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HISTORY PT Ultra Jaya is a company that produce aseptic beverage, long life food and dairy products.

They select high quality ingredients to produce best quality product using one of the most modern plants in Asia in the most hygienic condition. That makes PT Ultra Jaya the most trusted and reliable producer for consumers. PT Ultrajaya is totally committed to product quality. From raw materials to finished products, a system of quality checks is rigorously enforced not only on the products, but also on the manufacturing and storage processes. Marketing, sales and distribution PT Ultra Jayas strength is focused marketing vision to continually build the strong brand equities and grow its portfolio of food and beverage products that will meet the needs of Indonesian counsumers. PT Ultra Jaya has made significant investment in marketing activities, technology, product development and most fundamentally, distribution. The company has one of the Indonesias most extensive distribution networks, covering the entire Indonesian archipelago, from sumatera to Papua. This is accomplished through a distribution system comprising 2.500 wholesalaers which collectively supply to over 25.000 retail outlets (modern and traditional outlets), hotels and commercial users. This distribution network is further supported by PT Ultra Jayas own sales network made up of over 300 sales proffeionals, over 100 vehicles and 9 depots and sales representatives office in every major city and town and supported also by some local distributors. Ultra Jayas primarily market is Indonesia where people is enjoying growing levels of spending power. Ultra milk is one of PT Ultra Jayas product. Ultra milk is a high quality fresh milk containing the natural balanced goodness of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, making it therefore a complete food. It contains all the essential nourishment needed not only by children but also adults. Perspective 1. The buying power of Indonesian for milk is still low 2. Considering that milk is only for complementary nutrition 3. Indonesian prefer like the variety taste to the plain one 4. Considering milk and the other foods contain milk is part of Western culture 5. Considering milk is only for Middle-up class adults 6. Considering milk is only for kids Milk Consumption of Indonesian (gambar pie chart)

Average milk consumption of Indonesian was 32,44 ml (Persatuan Ahli Gizi Indonesa, 2010) Fakta rendahnya tingkat konsumsi susu di Indonesia: 1. Ultra Milk Make Your Move program (teens) : sport competition and art concert 2. Ultra Milk Wonder World program : a. Increasing the awareness of milk consumption b. Farming digital 3. Story Telling and Drinking Milk program for kids 4. Bicycling and Drinking Milk program for kids 5. Company Visit for academic student 6. Scholarship 7. Valentines Day a. Tagline Berbagi kasih saya, berbagi susu b. In Childrens Village Jakarta, Cibubur 8. Sekotak Susu Cair Segar, Indonesia Bersatu event a. 100 UHT milk for 100 orphans. b. Universal Kids Day PBB Building Loyalty 1. MyMilk Community a. Community to educate kids 2. Sponsorship and Endorship a. DBL (Development Basketball League) 2012 3. Customer Services a. Toll free line: 0800-11-ULTRA(85872) b. Number : 022-86700700