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APUSH PRESIDENTS OVERVIEW PRE-PREGod, glory, gold Primogeniture Sectionalism Salutary neglect Bacons rebellion Salem witch trials

Great Awakening Town meeting (house of burgesses) PREBoston Massacre / Tea Party Enlightened influences SAD TWITS Q Committees of Correspondence, Continental Congress 1 and 2 AMERICAN REVOLUTION Montreal, Ticonderoga, Princeton/Trenton, Yorktown, Saratoga Virtuous Republic Yellow Fever Articles of Confederation -> Annapolis -> Philadelphia -> Constitution! Land Ordinances Shays Rebellion George Washington (1789-1797) Precedent Neutrality Hamiltonian economics: bank, assumption, tariffs, funding bill Judiciary Act of 89 Whiskey Rebellion Little Turtle and the Miamis: Fallen Timbers, Grenville treaty Pinckney treaty Citizen Genet Jay Treaty Adams (1797-1801) FED French tensions: XYZ affair, Convention of 1800 Immigration issue Alien and Sedition Acts -> KT and VA resolutions, Compact Theory Fries rebellion Judiciary Act of 1801 -> Midnight Appointees Jefferson (1801-1809) DEM-REP Revolution of 1800 Marbury v Madison -> judicial review Peaceful Coersion Barbary pirates -> Mosquito fleet British impressment (Chesapeake) -> Embargo -> Nonintercourse Act Louisiana Purchase

Madison (1809-1817) DEM-REP Macons Bill #2 WAR OF 1812 Treaty of Ghent Battle of Nawlins, Horseshoe Bend, Thames Perry, Harrison, MacDonough, Jackson Pan-Indian Alliance and Tecumseh: Tippecanoe Warhawks Blue Light Federalists Hartford Convention Rush-Bagot Treaty Tariff of 1816 American System: Bonus Bill of 1817 (shot down) ANTEBELLUM (1815-1850): The crazy 8, the 3 Rs, sectionalism (slavery!), Germans/Irish Monroe (1817-1825) DEM-REP Era of Good Feelings Economic Panic of 1819 Tallmadge Amendment (shot down) Missouri Compromise Adams-Onis Treaty Marshall Court Gibbons v Ogden, McCulloch v MD, Woodward v Dartmouth, Cohens v VA, Fletcher v Peck Monroe Doctrine John Quincy Adams (1825-1829) DEM-REP Corrupt Bargain Jackson (1829-1837) REP Peggy Eaton Spoils system -> kitchen cabinet Maysville Road Bill Nullification crisis: Tariff of Abominations, Compromise Tariff, Force Bill Bank War: Biddle-Jackson, specie circular, pet banks Cherokee National Council -> Cherokee v GA Indian Removal Act -> Trail of Tears, Black Hawk War, Seminole War Van Buren (1837-1841) REP Panic of 1837 Texas Rebellion -> Lone Star Republic Caroline Harrison (1841) WHIG Expansion Creole Aroostook War -> Webster-Ashburton Treaty Tyler (1841-1845) WHIG (but really DEM) Vetoed: National Bank, National Corp, Whig Tariff

Polk (1845-1849) DEM Walker Tariff (lower) Independent treasury Oregon dispute Texan Annexation MEXICAN-AMERICAN WAR Treaty of Guadelupe-Hidalgo Wilmot Proviso (shot down) Taylor (1849-1853) WHIG California Gold Rush Compromise of 1850 Fugitive Slave Law Pierce (1853-1857) DEM Nicaragua (Walker) Clayton-Bulwer Treaty Japan (Perry) Cuba: filibusters, Ostend Manifesto (shot down) Gadsden Purchase Kansas-Nebraska Act Bleeding Kansas: Lawrence -> Pottowatomie (Old Brown), Lecompton Constitution Bleeding Sumner Buchanan (1857-1861) DEM Dred-Scott case Harpers Ferry (Old Brown) Panic of 1857: Tariff of 1857 (lower) Homestead Act (shot down) Lincoln-Douglas Debates: Freeport Doctrine Secession Lincoln (1861-1865) REP (Davis: CSA, unpopular personally, couldnt condemn secession) CIVIL WAR (Anaconda Plan, Peninsula Plan, Wilderness Campaign) Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Shermans March, Appamatox Emancipation Proclamation Trent and Alabama Affairs 300 Dollar Men -> Draft Riot War v Peace Democrats (Copperheads) Andrew Johnson (1865-1869) UNION (WAR DEM) Freedmans Bureau 10% Plan v Wade-Davis (50% Plan) v 10%+ Plan 13, 14, 15 Amendment Reconstruction Act Ex Parte Milligan Womens Loyal League Scalawags and Carpetbaggers Force Acts (KKK) Tenure of Office Act Sewards Folly

Grant (1869-1877) REP Credit mobilier Tweed Ring Whiskey Ring Panic of 1873 Resumption Act Stalwarts (Conkling) v Halfbreeds (Blaine) Sioux-American War (Battle of Little Big Horn) GILDED AGE (1877-1900): laissez-faire, Social Darwinism, self-made man, , imperialism, the crazy 8 Morgan, Carnegie (v. steel), Rockefeller (h. oil); Asian/Eastern Europeans Hayes (1877-1881) REP Compromise of 1877 Civil Rights Act (shot down) Plessy v Ferguson Railroad Strike of 1877 Knights of Labor Haymarket Square Chinese Exclusion Act US v Wong Kim Ark Kearney Garfield (1881) REP Charles Guiteau Arthur (1881-1885) REP Pendleton Act Reform spoils system Cleveland (1885-1889) DEM Mulligan letters (mugwumps) RRR government surplus (Czar Reed) Granger movement Wabash cases Interstate Commerce Act American Protective Association (APA) Dawes Act Harrison (1889-1893) REP repeaters McKinley Tariff Populist party NAWSA and NACW Homestead Strike Silver Miner Strike Big Sister Policy Samoa, Italy, Valporaiso, Alaska

Cleveland (1893-1897) DEM Panic of 1893 Wilson-Gorman Tariff Venezuela (Britain) Hawaii McKinley (1897-1901) REP Marc Hanna Spanish-American War Cuba (Teller / Platt Amendments) Philippines Guam/ Puerto Rico (Foraker Act) Insular Cases China (Open Door, Boxer Rebellion, Circular Note) PROGRESSIVE ERA (1900-1915): Industrial reform: trustbusting, regulation, prohibition, Americanization Teddy Roosevelt (1901-1909) REP Hay-Paucefot Treaty Panama Canal (Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty) Roosevelt Corollary Dominican Republic Portsmouth Agreement Root-Takahira Agreement Socialists (Debs) Square Deal consumerism, corporations, conservation Anthracite Coal Strike Panic of 1907 Taft (1909-1913) REP Payne-Aldrich Tariff 16 Amendment Dollar Diplomacy Wilson (1913-1921) DEM/PROG New freedom Triple wall of Privilege 17 Amendment / Australian Ballot Underwood Tariff Clayton Anti-Trust Act Federal Reserve Act Jones Act (Japan) WWI outbreak! (1915-1919) Treaty of Versailles Propaganda, isolationism, victory gardens Fourteen Points Espionage Act Sedition Act US v Schenck 19 Amendment Operation Archangel

ROARING TWENTIES: Advertizing, gangsterism, Harlem Renaissance, Reverse Progressive Legislature Cars Planes Radio Movies, Taylorism/Fordism Harding (1921-1923) REP Normalcy Red Scare: Palmer raids Sacco-Vanzetti Trial Emergency Quota Act / Immigration Act Volstead Act: prohibition! Mellon Economics Washington Naval Conference Kellogg-Briand Pact Scandals: Veterans Bureau, Teapot Dome, Coolidge (1923-1929) REP Scopes Monkey Trial Retreat from DR, Haiti, Nicaragua Mexican oil tensions Dawes Plan GREAT DEPRESSION (1829-1939): Speculation, overproduction, credit, H-S Tariff, War Debt Hoover (1929-1933) REP Hawley-Smoot Tariff (economic isolationism) Trickle-Down Approach Hoovervilles Bonus Army Japanese expansion Good Neighbor Policy (Pan-Am Con) FD Roosevelt (1933-1945) DEM Fireside chats Brains Trust Deficit Spending Approach (Keynes) New Deal 3 Rs Peccora Committee / Nye Committee Court Packing Plan Hatchh Act Dustbowl Reciprocal Trade Agreements Neutrality Acts (35, 36, 37) WWII outbreak! (1939-1945) PARIS PEACE TREATY Pre-entrance: Cash-and-carry, Havana Con, Destroyer-Base Deal, Lend-Lease Law Meetings: Atlantic Charter, Casablanca Con, Teheran Con, Yalta Con, (Tr) Potsdam Con Pacific: Pearl Harbor (Dec 1941), Midway, Island Hopping, Manhattan Project Europe: North Africa, Italy, D-Day, Battle of the Bulge Executive Order 9066 -> Korematsu v USA War Production Board, Office of Price Administration, Fair Employment Practices Comm

COLD WAR ERA: Red Scare, conformity, civil rights (nonviolent v Black Power), feminism, econ. growth Truman (1945-1953) DEM Containment Chinese Rev, Korean War Truman Doctrine: Marshall Plan, Berlin Airlift, NATO GI Bill 22 Amendment Fair Deal (demilitarization, strikes, stagflation) Taft-Hartley Act McCarthyism, anti-communism, HUAC Sweatt v Paintor, Brown v Board of Education, Executive Orders Eisenhower (1953-1961) REP Rollback / Massive Retaliation / Brinksmanship / Domino Theory Hungary, Suez Canal, SEATO, Warsaw Pact, U2, Cuban Rev Eisenhower Doctrine: Middle East Oil Conflict, Latin Am Conflicts (CIA) Geneva Conference Dynamic Conservatism / Modern Republicanism Highway Act, Education Act, NASA, SS Civil Rights Acts, bus boycotts Kennedy (1961-1963) DEM Flexible Response Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, Alliance for Progress, Berlin Wall Nuclear Test Ban Treaty New Frontier: Peace Corps, Trade Expansion Act Civil Rights: freedom riders, integration of schools, MLKJ Lyndon Johnson (1969-1974) DEM Guns and Butter Great Society: war on poverty, Office of Econ Opportunity, Medicare/caid, 24 Amendment Civil Rights Act, Equal Employment Opportunity Act, Voter Rights Act Seperatism Warren Court: Miranda and Escobeda, Yates v US VIETNAM WAR escalation! Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, TET offensive, Operation Rolling Thunder, hawks v doves Credibility Gap Nixon (1969-1974) REP Dtente Nixon Doctrine: Vietnamization, Triangular Diplomacy, Cambodia New Federalism: (stagflation) Philly Plan, OSHA, EPA, Arab Oil Embargo / Gas Crisis Silent majority Pentagon Papers 26 Amendment Burger Court: Roe v Wade Watergate Scandal: CREEP, Ervin, resignation

Ford (1974-1977) REP WIN whip inflation now Helsnki Accords US v Wheeler Milliken v Bradley reverse discrimination -> Bakke admissions Carter (1977-1981) DEM Humanitarian Diplomacy Panama Canal Treaty Iran Hostage crisis Draft Dodgers pardoned Malaise speech Refreexing Cold War Reagan (1981-1989) REP New Nationalism: conservatism!!, trickle-down Deficit HUGE (x3) Cold War: star wars, Lebanon Gorbachev (rediplomacy)