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Srimad Bhagavatam

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Canto1 Chapter 16

Srimad Bhagavatam Canto1.Chapter 16

Obeisances to Lord Krishna the Godhead

Chapter 16: How Parkchit Received the Age of Kali

SB 1.16.1
O Brahmins !That Great Royal sage then Parikshit ruled the earth as per the Words spoken by the star gazers on the day of his birth

SB 1.16.2
Sons four he begat in Iravati ,off King Uttara royal all of them with foremost as Janamejaya

SB 1.16.3
At the Ganges he did three horse yagnas and rewarded thrice The Supervising mentor,Godly Kripacharya with bounties.

SB 1.16.4
He once saw with his sagely vision the ruler of Kaliage , on his campaign trail a lowest form of rulerhip , disguised as a King, hurting the legs of a cow and a bull.

SB 1.16.5
Saunaka Queried:Why did King Parikshit reprimand the debased ruler of Kali-age for beating a cow ? Please tell this to us it relates to tales of Krishna,O divine sage

SB 1.16.6

The question is why would truth seekers who relish the honey at His lotus feet, waste their lives with endless illusory discussions on topics that are irrelevant?

SB 1.16.7
Oh Suta, in this world of mortals whose lifespan is short, those who desire eternal life ,calls for the presence of the Lord of Death, Yamrja who rules over the propitiatory sacrifice .

SB 1.16.8
The great Lord is invited to preside over sacrifices as he rules over death ,and let those who desire immortality drink from the narrations on His divine pastimes , to gain eternal life of high price

SB 1.16.9
Is it not so that those lazy, trivially-aimed and short-lived,beings pass their days and nights with aimless activities and sleeping?"

SB 1.16.10
Suta Said: When Parikshit at Kuru Kapital had forebodings of Kali-age might and its domination by scamps, he took up his bow and arrows for a military fight

SB 1.16.10
Well decorated under the protection of the lion in his flag and with black horses for his chariot, he left the capital accompanied by , cavalry, elephants and infantry to ensure his military might

SB 1.16.11
Bhadrasvva, Ketumala, Bharata, the northern countries of Kuru and Kimpurusha enroute to Himalayas were the lands he conquered,maintaining his authority by exacting tribute.

SB 1.16.12-15

Everywhere on the way he heard paens on his great forefathers and among glories of Lord Krishna he then heard on his deliverance from the powerful rays of Asvathamas weapons and on devotions d for Lord Krishna among both Vrishni and Parths descendants Pleased , eyes wide in joy, he rewarded them in clothes, and riches.

SB 1.16.16
Serving as charioteer, presiding in assemblies, acting as a servant, being a friend and a messenger and keeping the watch at night ,Lord Vishnu as Krishna , obeyed by everyone had acted with prayers and obeisances in relation to the love-filled God-fearing Pandavas ,this imbued Parikshit with devotion for the loving Lord.

SB 1.16.17
Absorbed in the nobilities of his forefathers he chose thus in his everyday life to follow their path, hear about a curious incident that happened to him closeby

SB 1.16.18
Righteousness personified as a bull who crawled on one leg, having lost other three legs of virtues, met an aggrieved Mother Earth as a cow in tears suffering loss of her calves

SB 1.16.19
Dharma asked: 'Madam, are you hale and hearty? Looking with a gloomy face you appear to be affected by a disease or preoccupied with a relative far away from you, oh mother.

SB 1.16.20
Are you lamenting about my three languishing legs, or because the meat-eaters want to exploit your body? Or is it because the share of the sacrifice that enlightened ones are hence bereft for lack of yagnas or because the living beings increasingly suffer from famine, and drought?

SB 1.16.21
Are you feeling compunction for the sad women and children who are deserted Or because the goddess of learning is being handled by brhmins who are devoid Of her principles ? Or that the brhmins are by their enemies well sheltered ?

SB 1.16.22
Is it because the descendants of the noble class under the influence of Kali-yuga appear to have lost their minds and left and right have messed up the affairs of the state? Or is it because of the wonts that have developed in society to take one's food and drink and how one sleeps, bathes and has intercourse?

SB 1.16.23
Could it be, oh mother Earth, that you are thinking about the salvation brought by the the Lord Krishna who diminished your heavy load but is now out of sight?

SB 1.16.24
Tell me, oh reservoir of all riches, the reason for your sadness that reduced you so Or has oh mother, powerful Time stole away your fortunes extolled by thehigh souls?'

SB 1.16.25
Mother er Earth replied: 'Oh Dharma, I will do my best to answer all the questions you asked me, for you are on your all fours to bring happiness in all the worlds

SB 1.16.26-30
Truth, cleanliness, compassion, self-control,, contentment, straightforwardness, magnanimity concentration, sense-control, responsibility, equality, tolerance, equanimity and loyalty And certainly also knowledge, detachment, leadership, chivalry, influence, power, dutifulness, independence, dexterity, beauty, serenity and kindheartedness , , as also gentility, mannerliness, determination, knowledgeability, propriety, pleasantness, joyfulness, immovability, faithfulness, fame and dignity -, ingenuity ,,all these and many others are the everlasting qualities of the Supreme Lord, the never diminishing higher nature which can be attained by those who are worthy of that greatness and thanks to Him I myself am, just as the Goddess of Fortune, and reservoir of qualities, but in his absence as the pivot, Kali, is sinking the worlds.

SB 1.16.31
I am lamenting for me and also for you, society ,for the best of the enlightened, the gods the ancestors in heaven, the sages and the devotees, and for all people mired in this status

SB 1.16.32-33
Goddess Lakshm whose grace was sought by demigods like Lord Brahm and other gods by doing penance in surrender to the Lord, has for the sake of worship left her own abode in the forest of lotus flowers out of attachment to the all-blissful feet of the Lord of the world. As a consequence of what He did I, the mother earth , experienced the foot falls of the Supreme Lord, the proprietor of all opulence, succeeded in all the worlds magnanimously , decorated as I was with the special powers of the lotus flowers, thunderbolt, flag ,and staff but in the end, just when I felt so fortunate, He left us.

SB 1.16.34
He who relieved me of the burden of the hundreds of military divisions of atheist kings, incarnated in the Yadu family, for, you,righteousness had difficulty to keep standing.

SB 1.16.35
Who, I ask you, can tolerate it to be separated from the love, glances, smiles and hearty appeal of the Supreme Original Person who conquered the womens passionate devotion and gravity of women like Satyabhm and made my hairs as grasses stand on end, out of the pleasure of being imprinted by feet of His?'

SB 1.16.35
While the earth and the righteousness were thus conversing, Parkchit, who was renowned for being the saint among the kings, arrived at the Sarasvat river that was flowing to eastend."