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MAY 14, 2013

Jammu Edition TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013 STUdent aGE JKENG/2012/41612 Vol. 2 No: 118 R E




Vol. 2 No: 118

R E A D T H E N E E D No rift between Manmohan
No rift between Manmohan and
Sonia, Congress clarifies
Too many drugs for sale
Nothing Can Stop You: An Inspiring
Story of Prahlad

China flexes muscle in Indian Ocean, pushes INDIA for Boundary talks

muscle in Indian Ocean, pushes INDIA for Boundary talks NEW DELHI: There is an urgent need

NEW DELHI: There is an urgent need to redouble efforts to push forward nego- tiations for a framework agreement on India-China boundary settlement, a top Chinese official said here in the backdrop of recent deep incursion in Ladakh sector. Describing the incursion as

"isolated" incident, Chinese officials said it showed the "well-tested effectiveness" of the mechanisms of com- munication between the two countries over boundary issues. "We need to redouble our efforts to push forward framework negotiations so that we can reach at a fair,

China flexes muscleinIndianOcean, Navyconcerned

NEW DELHI: Increasing presence of the Chinese maritime forces in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) and disciplinary issues in the force are expected to be discussed by the top Navy brass in their commanders' conference starting on Tuesday. The Navy has been con- cerned over the increasing presence of Chinese navy's submarines and other war- ships in the IOR. In a recent

report submitted to the defence ministry, the Integrated Defence Staff headquarters had informed the government quoting the data by American agencies that 22 encounters of Chinese submarines have taken place outside its terri- torial waters in the IOR. China has also been suc- cessful in establishing its presence in ports around India including Chittagong in Bangladesh, Sittwe and

reasonable and mutually acceptable solution at an early date," said Qin Gang, Spokesperson and Director- General of Information Department in the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

However, Qin, at an interac- tion with media which was organised by Ministry of External Affairs, cautioned that "while looking at impor- tant issue of boundary, we have to bear in mind the

Coco Island in Myanmar, Hambantota in Sri Lanka and Gwadar in Pakistan, which gives it capability to stay close to Indian waters from all sides in a move known as " string of pearls". In the conference to be inau- gurated by defence minister AK Antony, the Navy will also discuss cases of indisci- pline faced by the force. In recent times, several Navy officers have faced Contd. on page 2

whole picture of our devel- oping relations. And bear in mind the interest and bene- fits of good and cooperative China-India relations." Last month, Chinese troops on April 15 Contd. on page 2

Administration fails to take notice of devastation

May 1 quake causes havoc in Breng Bala

VIKRAM SHAN JAMMU: Though May 1 earth quake has also created a lot of devastation in Breng Bala area of tehsil Kokernag in Kashmir valley but the same went unnoticed as no one from the adminsitation bothered to take the notice of the same and provide any sort of relief to the people living in this farflung and remote area of Kashmir bordering Kishtwar distirct. The May 1 quake did not cre- ated a lot devastation in Chenab Valley belt only but has also affected the vast area on the other side of the Pir Panjal range in Kashmir Valley but the administration has failed to take the cogni- sance of the same. According to locals of this area hundreds of houses have developed cracks in that side of Pir Panjal in the villages of

Alhan, Gadole, Brang Bala, Sundbrari, Desu, Daksum, Matigawran and other vil- lages in Kokernag tehsil of Anantnag district which is linked to Kishtwar district via Simthan and Madev Warwan. The area is also located on the same sesmic zone in which Chenab Valley falls and the devastating quake left its impact in this belt also. But the authorities failed to take the cognisance of the same as no one from admin- istration bothered to visit the area and assess the losses. Hundreds of houses have been damaged in this belt also and some houses have developed major cracks but the Government has not taken any notice of the same. Not to speak of the ministers even the District Development Commissioner, Anantnag did not bother to

visit the area or send a team of relief officials to assess the loss. The people in many villages of this belt also pass sleepless nights and sleep in open since May 1 after more tremors shook the Chenab Valley and this belt in the aftermath of May 1 earthquake, said Abdul Rahim Rather district vice president PDP Anantnag who visited the area along with a team of office bearers of his Party two days back. Rather has made an appeal to district Development Commissioner Anantnag to send a team of revenue offi- cers to the area to assess the loss and sanction relief for the affected people at par with Chenab Valley area. Taking a dig at the adminis- tration he said no one both- ered to visit the area and assess Contd. on page 2


National Conference party, which previously had an alliance with the BJP-led NDA and was part

National Conference party, which previously had an alliance with the BJP-led NDA and was part of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government before shifting allegiance to the Congress-led UPA in 2004, would not have any alliance with BJP in future. "We are very clear there will

Afzal Guru would have been hanged if BJP did not make a political issue out of it. After all, why so close to Kasab's hanging?" Abdullah said, adding that no BJP leader could talk about Kashmir in terms of "insaniy- at". The central government's hanging of Guru last

JAMMU: Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has torn into the two main national parties, criticising Congress for being tone-deaf in its handling of the Kashmir issue while blasting BJP for forcing Afzal Guru's hanging and not following "positive politics". Abdullah told in an exclu- sive interview that his

be no alliance with BJP. We are done with our experi- ments with supporting a BJP- led government. We have only two options - supporting UPA or a United Front gov- ernment. But there will be no truck with BJP," he said. "This is obviously - about 90 per cent - to do with their attitude towards J&K. Honestly, I don't believe

February triggered angry reactions across Kashmir, although it did not tip the long restive state into a nega- tive spiral of violence as many had initially feared. But the 43-year-old chief minister and a scion of one of Kashmir's pre-eminent politi- cal dynasties said Guru's hanging was an "open wound" Contd. on page 2


AzadvisitsBhaderwahagain,assuresallpossiblehelp GHULAM NABI AZAD ALONG WITH OTHER OFFICIALS AT BHADERWAH BHADERWAH: Union


BHADERWAH: Union Health Minister Gulam Nabi Azad today made his second visit to the earthquake-hit

cially Bhaderwah here , which is also his home con- stituency. Accompanied by minister for R&B Abdul

erstwhile Doda region espe-


Contd. on page 2

Bhaderwah again shook by fresh tremors

JAMMU: Fresh tremors of moderate intensity on Monday shook Bhaderwah valley and adjoining areas, prompting authorities to close down schools again. Tremors measuring 4.1, 3 and 3.7 on the Richter scale shook Baderwah valley and adjoining areas at 12:01 PM, 9:41 AM and 8:42 AM respectively, Met officials said. There was no immedi- ate report of any casualty or injury, but the tremors trig- gered fresh panic among people, who rushed out of

their houses. Contd. on page 2

PM's peace move towards Pakistan a welcome step : Mehbooba

LANGATE: Welcoming Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh's latest move to revive the peace process with the new demo- cratically elected government in Pakistan, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) President Mehbooba Mufti today said the emerging political scenario in Islamabad offers a great

Democratic Party (PDP) President Mehbooba Mufti today said the emerging political scenario in Islamabad offers a

opportunity for the leader- ship of the two countries to "chart a new course" in bilat- eral relations as envisioned by Dr Singh. "We hope that election of Mian Nawaz Sharif as the new Prime Minister of

prove a stabilising factor for that country, but also pave the way for scripting a new chap- ter in Indo-Pak ties with J&K serving as a bridge of friend- ship," Mehbooba said while addressing a PDP workers'

Pakistan would not only


Contd. on page 2

Siddaramaiah becomes first time CM of Karnataka


the sprawling Kaneetarava

stadium Siddaramaiah was administered oath as as the

fervour, music and folk dances and about 50,000 peo-

28th chief minister of the state by Governor HR Bhardwaj on Monday. Amidst cloudy sky and

ple, including family mem- bers and relatives the 64- year-old Siddaramaiahtook oath in a grand ceremony. Siddaramaiah took oath in the name of truth and the

breezy weather coupled with cheers, applause, patriotic


Contd. on page 2

Siddaramaiah not to ban cow slaughter

BANGALORE: The newly-

(Amendment) Bill, 2012

elected Congressgovernment

passed in the state legislature


Karnataka has decided not

during the BJP rule would be

allow a ban on cow slaugh-

ter in the state. The Karnataka Prevention of cow


reversed. "We will go back to the Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle

slaughter and Preservation


Contd. on page 2



WASHINGTON: Modi has said that the greatest chal-

an hour video-link address to





the people of the Gujarati community living in 20 cities across the US, Modi this assertion. In his address, he lashed out at the UPA government and alleged that people of India have lost "trust and confidence" in the center, due to its "poor governance" and high corruption.

trust," Modi said while speaking to the audience from different cities of the US, including New Jersey

and Chicago. Besides the overseas Gujarati community across the country, who had organ- ised the event on the occasion of the Gujarat Divas, Indian students in several US uni- versities, like the University of Maryland, had gathered together to watch Modi's live address. In his speech, Modi

lenge facing India is restoring

"I feel biggest crisis

faith of people the while out- lining his meaning of devel- opment during his 12 year rule in Gujarat In a more than

(today) is lack of confi- dence. We need to get this trust back. This cannot be merely done by words:


Contd. on page 2

Parrot, Chicken and Digvijay: Same tale all the way?

Parrot, Chicken and Digvijay: Same tale all the way? ROHIT SINGH RANA The statement of maverick

ROHIT SINGH RANA The statement of maverick Congress General Secretary, Digvijay Singh that by calling CBI and IB parrot and chicken respec- tively, the judiciary is maligning

these institutions, does not come as

a shocker. Digvijay Singh actually

was speaking his mind on the scathing criticism that CBI received, by the Supreme Court on the coal scam. Normally, his state- ment would have not evoked much response but as judiciary is involved on one side and he is involved on the other, there has to be some introspection as to why such a statement, emanated from the worthy mouth of the influential Congress General Secretary. Indian Judiciary, by and large is respected for its fair and comprehensive decisions and when it come to Supreme Court, there are very few

instances where it has been found wanting in its decisions. It is the impartiality of the highest court in the country that has set the demo- cratic process on track. Credit should also go to the executive as it has more or less respected the opin- ion of the highest court. The attri- tion between the present govern-

himself revealed that he was sum- moned by the law minister and the officials of the PMO's office, in order to make some amenable changes in its report that CBI was to present before the Court. In a vibrant democracy, how can the government summon chief investi- gating authority to doctor its find-

ment and the Supreme Court arose

ings? Mercifully for the nation,

when scam after scam kept surfac- ing as if some dragon, with many of its tentacles was out to destroy the very system of governance. The drama unfolded during the coal scam, is a mute testimony to the fact that the government tried to brush all its dust under the carpet, had it not been the sustained pres- sure of the opposition and the media that forced the government to reveal. The Supreme Court came to the rescue of the nation when it took the CBI to task on its surren- der to the whims of the government and law minister. It was a pathetic sight to behold, when CBI director

where the governments are knee deep in corruption the courts come to the rescue, otherwise God save this country. Coal scam forced law minister to resign and the rail min- ister too went his way out for pro- moting corrupt practices. Under this gloomy and somber backdrop the statement of Digvijay was not warranted at all. If the Congress Gen. Sec had some propriety and shame left in him he would have kept silent. His party and Prime Minister stand exposed before the people of the country. But the mav- erick Diggy Raja will not shed his old habits. He tries to make a vic-

tim out of a terrorist, not surprising because once, he called Osama Bin laden as Osama ji. The poor Dighvijay perhaps has an erro- neous sense of judgment. He can- not deflect the mud and slime his pert is facing with deflections and veiled attacks on Judiciary. If we go by the statement of the CBI director himself that it is not free but an organ of government then the whole story is self evident. The way the government has used CBI as a tool to promote corruption and settle scores with adversaries is a sad comment on its honesty. The Supreme Court's remark that even Prime Minister cannot dictate CBI is not well taken by the Congress Gen. Secretary. It is his problem. But Dighviyay should understand that his party has written a new script of corrupt practice which God forbid, no future government should read. It is corruption full- scale and wholesale, Mr. Dighvijay.

Manjunathdidnot qualifyprelims hurdle: UPSC

NEW DELHI: Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) which conducts the presti- gious examination to select IAS, IPS and IFS among oth- ers, said on Monday that IAS aspirant Manjunath who sub- sequently committed suicide on alleged mismatching of roll number and name , did not even qualify in the pre- liminary exams and there was no mistake on its part. A can- didate by the name of VY Manjunath, son of Yadav Murthy VP, had applied for civil services (Preliminary) examination, 2012 as per UPSC. According to hUPSC "He was allotted roll no 538950 and was allotted Bangalore centre for this examination. The candidate had actually appeared from this centre under roll no 538950. However, he has failed to qualify in the civil services (Prelim) examina- tion, 2012," the commission said. Hence VY Manjunath,

tion, 2012," the commission said. Hence VY Manjunath, having not qualified the pre- number (538950) or

having not qualified the pre-

number (538950) or with the name (Manjunath V Y) had

liminary examination was not a candidate for the civil services (Main) examination and accordingly could not have appeared for the mains and subsequent interview as claimed in a section of the press, it said. It is also con- firmed from our records that

appeared for the civil servic- es (Main) examination or the interview, the UPSC said. 24-year-old Manjunath, a resident of Shrirampura in Bangalore, had allegedly committed suicide by hang- ing himself in an under con-

no candidate with this roll


Contd. on page 2

Now state thinks about Chamel Singh Call it irony or bad governance Chamel Singh has

Now state thinks about Chamel Singh

Call it irony or bad governance Chamel Singh has now stirred the hearts of Jammu and Kashmir government. When he was killed in Lahore jail, nobody among the so called main- stream parties raised voice in his favour. All were silent, waiting for the direction in which the winds would blow. But it is far from what you call, sensitivity .It took the murder of yet another prisoner, Sarabjit Singh in Pakistan's infamous kot kakhpat jail that shook some conscience, left in our government to rise to the occasion and accord martyr status to Sarabjit. But in our State, things do not move as they should. Here, are myriad political cal-

culations, competitive politics an overall docile attitude towards our prisoners that puts the victims like Chamel Singh in the dock. Their families are forgotten and they become history, while the government and the com- mon populace grind its way along the beaten path unhindered. With such apathy, there is no scope for justice when it comes to such a vic- tim. In fact, it is not only the government but opposition as well as all the civil society com- bined which is at fault. Chamel deserved a fair deal but how unfortunate that only now the state is waking to its responsibilities. RANASAHIB

Chamel deserved a fair deal but how unfortunate that only now the state is waking to
Chamel deserved a fair deal but how unfortunate that only now the state is waking to

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aPRIL 30.qxd 5/14/2013 10:26 AM Page 2

Page 1 qxd aPRIL 30.qxd 5/14/2013 10:26 AM Page 2 STUDENT AGE CONTD 2 TUESDAY, MAY




TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013

Page 2 STUDENT AGE CONTD 2 TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013 China flexes an earthquake shook intruded
China flexes an earthquake shook intruded nearly 19 kms inside Bhaderwah and adjoining areas of

China flexes

an earthquake shook

intruded nearly 19 kms inside

Bhaderwah and adjoining areas of Doda district on May


Daulat Beg Oldi sector in

1. 24 tremors have rocked

Ladakh, prompting Indian troops to erect tents in front

Bhaderwah-Doda-Kishtwar belt during past 13 days with


them. The "face -to-face"

maximum 11 on May 1. One

situation was finally resolved

tremor had struck

after three weeks. Asserting

Bhadwerwah on April 31,

that Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's first overseas visit

three occurred on May 2, one on May 3, one on May 5, two


India since assuming

on May 6, two on May 8 and

office reflects the signifi- cance China attaches with

three today. Two persons were killed and 69 others,


country, Chinese official

including 26 students and

sources said during his visit,

three teachers, were injured


will hold meetings with

when scores of buildings

Indian leadership and others

were damaged due to repeat-


know them better and,

ed tremors in the area. A

thereby, enhance bilateral ties. The visit was also aimed

tremor measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale was recorded at


elevating bilateral business

12:27 PM and subsequent 10


and will provide a plat-

aftershocks continued till

form for mutual investment cooperation between busi- nesses of two countries, they

3:02 PM on May 1 in Kishtwar and Doda. Police have put on alert its 100

said, adding the two sides are expected to establish a CEOs' forum among other initia- tives to boost economic ties.

field-units for acting as res- cue teams in case of any unforeseen situation in Doda district. Jammu and Kashmir


officials said that to sum

government has announced


the Chinese have four

Rs 25 crore relief package for

major expectations from Li's visit --"to deepen our mutual understanding, promote our friendship, deepen our mutu-

quake victims in Doda and Kishtwar. A police spokesman said, "All the police stations, police posts,


trust and to promote our

operation groups, minority


pickets and VDCs which

China flexes

comes to about 100 field-

allegations of wife swapping

units are on alert and directed to act as rescue teams in case


stealing the affection of

of any unforeseen situation

brother officer's wife. One senior officer posted on- board prestigious INS Virat

and exigency in wake of quake in Doda district." Union Health Minister

aircraft carrier was dismissed

Ghulam Nabi Azad, who


the force for sending lewd

belongs to Bhaderwah belt of

Siddaramaiah not

messages to several women using multiple SIM cards and mobile phones. The top brass of the force is also expected to discuss the delay in the induction of the aircraft carrier INS

Doda district, had reviewed the relief and rehabilitation arrangements in the quake- hit areas. Chief Minister Omar Abdullah had also reviewed measures taken by the government during his

Vikramaditya, which is being

retrofitted in Russia and has been delayed due to mishaps

visit to the twin districts last week.


its boiler.


Act, 1964. We will withdraw the billamended last year,"

the loss said Rather and criti-



cised the Omar Abdullah Government for its double


standards. It is not known

Congress had opposed the bill and even petitioned the

that the two belts are situated

on the same range of moun-

governor against giving his

ascent. By amending the

tains which was shaken by

1964 act, the BJP had

quake on May 1 followed by subsequent tremors of less intensity. How is it possible that only damage will be caused on one side of the mountain while the other side will not be affected, he asked? People in Brang Bala belt have also suffered a heavy damage as hundreds of hous-

enlarged the definition of cat- tle, made punishment harsher and increased the age of ani- mal to be slaughtered. Responding to the CM's announcement, former law minister S Suresh Kumar said: "We brought amend- ments to the 1964 act, because it was weak. Cows were continued to be slaugh-

es, shops and other dwellings

tered and transported. We

have developed cracks in this belt also due to quake but

wanted to stop that. Let them bring the issue in the legisla- ture, we will debate."

they have been completely ignored by the Government

Azad visits

said Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din a social activist from village Gadole.

Wani and MLA Bhaderwah Mohd Sharief Naiz , Azad

He said no one from adminis-

who reached first Doda then

tration bothered to visit the

area to see the condition of

air dashed to Bhalessa , Charala , Khankote and

the people here who too feel

Thoran and then reached

scared and apprehend worst.

Bhaderwah where like previ- ous areas inspected all devel-

The people whose houses have developed cracks sleep

opmental works which he

in open during night appre-

started as Chief Minister and

Public Utility services wher-

hending any catastrophe in case more tremors hit the area. ``Our houses have developed cracks and they may fall in case a quake even of low intensity hits the Area but there is no one to hear us'', said Mohammed Shaban a resident of Matigawran. Shaban with

also review the relief and rehabilitation measures taken by state government and also held brief meeting with the authorities of the concerned areas and discussed the relief measures and stressed on administration to reaching out to the people living in far flung and inaccessible areas

other villagers of the area had met the district administra- tion with a plea to depute a team of officers to assess the

of the affected districts and asked all the departments to swing the men and machin- ery in action to restore the

loss but to no avail.

ever damaged as soon as pos- sible . Gulam Nabi Azad while inspecting the dam- aged structures and other

The Government will only wake up after the damaged


houses will turn into the rub-


he said, adding till date

developmental works appre-


administration has shown

ciated the District

lukewarm response to our request.


Bhaderwah again

Met officials said the epicen-

Administrations for showing quick response to the need of the hour and added that com- pletion of final damage assessment report within the

tre is Bhaderwah. Schools,

two weeks period by the offi-

which had reopened after 12 days of closure due to quake, were again closed today and students were sent back home, officials said. Authorities had closed all educational institutions after

cials in these difficult dis- tricts would be a commend- able task. "This would form necessary base for the demand of the State Government to be taken up with the Centre Government

for providing relief to the

shortest possible time will be

goods and people in the

State, especially the youth,

of the UPA government, he

region with expansion of

affected families", he said and added that finalizing a report of such a nature in

trade and travel, not only on existing cross-LoC routes

would endorse PDP's pro- people agenda in greater numbers in the political bat-

alleged that New Delhi is being ruled by weak leaders. It is unbelievable that the

a praiseworthy task by the

(Srinagar-Muzaffarabad & Poonch-Rawalakote) but

tles ahead, Mehbooba said;

India's foreign minister is

officials. However, the Union

opening of new routes like

"PDP had to some extent

seen reading the speech of his

Health Minister Gulam Nabi

restored the sanctity of demo-

counterpart from another

Azad emphasized on ensur-

Jammu-Sialkote and Kargil-

cratic values in the State but

country, he said.

ing that no affected person or family remains missing from the assessment report and asked the Administration to

Skardu as well. PDP President said the remarkable feature of the peace process that was evi-

it would need a clearer man- date to represent the just con- cerns and aspirations of the people of Jammu &

"Heads of our soldiers are cut but then their Prime Minister fed chicken Biryani," he said in an apparent reference to

be alert in this regard. The

dent between 2002 and 2005 was that for the first time in


incidents of killing of Indian

Union Health Minister

J&K's history, the State

Speaking on the occasion

soldiers by Pakistan. "Then questions are raised:

Gulam Nabi Azad also

Government had initiated,

PDP General Secretary,

referred to the response

Mohammad Dillawar Mir

shown by the public repre-

said that NC had through all

sentatives during the time of

its accords right from the

difficulty and remaining in

Delhi Agreement of 1952

touch with people and the

only surrendered the rights of

Administration for ensuring early rescue and relief.

the State and got nothing in return for the people except

Lauding their role, he asked

power and luxuries to build

them to provide necessary

personal fortunes.

feed back to the Government alongwith their suggestions

PDP leaders Abdul Haq Khan, Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din

for carrying forward rehabili-

Sofi, Irfan Panditpuri,

tation programme. He said that District Administration

Ghulam Nabi Panditpuri, Fayaz Ahmad, Mohammad

has furnished immediate requirement for 2400 tents in

Afzal Advocate, Mohammad Amin Wani, Mohammad

first place, of which 1000

Shafi Dar and Ali

tents have been dispatched by

Mohammad Malla also addressed the gathering.

reviewed the sensitivity of

"odds were in favour of the


situation.The relief sent

UPA" even though he ruled


was sent by the Union

out the possibility of early

Health Minister G.N Azad to

Doda district , comprises

elections, saying Congress did not want it and other par-

1,000 tents and 2,000 blan-

ties were not ready for it.


only and two days back

"Nobody is ready. If that

Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad, and M Shashidhar Reddy Vice Chairman National Disaster

were the case, it would be very easy for any political party with a double-digit

Management Authority called on Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh to apprise

strength to pull the rug from under this government, which is surviving on a slen- der majority," he said.


about the extensive dam-

Abdullah also made light of


that has been caused to

BJP leader Narendra Modi's


thousands of residential

prime ministerial ambitions,

houses and government infrastructure due to the earthquake that struck

saying the Gujarat chief min- ister would struggle to get

Districts Doda and demanded

allies. "I think he makes NDA allies more uncomfort-


package for earth quake

hit areas which PM has also

able. There is an incredible

assured and has sanctioned more 10,000 tents for Doda

aura around him. We can see he is so incredibly careful about protecting that aura. If


He also directed

Cabinet Secretary and

he were such an impressive leader and administrator, then

Principal Secretary to Prime Minister to constitute a Committee under the Chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary which will be in constant touch with the State administration and provide

he should have been able to turn Karnataka or even UP before that for BJP. In fact, he is careful about not losing this aura and that is why he is carefully choosing the states

all the support to State govt to undertake relief and reha- bilitation

he campaigns in." Asked whether the next elections were shaping up to be a Modi vs Rahul Gandhi contest,

operations.Pertinently after- shocks are being continuous- ly felt in Doda ,Bhaderwah

Abdullah dismissed the sug- gestion as just "good head- lines".


Bhalessa today which on

PM's peace


one hand, has further

aggravated the damage to the

here today. She said there

process set in motion by

houses and on the other hand, has instilled fear and fright in

was no alternative to peace


minds of people. It is

India and Pakistan in 2003.

worthwhile to mention here

Mehbooba said Jammu and


similar situation was cre-

Kashmir has huge stakes in


in October, 2005 when

Indo-Pak peace as it has the

entire Northern Shivalik

direct bearing on the State

Range including Uri, Baramulla, Poonch and PoK

and its people. "There is no

& Kashmir, if we want a per-

rocked with 6- plus quake on richter scale causing huge

way but to acknowledge the aspirations people of Jammu


of life and property. Due

manent peace in the sub-con-

to constant trembling of the

tinent," she said and

rocks, the dust particles in

expressed the hope that in the


sector kept suspended in

new atmosphere of peace and


air for more than 72

stability in the region, Jammu

hours. The present Union Minister G.N Azad was the

and Kashmir would emerge as a hub of free movement of

China withdraws its forces but I wonder why Indian forces are withdrawing from Indian territory? Why did we retreat (from our own territo- ry)?" he said questioning the China policy of the govern- ment. Addressing the Gujarati dias- pora community, Modi claimed that during his rule in Gujarat, he has given a new meaning to develop- ment, which is not only inclusive but integrates all sections of the society with- out any differentiation. "We have adopted mantra of 'sabka saath, sabka vikas'. We do not want development of only select sections of socie- ty," Modi said in response to

a question from Chicago.

"We have taken development to new heights, taken it for wellbeing of every person: I am saying it again, Narendra Modi has not done it. The credit goes to six crore Gujaratis and those who love Gujarat," he said in his remarks. Modi, in his speech, sought contribution of the overseas Gujarati community in build- ing a statue of unity of Sardar Patel, which he said would be double the height of the Statue of Liberty in New York. This, he said, would be the

catalyzed and driven the process, instead of being a passive recipient of the bilat- eral initiatives. "Immediately after the assembly election of October 2002, the State Government took the centre- stage to drive and facilitate the peace and resolution process," she said and added that the results of these bold initiatives were there for everybody to behold with a lasting ceasefire holding on since 2003 along the borders from Kathua to Kargil. Mehbooba said, unfortunate- ly, after the change of guard in 2009, the peace and recon- ciliation efforts took a back seat fuelling a fresh wave of uncertainty, insecurity, cyni- cism and alienation. "The present disappointing situa-

tion necessitates some bold

political and economic meas- ures both on internal and external fronts," she said and added; "What is needed the

most at this juncture is the political will to move for-

ward handedly united the

him from Delhi through the Red Cross Society and now more tents will be provided

to affected people as soon as

possible ."Unlike 2005 earth-

quake in Kashmir and 2010

cloud burst in Leh, the earth- quake in erstwhile Doda District on 1st May 2013 is

not followed by the winter, as

such, permanent rehabilita- tion programme and recon- struction of damaged struc- tures could be smooth and

Manjunath did

building on May 10 after he had left for his friend's house in Kodagu area, police had said. According to police, he was upset over a 'goof-up' in the UPSC results. Manjunath was upset over finding a dif- ferent name under his roll number in the list of selected candidates in this year's civil services examination, the police had said. The victim had secured 264th rank in the examination, but in the final results after the interview, a different name was mentioned under his roll number on the list, Restoring faith that the coun- try is experiencing a new cri- sis due to developments in the last few months, as he narrated several corruption related incidents. Lashing out at foreign policy

quake", he said and directed

country after India achieved

the Administration to focus

on this aspect adding that the center Government would

its independence in 1947. on the resolution process with greater trust in the peo- ple of the State, only then can the dialogue and the peace

provide all possible help for the purpose."Soon I heard about the unfortunate calami-

ty, I talk to state as well as

central government to visit the area and concentrate on

process culminate in a resolu- tion that would bring ever- lasting peace, not only in


Jammu & Kashmir, but the

hassle-free rescue and relief.

whole subcontinent."

tallest statue of the world and

I also directed for early

a tribute to the son of the soil

preparation of preliminary

Expressing confidence that the emancipated voters of the

Sardar Patel, who single

assessment of damage so that

necessary succor to the

affected families is ensured

as quickly as possible", he

Chief Minister of the State at

that time. Relief was dis-

patched to quake hit areas in


informed to people who


called on him . He said initial

relief under Calamity Relief


Bhardwaj prompted him

Fund is always less but the

Government is preparing for

in Kannada at 11.40am as the

package the State

stadium reverberated in thun- derous noise and witnessed

Government of India will be

boisterous scenes.


Leh pattern. He reiterated

Among the galaxy of VIPs

that the central Government


political leaders present

would provide every help to


central ministers from

the affected families. Azad


stateMallikarjun Kharge,

also underlined the need for

while constructing residential


Veerappa Moily, K

adopting latest technology

Muniyappa and Reheman Khan, as well as Maharashtra


well as government estab-

chief minister Prithviraj

lishments to make them

Chavan and Andhra Pradesh

earthquake proof to minimize

chief minister N Kiran

the loss of life and property

Kumar Reddy.

in such natural calamities.

Former external affairs min-


and former state chief

Azad also called for early renovation of the damaged schools, government offices, private property and directed

minister SM Krishna was among the other prominent leaders on the dais.

the concerned to shift the stu-

dents of such schools to a


suitable accommodation for


the absence of persistent

their safety till the main

widespread agitations even


the event should not be

building was restored. He also directed health func-

"misconstrued as nothing

tionaries to remain stationed


happen". He criticised

and vigilant at place of post-


central government for

ings and ensure all possible


manner it handled the

treatment facilities to those

hanging. "It was a decision

injured in earthquake in sev-

difficult to understand for us

on a number of counts


eral areas of the erstwhile


day I am not satisfied

Doda district. Azad also inspected under construction town hall building at Kotli village and also visited to the

with the explanation," he said. Speaking extensively about problems with the Centre on a number of issues,

house of late D K Kotwal to express his condolence with

Abdullah said while it took a

the grieved families and after


risk with the decision to


Guru, it was chickening

that also visited Gath village and interacted with local peo- ple and also inspected some ongoing works .The Union

Health Minister Gulam Nabi

out when it came to relative- ly easier decisions such as doing away with the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Actin Srinagar, which the

Azad also interacted with


government is rooting

affected families, senior citi- zens and individuals. He met

for. "Why aren't you taking it

deputations and also inspect-


Here, you have an exit

ed the damaged structures

option. If, God forbid, things

during his visit to these areas


unraveling, you can re-

and told, "I am in touch with

introduce it. So take a risk,"


and K government and are

he said. Abdullah was also

monitoring the situation minutely."It is worth men-

critical of the way the gov- ernment handled what he said

tioning that the Union Health


a "significant ingress"

Minister G.N Azad who

recently by Chinese troops

belongs to Tehsil Bhaderwah

inside Indian territory, saying


Centre needed to come

had visited the quake hit areas on 4th May 2013 along with the Vice Chairman National Disaster Management Authority M. Shashidhar Reddy and

clear on what really hap- pened. Asked which political grouping had the best chances in the next general elections, Abdullah said the

Mir releases two books on craft,

architectural traditions of Kashmir

‘Launched website on rural tourism’

SRINAGAR: Minister for Tourism, Ghulam Ahmad Mir released two books titled “Craft of Kashmir” and “Architectural Tradition of Kashmir” here today. He

also released a booklet on Kashmir festival 2013.

These books have been prepared and published by

INTACH J&K Chapter.

The Tourism Minister also launched website on rural

tourism of the State Speaking on the occasion, the Minister said that willow

craft of Kashmir has its roots in day to day life. He said

guided by the local requirements, the rural crafts per- sons moderated the natural raw materials in forms and shapes suited to the local demand. He said this mono- graph is aimed at meeting this requirement and docu-

ments the history of the crafts, the raw materials, the skills and the products. He hoped that it will be open up new vistas for this age old industry thereby sustained the craft traditions and securing livelihood of a vast number of artisans. Tourism Minister said that Architectural

monuments of Kashmir owe their origin to its rich

socio-religious traditions, beliefs and natural settings. He said these monuments essentially and interpretation of three elements. He said the present monogram is

essentially a documentation of what exists on ground as

also visualizing to the best, the present day understand-

ing of how these would have been created. He hoped it serves the purposes succinctly. Director, Tourism Kashmir, Talat Parveez, Convenor

INTACH J&K Chapter, Saleem Beg, and Joint Director

Tourism Kashmir besides senior officers of tourism and INTACH present on the occasion. Convenor, INTACH J&K Chapter, Saleem Beg threw detailed light on the preparation of these books and said that one can browse on website to evince the rural

tourism potential of the State.

website to evince the rural tourism potential of the State. Sharief return would help peace process,

Sharief return would help peace process, hopes Mufti

State. Sharief return would help peace process, hopes Mufti SRINAGAR: Welcoming the successful completion of general

SRINAGAR: Welcoming the successful completion of general elections in Pakistan Peoples Democratic Party patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed today expressed the hope that establishment of a stable and liberal govern- ment in that country would help pick up the threads of peace process once again. In a statement here today he said a democratically elected stable government in Pakistan was a critical element in carrying forward the peace process and Jammu and Kashmir had the highest stake in its revival. Complimenting the people of Pakistan for giving democracy a big boost by voting in large numbers in an atmosphere marred by threat of violence Mufti said it augured well not just for the interests of that country but could as well impact Indo Pakistan relations in a posi- tive manner. He said Nawaz Sharif has been one of the architects of composite dialogue between the two neigh- bours and his return to power has raised hopes of an earnest and sincere follow up to the initial progress made on it. Mufti said lack of progress on Kashmir resolution had partly been attributed to instability in Pakistan but with the arrival in office of a new government to be led by a known votary for good relations could transform the sit- uation and the two countries need to capitalise on it. He said the decisions taken previously by the government on taking the travel and trade across LOC to the next level need to be implemented with a sense of urgency. "The decision to extend travel facilities to sections of people other than the divided families, opening up of Kargil Skardu road, increasing the frequency of bus services and providing banking and other logistical backup for LOC trade has been taken more than two years back and these need to be implemented" said Mufti. Referring to his recent meeting with prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh Mufti said he had got an impression that a successful conclusion of elections in Pakistan could facilitate revival of dialogue and implementation of J&K specific CBMs. He expressed the hope that Dr Singh and his new counterpart in Pakistan would respond positively to the sentiments of the people in the two parts of the erstwhile state and take measures for early resumption of composite dialogue with special focus on the problems of J&K resulting from hostility between the two countries.

of composite dialogue with special focus on the problems of J&K resulting from hostility between the
of composite dialogue with special focus on the problems of J&K resulting from hostility between the

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Page 1 qxd aPRIL 30.qxd 5/14/2013 10:26 AM Page 3 STUDENT AGE STATE 3 TUESDAY, MAY




TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013

Page 3 STUDENT AGE STATE 3 TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013 Takes stock of pace of dev

Takes stock of pace of dev works

Rather for completing sub-district hospitals at Chrar-i-Sharief, Pakherpora, Nagam by Oct

Rs. 18.50 cr Govt polytechnic college, Nagam to be ready by December

cr Govt polytechnic college, Nagam to be ready by December   SRINAGAR, MAY 13 crore 50


crore 50 bedded Sub-District

October this year.

more significance and impor-

Taking administration near to

Hospital, Chrar-i-Sharief, Rs.

Mr. Rather said all these hospi-

tance in view of great pilgrims

the door steps of the people, the Minister for Finance and Ladakh Affairs, Mr. Abdul

15.45 crore sub-district hospi- tal Pakherpora and Rs. 11.53 Sub-District Hospital Nagam, Chadoora. He instructed the

tal buildings will be equipped with best scientific diagnostic equipment besides having all the diagnostic facilities includ-

rush to the shrines of revered Sheikh-ul-Aalam, Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Wali(RA) at Chrar-i-Sharief and the shrine

Rahim Rather accompanied by

engineers of JKPCC, which is

ing modern operation theaters,

of Hazrat Ali Wali Bulkhi at


team of senior officers and

the executing agency of these

blood banks, x-rays plants,

engineers today conducted an

projects, to complete work on

ultra sonography indoor and

Pakherpora. He asked the engi-

extensive tour of various areas

these projects expeditiously

outdoor blocks, separate gyne-

neers to ensure use of standard


Chrar-i-Sharief constituency

adding that availability of

cological and dental sections

construction material.

and took stock of the pace of work on different developmen-

funds will not be any constrain

and residential quarters for

The Minister also inspected pace of work on under con-

tal projects. He inspected under construction Rs. 16.53

in this regard. He was assured that these hospital buildings will be completed by the end of

medical and para-medical staff. Mr. Rather said these Sub- District Hospital assume much

struction Rs. 18.50 crore Government polytechnic col- lege at Nagam and was

apprised that work on the proj- ects is going on in full swing. He was told that the college building is expected to be com- pleted in the month of December this year. During the tour, a number of deputations met the Minister and briefed him about their burning problems and demands. The people of Pakherpora made a fervent appeal for construction of a receiving station in the area to improve power supply. The people in various areas also demanded repairs of damaged transformers. The Minister assured them that all their genuine demands will be fulfilled positively. The Minister also inspected water, supply project, Manoo, Chrar-i-Sharief which is the main dependable drinking water source in the upper belt of Chara-i-Sharief Constituency and discussed measures to further augment the water supply system in the area. He also discussed fea- tures of Kalnag water supply scheme which is being con- structed as second alternative to the existing Beran Dub water source.

Taj inspects hospitals

Terms hygiene in healthcare centers as vital for patient's health


centers as vital for patient's health JAMMU, MAY 13 Minister for Medical Education, Youth Services and

Minister for Medical Education, Youth Services and Sports, Taj-Mohi-ud-Din, today conducted surprise inspection of hospitals at Jammu city today. During inspection of Super Specialty Hospital Jammu, the Minister went around various wards and interacted with the doctors. He enquired about the functioning of the hospital and instructed all the concerned to put in their best to extend spe- cialized medicare to the ailing so that real purpose of estab- lishing this prestigious health institute is met. The Minister accompanied by Dr. Shashi Gupta, Incharge Principal, Government Medical College Jammu and Administrator, Associated Hospitals, Reva Gupta

in the hospital and directed the

inspected Government Chest Diseases Hospital, Jammu. He visited various wards includ- ing Radiation zone, CT Scan and other units and directed for initiating necessary works for improvement in bath rooms and sanitation of the hospital. At Government Medical College, the Minister went around different wards and enquired about the functioning of all the units. He expressed concern over poor sanitation

concerned to improve the same. He visited all the OPDs, Operation theatres and differ- ent wards of the hospital including emergency and took stock of functioning of the same. The Minister directed the Executive Engineer, Civil for repair and renovation of win- dows, windowpanes and steel jalies etc. He also asked him for immediate repair of vari- ous blocks particularly OPD

blocks. He directed the hospi- tal authorities to press into service cleanliness machines to ensure a healthy atmos- phere in the hospital which is pre-requisite for health of the ailing. He also directed for starting up gradation of OPD blocks including all toilets from tomorrow positively on war footing. Later, the Minister inspected different wards of Chopra Nursing Home and took stock of its functioning.

DDC holds public grievances camp

DDC holds public grievances camp UDHAMPUR, MAY 13 Panchs, Lamberdars, deployment of staff at newly To


Panchs, Lamberdars,

deployment of staff at newly

To take stock of grievances of the people of Chenani and its adjoining areas, District Development Commissioner, Yasha Mudgal held a public grievances camp at Chenani of district Udhampur here today. IAS Probationer, Deepti Uppal, Joint Director Planning, Rakesh Jamwal, Executive Engineers, PHE, PDD, PMGSY, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Horticulture officer, Chief Agriculture Officer, Chief Animal Husbandry Officer, District Sheep Husbandry Officer, other district heads, Sarpanchs,

Chowkidars, prominent citi- zens and large number of peo- ple were present on the occa- sion. The representatives of various panchayats and social workers put forth their demands includ- ing early filling up of posts of Physic and Environment Science subject lecturers in Government Higher Secondary School, Chenani, construction of toilet for commuters at Chenani, early completion of pending works of 120 feet drain, clearance of pending cases of Roshni Act, construc- tion of link road from Narsoo to Ladda under PMGSY,

status Naibat Sudhmahadev, timely payment under MGN- REGA, shortage of staff in var- ious departments, extension of Bus Stand Chenani, un-inter- rupted power supply and safe drinking water supply etc. The DDC assured the people that their problems and demands as well would be redressed in a time bound man- ner. She instructed all the heads of departments to work with missionary zeal and dedi- cation for resolving the issues of the people leaving no scope of complain.

DG Prisons inspects functioning of distt jail


Director General Prisons, K. Rajendra Kumar today visit- ed District Jail Kathua to review the security and other necessary arrangements. Sr. Superintendent of Police Kathua, Commandant CRPF 121/BN. Kathua, Additional Superintendent of Police Kathua and Superintendent Jail accompanied the DG. Kumar interacted with the jail inmates and enquired them about the facilities available to them in the prison. He had a detailed discussion on various problems faced by local as well as foreign pris- oners including Pakistani besides deliberating upon remedial measures for the same. He assured the inmates all necessary assistance as per Jail manual and also asked them to extend their cooperation in this regard. Later, the DG visited all the barracks and blocks and instructed the concerned offi- cers of Jail Department to remain extra vigilant and

offi- cers of Jail Department to remain extra vigilant and have close watch on the activities

have close watch on the activities of the jail inmates to avoid any kind of unto- ward incident inside the jail. Later, the DG visited sub jail Hiranagar and interacted with all the jail inmates including foreign national prisoners and enquired about their welfare. He also issued

necessary instructions to the officers to adhere to all pro- visions laid down in the Jail Manual. He was accompa- nied by Assistant Commandant CRPF, 121 Bn, Superintendent District Jail Kathua, I/C Superintendent Sub Jail Hiranagar and SDPO Border Chedwal Hirangar.

832 recruits pass out from PTS Kathua:

Police welfare on priority: Kichloo


promotion as Selection Grade

Appreciating Jammu and Kashmir Police for safeguard- ing the life and property of the people, Minister of State for Home, Sajad Ahmad Kichloo has said that the Police force has been playing a pivotal role in providing succour to the people in the time of need. The Minister was speaking at the 24th Attestation-cum- Passing out Parade at Police Training School Kathua today. He said that JKP has success- fully dealt various challenges after giving supreme sacrifices of its brave jawans and offi- cers and has acquired acclaim

ness the performance of these welcome address said that fields including respect

ness the performance of these

welcome address said that

fields including respect

Constable on the spot. Other trainees who performed extra ordinary during the training period, including Zahid Ahmad Pampori and Shujat Hussain were given cash rewards by the Minister. Later, the DGP commissioned a four storey barrack in the DPL Kathua which has been constructed by Police Construction Division at a cost of Rs.1.40 crore(APP). The barrack constructed under Alternate Accommodation Programme could accommo- date more than 200 personnel. He thanked the State and

at national level for its prime

Central government for their

role in restoring peace in the state. The force is fully geared up to meet any challenge and has to increase its proficiency at various fronts of policing to strengthen the image of the Organization, the minister added. Mr. Kichloo, announcing some measures for the welfare of police personnel said that the government is highly con- cern about the hardships being faced by the "men in khaki" in the hostile situations. He announced that a Corpse Fund would be established for the welfare of the police person- nel and their families, for which initial amount of Rs.

recruits on the passing out parade. He stressed for strengthening training skills of police personnel to face the new challenges and said that the training courses should be oriented to tackle the cyber crimes and the latest tech- niques of criminals. Kichloo said that the training imparted to the recruits in handling and operating the lat- est equipments would help them in curbing the activities

Jammu and Kashmir police has played pivotal role in fighting the militancy and bringing normalcy in the state. He said that JKP has been focusing on strengthening police-public relations to keep peace and order maintained. He stressed upon the recruits to utilize the tactics and skills geared during their basic train- ing in the field to provide security and justice to the

towards human rights, cyber crime, crowd controlling by using minimum force. He also thanked the Minister for sparing his valuable time for gracing the function which has encouraged the organisa- tion to move forward Earlier, the Principal of Training Centre, Ramesh Kumar Bhat gave an oath to recruit constables, who com- pleted their 14 months rigor-

support in strengthening the infrastructure of the Organization by providing lib- eral assistance. He said that it was due to this support that the man power and the build- ing infrastructure has been increased in every district of the State. He was apprised about the architecture of the building by the ADGP Headquarters, SP Vaid and Executive Engineer PCD, ND Khawaja Among others, the function was attended by Vice Chairman (MOS) Kissan Board, Raday Sham Sharma, MLAs Charanjeet Singh and

five crores would be provided

of the criminals. He asked the

common masses and ensure rule of law. Prasad said that

ous basic training course in the Centre. He also threw light

Durga Dass, MLC Subash

by the government. He said that in order to bring improve- ments in the working of traffic and railway police manpower and infrastructure would be strengthened. Appreciating the efforts of senior officers and the training

pass outs to adopt people friendly behaviour while per- forming in the field as the police is a symbol of protec- tion, first responder to any sit- uation and have to come up to the expectations of the people. He emphasized upon them to

JKP, having six Training Institutions across the state and a Police Academy at Udhampur is emphasising upon training in various areas like counter insurgency, crime detection and investigation. The institutions train the

on the major activities of the Centre which included special guest lecturers on disaster management, respect of human rights, fire fighting, professional policing, use of weapons, search operations, bomb disposal and investiga-

Gupta, ADGPs, Rajendra Kumar and SP Vaid, IsGP Dr.B Srinivas, AK Choudhary, SJM Gillani, PR Manhas and Rajesh Kumar, DIG Shakeel Ahmad Beigh, Deputy Commissioner Kathua, Jatinder Singh, AIG personnel

staff of the school, the

keep the oath they took at the

police personnel in sophisti-

tion skills.

(PHQ) GH Bhat, SSP Atul

Minister said that they have taken extra pains in imparting training to the recruits and he was much impressed to wit-

parade and make public serv- ice their sole motto. Director General of Police (DGP), Ashok Prasad, in his

cated technology to dovetail into crime network. Besides, several specialized training courses are conducted in other

On the occasion, recruit con- stable Mulkit Singh was declared all round best trainee and was conferred one rank

Goel, Commandants of Armed and IRP Battalions other sen- ior police officers and promi- nent citizens of the area.

CM, Speaker discuss matters relating to legislature

Gul highlights various issues


In a meeting here today Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and Speaker, J&K State Legislative Assembly Mubarak Gul discussed various matters pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir State Legislative Assembly. Issues pertaining to construction of new legislature complex at Jammu were also discussed in the meeting besides other matters pertaining to Assembly Secretariat. Mubarak Gul also talked about development programmes under

implementation in various sectors in the state. He also highlight-

ed issues pertaining to the upgradation of various basic amenities.

Red Cross issues relief material tofire victims


Regional Red Cross Society, Jammu, on the direction of Divisional Commissioner, Jammu, Pradeep Gupta, who is also the Chairman Regional Red Cross Society, today issued relief mate- rial to the fire victims of 27 Jhuggies whose structures were gut- ted yesterday night at Bharat Nagar, Bantalab, Jammu due to elec- tric short circuit. The relief was issued under the supervision of Anil K. Padha Hony. Secretary. The relief material included 60 blankets, 30 kitchen sets, 30 fold- ing mattresses and assorted clothes which were handed over to Assistant Commissioner Revenue.

The relief material issued to other charitable organizations during the camps held at Dev Puri Sthal (Gura Slathia), Jammu Samajik

Manch and Village Tyari Paddar Kishtwar under the supervision

of Syed Asgar Ali, MLC which included 50 folding mattresses, 61

blankets, 10 coats, 17 kitchen sets, 2 quilts etc. Besides, one wheel chair was also issued to Ram Ditta S/O. Mulekh Raj R/O

Bishnah and Rs.10,000 as cash assistance to Ms. Zareena Bano D/O Farooq Ahmed, an earthquake victim of district Kishtwar admitted under MRD No.659863 and MLC No.751 in SU-1 Medical College, Jammu by the Regional Red Cross Society, Jammu.

DDC Kathua reviews progress under RMSA, SSA


District Development Commissioner Kathua Jitendra Kumar Singh on Mondayconvened a meeting to review the pace of progress on construction of school buildings and other works under Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) and SSA. The DC enquired about the status of completion of school build- ings under RMSA and SSA and directed concerned agencies to

complete the works in time.

It was revealed in the meeting that construction of 542 primary

school buildings have been taken up under SSA in different edu- cation zones of the district. Of which, 374 have been completed, 102 are in progress and 66 are held up due to land disputes, court cases and non availability of land.

The DDC directed the ZEOs to specify and enlist the problems and take up the issues with the respective SDMs and ACR Kathua for early redressal with the active involvement of Village Education Committees besides panches and sarpanches. While reviewing the status of completion of buildings under RMSA; it was disclosed that 35 buildings have been taken up under this scheme. It was informed that 3 buildings are complete, work on 29 is in progress. The DDC directed the concerned departments to solve the issues within the one month period and submit the status report and expe- dite the process of completion of these buildings. Among others Additional District Development Commissioner Kathua, Ajay Singh Singh Jamwal, CEO Kathua S.K Soodan, Sub Divisional magistrates Basholi, Billawar, Bani, CPO Kathua, XEN PWD Kathua, Xen PWD Basholi, Assistant Commissioner(Development) Kathua, were present in the meeting

Shastri's mother's death condoled


The members of editorial board, columnists, writers and staff members of three monthly magazine Sh Ganga Sangreh, publish


Jammu Yatri Bhawan Trust (JYBT), have condoled the demise


the mother of editor in chief of the periodical Pawan Shastri.


condolence meeting held in the office of the magazine with reli-

gious, spiritual, cultural and social contents, held here today paid rich tributes to the late mother of Pawan Shastri, Smt. Tara Devi, wife of late Mahant Baldev Dass, as a highly religious and pious lady, following the footsteps of her late husband Mahant Baldev Dass. The condolence meeting was attended by the executive edi- tor of the magazine Lashman Dass Shastri, Sr journalist Yash Bhasin, Dr Om Gosawmi, Principal Jagdish Chander, Padam Shri SP Verma, Sardar Sukhdev Singh and trustees JYBT Pandit Sardari Lal, Gurdas Sharma, Ram Langar, Jatinder Aagarwal, Founder of the Trust, KK Gupta Retired Chief Justice J&K High

Court, Mrs and Mr Sunil Gandotra.

A two minutes silence was observed to pray for the peace of the

departed soul and consolation to the bereaved family.

A two minutes silence was observed to pray for the peace of the departed soul and
A two minutes silence was observed to pray for the peace of the departed soul and

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aPRIL 30.qxd 5/14/2013 10:26 AM Page 4

Page 1 qxd aPRIL 30.qxd 5/14/2013 10:26 AM Page 4 STUDENT AGE EDUCATION AGE 4 TUESDAY,




TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013

STUDENT AGE EDUCATION AGE 4 TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013 Animation: drawing skills could be hired as


Animation: drawing skills could be hired as storyboard artists who can visualize a sequence of events

drawing skills could be hired as storyboard artists who can visualize a sequence of events from frame to frame.

w Character animator- They brings characters

to life and generally has knowledge of tradition-

al animation, stop-motion animation as well as acclamation

w Background artist- The background artist is

the person who specializes to paint the back-

ground of the characters and sets the back- ground for the project.

w Layout artist- layout artist is just like a cin-

ematographer of that animation project as they are decides the lighting and camera angles and he is sketching the background design for the


w 2D animator - They involves the creation

of a high volume of separate drawings that

define a sequence.


Everyone knows Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry and Stuart little - some animated characters that always delight and entertain us. Do you know how these characters were born and how it is possible to create wonders with the art of drawing? And the answer is 'anima- tion'- one of the fastest growing and most in- demand industries in the world. Multi media and Animation are among the major hunted jobs of the 21st century. Multimedia alias multiple media as the name suggests is an enormous field that uses more than one medium of com- munication. It is an art that merges text, images, graphics, animation, audio and video to create virtual magic. Animation is only a component of multimedia. The art of animation started with the cavemen who used to draw pictures on the rock surfaces. Though animation was formally demonstrated in 1828 by a Frenchman, Paul Roget, the first animated film 'Humorous phases of funny faces' by J. Stuart Blackton was made in 1906 by drawing comical faces on a blackboard, photo- graphing them, and then erasing it to draw another stage of the facial expression. It was in 1914, that the first cartoon named 'Gertie, the Dinosaur' by Winsor McCay, consisting of 10,000 drawings, was shown as a film in the theaters. Animation which derived its name from the Latin word 'anima' meaning soul can be defined as the art of breathing life to a character. A blend of entertainment industry and technology, it is concerned with design, drawing, layout and production of graphically rich and attractive multimedia clips. In other words animation is making of movies, games or cartoons by mov- ing the drawings or models of animals or people with the help of computers or other electronic means. Time and space play a critical role in animation. Animation is a field that could be pursued by those who posses excellent creativity and draw- ing skills. Animators are the talented artists who create characters for a variety of projects like movies, television, advertisements and so on. Creating an idea, developing it into a story script and giving technical assistance to it, are the procedures in making an animation. Besides the most commonly used animations, i.e. two- dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D), there is also puppet animation, clay animation, sand animation, vegetable animation etc. Both 2D and 3D animation can be created digitally. Two-dimensional images are shallow in appear- ance, while three-dimensional images have a feel of depth to them, thus making them look more real.


Training is the most essential and important aspect for the creation of a skilled professional in the field of animation. To become an anima- tor, one doesn't require any specific academic qualification. Those with a basic sketching skill and a passion for animation can enter this field. For getting a better job prospect, one should have a degree or diploma in animation. Degree and Diploma courses in animation are abundance nowadays apart from online servic-

es. Minimum education qualification for a

Apart from professional training, there are sev-


In-between animator- In between animator

one can learn all the basics of animation and it

degree and diploma course in animation is plus two or equivalent.

is the beginning position of an animator.

Any graduate preferably arts graduate could


Scanner operator-The scanner operator

apply for Post Graduation in animation. But

does the scanning of the clean up artist's draw-

some institutions such as Industrial Design


Center (IDC), Indian Institute of Technology


Compositing artist - Compositing consists

(IIT) and Indian Institute of Design (NID) fol- lows eligibility criterion that only graduate of architecture, technology and engineering, fine arts can apply for the PG course in these insti-

of layering individual frames of animation on top of one another to create final images. These images are then strung together to create com- plete shots or mini animated movies.



Special effects artist - They integrate live-

Besides these graduate and post graduate cours- es, there are several professional courses that focus on various styles and techniques. These

action footage with Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) or other elements (such as model work)

courses, i.e Courses in Traditional animation ,


Audio & video specialist



Stop-motion animation , Rot scoping , Computer generated 3D and 2D animation ,


Texture artist - They applies a surface to the

Clay-mation , Photoshop , Human anatomy ,

3D modeled character, object or environment.

Drawing etc helps one to specialize in a partic-


Rigging artist - A rigging artist takes the

ular area. One should also have a basic knowl- edge in computer handling.

eral personal skills also that one must possess to

modeled, textured 3D character or object and sets it up with a skeletal system or joints (if required). Without this step, the 3D model would not be able to animate, talk or move flu-

be a good animator. What makes to go a long

way in making a good animation is a good sense

of colour, proportion, size, design etc.

Personal skill:

An animator should have an artistic bent of mind with a lot of passion and imaginative skills. Creativity is the most wanted quality for

this career as animation starts with developing

an idea to a story. The art of sketching or draw-

ing is another basic skill one should possess. Patience, discipline and dedication to work is a vital ability as this field involves lot of hard work and long hours thorough planning. He/ She should have a sound understanding of anatomy of humans, animals or birds and body

movements and lighting effects. Good commu-

nication skill is also needed as most of the time

it will be teamwork. One good animator should

be one good actor also. So that only he could

express the character well through his anima- tion.

Job Prospects & Career Options

A strong portfolio of work is an essential part of

landing a job in computer animation and becoming an animator. Numerous job opportu-

nities are available in India as well as abroad in the exciting field of animation. It opens the door

to film industries such as Hollywood, which is

the world of special effects and imagery for films. Specialized computer knowledge and

skills are essential for various jobs in the field

of animation.

It is a booming industry with wide job openings

and one can work on full length animation movies or any other related fields like televi- sion, advertising industry etc. An Animated fea- ture film, which offers considerable employ-

ment prospects, is a combined talented effort of

a wide variety of artists. A typical animation film requires around 500 animators. Some of the jobs offered in the industry are:


Content developer


Modeler - Modeler is the one who makes

the models for animation. They should have a

solid understanding of anatomy, form and vol- ume.

w Story Broad Artist - Those with strong

idly and correctly.

w Clean-up artist- The clean up artist checks

the accuracy and consistency of the designs and

drawings. To be a good clean up artist, he should have good draft-man skill with the

knowledge of density, width, volume and mass.

w Lighting artist - They create variations of

shade, colour intensity and shadows

Digital ink and paint artist- It is the duty of a

digital ink and paint artist to give colours to each frame.

Compositor- It is the compositor brings togeth- er all the different characters and backgrounds in to single frame.




Key frame animator- Key frame animator

draws the pictures of a movement's beginning

and end.

Nature of Work:

Creating an animation consists of idea develop-

ment, pre-production, production and post-pro- duction. The characters are created in idea development. In pre-production, the ideas are converted into layouts. Scriptwriting, story- boarding, character development, backgrounds,

layout designing, animatics and voice come under per-production. The actual result of the story can be visualized in the production stage

which is a blend of animation, in-battening or

twining (i.e. the creation of intermediate frames

between two main images to give the appear- ance that the first image flows smoothly into the second one), scanning, compositing (i.e. com- bining images from different sources to create a finished frame of animation), background

preparation and coloring. Final sound record-

ings, colour editing, testing and special sound effects are all added at the post-production

stage. Post production stage activities includes

editing, special effects (SFX), color correction, compositing, voice and music editing and ren- dering. Rendering is the final touches to an ani- mation scene, in which the data is converted to

the raster image or animation.

TOPPERS ZONE Nothing Can Stop You: An Inspiring Story of Prahlad Kanaram was a watchman
Nothing Can Stop You: An
Inspiring Story of Prahlad
Kanaram was a watchman in
the locality Gandhi Nagar on
Tonk Road in Jaipur city. He
ily out of their economic mis-
eries. Slowly but steadily he
started refining himself and in
served there as a watchman for
various IAS/IPS Officers for
about twenty years. He used to
the end topped that school in
his 12th standard.
Owing to their poor economic
get the responsibility to keep
watch over an IAS Officer
every day. While doing his
duty he used to get influenced
condition Prahlad first did a
B.A. and then a B.Ed. In 2008
he got a job as a Trained
Graduate Teacher in English in
by the behaviour of these offi-
Delhi. This helped him with
cers. The way they used to talk
his economic condition as
to the subdued or behave with
their own children, made
Kanaram feel that he too would
make his son Prahlad Narayan
influence on his studies.
Consequently, he became very
Meena an IAS or IPS Officer
one day. But fate had different
plans. Kanaram died in 1995.
weak at studies. So much so
that no one had any expecta-
well. He sent his mother to var-
ious pilgrimage destinations
which she always wanted to
see. Because he was not in his
village for so long, other vil-
lagers seized his land. This
tions from him when he filled
made him very angry, but nei-
At that time Prahlad was mere-
the forms for the 8th standard.
ly in his 7th standard. The
untimely death of his father not
His brother-in-law used to
work at the Secretariat in
ther did he have the power nor
the money to fight them. Thus,
the desire to become an IAS or
only made him mature at such
Jaipur. He brought him back
IPS Officer grew even stronger
a young age, but also made
him return to his village
Rampura. Nevertheless, his
for further studies to Jaipur.
His admission was done in a
private school, where his class-
mother kept the flame burning
in him.
He started preparing for the
civil service and he always
mates used to make fun of him
of the dream his father had
kept studying even when he
because of his rural back-
seen for him. She always used
had to travel because of his job
ground. He did not know much
to keep reminding Prahlad of
where he had to reach, but
about the city and he was also
lagging behind in his studies,
looking at the economic sce-
but slowly he started getting
nario of the house Prahlad had
his share of attention. He knew
or any other reasons. In August
2011 he passed the UPSC
Prelims and in May 2012 he
also crossed the final barrier.
to get a job to earn some
that if he will study hard, then
He got an All India Rank of
money, which had an adverse
in future he could pull his fam-

IGNOU offers course on rural development

NEW DELHI: The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is offer-

ing a masters programme on

rural development from the 2013 session, an official said Monday.The Master of Arts in Rural Development (MARD) is a two-year programme, which can be pursued by grad-

uates of any discipline. "Apart from freshers the course will be useful to personnel working in various government depart- ments, agencies, NGOs, coop- erative banks and other insti- tutes engaged in rural transfor- mation," the official statement said. The last date to apply is

June 15. "The programme is

The last date to apply is June 15. "The programme is designed to provide extensive regional

designed to provide extensive

regional centres. The IGNOU

knowledge and information pertaining to various aspects

is the world's largest Open University system with pan


and international reach,

of rural development in the Indian context," it added. According to the varsity, the prospectus form for Rs.200 is

having flexible entry qualifi- cations and wide range of aca- demic programmes at afford-

available at IGNOU and all its


costs, the varsity said.

NEET 2013: Students relieved after SC verdict NEW DELHI: In a big relief to aspiring
NEET 2013: Students relieved after SC verdict
NEW DELHI: In a big relief
to aspiring medical students,
the Supreme Court on Monday
paved the way for government
and private medical colleges to
admit students to under-gradu-
ate and post-graduate medical
and dental courses for the 2013
session. The court lifted curbs
on the declaration of entrance
tests' results for the courses
tions and medical bodies to
conduct the entrance examina-
tion for the courses but
restrained them from declaring
the results.
"In order to safeguard their
(students) interests, as also the
interest of the hospitals, we
consider it just and equitable to
lift the bar imposed by us on
on the strength of the results of
the examinations, which have
already been held and for
which they had appeared,
should not be denied such
opportunity, at least for this
year," the court said.
The court's order came on a
batch of petitions challenging
Dec 13, 2012, for this year's
and said: "
students, who
aspire to gain entry into the
medical colleges at the MBBS
and BDS and the post-graduate
levels, have been caught in the
entrance examinations and, to
that extent, we modify our
order," the court said, in an
interim order.
"Without fresh entrants into the
the Dec 21, 2010 decision of
regulator Medical Council of
India (MCI) notifying a
National Eligibility Entrance
(NEET) for admission to
post-graduate medical courses.
The petitioner colleges chal-
legal tangle for no fault of
post-graduate courses, even for
lenged the competence of the
theirs and are the victims of
year, the hospitals are likely
MCI to introduce a test which
policy decisions".
The apex court bench of Chief
Justice Altamas Kabir, Justice
Anil R. Dave and Justice
Vikramajit Sen modified its
Dec 13, 2012 order by which it
had permitted various institu-
to be adversely affected on
account of lack of doctors to
directly take care of the
patients," the court said.we feel
that students hoping to gain
admission in the MBBS as
well as post-graduate courses
prevented them from having
any control on admissions.
court would pronounce its
verdict on the validity of the
Dec 21, 2010 notification of
the MCI July 4.

JNU, DU English departments ranks among world's top 100

NEW DELHI: Jawaharlal

Oxford tops the list followed

University. JNU comes in the


too at this consistent

Nehru University's Center of English Studies has once

by Cambridge, and Harvard

recognition that our Centre has been getting international-

51-100 rank categories. "This

ly, and we hope to work even

again been ranked amidst the


no mean achievement, and

harder and attain even higher

top 100 English departments in the world by prestigious QS World University Rankings 2013. The University of

we are all justifiably very proud and very happy at the Centre. However, we are hum-

global recognition," said a statement from the Centre for English Studies.



on Monday

JAMMU: Upset over lack of interest shown by the adminis- tration in settling the issues, the Non Gazetted Employees Union (Class IV) of the University of Jammu has decided to resume the token striker from Tuesday. In a cir- cular issued by the president of the union, Krishan Chand, the employees have been asked to assemble in front of the old administration block at 10 am for sit in up to 12 noon Tuesday. The circular read: "It is notified for the information of all the concerned Class IV employees, including casual labourers, that in spite of extending full cooperation to the authorities, no fruitful result has come till date in the demands for which a token agitation was initiated and sus- pended after seeking an agree- ment with the authorities."

Under Graduate results may delay

(JU in a fix over college teachers 'no' to evaluation)

JAMMU: The refusal of the


time had already been wast-

evaluation was affected com-

college teachers to evaluate the

ed," pleading not to be quoted,

pletely for initial two weeks,


senior officer of the examina-

the JU fears that the results

answer scripts of recently con-

tion wing told Student Age.

may delay this time. "There is

cluded undergraduate exami-


fact, JU too was at fault for

no denying the fact that the

nation in the wake of Income Tax notices has become a

not deducing tax at source

results are going to delay, but

(TDC). The negligence on part

efforts are being made to com-

cause of worry for the


the institution of higher edu-

plete the Final Year evaluation

blamed JU for burdening the

University of Jammu (JU) to declare the results on time. However, the Controller of

cation provided the teaching community an opportunity to show their anger. "Not all, but

in time to pave way for results in given time," said another

Examination, in consultation with administration has already started evaluation at

those teachers of English, Mathematics, Education and Sociology were not in a mood

senior officer. When contacted, president College Teachers Association,

two newly established centers at Kathua and Udhampur in a move to speed up the mark-

to pay taxes ranging from Rs 80,000 to one lakh as calculat-

Prof Avinash denied there was any refusal for evaluation. He


by the IT authorities. So, the

teaching community for not

ing."Upset over the Income Tax notices for not depositing the tax for their incomes out evaluation and other examina- tion related duties, the whole lot of college teachers had said 'no' to the marking. Later, some of the teachers agreed to return to the job, but, in between, a lot

Controller of Examination, in consultation with university administration explored other options and two evaluation centers were set up in Udhampur and Kathua, espe- cially for these four subjects," informed the officer. Since the

deducting the tax at source. However, he agreed that there was resentment among the teachers. "There was resent- ment among around 80 to 90 affected college teachers but the matter has been sorted out," said Prof Avinash.

Brothers invent Magnetic

Fly Wheel for vehicles

NEW DELHI: In a remark-

mechanical engineering. They

able achievement two Muslim

also have keen interest in the

brothers from Gujarat

Ayubkhan Babi and Dildarahmed I. Babi have

invented a new magnetic device which promises to save the world from global warm- ing and climate change.

ciency. Ayubkhan Babi said

history of Islamic Science and Technology. The invention is based on kinetic motion ener- gy by rotating magnetic field. Mr. Ayubkhan Babi said that the invention would signifi- cantly help in saving fuel by


to 50 percent. It also helps

The newly invented "Magnetic Fly Wheel", as the device is currently named, is also aimed at air pollution control as well as fuel effi-

that he has already applied for the patent of "Magnetic Fly Wheel" vides Application No. 1397/MUM/2010. Mr. Babi claims this invention to be the first of its kind in India, and probably the world. The two

in reducing pollution by 50 percent. The invention would also help save engine from warming and saves engine oil for a long time. The invention would also help save earth from global warming and cli- mate change. "The basic purpose of this invention is to save fuel,

increase performance, increase average approximately 10 to

brothers have electrical and


percent, pollution remains

under control, reduces engine load and reduces warming of the engine," said Mr. Ayubkhan Babi. The magnetic fly wheel device can be used

in cycles, scooters, cars, buses,

trucks, electric vehicles, elec-

tric motors, water pumps, handicap cycles, wind mills,

generator sets, railways, earth mover's equipments, agricul- tural equipments, and other kinds of movable machines. The magnetic fly wheel device can be applied on either front or rear wheel without any changes in the model or engine. With the use of this device the vehicles have no jerks, are vibration free, gain extra pick up, and significant

reduction in physical stress.

Interesting Facts for IAS Exam


NATO was founded

on April 4, 1949, under the

direction of the United States


with the participation of

11 western European nations.


It was formed as a


to check the Warsaw

Treaty Organization-formed

by the former Soviet Union


a number of eastern

European countries after their

signing of the Warsaw Pact.


It consists of 28

countries from North America


Europe committed to ful-

filling the goals of the North

Atlantic Treaty.


The fundamental


of NATO is to safeguard

the freedom and security of its member countries by political


military means and plays


important role in crisis

management and peacekeep-



The organization

constitutes a system of collec-


defence whereby its mem-


states agree to mutual

defense in response to an

attack by any external party.

defence whereby its mem- ber states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by
defence whereby its mem- ber states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by

Page 1


aPRIL 30.qxd 5/14/2013 10:26 AM Page 5

Page 1 qxd aPRIL 30.qxd 5/14/2013 10:26 AM Page 5 STUDENT AGE EDITORIAL 5 TUESDAY, MAY




TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013



The last World War was so horrific that France and Germany, vowed never to fight again. Slowly they began to be friendly. They started with coal and steel, went on to trade, and eventually created the European Union, which is a kind of interminable multilateral embrace; the only simile that comes close to it is the huddle that their foot- ball players get into after a win. Now, however, they have begun to break their mutual promise in small ways; the indissoluble friendship is showing signs of fraying. The French president and the German chancellor still stand together, but they no longer look at cameras together; their eyes diverge. Neither side has disclosed the subject of discord; but the French have muttered enough to the press. The trouble arose out of differing approaches to Europe's economic problems - specifically, absence of growth. Growthless-ness, combined with unbreakable promises to the young, old, unemployed and so on have led one European country after another into rising fiscal deficits and public debt. Not all are as profligate as Greece; but many are inching in that direction. They need not have suffered mounting debts; they could have issued money. But they ceded that freedom when they joined the common currency; it means that they have no currency to issue. That leaves them at the mercy of the capital market. Looking at their public debt, lenders have become increasingly skeptical about their ever repaying the loans and reluctant to lend them more. The European leaders found an obvious solution, namely, that the European Central Bank should borrow and imme- diately give the money to bankrupt nations. But since at least some of them look unlikely ever to be able to repay, it would have meant the bank borrowing to give subsi- dies; and the German government is worried that it would have to pay sooner or later for those subsidies. The Germans promised eternal friendship only to the French; they do not wish to become eternal benefactors of the entire European Union. The French do not see why not; hence the little tiff. If they were married or, to follow cur- rent European fashion, co-habitators, such a lack of con- gruence would be a precursor for divorce or parting of ways. Such eventualities are not provided for in the European Union, which is more in tune with a Catholic marriage. So the chances are that they would continue to stand disunited together. They could still live more or less happily ever after if they could persuade the European Central Bank to issue cur- rency. Borrowing to lend to bankrupts may be bad busi- ness; but issuing currency to do so should be all right, since currency is zero-interest, unredeemable bonds. But more currency may lead to inflation, which Germany has been allergic to ever since its experience of hyperinflation after World War I. So the indissoluble union must contin- ue to face irresoluble problems.

Right Choice

In choosing Siddaramaiah as its Chief Minister in Karnataka, the Congress party has made a good begin- ning. The 64-year old Lohiaite socialist scored over sev- eral other claimants, notably Union Labour Minister M. Mallikarjuna Kharge and Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee President G. Parameshwara, in a Congress- style 'secret ballot' - in which the number of votes each candidate receives is also kept a secret by the 'High Command.' The Congress government, however, is unlikely to enjoy the initial lease of public goodwill and patience that a new government normally gets. After all, its elevation to power was due to voter outrage against the Bharatiya Janata Party's misrule rather than for its own appeal, a point established by the voting pattern. Though it won 121 out of the 223 Assembly seats for which polls were held, thereby giving it a comfortable majority, it could increase its vote share by just under 2 percentage points over the 2008 polls. It is the BJP that lost consider- able ground, its vote share falling by 13.89 percentage points over the 2008 polls. The Congress wants to show that it means business in vesting responsibility in a clean leader with proven administrative acumen, for Mr. Siddaramaiah has presented seven State budgets as Finance Minister. A lawyer by training, Mr. Siddaramaiah is of Janata Parivar lineage. He left the Janata Dal (Secular) in 2006 and took up the cause of the AHINDA (a Kannada acronym for the minorities, backward classes, and Dalits) movement before joining the Congress. He was the Leader of the Opposition in the last Assembly, and perhaps its only effective voice, taking the then gov- ernment to task over its failures on many fronts. In defining his immediate future as "a bed of thorns" in an interview to this newspaper on Saturday, the Chief Minister-designate was perhaps referring to the formida- ble task of dismantling the old and re-constructing afresh. Undoubtedly, the last five years have seen a deep loss of public faith in government and its institutions. Mr. Siddaramaiah must be empowered by the Congress 'High Command': to choose a team free of those with tainted records, to deal firmly with factionalism that the Congress is known for; and to tackle key state sectors that have been neglected. These include agriculture, pro-poor human resource development (including fulfilling prom- ises on the development of the Hyderabad-Karnataka region) and employment. Last but not least, the State's voters expect the new government to ensure that the insti- tution of the Lokayukta regains the position of authority and independence it enjoyed during the tenure of Justice Santosh Hegde.

Too many drugs for sale


Western pharmaceutical companies domi- nate the world market, with well over half

of global revenues earned by a handful of

companies (Pfizer, Novartis, Glaxo SmithKline and French, Sanofi, Astra Zeneca and Roche). Other Western compa- nies mainly from the same countries (the United States of America, Switzerland, France, Germany) make up for most of the remainder. Most advances in knowledge of

the human system and the tackling of dis- eases in the last few centuries took place in these countries. The result is their domi- nance in discovering products to tackle dif- ferent diseases. Till the 1970s, Western companies domi- nated India as well. India today is the third largest pharmaceutical market by volume, but lower costs and drug price control take

it much lower down the scale in value.

Today, Indian companies account for most

of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in

India (Ranbaxy, Dr Reddy's Labs, Lupin

and others).

A combination of factors brought about this

change. The spread of higher and profes- sional education in India, the growth of entrepreneurship and the economy were crucial. However it was stimulated by the amendments to the Patents Act of 1970 which recognized process patents and not product patents. This enabled our talented chemists to explore new ways of copying pharmaceutical products under patent else- where. Many companies like Ranbaxy, Cipla, Dr Reddy's Labs and others pio- neered in pharmaceutical reverse engineer- ing. Thus, for example, Ranbaxy intro- duced Diazepam (Valium and Librium of Roche and Burroughs Welcome) and doxy- cycline hydrochloride (Pfizer). Neither product was introduced into India though they were more effective than in relation to existing bromides and terramycin. The inventing companies were happy with their older products that were doing well Ranbaxy's copies earned them substantial profits. They, like many others, invested heavily in modern manufacturing and development facilities. The profits helped them to develop new processes. The growth

of the Indian-owned pharmaceutical com- panies was due to the patent laws. Heirs selling off these companies to foreign phar- maceutical companies are benefiting from

the laws.

These Indian companies began investing in research and discovery of new molecules. They wanted patent protection for these product discoveries. India was then negoti- ating to join the World Trade Organization. This required product patent protection under the trade related aspects of intellectu- al property rights or TRIPS. India was now comfortable about accepting product patents. The law was amended in 2005 to recognize product patents. In 1963, India had introduced detailed drugs price control of all products, pack sizes and formulations. Each price was based on standard production benchmarks. Efficient companies, especially multina-

tional ones, did better than the standard

ones. They earned good profits even at con-

trolled prices.

With the onset of economic liberalization and de-licensing in the 1990s, drugs price

control was relaxed. This resulted in the

escalation of drug prices. (However prices for the same products were much lower in India than in the US). This was also when the Indian pharmaceutical market expanded rapidly, owing to rising incomes and rapid economic growth. The government in India was not the major buyer of pharmaceuticals. Western coun- tries, including the US, spent heavily on medical care which rose in costs due to high drug prices. Since Indian households were paying most of the cost, the Indian government did not put much pressure on keeping prices low. Western governments put considerable pressure on India to allow their companies to charge higher prices. The dilution of drugs price control was the result. Costs of healthcare were ballooning in developed countries on account of soaring insurance costs and high pharmaceuticals prices. This led to a growing market for generic drugs (which were products off patent and now copied by others and espe- cially by Indian companies). Governments were keen to reduce their healthcare costs. The US (and others) saw a squeeze on

prices of branded pharmaceutical products, while countries like India were exporting increasing quantities of generics produced

by them at low cost and sold at low prices.

This put pressure on Western companies to find new markets and production centres.

In past years, Western research and devel-

opment had discovered blockbuster drugs

which earned their companies vast profits. Such discoveries slowed. Discoveries were

of new niche drugs with limited markets

and high prices. Western companies found research and development expenditures a growing burden.

It is difficult to accept that their high

research costs made high prices inevitable in order to recoup expenses and reward inventions. Any study of profitability of Western pharmaceutical companies will show that their returns were much higher than for other industries. They were more than compensated for high research and development expenditures over the drug patent lives of 20 years. Drug copies by Indian companies created markets, increased by more drugs coming off patents since the 1980s. Off-patent drugs sold as generics made India the world's largest exporter of generics. (But little generics were sold in India.) Indian companies do little to discover remedies for diseases that scourge the poor. There is lit- tle effort to find alternatives for antibiotics whose effectiveness is declining as doctors overdose patients with them. Declining discoveries of new blockbuster drugs and generic competition from India and other countries forced Western pharma- ceutical companies to extend patent lives of large-selling (but off-patent) dru-gs. This is done by marginal changes to products and then applying for fresh patents. Thus old patent lives are extended beyond their legit- imate lives of 20 years. The Novartis judgment denies such life

extension or "ever greening". It does not abolish patent protection, nor recognize patent violations. It is still not legal to copy

a patented drug and market it without per-

mission of the patent owner. But if the drug has not been introduced in India, it can be made under a "compulsory licence".

Indian manufacturers now spend on

research and development. They find it advantageous to collaborate with foreign companies. Shared experiences speed up

research, clinical trial results are more use- ful in other countries, and their distribution

support is useful. Foreign companies are

buying successful Indian companies to access their research and development skills and better penetrate Indian markets.

Two threats arise. They get control over the

Indian production of generics and could restrict Indian exports. It could lead to higher prices. The Competition

Commission of India must keep an eye. Pharmaceuticals in India face other grave problems. Pharmaceutical regulation is for manufacturing, clinical trials, and distribu- tion. Governments encouraged small scale industries to make pharmaceutical prod- ucts. We have between 20,000 and 30,000 pharmaceutical producers in India. Few are actually inspected for hygiene and produc- tion practices. Over 40 per cent of drugs sold in India are allegedly fake. Medical practitioners are paid lavishly by manufac- turers to prescribe their products, clearly an unethical practice. Retailers in India sell even dangerous drugs without prescription. They rarely face retribution from regula- tors. These are regulatory failures. In overall healthcare, hospitals, nursing homes and medical practitioners in India are also practically unregulated. Clinical trials are poorly monitored by regulators and cause untold damage especially to poor patients. Regulation of health care and pharmaceuticals is extremely poor, and eas- ily influenced. The safety of patients depends on the integrity of the provider. The pharmaceutical industry in India has many serious issues. The Novartis judg- ment will play a small role by permitting generic equivalents of many products whose patents have expired. The Novartis judgment neither disrespects patents, patentability, or other rights of patent own-

ers. Threats from foreign companies that

the judgment will force them to keep out of India are shallow. India is too large and rich

a market, as well as a major research and production base, to be ignored.

Fomenting hemispheristic hostility

Narayan Lakshman

Barack Obama has done little to quell the mistrust sweeping across Latin America, which harbours deep suspicions about the U.S.'s hegemonic intentions Wrapping up a lightning tour of Latin

America - the first of his second term and his sixth overall - United States President Barack Obama this week summed up his views on the hemisphere in fond reflections about the 50th anniversary of former President John F. Kennedy's vision for the region. Addressing business leaders in San Jose, Costa Rica, Mr. Obama said: "President

Kennedy visited 50 years ago and

nizeds at that time the enormous potential

for the private sector as a critical ingredient

in progress and development for the hemi-

sphere as a whole; that when you combine good government with a thriving free mar- ket, then that was an extraordinary recipe for opportunity for all people." He went on to add that visiting half-a-cen- tury later he could personally see "how much progress has been made" in the region and in terms of ties with Washington, and this "indicates that President Kennedy's vision was sound."

Irony-laden example In truth, Mr. Obama could neither have picked a worse time to make blithe remarks about his administration's benevolent inten- tions towards Latin America nor chosen a more irony-laden example of benign inter- national cooperation. Back in 1961 Kennedy, it will be recalled, was driven far more by strategic insecurity over communist expansionism in the region than genuine concern for the well-being of the Latino community when he forged his famous Alianza para el Progreso, or Alliance for Progress. For that reason, the programme itself ultimately foundered and was dissolved by the Organizations of American States in 1973. Today, at the heart of Latin America's dis- enchantment with its northern cousin is a toxic mix of Washington's tacit acceptance

of human rights violations in immigration

and border enforcement; the unbridled vio- lence associated with the cross-border

drugs-and-guns trade; and deep suspicions surrounding the U.S. regional hegemonic intentions.


The U.S.' 44th President has done little to quell the epidemic of mistrust sweeping across the hemisphere. First consider the case of Bolivia. Last week President Evo Morales called for the U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, to leave his coun- try, flinging scathing words at the agency's "meddling." He said: "They might think that they can manipulate us economically and politically here, but that is no longer the case." While U.S. officialdom was quick to paint the allegations as baseless, numerous observers have cited clandestine U.S. efforts to destabilize the government in La Paz, and USAID's ejection is by no means the first such action by the independent- thinking Mr. Morales.

In 2008 U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg

and several other officials were expelled from Bolivia and, in retaliation, Washington dismissed Bolivia's Ambassador Gustavo Guzman. The coun- tries have still not mutually resumed ambassadorial posts. But the malaise with the U.S.-Bolivia rela- tionship runs deeper and Washington's floundering attempts to tackle the burgeon- ing drug wars are very much a core issue. In 2011, with his country pushed into a diplo- matic corner owing to the obstinacy of the U.N. system, Mr. Morales was left with no option but to announce that Bolivia would exit the 1961 U.N. Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. This action came after the intense diplomat- ic bullying of Bolivia by the U.S. and other advanced nations in a bid to get the country to surrender the culturally important coca leaf - as important as the betel nut is to India - as a banned substance under the Convention. At the time a report based on a U.S. study sought the coca leaf's inclusion in the list, despite the Council on Hemispheric Affairs underscoring the shoddy underlying analy- sis and final conclusions based on "poor methodology, racist connotations, and cul- tural insensitivity." Even though Mr. Morales explained the

biochemical composition of the coca leaf

and emphasized that a cocaine-related alka- loid in the plant "amounts to less than one- tenth of a per cent of the leaf," Washington appeared consumed by its burning desire to offshore its drug wars rather than focus on

securing its own borders from drug inflows or adopting anti-drug policies to curb domestic consumption. However Mr. Morales' act of diplomatic civil disobedience succeeded and this year Bolivia will be rejoining the Convention sans the coca-ban. Negating this positive outcome, the fracas with USAID and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's remark that Latin America was the "backyard" of the U.S. have again led to spiking tensions. Vis-á-vis an aggrieved neighbour-state, Venezuela, it would appear that the usually glib Mr. Obama has developed an inexpli- cable case of foot-in-mouth disease. Following a torrent of harsh, undignified U.S. vitriol heaped upon the legacy and persona of late President Hugo Chávez after his death in March, Mr. Obama fanned the flames by refusing to recognize current President Nicolas Maduro as a legitimate leader. Even as he prepared to embark on his hemi- spheric junket, Mr. Obama waded deeper into controversy after labeling as "ridicu- lous" the charges that Caracas is bringing against jailed American filmmaker Tim Tracy. Mr. Maduro's government says that following surveillance of Mr. Tracy, it has over 500 videos and email exchanges with opposition activists as evidence of his

attempts to carry out politically destabilis- ing plots with militant anti-government fac- tions. While the specifics of the Tracy case are still emerging and it would be unwise to pre-empt his prosecution, what is clear is that the allegation that an American chan- neled secret U.S. money to student protest- ers and instigated violent protests in the

wake of the presidential election ought not

to come as a surprise to Washington.

Even a cursory glance at 20th-century his- tory shows the insidious role of U.S. intel-

ligence agencies in backing regional coups.

In the case of Venezuela, a U.S. embassy

cable disclosed by WikiLeaks hints that the U.S.' political objectives in the country in 2004 included "penetrating Chávez's politi- cal base" and "dividing Chavismo."

For all their troubles with the U.S., howev-

er, neither Bolivia nor Venezuela is as much

a slave to the caprices of U.S policies as

Mexico is. Not only is the U.S. Mexico's largest trading partner, providing the coun- try with a $500 billion trade volume in 2012, it is also the home of 11 million

migrants, of whom approximately 6 million are said to be undocumented.

Disingenuous Given this relationship of unequal depend-

ence based on asymmetric economic clout,

it was disingenuous of Mr. Obama to keep

his dialogue with Mexican President Pena Nieto principally within the framework of economic integration and growth opportu- nities. Even though comprehensive immigration reform, still being hotly debated in the U.S. Congress, was discussed, there was little indication that Mr. Obama conveyed how hard this proposed reform will crack down on border enforcement. Yes, the path to legalization that Mr. Obama has proposed for undocumented aliens in the U.S. is a welcome improvement on a draconian previous regime. However the reform package's steady creep towards pri- oritizing economic contributors over the needs of families that need to be unified across borders is not something that got much mention on the Lat-Am tour. Slipping even further into the background was the disturbing matter of gun prolifera- tion and the violence it has fuelled through the drug trade. While the string of shootings across the U.S. has evoked a strong move towards gun control domestically, Mr. Obama did not appear to show remorse for the catastrophic "Fast and Furious" gun- walking programme.

Although in his speech at Mexico's Museo Nacional de Antropología he admitted that "most of the guns used to commit violence

here in Mexico come from the U.S.," he

clearly decided to skip mentioning the fact that more than 2,000 firearms that his Department of Justice "walked" across the

Mexican border under a failed sting opera- tion were subsequently connected to the deaths of at least 300 Mexicans and one U.S. Border Patrol Agent. In a world of hemispheric hypocrisy and

half-truths the man who was initially wel-

comed as a committed internationalist and

pre-emptively awarded the Nobel Peace

Prize has failed to deliver the region from

his predecessor's belligerent paradigm. Stay

at home next time, Mr. Obama.

belligerent paradigm. Stay at home next time, Mr. Obama. Two down Editor, There can be no
Two down Editor, There can be no second opinion that the "sheen has been taken

Two down


There can be no second opinion that the "sheen has been taken off the Congress's glorious victory in Karnataka" following allegations of bribery against Pawan Bansal's nephew and Ashwani Kumar's interference in the CBI's status report in the coal blocks allocation scam, which was due for presentation to the Supreme Court, forcing them to resign ("Two down, what next?" May 11). But the resignations are too little too late. Had the Ministers resigned earlier, Parliament's valuable time would not have been wasted.


Yours etc.,

Yours etc.,


Abhinav ,

Rajinder Singh,





Delayed action


The UPA government's delayed action has caused irreparable damage to the image of the Congress. It should consider the Supreme Court's suggestion to enact a law to insulate the CBI from governmental interference and make it an independent organization.

The Congress perhaps dragged its feet on the issue because of the Karnataka elections. Its action against the two Ministers certainly does not enhance people's confidence in the party. All political parties should realize that people want those who are honest and committed at the helm. The 2014 election will be a great lesson to all parties and leaders.




helm. The 2014 election will be a great lesson to all parties and leaders. Y OURS

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aPRIL 30.qxd 5/14/2013 10:26 AM Page 6

Page 1 qxd aPRIL 30.qxd 5/14/2013 10:26 AM Page 6 STUDENT AGE NATIONAL 6 TUESDAY, MAY




TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013

6 STUDENT AGE NATIONAL 6 TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013 Over 6,400 railway employees came under scanner

Over 6,400 railway employees came under scanner in 2012

NEW DELHI: According to


1,637 were working in


data with Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), the


Northern Railway zone, 698 under Western Railway, 685

The railway vigilance wing effected a recovery of Rs

Railways has topped the list

under Southern Railway, 588

43.12 crore (till November

of government organisations


Central Railway, 411 in

2012) as a result of these pre-


2011 with regard to num-

South Eastern Railway, 332

ventive drives carried out in

ber of corruption complaints.


West Central Railway, 309

various departments involved


North Central Railway and


dealing with people.

As many as 8,805 complaints


in South Central

The national transporter,

of corruption were received against railway employees followed by 8,430 against

Railway, the data said. The departmental proceedings

which has over 13 lakh employees, is divided into 16

bank employees and 5,026

were also initiated against

zones across the country for

against Income Tax officials,


employees working


purposes of operation and

the CVC data showed. Over

under East Coast Railway,



in North Eastern


earmarked 14 thrust areas

6,400 railway employees are facing departmental proceed- ings for being allegedly involved in corruption during


Railway, 217 in North Western Railway, 201 in Eastern Railway, 166 in

during 2012 for intensive vigilance scrutiny in order to prevent leakage of revenue,

Departmental proceedings were initiated against 6,454

North East Frontier Railway and 151 in South Western

which includes commercial earning through tendering,

employees, including 195

Railway among others, it said. The action came after

misuse of various conces- sions including free passes,

gazetted officials, working in

the Railways conducted

e-tickets and checks in gener-



coaches to detect fraud in

different zones and allied departments of the Railways between January and December last year for alleged corruption, according

24,876 preventive checks in key areas like passenger reservation system, e-tickets (specifically refunds after preparation of charts),

tickets. The vigilance department has been keeping a watch on offi- cials whose integrity is sus-


a latest data. Of the total of

account and disposal of

pect as a measure to combat

defaulting officials, a highest

scrap, and traffic under-

corruption, an official said.

SC rejects Talwar couples' petition in double murder case

NEW DELHI: The plea of Talwar couple, Rajesh and Nupur Talwar to call 14 wit-

ment of the Talwar couple facing trial in the murder case of their teenaged daugh-

The CBI case is that the mur- der of 14-year-old Aarushi five years ago was carried

nesses in their daughter

ter Aarushi and domestic

out by her parents and that no

Aarushi and domestic help

help Hemraj.

outsider was present.

Hemraj was not entertained

They had approached the


his deposition before the

by Supreme Court. The division bencvh of apex

apex court challenging the order of the special CBI court

special court, Kaul, who headed the CBI probe, had

court comprising justices BS Chauhan and Dipakk Misra told the couple to petition the high court and did not enter- tain their plea of challange- ing traial court/s order before it.

rejecting their plea for sum- moning 14 additional wit- nesses, including ADG (Law and Order) and the then CBI joint director Arun Kumar, to record their statements. The trial court had dismissed

submitted that the agency's investigation had revealed no evidence of any third per- son's entry into the Talwar residence. Aarushi was found dead with

"We don't intend to touch

their petition on May 6 and


throat slit in her bedroom

such matters. It's a wrong

ordered recording of state-


May 16, 2008. The initial

procedure to approach the Supreme Court directly," the

ments of Rajesh and Nupur, who are the main accused.

suspicion went on Hemraj whose body was later found

bench said.

The statement of CBI investi-

in the terrace at their resi-

With today's order, the trial court can go ahead with its proceedings to record state-

gating officer AGL Kaul, the last prosecution witness, has already been recorded.

dence in Jalvayu Vihar in Noida.

No rift between Manmohan and Sonia, Congress clarifies NEW DELHI: Dismissing reports of a rift
No rift between Manmohan
and Sonia, Congress clarifies
NEW DELHI: Dismissing
reports of a rift between the
PMO and the party following
dropping of two ministers
from the Cabinet, the
Congress on Monday assert-
ed that there was no change
in its position that
Manmohan Singh will be
prime minister till 2014.
Congress general secretary
Janaradan Dwivedi told
reporters here that the party
had declared before the 2009
polls that Manmohan Singh
will be prime minister if it
gets mandate to form the
He said Congress chief Sonia
Gandhi, while releasing the
party manifesto, had also
said that Manmohan Singh
will be the prime minister.
office and the party, he said
the prime minister and
Congress president had "per-
fect relationship" in steering
the party.
Dwivedi had said on Sunday
that the decision to drop rail-
of the media that it was at her
insistence that the two minis-
ters were dropped.
Bansal had resigned follow-
ing the arrest of his nephew
for allegedly accepting bribe
"Whenever there was a need,
the party has said in clear
terms that Dr Manmohan
Singh will be prime minister
till 2014. That is the position
today also," Dwivedi said.
Dismissing reports of a rift
between the prime minister's
way ministerPawan Kumar
Bansal and law minister
Ashwani Kumar from the
Cabinet was "joint decision"
of Manmohan Singh and
Gandhi, and termed as "not
correct" reports in a section
for fixing a promotion in rail-
way board. Kumar quit in the
wake of controversy over his
vetting the Central Board of
Investigation (CBI) probe
report in the coal block allo-

Supreme Court refuses to entertainTalwars' plea in Aarushi-Hemraj murder case

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court Monday declined to entertain a plea by Rajesh and Nupur Talwar seeking to summon 14 witnesses, including former CBI official Arun Kumar, in the trial for murders of their daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj. The apex court's vacation bench of Justice B.S. Chauhan and Justice Dipak Misra also took strong exception to Talwars directly challenging the trial court's order before it and asked them to approach the high court. "We don't intend to touch such matters. It's a wrong procedure to approach the Supreme Court directly," the bench said. - With today's order, the trial court can go ahead with its proceedings to record statement of the Talwar couple facing trial in the murder case of their teenaged daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj.They had approached the apex court challenging the order of the special CBI court rejecting their plea for summoning 14

additional witnesses, includ- ing ADG (Law and Order) and the then CBI Joint Director Arun Kumar, to record their statements.The trial court had dismissed their petition on May 6 and ordered recording of state- ments of Rajesh and Nupur, who are the main accused. The statement of CBI inves- tigating officer AGL Kaul, the last prosecution witness, has already been recorded.The CBI case is that the murder of 14-year-old Aarushi five years ago was carried out by her parents and that no outsider was present.In his deposition before the special court, Kaul, who headed the CBI probe, had submitted that the agency's investigation had revealed no evidence of any third person's entry into the Talwar residence. Aarushi, 14, was found brutally mur- dered in the Talwars' Noida residence May 16, 2008. The body of Hemraj, who was first suspected to be the girl's killer, was found the next day on the terrace of the house.

VVIP chopper scam phone records arrive from Italy

The phone records of an Italy government controlled defense firm and Italian mid-

documents durign any probe have to be shared with the affected parties.

dlemen in connection with

The supply of 12 VVIP heli-

VVIP chopper scam has been



received by CBI. Italian

AgustaWestland had come

prosecuters handed over the records to defense ministry which has been made affect- ed party and further given to CBI. The transcripts were in Italian language and the CBI was busy translating the same so that a follow up

under scanner after Italian authorities alleged that the bribe money was given by the company to clinch the deal. The Italian prosecutor, who carried out the prelimi- nary enquiry, alleged that

AgustaWestland, had used

services of middlemen to dis-

tribute bribes in India.

action could be taken, the sources said. The transcripts

are related to phone conver-

sations of alleged middlemen

Haschke Guido and Gerosa Carlo which were tapped by

CEO ofFinmeccanica, parent company of UK Based

It was not immediately

Italian authorities and have

known whether the transcipts

been quoted in their prelimi- nary inquiry report. According to Italian rules, all

gave any clues to the involvement of alleged Indian middlemen.

Non-Cong, non-BJP formation will emerge after LS polls: CPI(M)

NEW DELHI: CPI(M) is optimistic about a non- Congress, non-BJP forma- tion emerging after the next general elections, even as it indicated on Monday that it may have adjustments with regional parties in certain states. The two-day Central Committee meeting here debated the issue, as it decided to launch nation- wide protests over the next few weeks on issues like right to food and land, edu- cation and health and against corruption, which could form the basis of a minimum programme to attract other secular parties

to the non-Congress, non- BJP platform. "At the national level, such an alternative may not be possible now. But after the elections, some leaders say there will be a bright prospect for such an alter- native," CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat said. He said the party's electoral tactics would be that the Left parties would fight unitedly and there could be some electoral adjustments in some states. The Central Committee dis- cussed preparations for the program of picketing and demonstrations from the second half of May on the

issues of right to land and housing sites, curbing price rise and right to food, right to education and health, right to employment, ensur- ing social justice, farmers issues, FDI in retail trade and against corruption. The issues would be those on which an alternative platform to Congress and BJP could be projected, which could attract secular parties to accept such a common minimum pro- gramme (CMP) based on them, party sources said. CPI(M)'s strength has come down sharply from 44 in the 14th Lok Sabha to 16

SC lifts bar on declaration of results of entrtance exams for MBBS & medical PG courses

NEW DELHI: Supreme

declare the results of the

Vikramajit Sen clarified that the admissions will also

would be adversely affected and lose a year.

Court today lifted the bar on

same, until its further


on for the current year

The bench was hearing a

declaration of results for MBBS and medical post

orders. The court said since it could

where the examination has

batch of petitions question-

graduate courses for which


conclude the hearing on

already been held.

ing applicability of the


issue within a stipulated


bench headed by Chief

Medical Council of India's

entrance exams have already been conducted in the current academic year.The apex court modi-

period, it was modifying the order in the interest of the students and hospitals.

Justice Altamas Kabir said that the interest of hospitals has to be taken into consid-

decision to conduct the first-ever common entrance examination National


bench headed by Chief

eration as post graduate stu-


put on duty to attend to

Eligibility and Entrance

to both MBBS and post-

fied its December 13, 2012 order by which it had stated that the Medical Council of

Justice Altamas Kabir said that the interest of hospitals

dents after their admissions


Test (NEET) for admission

India, the Dental Council of India, as well as the States, Universities and other

has to be taken into consid- eration as post graduate stu- dents after their admissions

The bench also said it was not touching the matter

graduate courses in medi- cine as well as dental cours- es.


put on duty to attend to

where the examination has

The National Board of

Institutions, will be entitled


been held.

Examinations (NBE) had

to conduct their respective



said if the December 13,

held the NEET-PG for post-

examinations for MBBS,

After delivering the order,

2012 order is not modified,

BDS and post-graduate courses, but shall not

the bench also comprising justices A R Dave and

large number of students

graduate medical and dental courses in December 2012.

Departmentalinquiryagainstgovt.employee only in language of his preference, says SC

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has said that departmental enquiry and proceedings against

passed the order on an appeal filed by a govern- ment employee Mithilesh Kumar Singh challenging

government employee

the proceedings against

must be done in the lan- guage of his preference.

him and punishment of reduction in his pay scale

The apex court while set-

on the ground that inquiry

ting aside punishment meted out to an official on the ground that proceed- ings were not conducted in Hindi as sought by him, said refusal to conduct the

was conducted against him in English against his desire. He had pleaded that proceedings be con- ducted and all the docu-

proceedings as per the employee's preferred lan- guage will violate his right to effective defence and to effectively put forth his

ments be supplied to him in Hindi so that he could defend himself. Advocate Pyoli Swatija, appearing for the petition- er,contended that it was a


The court consisting of a bench of justices H L Dattu and J S Khehar

violation of fair justice and urged the court to set aside the proceedings against the employee.

The racecourse to be turned into a Bal Thackeray memorial: Shiv Sena

MUMBAI: The Shiv Sena's demand on Monday to con- vert the Mahalaxmi race- course into a public garden has created a flutter in the city's political circles. "The Sena's demand is illogical. The party wants the race- course to be turned into a Bal Thackeray memorial. The Sena failed to set up the memorial at Shivaji Park and so, Matoshree has set its gaze on the racecourse," . The Sena seems keen on a prized location where Thackeray's memorial can be set up in the run-up to the 2014 elections. A BJP func- tionary pointed out that his party would not be in a posi- tion to back the Sena's pro- posal in the municipal corpo- ration where the two parties share office. "The Sena's

demand that the BMC take over the Mahalaxmi race- course could well be the brainwave of one of the Sena veterans in the BMC eager to earn Matoshree's favour," . "But my party will find it difficult to toe the Sena line in the corporation." The 99- year municipal lease of the Mahalaxmi racecourse ends on May 30. Mayor Sunil Prabhu has asked municipal chief Sitaram Kunte to take over the racecourse from the Royal Western India Turf Club and make it available to the public. "The racecourse can be shifted elsewhere in Mumbai,". "If a proposal to acquire the racecourse from the RWITC comes up before the standing committee, the Sena will back it," said party president Uddhav Thackeray

Transfer Notice


RAJESHWAR SHARMA R/O DOMAN,Jammu have applied for the transfer of Vehicle No JK02AB-8989 in favour of KARAN DASS


PIRKHOO Jammu .Objection


any one may be Conveyed


RTO Jammu Within 7 Days.



UJAGHAR RAM R/O GANGYAL Jane may be Conveyed to RTO Jammu

Within 7 Days.mmu have lost




No JK0220110079579.Now

I am applying duplicate for the

same Objection if any o


I BUSHAN LAL WALI S/0 LATE SHAMBOO NATH WALI R/O KARAN NAGAR SRINAGAR, sat present 1-A/9,VIKAS NAGAR,SARWAL JAMMU is applying for correction of name of grandson as PARTH WALI instead of PANSHUL WALI in migrant ration card no. 17088 and Data Form No. 276,Objection if any may be conveyed to RELIEF AND REHA- BILIATION COMMISSIONER (M)JAMMU within 7 days from the publication of this notice.

Vijay Goel forms 'balanced'

BJP team for polls

NEW DELHI: Months after taking over as Delhi BJP pres- ident Vijay Goel announced his team, amid high specula-

MLA Ramesh Bidhuri has been reappointed. BJP council- lors Yogender Chandolia, Meera Aggarwal and Ashish

tion, for the forthcomin-

Sood have been made vice-

gassembly elections on


Monday. The new team, Goel

Sources say elevation of

claims, is "balanced" as it has representation from various sections and regions and is

Poorvanchali leader Abhey Verma, the head of the Poorvanchal wing, to the post

highly experienced. But the announcement has surprised many as some prominent lead- ers have been dropped from

of vice-president is the result of the party's unexpected vic- tory in east Delhi in the munic- ipal polls last year.



Poorvanchali leaders had won

"This is a balanced team with

eight out of the nine wards

representation from various

allotted to them. Only three

caste, community and religion.

MLAs-Bidhuri, Kulwant Rana


the members are well con-

from Rithala and Mohan Singh

nected at the grassroot level. I have given chance to people who are experienced and have performed well,'' said Goel, who has retained very few party leaders from previous team.

Bisht from Karawal Nagar- have been retained. While Bidhuri has been made the general secretary, Rana and Bisht have been elevated to the post of vice-president. Senior leaders like Pravesh Verma,


the 10 vice-presidents, only

former chief minister Sahib

two-Prithvi Raj Sahni and Pawan Sharma-have been retained. Of the three general secretaries, just Tughlaqabad

Singh Verma's son; Vijay Jolly; Kirti Azad's wife, Poonam; and former mayor Kanwar Sain have been sidelined.

Hundreds of Bangladesh textile plantsshut indefinitely

DHAKA: Hundreds of fac- tories which form the hub of Bangladesh’s garment industry are to close indefinitely after worker unrest sparked by the death of more than 1,127 colleagues, employ- ees announced Monday. As the search for bodies from last month’s collapse of a factory complex

80 per cent of the factories had walked out earlier in the day to demand an increase in salaries as well as the execution of the owner of the collapsed Rana Plaza complex in the town of Savar. Most of Bangladesh’s top garment factories are based at Ashulia and there has

wrapped up, the textile

been “virtually no work”

industry’s main trade body said all operations at the nearby Ashulia industrial

there since the April 24 Rana Plaza tragedy, Azim said.

zone were being suspended

Tensions in Ashulia had

until further notice. Shahidullah Azim, of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, said the decision to shut down all the factories at Ashulia,

been further inflamed by the discovery of a dead female garment worker on Sunday. Police said they suspect that the death was a suicide sparked by a “love affair”.

on the outskirts of Dhaka, was made “to ensure the security of our factories”. Local police chief Badrul Alam said that workers in

Ashulia is home to around 500 factories which make clothing for a string of major Western retailers including Walmart, H&M, Tesco and Carrefour.

Right man for the job?: Senator Ishaq Dar tipped to be next finance minister

ISLAMABAD: In all proba- bility, veteran politician Senator Ishaq Dar is likely to become the
ISLAMABAD: In all proba-
bility, veteran politician
Senator Ishaq Dar is likely to
become the country’s next
finance minister. He will be
burdened with the task of fix-
ing the teetering economy,
amid hopes that he will
refrain from hurting business
sentiments through political-
ly-motivated statements.
If appointed, Senator Dar, a
two-time former finance
minister, faces immediate
challenges. He has to present
next year’s budget in the
shortest possible timeframe,
while finding a solution to
the looming threat of a
national default on interna-
tional payments due to exter-
nal debt amortisation.
The options in front of him
dictate that either he go
straight to the negotiating
table for a bailout package
from the International
Monetary Fund (IMF), or bet
on timely help from friendly
countries. However, analysts
say that relying on friendly
countries may not be imme-
diately possible.
Senator Dar was appointed
Leader of the Opposition in
the Senate of Pakistan on
March 14, 2012. He has also
served as finance and com-
merce minister in the past.
His first tenure as finance
minister was under Nawaz
Sharif, and he was appointed
to the office again for a short
stint under former prime
minister Syed Yousaf Raza
Gilani in 2008.
Dar achieved his certification
in chartered accountancy
from the Institute of
Chartered Accountants in
England and Wales, and was
one of the youngest
Pakistanis at the time to have
passed the professional qual-
ification in the minimum
time period. Senator Dar is
now a Fellow Chartered
passed the professional qual- ification in the minimum time period. Senator Dar is now a Fellow
passed the professional qual- ification in the minimum time period. Senator Dar is now a Fellow

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aPRIL 30.qxd 5/14/2013 10:26 AM Page 7

Page 1 qxd aPRIL 30.qxd 5/14/2013 10:26 AM Page 7 STUDENT AGE INTERNATIONAL & ECONOMY 7




TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013

INTERNATIONAL & ECONOMY 7 TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013 Indian embassy gets 15,000 passports of workers stranded

Indian embassy gets 15,000 passports of workers stranded in Saudi

DUBAI: Saudi Arabia has handed over

DUBAI: Saudi Arabia has handed over of immigration laws are expected to be

of immigration laws are expected to be

dropped once a new mechanism, called

about 15,000 passports of stranded Indian

the Nitaqat law, comes into effect.

workers, surrendered by Saudi sponsors, to the Indian embassy in Riyadh, in a bid

The 'Nitaqat' law makes it mandatory for local firms to hire one Saudi national for

to resolve cases of immigration law viola-

every 10 migrant workers.

tions. "Most passports, surrendered by sponsors to the Saudi authorities, belong to strand- ed Indian workers, including those lan-

Over two million Indians are currently working in Saudi Arabia. There has been widespread perception that the new policy will lead to denial of job opportunities for

guishing in jails on huroob (absconding) charges or on charges of violation of Saudi

a large number of Indians working there.


delegation led by Overseas Indian

residency laws," said Sibi George, deputy

Affairs Minister Vayalar Ravi visited the

chief at the Indian mission said today. "The move will help to repatriate all those

in jails or prevented them from returning

Kingdom few weeks ago to raise concerns about the Nitaqat law.

workers currently facing huroob charges, provided they have no civil or criminal

to India, said George.

During the talks, both sides had agreed to

The embassy has uploaded a list of the


up a joint working group to address

case against them," George was quoted as saying by Arab News.

passports on its website and said passports would be returned only to holders who

"all immediate problems" facing the Indians including issues related to over-

This move will also help resolve the issue of 'huroob', that has landed many Indians

will provide a photocopy of the document. All cases against expats related violation

staying workers.

World enters “new danger zone” says UN climate chief

The UN climate Chief Christiana Figueres today said that the world has entered a "new
The UN climate Chief
Christiana Figueres today said
that the world has entered a
"new danger zone" with a
record level of Earth-warming
carbon dioxide in the atmos-
phere. In a statement urging
policy action Figueres said
with a CO2 level of 400 parts
per million (ppm) announced
last week, the highest in human
history, the world "crossed an
historic threshold and entered a
new danger zone.
Experts say, the level measured
by US monitors has not been
seen in three to five million
than today.
The 400 ppm threshold had
been expected to be breached
for some time, but campaign-
years - a time when Earth's
ers say it should nevertheless
temperatures were several
degrees Celsius warmer and
the sea level was 20 to 40
meters (22 to 44 yards) higher
serve as a wake-up call in
efforts to curb greenhouse gas
emissions through fossil fuel
Figueres further said, "The
world must wake up and take
note of what this means for
human security, human welfare
and economic development. In
the face of clear and present
danger, we need a policy
response which truly rises to
the challenge, Figueres add.

Philippines’ 2013 mid-term elections now in progress


Chinese premier's Pak visit to push ties between Beijing, Islamabad

The Philippine Midterm Elections began across the country today. The 2013


BEIJING: Li Keqiang's upcoming visit to Islamabad

first port-of-call -- is being seen as a breakthrough in the diplomatic relation between the two countries, Beijing has made it abundantly clear that it will not be at the cost of its decades-old, firm friendship


has been smoothly held.""As an all-weather partner China will continue to support Pakistan's efforts for stability and development. We are also willing to work with Pakistan to push China-Pakistan strate-

India, Hong said the Chinese premier will meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other Indian leaders."He will exchange views with them on China-India relations, in

particular how to deepen the strategic partnership. We

midterm election will elect 18,000 government officials at different levels including 12 senators, 233 district members

will strengthen "all weather ties" between the two coun-

tries and push strategic coop- eration between them to a

comprehensive level, China said.



House of

with Pakistan.During his

gic partnership for cooperation



will pay official visits to

recent visit, foreign minister, Salman Khurshid had raised


to another level," Hong said

believe this visit by Premier Li

India, Pakistan, Switzerland

."During Li's visit to Pakistan


India will further push for-

Representatives, 80 provincial governors and vice provincial governors respectively, 58 Party-list Representatives. Police and the military have increased reinforcement and on high alert for possible elec- tion-related violence. Election in the Philippines have long been marred by violence.

in the Philippines have long been marred by violence. and Germany from the issue of Pakistan's


Germany from

the issue of Pakistan's nuclear programme with Chinese lead- ers and urged China not to allow countries - implying Pakistan - to use their relation- ship with Beijing to India's detriment.On the just conclud-

ed elections in Pakistan, also

discussed between Khurshid and Chinese leaders, Hong said, "China was glad to see that Pakistan's general election

he will have talks and meet with President (Asif Ali) Zardari and other Pakistani leaders. Two sides will have in-depth exchange of views and bilateral relations on other issues of mutual interest. Premier Li will also make a

speech on China-Pakistan rela- tion and also reach out to all sectors of Pakistan society," Hong said.On Li's visit to


May 19 to 27; his first stop

ward the strategic partnership of cooperation for common development and prosperity," the Chinese official said.On the recent boundary issue between China and India, Hong said both countries believe that pending a final

resolution to the boundary

will be in New Delhi on May 19."We believe this visit of Premier Li will push China-

Pakistan relations to a new high. Specifically, it will push China-Pakistan comprehen-

strategic partnership," for-


Fierce political rivalries often led to killings during elec- tions, especially in the

provinces. More than 50






eign ministry spokesperson, Hong Lei, said .While Li's visit to India - and that it is his

issue, the two countries should maintain peace and stability in the border areas.

deaths in 60 cases have



After china Bird flu outbreak in Tibet


PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif to invite Indian PM for his oath-taking ceremony

PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif

today said he will invite Indian

mutually convenient time.


Singh conveyed India's desire

BEIJING: The death toll due to

the deadly new strain of bird flu

in China has climbed to 35 with

announced here. Thirty-five

chickens at a farm in a village in

Mainling County of Nyingchi

Egypt considers Iran part of a solution to the Syrian crisis

crisis is based on respecting the

tional conference on Syria.A


EGYPT: Egypt's presidential spokesman Ehab Fahmi said:



of the Syrian people.Egypt

timely settlement of Syria's

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Pakistan for his oath- taking ceremony as the new



one more death due to H7N9 infection, even as a fresh out- break of the older strain H5N1 was reported in remote region of Tibet. Newly detected H7N9 virus has claimed 35 lives so far, while 57 infected patients have recovered, National Health and Family Planning Commission said. Meanwhile, Tibet reported

Prefecture showed symptoms of avian flu and died according to the ministry. The National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory today confirmed that the virus was H5N1, after testing samples col- lected at the farm. Local author- ities have sealed off and steril- ized the infected area, where a

"Egypt considers Iran part of a solution to the Syrian crisis not part of the crisis, as some par- ties believe", and termed Iran an "influential" country in the region."Our communication with the Iranian side was reflected on our consensus over the necessity of reaching a

supports an immediate end of violence in Syria, a resolution

through negotiations between

opposition and the Syrian


two-year-old political conflict seems all the more unreach-

able, as Turkey and Israel, two

neighbors of Syria, turned fur-

to work with him to chart a new course in Indo-Pak rela- tions. During the campaign, 63-year- old Sharif had vowed to revive the Indo-Pak peace process which was interrupted in 1999 by the then military ruler Parvez Musharraf who ousted

administration, he said. "All

diplomatic communications


by Egypt with Russia, Iran,

ther against Damascus after

feeling the spillover the Syrian

crisis. Israel air raided several

Nawaz has already indicated his desire to normalise roller-

coaster ties with India.

Turkey and any other interna- tional stakeholders aim at

military targets inside Syria, while Ankara held that the

Prime Minister Singh had on Sunday congratulated Sharif

an outbreak of the highly conta-

total of 372 chickens have been

political solution to the Syrian

reaching a peaceful settlement

deadly bombings at a Turkish

on his election victory, which

him in a bloodless coup. Sharif

gious older strain of the bird flu virus among chickens, the Ministry of Agriculture

culled and safely disposed of in order to prevent the disease from spreading.

crisis," Fahmi said. He stressed anew that the Egyptian stance on the Syrian


the Syrian crisis," Fahmi

border town over the weekend

will give him his third term as Prime Minister of Pakistan, and invited him to visit India at

had started the peace process with then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

said, commending the Russian initiative to hold an interna-

were masterminded by Damascus.




India's power grid set to become world's largest: Scindia

NEW DELHI: Optimistic about India's electricity grid becoming the largest in the world, Union Minister
NEW DELHI: Optimistic
about India's electricity grid
becoming the largest in the
world, Union Minister
Jyotiraditya Scindia has said
that checks and balances have
been put in place to avoid re-
occurrence of any major grid
collapse, similar to the one wit-
nessed last summer. India's
transmission capacity during
the 12th Five-Year Plan period
ending FY 2016-17, is expect-