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NT-530 Non-contact Tonometer

EQUIPMENTS Specification Type Measurable Range Measurement range setting Working distance Eye fixation IOP Compensation by Corneal Thickness Auto tracking / Auto Shot Auto complete Display Printer Interface Power Supply Power consumption Dimensions / Weight Standard accessories : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Specifikasi Non Contact Type 1 mmHg to 60 mmHg APC40, 60 (APC=Auto Puff Control), 40, 60 11 mm Inner fixation light Manually entering corneal thickness X-Y-Z direction, Auto Shot Available 5.7 VGA color LCD tiltable Thermal line printer with easy loading and auto cutter RS-232C, LAN, USB AC 100 240 V 10% 50/60 Hz 100 VA 260 (W) x 481 (D) x 457 (H) mm, 19 kg 10.24 (W) x 18.94 (D) x 417.99 (H), 41 lbs Spare printer paper (x 3), Power cord, Dust cover, Chinrest paper, Fixing pins (x 2)

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QTY 1 Unit

Comfortable and Convenience

l Soft and quieter Air Puff l 3 D Auto Tracking, Auto Shot, and Auto Complete l IOP Compensation by Corneal Thickness l 5.7-inch VGA Tiltable Color LCD l Motorized chinrest l Printer easy loading and auto detachment l Patient safety (the TOO CLOSE message on the LCD and beep sound

alert the operator that the patients eye is too close to the air nozzle) 2. Digital Pupillometer Specification: Range of measurement Working distance Indication error Asymetry error Rounding error Automatic shut-off Power supply Over-all dimension Weight Diacon : : : : : : : : : PD of two eyes 45 mm - 82 mm PD of the left and right eye 22.5 mm - 41 mm 30, 35, 40, 50, 65, 100, 200 cm < 0.5 mm < 0.5 mm < 0.5 mm One minute after operation stop DC 6 V 212 X 158 X 58 cm 550 gram Heine Jerman 1 Unit China 1 Unit


Beta 200 S Direct Ophthalmoscope

Superior aspherical optics.


l l l l l l l l l l

The Beta 200 S is the first hand-held direct ophthalmoscope with a combination of patented aspherical optics and single-step diopter selection from -36D to +38D for precise lens selection and a crisp, focused fundusimage in all diagnositic situations. Heines aspherical optical system uses the Gulstrand principle to separate the illumination and observation beams. Corneal and iris reflexes are avoided and a complete section of the retina is visible even with a small pupil. 7 aperatures for diagnostic flexibility in both large and small pupils. Aspherical optics avoid corneal and iris reflex 74 single - diopter steps (from - 36 to - 38 dpt) for perfect focus even with high refractive error. 7 different apertures for retinal examination with both large and small pupils. Sparate interference red - free filter for imfroved contrast when viewing retinal blood - vessels. A powerful Heine XHL Xenon Halogen bulb for full illumination with bright, white light. Dustproof and maintenance-free for the life of the instrument The ergonomic rounded shape fits the orbita comfortably Ergonomic one handed operation. The multi-coated, recessed eyepiece avoids stray ilght during the examination The soft brow rest steadies the instrument and peotects the examiner glasses.
Heine Jerman 1 Unit


Beta 200 Retinoscope

Feature ParaStop for total precision in selecting a parallel beam. ParaStop and the lates multicoated optics provides an exceptionally bright fundus reflex for improved accuracy of diagnosis. ParaStop was designed and developed to simplify precise selection of a parallel illumination beam. ParaStop helps to determine the cylinder axis more precisely and speed up subsequent testing after refraction. The internal polarisation filter eliminates stray light and internal reflex without reducing brightness. l ParaStop simplifies precise selection of a parallel beam.

l Multi-coated optics ensure bright, clear images. l The internal polarisation filter eliminates stray light and internal reflex