy services
latest in MOHO theory, online ancillaries for instructors and students,
to provide. Chapters present the etiology,
research, and application please visit
symptoms, prognosis, and progression of
to practice. This authoritative text explores
conditions frequently encountered in practice. 978-0-7817-5914-4 / 462 pp / 35 illus / 2007 /
what motivates individuals, how they select
Case studies at the end of every chapter help £31.50 €43.00
occupations and establish everyday routines,
students apply the content to real-life clinical
how environment influences occupational
behaviour, and more.
978-0-7817-5487-3 / 512 pp / 70 illus / 2006 /
978-0-7817-6996-9 / 565 pp / 425 illus,
£27.95 €38.00
30 tables / 2007 / £35.99 €46.00 29
Occupational Therapy, Pathology, Pathophysiology

Motor Control:
Pathology Pathophysiology
Translating Research copy

into Clinical Practice, Rubin’s Pathology: Atlas of NEW

3rd Edition Clinicopathologic
A.Shumway-Cook, M. Woollacott Foundations of Medicine, 3rd Edition Inspection

For further information please see the 5th Edition Anatomical Chart Company
Physiotherapy section.
R. Rubin, D. Strayer The ACC Atlas of Pathophysiology, Third
978-0-7817-6691-3 / 576 pp / 290 illus / Edition, is a full-color, comprehensive
2006 / £36.00 €49.00 First Prize in the
atlas that shows--in 450 brilliant Anatomical
Pathology Category
Chart Company illustrations--how more
of the 2008 BMA Book
Instructor’s Resource CD than 200 disorders can disrupt the human
body’s equilibrium. Brief textual information
978-0-7817-6775-0 / 2006 / Free for Adopters and charts cover causes, pathophysiology,
Widely acclaimed for
its clinical approach to signs, symptoms, diagnostic test results, and
pathology and superb treatment options. The atlas also includes
Occupational Therapy Inspection
full colour illustrations, highly illustrated introductory chapters on
basic concepts in pathophysiology: cellular
for Physical Dysfunction, Rubin’s Pathology is now

in its Fifth Edition- with a new editorial team, homeostasis and the disease process, cancer,
6th Edition fully updated chapters, enhanced illustrations infection, genetic disorders, fluid and electrolyte
and a complete new suite of online supplements disorders, and more.
M. Vining Radomski, C. Trombly, for students and faculty. This edition includes
978-1-60547-152-5 / 464 pp / 450 illus /
The definitive work on over 200 new full colour schematic drawings,
photographs, and micrographs and timely May 2009 / £29.95 €39.00
occupational therapy
for physical dysfunction coverage of bioterrorism, emerging diseases
returns in its Sixth and stem cell research. A new design feature
Edition, with reputable visually highlights the pathogenesis information Pathophysiology: Inspection
on pathologic conditions to help students
co-editors and clinical,
quickly locate and focus on this crucial material.
Functional copy

academic, and consumer

contributors. This text A brand-new companion website on thePoint Alterations in Human
includes fully searchable text, interactive case
provides a current and
studies, images, audio lectures, and teaching Health
well-rounded view of the field— from theoretical
tools. For more information on online ancillaries
rationale to evaluation, treatment, and follow- C. Braun, C. Anderson
up. Through the Occupational Functioning for instructors and students, please visit
Model (OFM), the Sixth Edition continues This pathophysiology text
to emphasise the conceptual foundation of offers a unique conceptual
978-0-7817-9516-6 / 1,456 pp / approach that facilitates
practice. For more information on online 1,346 full colour illus / 2007 / £39.95 €55.00
ancillaries for instructors and students, please learning by viewing
visit pathophysiology as health
care professionals do.
978-0-7817-6312-7 / 1,216 pp / 764 illus, Essentials of Rubin’s Inspection
Students will learn about
123 in two colour, 155 tables / 2007 / general mechanisms of
Pathology, 5th Edition

£39.00 €53.00 disease or alterations in

human function- such as immune alterations
E. Rubin, H. Reisner
or altered nutrition- and apply these processes
Essentials of Rubin’s to specific conditions. Unlike a traditional
Pathology, Fifth Edition systems-based approach, this novel approach
is a condensed version of shows how most diseases involve multiple body
Rubin’s flagship pathology systems. A bound-in CD includes animations
text, targeted to students and an interactive game. Faculty resources
in allied health fields, include lesson plans, PowerPoint slides,
including dentistry, nursing, additional case studies, and student assignment
physical therapy, and worksheets. For more information on online
occupational therapy. The ancillaries for instructors and students, please
primary distinction between Rubin’s Pathology visit
and Essentials of Rubin’s Pathology is the
level of detail: the same outline of 30 chapters, 978-0-7817-6250-2 / 518 pp / 350 illus,
10 covering principles and mechanisms of 110 in full colour / 2006 / £38.00 €51.00
pathology and 20 covering organ-specific
pathology is shared. For more information on
online ancillaries for instructors and students,
please visit

978-0-7817-7324-9 / 648 pp / 852 illus,

829 in full colour / 2008 / £29.95 €40.00


Memmler’s The NEW The Nature of Essentials of

Inspection Inspection Inspection
Human Body in copy
Disease: Pathology copy
Pathophysiology: copy

Health and Disease, for the Health Concepts of Altered

11th Edition Professions Health States, 2nd Edition
B. Cohen T. McConnell C. Porth
For more information, please see the Geared to allied health Designed to provide
students and written in an students with essential
Anatomy section.
engaging narrative style, concepts of disease
Paperback this pathology text is an processes and altered
easy-to-read primer on the health states, this text is
978-0-7817-9073-4 / 608 pp / 470 illus, ideal for both discrete and
etiology and pathogenesis
431 in full colour / Sep 2008 / £23.95 €32.00 integrated pathophysiology
of human disease. This
unique book provides a courses. The Second
Hardback Edition has over 200 new
basic understanding of
pathology without microscopic pathology and and revised illustrations and incorporates a
978-0-7817-6577-0 / 608 pp / 470 illus,
molecular biology details that health professions new feature “Understanding”, which uses large
431 in full colour / Sep 2008 / £25.95 €35.00 pieces of art to outline key processes using a
students do not need. Each chapter reviews
normal anatomy and physiology, explains the step-by-step approach. The text continues to
Study Guide include such favourite features as: key concept
development of common diseases, lists the
978-07817-6581-7 / 384 pp / 200 illlus / major determinants of disease, presents clinical boxes, colour-coded summaries, and icons to
case studies, and includes end-of-chapter delineate special considerations for children,
Oct 2008 / £12.95 €18.00
problem-solving questions. A bound-in CD the elderly, and pregnant women. The free
includes animations and a 250-question quiz. CD now provides access to three-dimensional
Faculty resources include a 2,000-question test animations so visual learners can gain a
Color Atlas of NEW Inspection bank and PowerPoint slides with lecture notes. greater understanding of common disease
Common Oral copy
For more information on online resources for and cellular processes. The CD also includes
student review questions. For more information
faculty and students, please visit thepoint.lww.
Diseases, 4th Edition com/mcconnell. on online resources for faculty and students,
please visit
R. Langlais, C. Miller, 978-0-7817-8203-6 / 739 pp / 690 illus,
J. Nield-Gehrig 978-0-7817-7087-3 / 1,184 pp / 400 illus /
330 in full colour, 35 tables / 2007 /
2006 / £29.95 €44.00
£37.50 €51.00
For more information,please see the Dentistry
Instructor’s Resource CD
and Dental Hygiene section.
978-0-7817-8815-1 / 2006 / Free for Adopters
978-0-7817-8097-1 / 288 pp / 697 illus,
22 tables / Feb 2009 / £29.95 €39.00 Study Guide
978-0-7817-7228-0 / 368 pp / 2006 /
£13.95 €19.00
Pathophysiology of

Heart Disease: A
NEW Inspection

Collaborative Project of Concepts of Altered copy

Medical Students and Health States, 8th Edition

Faculty, 4th Edition C. Porth
L. Lilly This is the Eighth Edition
of the comprehensive
For further information, please see the and well-respected
Physiology section. text and reference of
pathophysiology. As
978-0-7817-6321-9 / 464 pp / 210 illus, a nurse-physiologist,
40 in full colour, 20 in two colour / 2006 / Carol Porth uniquely
£22.50 €28.00 emphasises “concepts”
of altered health states,
as opposed to factual descriptions of diseases
and disorders. By taking this physiological
approach, the author ensures a comprehension
of the whole of body function. By integrating all
of the aspects of the human body into a total
functional whole, the student can grasp both the
physical and psychological aspects of altered
978-1-60547-390-1 / 1,680 pp /
500 full colour illus / Oct 2008 /
£38.00 €50.00

Study Guide
978-0-7817-6913-6 / Dec 2008 / £12.50 €16.00 31
Pathophysiology, Pharmacology

Renal Pathophysiology: NEW Pulmonary Physiology Lippincott’s

Inspection Inspection
The Essentials, and Pathophysiology: copy
Illustrated Reviews: copy

3rd Edition Inspection

An Integrated, Pharmacology, 4th Edition

H. Rennke, B. Denker Case-Related Approach, R. Harvey, P. Champe

For more information, please see the 2nd Edition Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews:
Physiology section Pharmacology, Fourth Edition enables rapid
J. West review and assimilation of large amounts of
978-0-7817-9995-9 / 400 pp / 140 illus / For further information on this title, please see complex information about the essentials of
Nov 2009 / £20.95 €28.00 the Physiology section. medical pharmacology. As in previous editions,
the book features an outline format, over 500
978-0-7817-6701-9 / full colour illustrations, cross-references to other
Pathophysiology 150 pp / 181 illus / 2007 / £19.95 €27.00 volumes in the series, and over 125 review
Inspection questions. For more information on online
Made Incredibly Easy! copy
ancillaries for instructors and students, please
4th Edition visit
978-1-60547-200-3 / 564 pp / 570 illus,
Springhouse Pharmacology 30 tables / 2008 / £24.95 €34.00
Expanded, updated, and now in full colour
throughout, this Fourth Edition presents vital
pathophysiology information in an easy-to- Principles of Inspection
Focus on Nursing NEW Inspection

Pharmacology: The Pharmacology,

copy copy
understand, easy-to-remember, entertaining,
and practical manner.
Pathophysiologic Basis 1st UK Edition
978-0-7817-7912-8 / 544 pp / 116 illus,
16 in full colour / 2008 / £22.50 €28.00 of Drug Therapy, 2nd Edition A. Karch, adapted for the UK by:
D. Golan, A. Tashijan E.A. Sheader BSc (Hons) PhD, Senior
Teaching Fellow, University of
Professional Guide to Written as a primary
textbook for a first course
Manchester; T. Speake BSc (Hons)
Pathophysiology, 2nd Edition in pharmacology, this text PhD, Senior Teaching Fellow,
offers a truly integrated, University of Manchester; C.Griffiths
Springhouse systems-based approach RGN, Nurse Practitioner, Bury Primary
to understanding drug Care Trust. Lancashire
978-1-58255-728-1 / 736 pp / 200 illus,
therapy. Each chapter
32 in full colour, 200 tables / 2006 / For further information, please see the
begins with a clinical
£26.95 €37.00 case specific to a target Nursing section.
organ system, and then incorporates the
978-1-901831-01-6 / Sep 2009 / 1,088 pp /
anatomy, cell biology, biochemistry, physiology,
Pulmonary and pathophysiology of that system in the
153 Illus / £29.95 €42.00
discussion of different drug classes that affect
Pathophysiology: The copy

the system. This approach gives students a

Focus on Nursing
Essentials, 7th Edition conceptual foundation for understanding how Inspection

and why pharmacological agents are effective Pharmacology, copy

J. West for diseases specific to each organ system.

Nearly 600 two-colour illustrations show
4th Edition
A companion monograph to West’s Respiratory
molecular, cellular, biochemical, physiological, A. Karch
Physiology, which examines normal respiratory
and pathophysiological processes underlying
function, Pulmonary Pathophysiology focuses
diseases and depict targets of drug therapy. For more information, please see the Nursing
on the function of the diseased lung. The text
offers a clear, concise overview of the most
Each chapter includes summary tables of drugs section.
by mechanism, class, side effects, interactions,
essential information regarding disease states 978-0-7817-9047-5 / 2007 / 1,088 pp /
and contraindications. For more information on
of the lung, emphasising structure and function. 153 illus / £42.00 €57.00
online ancillaries for instructors and students,
For more information on online ancillaries for
please visit Instructor’s Resource CD
instructors and students, please visit thepoint. 978-0-7817-8355-2 / 895 pp / 400 illus, 978-0-7817-6809-2 / 2007 / Free for Adopters
200 tables / 2007 / £26.95 €40.00
978-0-7817-6414-8 / 224 pp / 80 illus / 2007 /
£19.95 €27.00
Workbook Foye’s Principles of Inspection

Medicinal Chemistry,
978-0-7817-7208-2 / 320 pp / 63 illus,
5 tables / 2007 / £22.50 €31.00
6th Edition
Workbook and Text Package T. Lemke, D. Williams
978-0-7817-8606-5 / 2007 / £43.00 €67.00
For more information, please see the
Pharmacy section.
978-0-7817-6879-5 / 1,377 pp / 2,200 illus /
2007 / £48.00 €66.00


Pharmacy Clinical Chemistry: NEW

Foye’s Principles of
Techniques, copy
Medicinal Chemistry, copy

Principles, 6th Edition

Pharmaceutical NEW Correlations, 6th Edition T. Lemke, D. Williams
M. Bishop, E. Fody, L. Schoeff The comprehensive Sixth
13th Edition Inspection Edition of this well-known
copy The revised, updated Sixth Edition of this
text has been fully revised
H. Ansel classic text incorporates the latest technologies,
and updated to meet
techniques, and opportunities in clinical
The gold standard textbook in its area for over the changing curricula
chemistry. No other text is more careful to strike
sixty years, Pharmaceutical Calculations is of medicinal chemistry
a balance between analytical principles and
now in its Thirteenth Edition. Every chapter has courses. Emphasis
techniques and the correlation of laboratory
been revised and updated to reflect the basic is on patient-focused
results. New case studies have been added to
calculations applicable to the contemporary pharmaceutical care and
this edition.
practice of pharmacy. on the pharmacist as a therapeutic consultant,
A companion website will offer additional case rather than a chemist. A new disease state
978-1-58255-837-0 / 480 pp / 59 illus, studies,a quiz bank, and flashcards for students management section explains appropriate
5 tables / Feb 2009 / £39.00 €52.00 and improved instructor’s resources, including therapeutic options for asthma, chronic
an image bank, a test generator,PowerPoint obstructive pulmonary disease, and men’s and
slides, answers to the chapter review questions, women’s health problems. For information on
Communication Skills additional case studies and answers, teaching online ancillaries for instructors and students,
Inspection tips, and weblinks. For more information on please visit the
in Pharmacy Practice: copy
online ancillaries for instructors and students,
978-0-7817-6879-5 / 1,377 pp / 2,200 illus,
A Practical Guide for please visit
60 tables / 2007 / £48.00 €66.00
Students and 978-0-7817-4611-3 / Apr 2009 / 832 pp /
344 illus, 100 tables / £46.00 €63.00
Practitioners, 5th Edition Pharmacists Talking with Inspection
R. Beardsley, C. Kimberlin, Patients, 2nd Edition

W. Tindall Patient Assessment in NEW

Pharmacy Practice, M. Rantucci
The Fifth Edition of Communication Skills
in Pharmacy Practice helps pharmacy 2nd Edition The Second Edition of this
concise and easy-to-read
and pharmacy technician students learn the
principles, skills, and practices that are the R. Jones, R. Rospond text helps pharmacy students
foundation for clear communication and the acquire the valuable skills
essential development of trust between them 978-0-7817-6556-5 / Oct 2008 / 704 pp / and techniques they will
and their future patients. For information on 360 illus, 79 tables / £37.00 €49.00 need to become effective
online ancillaries for instructors and students, patient counsellors. This
please visit text explores a broad range

978-0-7817-6598-5 / 256 pp / 20 illus,

Applied Therapeutics: NEW
of theoretical and practical
issues and real-world situations presented
10 tables / 2007 / £23.95 €33.00 The Clinical Use of as case studies. Through the use of example
Drugs, 9th Edition dialogues that illustrate typical counselling
situations, students will study a complete
M. Koda-Kimble, L. Young, description of basic counselling protocols,
W. Kradjan, B. Guglielmo, recommendations on how these protocols can
be used to meet specific patient needs, and
B. Alldredge, R. Corelli, B. Williams how to incorporate effective patient counselling
Using a case-based approach, the Ninth into pharmacy practice. For information on
Edition of Applied Therapeutics: The Clinical online ancillaries for instructors and students,
Use of Drugs enables students to master the please visit the
fundamentals of drug therapeutics. All the
978-0-7817-6330-1 / 320 pp / 30 illus / 2006 /
contributors are leading clinicians with many
years of evidence-based care. As students £26.95 €37.00
progress through the text, they will learn the
basics of common diseases and disorders and
develop practical problem-solving skills for
devising and implementing successful drug
treatment regimens. For information on online
ancillaries for instructors and students, please

978-0-7817-6555-8 / 3,040 pp / 303 illus /

Sep 2008 / £91.00 €124.00 33
Pharmacy, Physiology

Clinical Martin’s Physical Pathophysiology of

Inspection Inspection Inspection
Pharmacokinetics: copy
Pharmacy & copy
Heart Disease: A copy

Concepts and Applications, Pharmaceutical Collaboration Project of

3rd Edition Sciences, 5th Edition Medical Students and
M. Rowland, T. Tozer P. Sinko Faculty, 4th Edition
978-0-683-07404-8 / 608 pp / 279 illus / Martin’s Physical L. Lilly
1995 / £33.00 €45.00 Pharmacy &
Completely rewritten and
Pharmaceutical Sciences
updated for the Fourth
is considered to be the
Edition, this best-selling
most comprehensive text
Introduction to available on the application
text is a comprehensive,
clear, concise, and easy-to-
Pharmacokinetics and of physical chemical and
understand introduction to
biopharmaceutical principles
Pharmacodynamics: The Inspection to the pharmaceutical
cardiovascular diseases. It
copy is written by internationally
Quantitative Basis of sciences. Its purpose is to help students,
recognised Harvard Medical
teachers, researchers, and practitioners use the
Drug Therapy elements of mathematics, biology, chemistry,
School faculty and selected medical students,
and is the best text to bridge basic physiology
and physics in their work and study. For
T. Tozer, M. Rowland information on online ancillaries for instructors
with clinical care of patients.
This unique, easy-to- and students, please visit the thepoint.lww. This edition provides updated coverage
read text helps students com/sinko5e. of pathogenesis of atherosclerosis,
master the fundamentals pathophysiology of acute coronary syndromes,
978-0-7817-5027-1 / 795 pp / 350 illus /
of pharmacokinetics and mechanisms of heart failure, molecular
pharmacodynamics. The
2005 / £39.95 €55.00 mechanisms of dysrhythmias, the genomic
book begins with the basic basis of cardiomyopathies and congenital heart
principles underlying disease, and pharmacology. Numerous new
pharmacokinetics and illustrations are included. For information on
pharmacodynamics online ancillaries for instructors and students,
and finishes with the application of these
principles to the establishment, maintenance,
Physiology please visit

and optimisation of dosage regimens for the 978-0-7817-6321-9 / 464 pp / 210 illus,
individual patient. This clinically-orientated 40 in full colour, 20 in two colour / 2006 /
text is one of the first introductory level books Cardiovascular £22.50 €28.00
in this discipline to pursue an integrated Physiology
approach in the areas of pharmacokinetics and
pharmacodynamics. For information on online Concepts Renal
ancillaries for instructors and students, please
NEW Inspection

visit the

R. Klabunde Pathophysiology copy

978-0-7817-5149-0 / 336 pp / 125 illus /

This uniquely readable, compact, and concise The Essentials,
monograph lays a foundation of knowledge
2006 / £32.50 €44.00 of the underlying concepts of normal 3rd Edition
cardiovascular function. Especially clear
explanations, ample illustrations, a helpful
H. Rennke, B. Denker
glossary of terms, tutorials, and chapter- This text offers medical
opening learning objectives provide superb students a case-based
guidance for self-directed learning. A focus approach to learning
on well-established cardiovascular principles mechanisms of renal
reflects recent, widely accepted cardiovascular disease. Each chapter
research. covers a disease and
begins with a patient case,
There is a supplemental CD which is an
followed by discussion of
interactive, dynamically linked version of the
the pathophysiology of
book, organised by normal cardiovascular
the disease. Issues of differential diagnosis
function and cardiac disease. For more
and therapy are linked to pathophysiological
information on online ancillaries for instructors
mechanisms. Short questions interspersed
and students, please visit
in the text require students to apply their
knowledge, and detailed answers to the
978-0-7817-5030-1 / 256 pp / 158 illus, questions are given. For more information on
7 tables / 2004 / £20.95 €28.00 online ancillaries for instructors and students,
please visit

978-0-7817-9995-9 / 368 pp / 252 illus,

25 tables / Nov 2009 / £21.50 €28.00


Renal Pathophysiology: Concepts in Respiratory Physiology:

Inspection Inspection Inspection
The Essentials, copy
Medical Physiology copy
The Essentials, copy

2nd Edition J. Seifter, A. Ratner, D. Sloane 8th Edition

H. Rennke, B. Denker Written with valuable contributions by medical J. West
978-0-7817-9626-2 / 400 pp / 140 illus, students, this innovative text delivers a
Widely considered the
straightforward and clear overview of the
100 in two colour, 25 tables / 2006 / “gold standard” textbook
major principles, agents, and processes
£21.50 €30.00 for respiratory physiology,
governing human physiology. A unique author
this compact, concise, and
team of medical students and experts, with
easy-to-read text is now in its
special experience in education and clinical
Medical Physiology: Inspection
medicine, succeed in raising the standard
fully updated Eighth Edition.
New student-friendly features
of communication as compared with typical
Principles for
include Key Points boxes at
medical physiology texts.
the end of each chapter and
Clinical Medicine, Concepts in Medical Physiology avoids long USMLE-style questions and answers with full
3rd Edition lists of unprioritised information and undefined explanations for all answer choices.
jargon by presenting fresh concept diagrams
R. Rhoades, D. Bell A companion website offers fully searchable
and figures alongside clear explanations of
text, plus animations that illustrate difficult
Now in its Third Edition, quantitative concepts, plus new analogies,
physiological concepts. For more information on
this text clearly and metaphors, and much more. For information on
online ancillaries for instructors and students,
concisely presents the online ancillaries for instructors and students,
please visit
physiological principles please visit
that are essential 978-0-7817-4489-8 / 704 pp / 450 illus / 978-0-7817-7206-8 / 192 pp /
to clinical medicine. 2005 / £39.95 €53.00 99 two colour illus / 2008 / £19.95 €26.00
Outstanding pedagogical
features include problem-
Image Bank
solving applications of Pulmonary Physiology
basic principles; conceptual diagrams that help Institutional Single User Inspection

and Pathophysiology:
students visualise complex processes; case
978-0-7817-4490-4 / 2006 / £213.00 €319.00
studies, Clinical Focus boxes, and From Bench
to Bedside boxes; a comprehensive glossary;
An Integrated,
and online USMLE-style questions with answers Institutional Network Case-Related Approach,
and explanations. Now completely updated, this
edition features new material, new features,
978-0-7817-8486-3 / 2006 / £321.00 €476.00 2nd Edition
and a robust online package to help students J. West
and instructors get the maximum impact from
their course. For more information on online Pulmonary Inspection
The Second Edition of
Pulmonary Physiology and
ancillaries for instructors and students, please
Pathophysiology: The copy

Pathophysiology presents

978-0-7817-6852-8 / 800 pp / 581 illus,

Essentials, 7th Edition normal and abnormal
pulmonary function in the
542 in two colour, 81 tables / 2008 / J. West same case-based format
£35.00 €51.00 that made the First Edition
For further information on this title please see
a favourite among students.
the Pathophysiology section. Each chapter begins with a
Hematology for Medical 978-0-7817-6414-8 / 224 pp / 80 illus / 2007 / clinical case study of diseases typically seen
£19.95 €27.00 by practitioners. The cases are followed by a
Students copy
discussion and breakdown of the physiology,
pathophysiology, anatomy, pharmacology, and
A. Schmaier pathology for each disease, and a question-
978-0-7817-3120-1 / 282 pp / 248 illus, and-answer section. This edition has an
48 in full colour / 2003 / £19.95 €30.00 infectious diseases chapter, updates on asthma
pathogenesis and bronchodilators, and user-
friendly features such as chapter openers,
chapter outlines, “key points” summary boxes,
Respiratory Inspection
and board-formatted questions and answers.
Physiology: A
For more information on online ancillaries for
instructors and students, please visit thepoint.
Clinical Approach

R. Schwartzstein, M. Parker 978-0-7817-6701-9 / 150 pp / 181 illus /

2007 / £19.95 €27.00
978-0-7817-5748-5 / 256 pp / 83 illus / 2005 /
£19.95 €27.00 35

Physiotherapy Management of Common

Basic Biomechanics of
Musculoskeletal copy
the Musculoskeletal copy

Outcome-Based Disorders: Physical Therapy System, 3rd Edition

Massage: From
Principles and Methods, M. Nordin, V. Frankel
Evidence to 4th Edition Unique in its direct and comprehensive
approach, this edition presents a working
Practice, 2nd Edition D. Hertling knowledge of biomechanical principles
The fundamental textbook of orthopaedic for use in the evaluation and treatment of
C. Andrade, P. Clifford musculoskeletal dysfunction.
physical therapy is now in its thoroughly
Written for physical updated Fourth Edition. This edition presents a
978-0-683-30247-9 / 496 pp / 572 illus /
therapists, massage “how-to” approach focusing on the foundations
therapists and occupational of manual therapy. More than 1,200 illustrations 2001 / £36.00 €49.00
therapists, this text and photographs demonstrate therapeutic
introduces an evidence- techniques. Extensive references cite key
based clinical reasoning articles, emphasising the latest research. Kinesiology: The Inspection
process for incorporating
massage into therapeutic
Reflecting current practice standards, this Mechanics and copy

edition places greater emphasis on joint

practice. Based on
stabilisation techniques and the role of exercise.
Pathomechanics of
outcome measurement, techniques, and current
models of disablement, this is an excellent guide
Coverage includes new material on soft tissue Human Movement,
manipulations and myofascial evaluation. This
to physical therapist practice. For information on
edition also features case studies covering real- 2nd Edition
online ancillaries for instructors and students,
life practice scenarios.
please visit C. Oatis
978-0-7817-3626-8 / 960 pp / 1,200 illus / The Second Edition of Kinesiology: The
978-0-7817-6760-6 / 497 pp / 267 illus,
2005 / £42.00 €57.00 Mechanics and Pathomechanics of
27 tables / 2008 / £24.95 €34.00
Human Movement relates the most current
understanding of anatomy and mechanics
Neuroscience for Muscles: Testing and Inspection
with clinical practice concerns. Featuring
seven chapters devoted to biomechanics,
copy Function, with Posture copy

straightforward writing, and over 900 beautiful

2nd Edition and Pain, 5th Edition illustrations, the text provides detailed coverage
of the structure, function and kinesiology of
H. Cohen F. Kendall, E. McCreary, each body region. Readers will gain an in-depth
P. Provance, M. Rodgers, understanding of the relationship between the
978-0-397-55465-2 / 544 pp / 184 illus / quality of movement and overall human health.
W. Romani
1998 / £32.00 €44.00 For more information on online ancillaries for
This renowned classic provides unparalleled instructors and students, please visit thepoint.
coverage of manual muscle testing, plus
evaluation and treatment of faulty and painful
postural conditions. The thoroughly updated 978-0-7817-7422-2 / 960 pp / 880 illus,
Fifth Edition is completely reorganised and has 650 in full colour, 150 tables / 2008 /
new, expanded treatment and exercise sections £42.00 €57.00
in each chapter. Other features include a new
section on post-polio syndrome, additional
case studies comparing Guillain-Barré to
polio muscle tests, a new full colour design,
and a first-of-its-kind chart of upper extremity
A bonus Primal Anatomy CD contains a three-
dimensional interactive model of the human
body. Students can rotate the model and add or
subtract layers of anatomy to strengthen their

978-0-7817-4780-6 / 560 pp / 877 illus,

105 in full colour / 2005 / £39.99 €51.00

Instructor’s Resource CD

978-0-7817-6420-9 / 2006 / Free for Adopters

Physiotherapy, Psychiatry, Radiology & Radiography

Motor Control:
Kaplan and Sadock’s
Radiology &
Translating Research copy
Synopsis of Psychiatry: copy

into Clinical Practice, Behavioral Sciences/ Radiography

3rd Edition Clinical Psychiatry,
10th Edition Clinical Radiology: The
A. Shumway-Cook, M. Woollacott Inspection

Essentials, 3rd Edition copy

Motor Control is the B. Sadock, V. Sadock

only text to bridge the
The best-selling general R. Daffner
gap between current
psychiatry text since 1972, Written for medical
motor control research
Kaplan and Sadock’s students beginning clinical
and its applications to
Synopsis of Psychiatry rotations, this book covers
clinical practice. The text
is now in its thoroughly the topics most often
prepares therapists to
updated Tenth Edition. included in introductory
examine and treat patients
This complete, concise radiology courses. More
with problems related
overview of the entire field of than 1,200 images show
to balance, mobility, and upper extremity
psychiatry is a staple review variations in radiological
function, based on the best available evidence
text for students in medicine, clinical psychology, appearances of common
supporting clinical practice. The Third Edition
social work, nursing, and occupational therapy, disorders. This thoroughly revised Third
features a new two-colour design with an
as well as practitioners in all these areas. Edition reflects state-of-the-art advances and
updated art programme. For information on
online ancillaries for instructors and students, Purchasers of this text will also receive access includes new material on current interventional
please visit to the complete, fully searchable online text, techniques and cardiac imaging. This edition
along with an online test bank of approximately also includes an appendix of diagnostic pearls.
978-0-7817-6691-3 / 576 pp / 290 illus / 200 multiple-choice questions and full answers. For more information on online ancillaries for
2006 / £36.00 €49.00 For more information on online ancillaries for instructors and students, please visit thepoint.
instructors and students, please visit thepoint.
978-0-7817-9968-3 / 544 pp / 1,247 illus /
Pediatric Physical Inspection
978-0-7817-7327-0 / 1,472 pp / 495 illus, 2007 / £29.95 €41.00
Therapy, 4th Edition copy
99 in full colour, 777 tables / 2007 /
£50.00 €64.00
J. Tecklin Radiology Review Manual,
978-0-7817-5399-9 / 680 pp / 227 illus,
Kaplan and Sadock’s 6th Edition
50 tables / 2007 / £39.50 €54.00 Inspection

Concise Textbook of copy

W. Dähnert
Clinical Psychiatry, The number 1 radiology
Principles of board review is now in
3rd Edition its thoroughly updated
Exercise Testing and and expanded new Sixth
Interpretation, 4th Edition B. Sadock, V. Sadock Edition! Through five
This concise textbook is ideal for any student editions, Dr. Dähnert’s
K. Wasserman, J. Hansen, D. Sue, or health care professional who needs an Radiology Review
W. Stringer, B. Whipp authoritative, readable, affordable text that Manual has helped
is sharply focused on clinical psychiatry. It thousands of readers
For further information, please see the Sports prepare for - and successfully complete - their
contains the most relevant clinical material
and Exercise Science section. from the best-selling Kaplan and Sadock’s written boards. It is organised by body region
978-0-7817-4876-6 / 568 pp / 262 illus / Synopsis of Psychiatry, Ninth Edition and provides extensive lists of image findings
and includes updated information on and differential diagnoses that are associated
331 tables / 2004 / £60.00 €76.00
clinical syndromes and recently introduced with specific disease entities. An accessible
pharmacological agents. outline format, a “shorthand” style, and a
thorough index make must-know facts easy to
Initial chapters cover the clinical examination, find, review, and remember.
Psychiatry the psychiatric report, medical assessment of
the psychiatric patient, laboratory tests, signs 978-0-7817-6620-3 / 1,232 pp / 289 illus,
and symptoms, and classification and rating 96 tables / 2007 / £60.00 €76.00
scales. The major portion of the book covers
Neuroscientific Inspection
all psychiatric and substance-related disorders,
with special chapters devoted to infants,
Foundations of Clinical copy
children, adolescents, and geriatric patients.
Also included are chapters on end-of-life care
Psychiatry: Pathophysiology and palliative medicine, forensic psychiatry,
of Behavior and Mental Illness ethical issues, and emergency psychiatry.

E. Higgins, M. George 978-0-7817-8746-8 / 752 pp / 40 illus /

389 tables / 2008 / £37.00 €46.00
978-0-7817-6655-5 / 448 pp / 266 illus,
234 in two colour, 20 tables / 2007 /
£44.00 €60.00 37
Radiology & Radiography, Reference & Revision

MRI: The Basics, Obstetrics and Stedman’s

Inspection Inspection
2nd Edition copy
Gynaecology Recall, copy
Medical Dictionary,
R. Hashemi, W. Bradley, C. Lisanti 3rd Edition 28th Edition
978-0-7817-4157-6 / 368 pp / 552 illus / F. Bourgeois, M. Bray, Stedman’s
2003 / £33.95 €43.00 C. Matthews Accessible, informative, and comprehensive,
978-0-7817-7069-9 / 608 pp / 34 illus, Stedman’s Medical Dictionary is the perfect
13 tables / 2007 / £19.95 €30.00 guide for those who wish to speak and write
Clinical Sonography: Inspection
about health care more precisely.
A Practical Guide, copy
4th Edition Radiology Recall, • More than 1,050 images, many of them

R. Sanders, T. Winter
2nd Edition copy
in colour, which expand and clarify the
meanings of terms
978-0-7817-4869-8 / 750 pp / 993 illus, S. Gay
• Numerous tables present complicated
48 in full colour / 2006 / £47.00 €64.00 978-0-7817-6559-6 / 656 pp / 423 illus, information in schematic format to facilitate
9 tables / 2007 / £20.95 €29.00 learning
• 64 pages of full colour anatomy and
Patient Care in Imaging NEW diagnostic medicine images
Technology, 7th Edition Surgical Recall, • Includes Stedman’s 2005 spellchecker on

L. Torres, A. Dutton; T. Watson

5th Edition copy
CD Rom

978-0-7817-7183-2 / 448 pp / 201 illus, L. Blackbourne 978-0-7817-3390-8 / 2,100 pp / 1,500 illus /

2005 / £27.50 €41.00
16 tables / Feb 2009 / £31.00 €41.00 For further information, please see the
Clinical Medicine section. PDA CD
978-0-7817-7076-7 / 800 pp / 333 illus / 978-0-7817-8529-7 / 2006 / £28.00 + VAT
2008 / £22.00 €30.00
Reference & €42.00 + VAT

Revision Stedman’s Pocket Medical Stedman’s Electronic Medical

Dictionary Dictionary, Version 7.0
Advanced Medicine Stedman’s
Inspection Stedman’s
Recall copy

• Nearly 20,000 entries with definitions

Single User
J. Bergin • English spellings of essential terms from
978-0-7817-8986-8 / 2006 / £54.00 + VAT
Stedman’s Medical Dictionary
978-0-7817-7629-5 / 800 pp / 20 illus / 2008 / €80.00 + VAT
£24.50 €36.00 • Spelling and pronunciations guide for all
terms, including prefixes, suffixes and For more information on institutional
multiword terms prices please email or
Anatomy Recall, Inspection
• Valuable reference appendices including: contact your local sales representative.
2nd Edition
• Laboratory values in SI units for most
commonly used tests, extensive section
J. Antevil, L. Blackbourne, C. Moore on blood groups and helpful metric Stedman’s Power Pack:
For further information, please see the conversion tables Stedman’s Medical
Anatomy section. • Physiological values during pregnancy Dictionary & CD, 28th Edition
978-0-7817-9885-3 / 384 pp / 134 illus / • Symbols and abbreviations
2005 / £18.95 €26.00
978-0-683-14528-1 / 450 pp / 1993 / The Power Pack includes the Stedman’s
£5.50 €8.00 Medical Dictionary, Twenty Eighth Edition
Medicine Recall, and full version of the Stedman’s Electronic
Inspection Dictionary v5.0 CD. The dictionary contains
3rd Edition copy
over 102,000 terms and over 1,000 images.
The CD contains all the medical terminology
J. Bergin and definitions in the print edition and over
978-0-7817-9414-5 / 832pp / 34 illus, 35,000 written and audio pronunciations,
5 tables / 2007 / £19.95 €27.00 etymologies, images, tables and animations.

978-0-7817-6391-2 / 2006 / £29.95 + VAT

€44.00 + VAT

Reference & Revision, Speech, Language & Hearing

Stedman’s Dictionary for Speech, Language Understanding

the Health Professions Voice Problems:
and Nursing, 6th Edition & Hearing A Physiological Perspective
Stedman’s for Diagnosis and Treatment,
Audiology: 3rd Edition
Featuring over 54,000 entries, this Inspection

The Fundamentals,
thoroughly updated Sixth Edition contains the
R. Colton, J. Casper, R. Leonard
medical terminology used in over 30 of today’s
fastest growing health profession areas - plus
4th Edition
Now in its Third Edition, this book emphasises
comprehensive inclusion of entries suited for F. Bess, L. Humes the physiological perspective of voice disorders
the nursing field. The book includes 1,000 - and the behavioural and emotional factors
enriched colour images and photographs, Now in its Fourth Edition, that can influence these changes. Readers
detailed images by the Anatomical Chart this book is designed for will find a strong foundation in normal
Company in a glossy insert, 68 appendices, students in audiology phonatory physiology and acoustics as well
and cut thumb tabs for quick A-to-Z reference. or students desiring a as pathophysiology arising from voice misuse,
More than 46 leading consultants from health broad, in-depth survey abuse, or neurological involvement. A bonus
professions and nursing contributed to the of the profession. The DVD features 20 video clips that demonstrate
enhancements of this edition. logical progression from healthy, normally functioning larynges at
fundamentals to more work, plus larynges with various pathological
A bound-in bonus CD includes the features of complex topics, the problems.
the print edition in fully searchable format, over readable writing style, and the abundant
48,000 audio pronunciations, approximately 50 simple illustrations are ideally suited for the 978-0-7817-4239-9 / 464 pp / 168 illus /
anatomical animations, plus Stedman’s Plus introductory level. This edition has a more 2005 / £44.00 €60.00
Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker. engaging design with anatomical drawings. For
information on online ancillaries for instructors
978-0-7817-7618-9 / 2,432 pp /
and students, please visit
1,000 full colour illus / 2007 / £21.50 €32.00
Hearing Science Inspection

978-0-7817-6643-2 / 362 pp / 170 illus, D. Emanuel, T. Letowski

Stedman’s Medical 97 in full colour, 27 tables / 2008 / 978-0-7817-8047-6 / 335 pp / 208 Illus,
£38.00 €53.00 23 tables / 2007 / £39.00 €54.00
Dictionary for the
Dental Professions
Neuroscience for NEW Stuttering: An Integrated
Inspection Inspection
the Study of copy
Approach to its Nature copy

978-0-7817-6865-8 / 800 pp / 500 illus,

300 in full colour / 2006 / £24.95 €37.00 Communicative and Treatment, 3rd Edition
Disorders, B. Guitar
Stedman’s Pocket Guide Revised 3rd Edition The Fifth Edition provides a comprehensive
NEW overview of the etiology and development
to Medical Language S. Bhatnagar
as well as the appropriate approaches to
Stedman’s 978-1-60547-661-2 / 498 pp / 205 illus, the accurate assessment and treatment of
183 in two colour, 35 tables / Dec 2008 / stuttering. For information on online ancillaries
978-0-7817-9981-2 / 352 pp / £38.00 €52.00 for instructors and students, please visit
25 full colour illus / Oct 2008 / £13.50 €18.00

978-0-7817-3920-7 / 480 pp / 65 illus / 2005 /

Language Intervention £42.00 €57.00

Strategies in Aphasia copy

and Related Neurogenic Handbook of Clinical NEW

Communication Disorders, Audiology, 6th Edition
5th Edition J. Katz, I. Katz, L. Medwetsky, Inspection
R. Chapey L. Hood
This thoroughly revised and updated Fifth This highly respected text and reference offers
Edition is the most comprehensive resource on scientific, clinical and philosophical insights
aphasia and related neurogenic communication regarding current issues and procedures
disorders from the most distinguished in audiology. This new edition incorporates
authorities of our time. This classic text has the most recent material in the physiology,
been used by graduate speech language assessment, diagnosis and management of
pathology students for over 25 years, and hearing disorders. It is a readable, thorough
continues to be the definitive resource across compendium of hearing procedures and
the speech sciences for aphasia. information, interpreted by highly respected
individuals in the field.
978-0-7817-6981-5 / 1,091 pp / 115 illus,
40 tables / 2008 / £44.00 €60.00 978-0-7817-8106-0 / 976 pp / 580 illus,
400 tables / Feb 2009 / £43.00 €57.00 39
Sports & Exercise Science

Sports & ACSM’s Resources for NEW ACSM’s Exercise is NEW

the Clinical Exercise Medicine™: A Clinician’s
Exercise Science Physiologist, 2nd Edition Guide to Exercise

American College of Sports Prescription

Taping and NEW Medicine (ACSM) American College of Sports Medi-
Wrapping Made 978-0-7817-6870-2 / Feb 2009 / 304 pp / cine (ACSM), S. Jonas, E. Phillips
Simple 20 illus, 68 tables / £29.00 €38.00 “Exercise is Medicine” is an American College
of Sports Medicine initiative to “make physical
B. Abell
activity and exercise a standard part of a
978-0-7817-6994-5 / 128 pp / 250 illus, ACSM’s Metabolic Inspection
disease prevention and treatment medical
20 tables / Feb 2009 / £15.50 €21.00 paradigm”.This book will teach practitioners
Calculations Handbook

how to motivate and instruct patients on the

American College of Sports importance of exercise and how to design
practical exercise programs for patients of all
A Visual Guide to NEW Medicine (ACSM) ages and fitness levels, as well as those with
Anatomy, Movement, and 978-0-7817-4238-2 / 128 pp / 5 illus/ 2006 / special conditions such as pregnancy, obesity,
£17.00 €25.00 and cancer.
Common Sports Injuries
978-1-58255-739-7 / 256 pp / 27 illus,
Anatomical Chart Company 48 tables / Mar 2009 / £27.00 €36.00
Organized by region of the body, this ACSM’s Guidelines NEW Inspection

for Exercise Testing

anatomical image-based guide covers basic
layers of anatomy in various views, movement
and Prescription, ACSM’s Resource NEW Inspection
and some of the most common injuries of adult copy

and child/adolescent athletes. Besides showing 8th Edition Manual for

pathology, the mechanisms of select injuries Guidelines for Exercise
will also be shown in context of a human figure. American College of Sports
A CD-ROM of patient handouts explaining Medicine (ACSM) Testing and Prescription,
the most common injuries (along with the
appropriate image) will also be included. The single most internationally
6th Edition
read and referenced text in American College of Sports
978-0-7817-7361-4 / May 2009 / 72 pp / sports medicine, exercise
£43.00 €57.00 Medicine (ACSM)
science, and health and
fitness, this manual succinctly Designed as a companion to ACSM’s
summarises recommended Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription
ACSM’S Certification NEW
procedures for exercise and as a textbook for ACSM certification
testing and exercise candidates, this book covers all the major
Review, 3rd Edition prescription in healthy and aspects of preventive rehabilitative and fitness
diseased individuals. Written by international programs and the main points from all position
American College of Sports experts in numerous fields, the Eighth Edition stands of the American College of Sports
Medicine (ACSM) contains the most current public health and Medicine.
clinical information and state-of-the-art,
978-0-7817-9771-9 / Feb 2009 / 320 pp / 978-0-7817-6906-8 / 784 pp / 325 illus /
research-based recommendations.
110 illus, 40 tables / £20.95 €28.00 Feb 2009 / £31.00 €41.00
978-0-7817-6902-0 / 400 pp / 22 illus /
Feb 2009 / £19.95 €26.00
ACSM’s Health- NEW Inspection
ACSM’s Advanced
Related Physical copy Inspection

Exercise Physiology copy

Fitness Assessment American College of Sports

Manual, 3rd Edition Medicine
American College of Sports 978-0-7817-4726-4 / 704 pp / 300 illus /
Medicine (ACSM) 2005 / £56.00 €76.00
From the American College of Sports Medicine
(ACSM), this text provides the reader with
the information necessary to develop skills ACSM’s Resources NEW Inspection
for assessing an individual’s health-related for the Personal copy

physical fitness. It provides a practical “how-

to-do-it” approach for performing assessment Trainer, 3rd Edition
skills effectively, and an understanding of the
theory behind and the importance of each skill
American College of Sports
or assessment. Medicine (ACSM)
978-0-7817-9771-9 / 240 pp / 85 illus, 978-0-7817-9772-6 / 547 pp /
50 tables / May 2009 / £23.00 €31.00 251 full colour illus / Nov 2009 /
£34.50 €47.00

Sports & Exercise Science

ACSM’s Resources Stretching for NEW Conditioning for

Inspection Inspection Inspection
for the Personal copy
Functional copy
Strength and copy

Trainer, 2nd Edition Flexibility Human Performance

American College of Sports P. Armiger, M. Martyn T. Chandler, L. Brown
Medicine 978-0-7817-6792-7 / Feb 2009 / 464 pp / 978-0-7817-4594-9 / 488 pp /
This valuable resource 304 illus / £19.95 €26.00 350 full colour illus / 2007 / £39.00 €54.00
is the official ACSM
preparatory tool for Instructor’s Resource CD
the ACSM Certified
Personal Trainer exam
Essentials of Research 978-0-7817-9807-5 / 2007/ Free for Adopters

and provides coverage Methods in Health, copy

of fitness assessment,
Physical Education,
exercise prescription, and ECG Interpretation for NEW
exercise leadership along Exercise Science and
with discussions of anatomy and physiology, the Clinical Exercise
Recreation, 3rd Edition
injury prevention, psychology, emergency Scientist
techniques, exercise leadership programmes, K. Berg, R. Latin
and legal issues. It includes the fundamental C. Dunbar, B. Saul
knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) used This easy-to-read, user-
to improve, maintain, and/or optimise health- friendly text is ideal for 978-0-7817-7865-7 / Jan 2009 / 224 pp /
related components of physical fitness and professionals in health, 170 illus, 5 tables / £24.95 €33.00
performance. The Second Edition is now in physical education,
full colour and includes information on writing exercise science, athletic
appropriate exercise recommendations, leading training, and recreation. Principles of Inspection
and demonstrating safe and effective methods The text explores the copy

of exercise, and motivating individuals. For full range of basic Biomechanics &
information on online ancillaries for instructors topics typically covered Motion Analysis
and students, please visit in research courses in exercise science,
acsmpersonaltrainer. kinesiology, and physical education. For I. Griffiths, Department of
information on online ancillaries for instructors Sports Sciences, University of Wales
978-0-7817-9053-6 / 547 pp / and students, please visit
251 full colour illus / 2006 / £34.50 €47.00 berg3e.
Swansea, UK
978-0-7817-5231-2 / 339 pp / 250 illus /
Instructor’s Resource CD 978-0-7817-7036-1 / 332 pp / 56 illus / 2007 /
2005 / £24.95 €40.00
£29.95 €44.00
978-0-7817-6897-9 / 2007 / Free for Adopters
Instructor’s Resource CD

Functional Anatomy: A NEW 978-0-7817-6225-0 / 2005 / Free for Adopters

Foundations of Athletic
Inspection Guide to Musculoskeletal
Training: Prevention, copy

Anatomy for
Assessment, and
Management, 4th Edition
C. Cael
M. Anderson, S. Hall, G. Parr
Functional Anatomy was written to help
Using a problem-solving students of human movement and bodywork
approach to explain understand how anatomical structures work
prevention, recognition, together to create motion. This understanding
assessment, management, is essential to students preparing for careers
and disposition of sports- as fitness and sports professionals, who are
related injuries and routinely called upon to analyze complex
diseases, this text meets movement patterns in order to maximise the
the information needs athlete’s performance and prevent injury.
of athletic trainers and Functional Anatomy is unique in that the
athletic training students. This text integrates structures of the body are not merely defined,
basic medical concepts and related scientific but explored in terms of their relationships to
information to provide a strong foundation of other structures.
general athletic training practices. This text
provides students with the most extensive, 978-0-7817-7404-8 / 496 pp / 700 full colour
challenging content in a user-friendly format to illus / Oct 2009 / £31.00 €41.00
help facilitate learning and retention as students
prepare to enter the profession of athletic
training. For information on online ancillaries for
instructors and students, please visit thepoint.

978-0-7817-8445-0 / 1,100 pp /
1,029 full colour Illus, 281 Tables / 2008 /
£36.99 €47.00 41
Sports & Exercise Science

Biomechanical NEW Exercise NEW Sport and Exercise

Inspection Inspection Inspection
Basis of Human copy
Physiology: Energy, copy
Nutrition, 3rd Edition copy

Movement, Nutrition and Human W. McArdle, F. Katch,

3rd Edition Performance, V. Katch
J. Hamill, K. Knutzen 7th Edition Now in its Third Edition,
this best-selling text
This introductory W. McArdle, F. Katch, V. Katch teaches interactions
text in biomechanics between nutrition and
This exercise physiology textbook integrates
integrates basic anatomy, exercise concepts and
basic concepts and relevant scientific
physics, calculus, and practical applications.
information to provide a foundation for
physiology for the study Readers receive a strong
understanding nutrition, energy transfer, and
of human movement. foundation in the science
exercise training. This new edition continues
Organised into three parts of exercise nutrition and
to provide excellent coverage of exercise
(Foundations of Human bioenergetics, plus insight about how the
physiology, uniting the topics of physical
Movement, Functional principles work in the real world of human
conditioning, sports nutrition, body composition,
Anatomy, and Mechanical Analysis of Human physical activity and sports competition. The
weight control, and more. Every chapter has
Movement), this text is considered to be a text is logically organised with fundamental
been fully revised and updated to reflect the
“higher” level biomechanics book as it can be information about nutrient digestion, absorption
latest information in the field. The updated and
used in both upper level undergraduate and and assimilation presented first, followed by
enhanced full-color art program adds visual
graduate courses. The Third Edition includes how nutrients provide energy to the body. For
appeal and improves understanding of key
new coverage of physical activity and bone information on online ancillaries for instructors
formation, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, factors and students, please visit
influencing force and velocity development in A companion Website includes over 25 mcardlenutrition3e.
the muscle, and the effect of training on muscle animations of key exercise physiology
activation and new and updated illustrations, concepts. 978-0-7817-7037-8 / 672 pp / 198 illus,
including applications from ergonomics, 160 tables / 2008 / £36.95 €47.00
orthopaedics, and exercise. For information on 978-0-7817-9781-8 / Oct 2009 / £35.00 €44.00
online ancillaries for instructors and students,
please visit Essentials of
978-0-7817-9128-1 / 491 pp / 695 illus /
Exercise Inspection Exercise Physiology,

2008 / £37.00 €51.00 Physiology: Energy, copy

3rd Edition
Nutrition and Human
W. McArdle, F. Katch, V. Katch
Applied Sports Medicine NEW
Performance, 6th Edition
This Third Edition offers the fundamental
for Coaches W. McArdle, F. Katch, V. Katch aspects of exercise physiology. It integrates
the basic concepts and relevant scientific
J. Johnson, E. Haskvitz, B. Brehm 978-0-7817-4990-9 / 1,184 pp / 850 illus, information to provide a foundation for
97 in full colour / 2006 / £35.00 €44.00 understanding nutrition, energy transfer, and
This textbook is designed to teach sports
medicine concepts to coaches. It focuses on exercise training. This new edition continues
Instructor’s Resource CD to provide excellent coverage of exercise
the topics relevant to coaches such as peak
performance, injury prevention, injury treatment, physiology, emphasising both practical
978-0-7817-7761-2 / 2006 / Free for Adopters
and rehabilitation. This text is unique in that it applications and the interrelationships between
gives coaching students and practicing coaches energy intake, energy production during
the tools they need to help their athletes exercise, and physiologic systems that support
achieve optimal performance and a healthy physical activity and training responsiveness.
lifestyle. Every chapter has been fully revised and
updated to reflect the latest information in the
978-0-7817-6549-7 / 384 pp / 205 illus / field. For information on online ancillaries for
Oct 2008 / £32.00 €43.00 instructors and students, please visit thepoint.

978-0-7817-4991-6 / 808 pp / 375 illus,

Athletic Training NEW 55 in full colour / 2005 / £27.99 €35.00
Exam Review
Instructor’s Resource CD
B. Long, C. Hale Inspection
978-0-7817-6220-5 / 2005 / Free for Adopters
978-0-7817-8052-0 / 352 pp / 1,250 illus /
Feb 2009 / £24.95 €33.00
Coaching Psychology NEW
M. Moore
978-0-7817-7262-4 / 224 pp / 40 illus /
Mar 2009 / £21.50 €29.00

Sports and Exercise Science

NASM’s Therapeutic NEW

978-0-7817-6802-3 / 560 pp / 450 illus /
Mar 2009 / £39.00 €52.00

NASM’s Performance NEW

Enhancement Specialist
978-0-7817-6803-0 / Oct 2009 / £34.00 €45.00

Ethics of Sport and NEW

Athletics: Theory,
Issues, and Application Inspection

R. Schneider
978-0-7817-8791-8 / 400 pp / 56 illus /
Oct 2008 / £28.50 €38.00

Exercise Testing and Inspection

Exercise Prescription for copy

Special Cases: Theoretical

Basis and Clinical
Application, 3rd Edition
J. Skinner
978-0-7817-4113-2 / 418 pp / 60 illus /
100 tables / 2005 / £38.00 €51.00

Principles of Exercise
Testing and copy

Interpretation, 4th Edition

K. Wasserman, J. Hansen, D. Sue,
W. Stringer, B. Whipp
This exceptional resource is the most
comprehensive, current text on the physiology
and pathophysiology of exercise testing
available. It is the only reference to address
disorders that can be diagnosed only through
cardiopulmonary exercise testing.

978-0-7817-4876-6 / 568 pp / 262 illus,

331 tables / 2004 / £60.00 €76.00 43

Abell: Taping and Wrapping Made Simple 40

Acland: Acland’s Atlas of Human Anatomy Series 2

Acland: Acland’s Cross-Sectional Navigator 2

Agur: Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy, 12th Edition 2

Alfaro-LeFevre: Applying Nursing Process: A Tool for Critical Thinking, 7th Edition 16

Allen: Plain & Simple Guide to Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Examinations, 2nd Edition 14

Allender: Community Health Nursing: Promoting and Protecting the Public’s Health, 7th Edition 16

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG): Obstetrics and Gynecology, 6th Edition 7

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM): ACSM’s Advanced Exercise Physiology 42

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM): ACSM’S Certification Review, 3rd Edition 40

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM): ACSM’s Resources for the Clinical Exercise Physiologist, 2nd Edition 40

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM): ACSM’s Exercise is Medicine™: A Clinician’s Guide to Exercise Prescription 40

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM): ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, 8th Edition 40

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM): ACSM’s Health-Related Physical Fitness Assessment Manual, 3rd Edition 40

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM): ACSM’s Metabolic Calculations Handbook 40

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM): ACSM’s Resource Manual for Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, 6th Edition 40

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM): ACSM’s Resources for the Personal Trainer, 2nd Edition 40

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM): ACSM’s Resources for the Personal Trainer, 3rd Edition 40

Anatomical Chart Company: A Visual Guide to Anatomy, Movement, and Common Sports Injuries 41

Anatomical Chart Company: Anatomy and Pathology: The World’s Best Anatomical Charts, 5th Edition 2

Anatomical Chart Company: Atlas of Pathophysiology, 3rd Edition 30

Anatomical Chart Company: Diseases and Disorders: The World’s Best Anatomical Charts, 3rd Edition 2

Anatomical Chart Company: Systems and Structures: The World’s Best Anatomical Charts, 2nd Edition 3

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