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Reading Log: Wuthering Heights

Chapter Date Read Chapter Summary Character What I’m Thinking

1 May 3, 08 -Mr. Lockwood has just came back from a visit to his Mr. Heathcliff -this chapter mainly
landlord Mr. Heathcliff at Wuthering Heights -very reserved introduces the
-Wuthering Heights is an old home that is creepy and -rude characters and the
removed from the rest of the world Mr. Lockwood strange things that
-at Wuthering Heights Mr. Lockwood was reluctantly -renting Thrushcross happen at Wuthering
let inside and given some wine Grange from Mr. Heights
-when Mr. Heathcliff leaves the room to look for Heathcliff
Joseph he is attacked by the dogs -trying to get away
-the housekeeper gets the dogs off of him from “polite society”
-Mr. Heathcliff warms up after that Joseph
-Mr. Lockwood is planning to visit again tomorrow -Mr. Heathcliff’s
elderly servant
2 May 3, 08 -Mr. Lockwood gets to Wuthering Heights just as it Hareton Earnshaw -all of the people
starts to snow -seems demanding within Wuthering
-Mr. Lockwood jumps over the gate and knocks on the -cool to others Heights all seem to
door but no one answers it -very sure of himself hate each other
-Joseph comes out of the barn and tells Mr. Lockwood Joseph -by introducing
that Mr. Heathcliff is not home, a young man comes -takes pride in his work Wuthering Heights
out and gets Mr. Lockwood to follow him -works in the barn through Mr. Lockwood
-when Heathcliff comes in Mr. Lockwood asks him for mainly readers can compare
a guild to take him home since he will not be able to Hareton the normal Mr.
find his way with all the snow, but Heathcliff refuses -seems to have some Lockwood with the
-at tea Mr. Lockwood tries to make conversation and civil characteristics strange scene of life at
assumes that the young girl is Heathcliff’s wife, but she when he offers to take Wuthering Heights
is his dead son’s wife Mr. Lockwood half
-when Mr. Lockwood asks to stay the night Heathcliff way home
says he will have to share a bed with Hareton, or -takes care of the
Joseph because he will not have a stranger alone in his horses at the Heights
-Mr. Lockwood is offended and tries to go home, but
Joseph sends the dogs after him
-Zillah takes Mr. Lockwood inside and shows him to
his bed
3 May 4, 08 -Zillah shows Lockwood to a room Lockwood -Heathcliff calling out
-in the window sill he sees the names Catherine -curious the window could
Earnshaw, Catherine Linton, and Catherine Heathcliff -strong willed must be hinting at a
-he has two strange dreams Heathcliff past relationship
-he screams and Heathcliff comes into the room -seems to be starting to
-Heathcliff tells Lockwood to go downstairs but like Lockwood a little
Lockwood remains long enough to hear Heathcliff bit
calling out the window for Cathy -likes to keep to
-Heathcliff walks Lockwood back home himself
4 May 4, 08 -Lockwood is lonely so when he has supper he asks his Heathcliff -it is an interesting
housekeeper to keep him company, he asks her to tell -is not a true member twist that Heathcliff is
him the history of the people at Wuthering Heights of the Earnshaw family not an true member of
-she tells him that the Catherine he met at the Heights Nelly Dean the Earnshaw family
is the daughter of Catherine Earnshaw and Hareton is -servant of the -this could be the way
her son Earnshaw family and the rest of the story
-Nelly grew up severing the Earnshaw family now is Lockwood’s will be told through
-she tells Lockwood a story of how Mr. Earnshaw went servant Nelly’s story telling
to town and bought back homeless boy and they named -talks a lot
him Heathcliff and Mr. Earnshaw raised him like their Lockwood
son -seems to be getting
-Mrs. Earnshaw and Hareton never trusted Heathcliff lonely living in such an
as much as Mr. Earnshaw or Catherine isolated place
5 May 4, 08 -Mrs. Earnshaw died two years after Heathcliff came, Catherine -it seems strange that
and Mr. Earnshaw was starting to go downhill -wild Heathcliff and
-Heathcliff goes to university -pretty Catherine are so close
-Mr. Earnshaw dies one night by the fire and Heathcliff -doesn’t listen to yet Hareton does not
and Catherine help each other through their grief directions seem to be in this close
6 May 5, 08 -Hindley is now the master of the house, so he comes Frances -Hindley is now able
home and brings a wife, Frances -flighty to show his anger
-Hindley makes Heathcliff live with the servants, work -bubbly towards Heathcliff
in the fields all day and does not allow him to continue -light hearted because his father is no
his education -delicate longer there to stop it
-Catherine and Heathcliff often go out on adventures Heathcliff and
-one time they go to the neighboring house Thrushcross Catherine
Grange where the Linton’s live -just as close as before
-the Linton’s see the two looking in the window and
release the dog on them
-they take Catherine in because they recognize her, and
they send Heathcliff away
-Heathcliff goes home
7 May 5, 08 -Catherine stays at Thrushcross Grange for 5 weeks Heathcliff -a love triangle is
-when she comes back to Wuthering Heights she is -wants to get Hindley starting to form
much more mature and grown up back for what he is between Edgar Linton
-when Catherine greats Heathcliff she is glad to see doing to him and Heathcliff
him but she tells him that his dirtiness disturbs her Edgar -Catherine has natural
-Heathcliff is very upset by this -starting to show attraction for
-the next day is Christmas and the Linton’s come over interest in Catherine Heathcliff, but likes
-Heathcliff comes down after the others have gone to Edgar for his money
church and asks Nelly to help him clean himself up and position in society
-when Hindley sees Heathcliff a fight takes place and
Heathcliff is sent upstairs
8 May 6, 08 -six months later Frances has a son named Hareton, and Catherine -Catherine is living a
a show time after his birth she dies -now the “queen of the double life and it is
-Hindley is upset and shows this by rage countryside” only a matter of time
-all the servants but Nelly and Joseph leave -beautiful before they both
-one day Heathcliff comes home when Catherine has -arrogant collide
invited Edgar over -still likes Heathcliff - Edgar’s friendship
-Catherine tries to get rid of Heathcliff before Edgar -tries to keep the Edgar with Catherine seems
comes home and Heathcliff apart to be turning into love
-Heathcliff tells Catherine she cares for Edgar’s Hindley starting in this chapter
feelings more than his and Catherine knows his -turning into an
accusations are right but is to proud to admit it alcoholic
-Heathcliff leaves just before Edgar comes, when Edgar
Catherine greats him Nelly stays in the room as are -his friendship with
Hindley’s orders Catherine seems to be
-Catherine asks her to leave, but Nelly refuses and turning into love
Catherine pinches her
-a fright breaks out and Catherine slaps Nelly and
shakes Hareton, when Edgar goes in to save the baby
Catherine slaps him to
-Edgar is about to leave but his feelings for Catherine
holds him back
-Nelly comes and warns them that Hindley is returning
9 May 6,08 -Hindley comes home and threatens Nelly with a knife, Catherine -the theme of social
and roughly tries to care for Hareton, but makes him -has become obsessed class is first introduced
cry with social class -I’m curious to see
-Hareton struggles and Hindley drops him over the -deeply loves what will happen to
banister, but Heathcliff is there to catch him Heathcliff but decides Hareton being alone
-later that night Catherine tells Nelly that Edgar and her to marry Edgar with only his father to
are engaged, while Heathcliff hides and listens Nelly look after him
-Catherine tells Nelly that she cannot marry Heathcliff -is now Catherine’s
because Hindley has made Heathcliff part of the lower servant at Thrushcross
class and to marry him would degrade her social status Grange
-that night Heathcliff runs away from Wuthering Hareton
Heights -now left to be cared
-Catherine runs after him, but gets sick from the rain for by his father and
-she is taken to Thrushcross Grange to recover, but Mr. Joseph
and Mrs. Linton get sick from Catherine and die
-three years later Catherine and Edgar marry
10 May 7,08 -Lockwood has been sick in bed for 3 weeks and when Heathcliff -could be
Heathcliff comes to visit it reminds him that he has not -becomes a handsome foreshadowing
heard the rest of the story and polished man, but Heathcliff and
-Nelly says she doesn’t no how Heathcliff got his his eyes still remain Isabella’s relationship
money and he got it in the 3 years he was away but she savage like -I’m starting to notice
would tell what she knew Catherine that time is mentioned
-6 months after Catherine and Edgar have been married -happy to see a lot in this novel as
Heathcliff comes to Thrushcross Grange Heathcliff and allows well as in Jane Eyre
-Hindley has invited Heathcliff to stay at Wuthering Edgar to see this
Heights now that he is wealthy Nelly
-Catherine and Isabella visit the Heights often and -seems to think that
Heathcliff comes to the Grange often as well Heathcliff has bad
-Isabella starts to fall in love with Heathcliff but he motives for letting
does nothing to stop it Isabella fall in love
with him
11 May 7,08 -One day Nelly goes to Wuthering Heights to talk to Catherine -the love triangle
Hindley , but sees Hareton in the yard -begins to see that she between Catherine,
-Nelly sends Hareton to go get his father, but when made a mistake by Edgar and Heathcliff is
Nelly see Heathcliff come to the door she turns and marrying Edgar instead very similar to the one
runs of Heathcliff between Jane, Mr.
-a few days later when Nelly is looking out the -she seems to be Rochester, and St.
windows of the Grange she sees Heathcliff come and strangely strong for a John in Jane Eyre
talk to Isabella and then he embraces her women in this time
-Nelly tells Catherine what she has seen, and Catherine period
insists that Heathcliff tell her his true feelings for Isabella
Isabella -now must choose
-Heathcliff fights with Catherine and tells her that he is between the Linton’s or
uses Isabella to get her money her love for Heathcliff
-while they fight Nelly tells Edgar of Heathcliff’s plan
-Edgar storms into the room where they are fighting
and demand that Heathcliff leave the property, and then
calls in the servants to help remove him
-Catherine locks the room and throws the keys into the
fire forcing the men to communicate
-Edgar punches Heathcliff in the throat and Heathcliff
leaves through the garden
-Edgar is angry and tells Catherine that she must chose
between Heathcliff or himself
-Catherine refuses to answer and locks her self away in
her room
-Edgar warns Isabella that if she continues to see
Heathcliff he will cast her out of the Linton family
12 May 7,08 -Catherine is still locked in her room but allow the Edgar -in Catherine’s illness
servants to bring her food -will not disown she speaks of things
-Catherine thinks she is dying and can’t understand Isabella because he she would not
why Edgar has not come to her feels she disowned him conscious say, she
-Catherine rants about her childhood and death -says Isabella is only opens up about her
-Nelly thinks Catherine has caught a cold his sister by name feelings for Heathcliff
-Catherine says her sprit will never be at rest until she Heathcliff and -it is interesting to hear
is with Heathcliff Isabella what she really thinks
-Edgar comes home and calls for a doctor, the doctor -now married
thinks a recovery is maybe possible Catherine
-that night Isabella and Heathcliff elope -seems close to death
13 May 8,08 -Nelly and Edgar spend the next 2 months nursing Heathcliff -in the Heights a major
Catherine back to health, but she never fully recovers -become the head of theme seem to be hate,
-Catherine learns she is pregnant Wuthering Heights and revenge
-six weeks after Heathcliff and Isabella have been Hindley
married, Isabella writes to Edgar asking for -wants to get
forgiveness, but Edgar ignores them Heathcliff’s money and
-she also writes to Nelly and tells her about her has shown Isabella the
experiences at the Heights weapon he is planning
-Hindley, Hareton, and Joseph are cruel to her, and to kill Heathcliff with
Hindley has become obsessed with Heathcliff
-in the letter Isabella begs Nelly to visit her, and that
she has made a mistake by marrying Heathcliff
14 May 8,08 -Nelly comes and visits Isabella at the Heights Heathcliff -foreshadowing of
-when she sees Heathcliff he asks her about Catherine -starting to have what is to come of
and if he can come visit her communication with Catherine reading the
-Nelly refuses to let him visit, then Heathcliff Catherine again letter
threatened to hold Nelly prisoner in Wuthering Heights Nelly
and then he will go to the Grange anyway -seems to be very
-Nelly is frightened by this and agrees to take a letter to afraid of Heathcliff
Catherine from Heathcliff
15 May 9, 08 -four days after visiting Wuthering Heights Nelly waits Catherine -reader still does not
of Edgar to leave for church, and she gives the letter to -seems closer to death know what the letter
Catherine than ever said, maybe Edgar will
-when Nelly gives the letter to Catherine Heathcliff Heathcliff read the letter
enters the room -seems to want to be -leaves readers
-Catherine tells Heathcliff that both him and Edgar with Catherine more wondering what will
broke her heart and that she can not die without him than ever happen to Catherine
because she can not bear to be without him -refuses to forgive
-Catherine asks Heathcliff to forgive her, but he cannot Catherine for not
do so marrying him
-the church service is over, but Catherine asks
Heathcliff not to leave, and he promises he will no go
-Edgar goes to Catherine’s room
-Catherine collapses and falls into Heathcliff’s arm
-Nelly forces him out of the room, and promises to
update him on Catherine’s condition
-Heathcliff decides to wait in the garden because he
wants to be near
16 May, 9, 08 -that night Catherine gives birth to young Catherine, Catherine -it will be interesting
two months early -dies, but leaves her to see if the reaction
-the mother dies to hours after delivery daughter behind that Hindley has to his
-when Nelly tells him what has happened Heathcliff Heathcliff wife’s deaths will be
seems to already know what happened and he begs -takes the news of her the same one that
Catherine to haunt her forever death quietly and Edgar will have
-at one point in the night Edgar leaves Catherine’s body finally knows he made
and allows Heathcliff a moment alone with her a mistake by marrying
-later Nelly notices that Heathcliff took Edgar’s hair Isabella
out of her locket and replaced it with his own, but
Nelly braids them both together
-Hindley is invited to her funeral but Isabella is not
17 May 9, 08 -after the funeral Isabella runs to The Grange laughing Isabella -interesting that
hard -leaves for London Heathcliff has not gone
-she comes at a time when she knows Edgar will be -has a son named looking for his son
asleep and she asks Nelly for help Linton since he seems to be a
-the relationship between Hindley and Heathcliff had -dies after 12 years in very controlling
become violent and Hindley was planning on shooting London character but chapter
Heathcliff Heathcliff does foreshadow him
-in an incident Hindley shot himself in the wrist and -knows of his sons looking after him in
then Heathcliff beat him, then in the morning when birth but chooses not to the future
Catherine told Hindley what happened they started to see either of them
fight again and that was when Catherine left -now owns Wuthering
-Isabella leaves for London and has her and Heights
Heathcliff’s son, Linton Hindley
-she stays in London for twelve years, and dies when -dies 6 months after
Linton is twelve Catherine
-Nelly goes to Wuthering Heights to make funeral Hareton
arrangements and to bring Hareton to Thrushcross -should have had a nice
Grange upbringing is instead
-Heathcliff will not allow Nelly to take Hareton and made to work for his
says it is his plan to raise him himself, and that he plans keep
to get Linton sometime also -friendless
-without hope
18 May 10, 08 -Edgar receives word Isabella is dying and he goes to Young Catherine -it will be interesting
London to care for Linton -grows up at the to see what Catherine
-while he is gone Catherine is in the care of Nelly and Grange does to see Hareton in
she escapes from Thrushcross Grange -beautiful the future
-she wanders upon Wuthering Heights and meets -strong willed
Hareton and instantly likes him -smart
-Nelly finds Catherine and tries to get her to come -not allow off the
home but Catherine refuses property so doesn’t
-Catherine tells Nelly that Hareton is her cousin and know of Wuthering
that makes it ok, but Nelly tries to refuse the fact they Height or it inhabitants
are cousins, and tells her a person can only have one Linton
cousin and she has Linton as cousin -coming to live at
-Catherine agrees not to mention this to her father and Wuthering Heights
leaves with Nelly
19 May 10, 08 -Linton comes to the Grange Linton -foreshadowing of
-Joseph comes to the Grange and tells the family that -weak, pale, whinny what is to come when
Heathcliff wants his son Catherine Linton goes to the
-Edgar promises that he will take Linton to Wuthering -disappointed by her Heights
Heights the following day cousin
20 May 10, 08 -Nelly is told to take Linton to the Heights that Hareton -I feel bad for Linton
morning -afraid of his father that he has to stay at
-Heathcliff does not pretend to love his son and says Heathcliff the Heights with his
that his mother was a slut and that Linton is his -does not love his son terrible father
-Linton begs Nelly not to leave him with Heathcliff but
Nelly leaves
21 May 11, 08 -Nelly tries to find information about Linton from the Heathcliff -maybe Heathcliff
housekeeper at Wuthering Heights -hates his son and wants Catherine to
-3 years later Catherine and Nelly are outside, and cannot bear to be alone marry his son because
before Nelly notices Catherine is talking to Heathcliff with him he cannot see the
and Hareton -wants Linton and difference between the
-Heathcliff invites Catherine and Nelly to come and see Catherine to be married young and old
his son at Wuthering Heights Linton Catherine and he deep
-Catherine and Linton doesn’t recognize each other -is still frail and sickly down wants his son to
-Hareton shows Catherine the farm because Linton is to have what he did not
sickly to do so have
-the next day Catherine asks Edgar way he has kept the
relatives a secret
-Edgar tries to explain, but Catherine sees it is just
because of his dislike for Heathcliff
-Catherine writes secret letters between her and Linton
-Nelly finds out and tells Linton to stop writing
Catherine letters
-does not tell Edgar about Catherine and Linton’s
22 May 11, 08 -Edgars health begins to fail, and cannot be with Catherine -Nelly should be doing
Catherine as much because of this, Nelly tries to fill in -believes anything more to keep
his role in Catherine’s life Heathcliff say Catherine from the
-during a incident at the Grange, Catherine runs into Nelly Heights if she thinks
Heathcliff -see right through what that Heathcliff is
-Heathcliff tells her it was cruel to stop communicating Heathcliff is doing and danger
with his son and that she should visit next week while hopes that Catherine
he is away will see in time too
-Heathcliff also says Linton maybe dying of a broken
heart, and Catherine believes him
-Catherine convinces Nelly to take her to Wuthering
Heights the next day
23 May 11, 08 -Catherine and Nelly go to Wuthering Heights Catherine -Heathcliff’s behavior
-Linton talks to Catherine about the possibility of -does what Edgar says has seemed to rub off
marriage Linton on his son, Linton has
-Catherine is offended and shoves a chair at Linton -is able to get Catherine not always appears this
-Linton tells her that she has injured his already frail to believe his every cruel
health and gets her to nurse him back to health word -love in this novel
-they go home and Nelly has caught a cold from the -Heathcliff has turned seems only to have a
travel Linton to be evil like negative effect
-by day Catherine cares for her father and Nelly then in him
the night she goes to see Linton
24 May 12, 08 -Nelly notices Catherine’ strange behavior really Catherine and Linton -the relationship
quickly, and figures out where she is going -there relationship is between Catherine and
-Catherine tells Nelly a story of what happened on one getting more serious Linton seems to be
of her visits to see Hareton but Linton still acts getting more serious if
-Hareton tries to show Catherine he can read by very immature toward it continues this way
reading the name on the mason, when Catherine asks Catherine they will most likely
him if he can read the name the admits he can’t Edgar get married
-Catherine then calls Hareton a dunce, and because of -now aware of
this Hareton interrupts Catherine’s meeting with Linton Catherine and Linton’s
by beating up Linton and making him go upstairs relationship
-Hareton notices he upset Catherine and tries to
apologize but Catherine goes home
-when Catherine returns to the Heights Linton blames
her for his humiliation, and Catherine tells him she will
never visit him again, then Linton asks her to forgive
-Nelly tells Edgar of Catherine’s visits to the Heights
-Edgar will not allow Catherine to go there anymore
but agrees to let Linton come to visit at the Grange
25 May 12, 08 -Nelly stops the story to say to Lockwood that she Catherine -seems to foreshadow
thinks he is falling in love with Catherine -seems ready to marry at the end of the
-he says he might but the moors are not his home and Linton chapter that something
he will not be there long enough for that to happen -wants to obey what will happen when
-Nelly continues the story by saying that Catherine her father says Catherine is meeting
stops visiting Linton, but Linton cannot visit the Edgar Linton on the moors
Grange because he is so frail -health is getting worse -seems that both
-Edgar begins to worry about Catherine’s happiness Linton Linton and Edgar are
and says she can marry Linton if it would make her -health is getting worse very close to death
happy even through it would meant that Heathcliff
would inherit the Grange
-both Edgar and Linton’s health fails
-Edgar allows Catherine to meet Linton at the moors,
because he does not realize that Linton’s health is so
26 May 12,08 -Nelly and Catherine go to met Linton Linton -the main purpose of
-they do not find him in their meeting place -very frail but he insists this chapter is to show
-they find him not far from Wuthering Heights his health is improving Linton’s decreasing
-the couple agree to meet again next week health
-on the way home Catherine and Nelly discuss Linton’s
health but decide to wait until next week to jump to any
27 May 13, 08 -in the following weeks Edgars health gets worse and Heathcliff -readers are starting to
Catherine reluctantly goes to see Linton on the moors -has been forcing see into what
-Linton admits to Catherine that his father is forcing Catherine and Linton to Heathcliff has been
him to date Catherine and is worried about what he will see each other planning all these
do if Catherine rejects him -wants Edgar’s things years
-Heathcliff invites Catherine to come to the Heights all to himself
and even though it is against her fathers word she is -seems to want his son
afraid of Heathcliff and goes with him to die as soon as
-once in the house Heathcliff lock them inside and possible after Edgar
refuses to let them go until Catherine is married to
-Nelly is locked in the bedroom and Catherine is in
another room
28 May 13, 08 -the housekeeper lets Nelly out, and tells Nelly that the Linton -leaves readers
people in the area think that Nelly and Catherine have -happy that he is wondering what will
be lost in the marsh married to Catherine happen of Linton and
-Nelly finds Linton and he tells her they are married because Edgar will Catherine’s marriage
and that Catherine is locked in a different room soon die and Edgar’s since it seems that
-Nelly rushes to the Grange and tells Edgar that things will be his Linton will not live
Catherine will be home soon and sends a group of men -married to Catherine much longer
to go get Catherine Catherine
-Edgar decides to change his will to keep his things -married to Linton
from Heathcliff Edgar
-Catherine comes home and Edgar see her for the last -dead and buried next
time before his death and knows nothing of the fact that to his wife
she is not happily married
-the lawyer comes but it is too late Edgar is dead
29 May 14,08 -Heathcliff comes to the Grange to take Catherine to Catherine -the story is moving
her new home, he tells her she will need to work for -moving to the Heights closer to present day
her keep at the Heights -wants Nelly to visit
-Catherine tells him that she and Linton love each and her but Nelly cannot
that is something Heathcliff does not have Nelly
-Nelly asks Heathcliff for the housekeepers position at -will be left alone at the
the Heights to stay close to Catherine Grange
-Heathcliff interrupts Nelly and tells her that the day -not allowed to visit
the gravedigger dug Edgars grave her got him to dig up Catherine
the grave of the old Catherine
-he could still recognize her face and she is waiting for
him to die so they can make the transformation
-he arranged it so that he and Catherine will be buried
together when he dies
-Heathcliff tells Nelly never to visit the Heights and if
they want to see her they will come to the Grange
30 May 15, 08 -Nelly has not seen Catherine since that day and her Nelly -Nelly’s story is
only information of her is through the housekeeper -wants to help complete
-she is told no one is allowed to visit and that Catherine Catherine get away -strange that Heathcliff
tended to Linton until the day he died from the Heights will not let Catherine
-Nelly has gotten a cottage and wants Catherine to Lockwood leave because now that
come and live with her but she knows Heathcliff will -planning on leaving he has Edgars thing he
not allow it, the only thing that will help her is another the Grange has no use for her
marriage Linton anymore
-Lockwood decides he will go to London and tell -dead
Heathcliff he can look for another tenant he is tired of
this strange company
31 May 15, 08 -Lockwood goes to the Heights to tell Heathcliff that he Hareton -not much occurs in
is leaving and brings Catherine a letter from Nelly -has been trying to this chapter
-Catherine’s books have been taken away from her learn how to read and
get and education
32 May 16, 08 -6 months later Lockwood comes back to the moors Nelly -seems that Hareton
-he goes to the Grange to see Nelly but he finds out she -says the day Hareton and Catherine are
is at the Heights and Catherine are going to be married
-he talks to Nelly and learns about what has happened married will be the
since he left proudest day of her life
-the housekeeper quit and Nelly got her position Hareton and
-one day Hareton accidentally shot himself and needs Catherine
to stay inside to heal -their relationship is
-Catherine tells Hareton she is sorry for making fun of improving a lot
him and gives him a book and promises to teach him
-Catherine and Hareton have gradually learned to love
and trust each other
33 May 16, 08 -at breakfast Catherine and Heathcliff get in a augment Heathcliff -now maybe Heathcliff
over Hareton and her relationship -has stopped seeking will just want
-Heathcliff grabs Catherine and is about to hit her but revenge Catherine and Hareton
her eyes remind him of her mother and he lets her go -his personality is to be happy
-this reminder changes Heathcliff and he no longer changing
seeks out revenge on Catherine and Hareton
34 May 16, 08 -as time passes Heathcliff eats less and less Catherine and -a good ending
-soon he will not eat any food and he wants Wuthering Hareton -the whole book has
Heights all to himself -Catherine and Hareton been sad and creepy
-he starts to whisper Catherine’s name and reminds will soon marry and and the end still comes
Nelly of his burial wishes move to the Grange out happy
-Heathcliff soon dies Heathcliff
-Lockwood quickly leaves and goes to the graves of -dead and buried by
Edgar, Catherine, and Heathcliff Catherine
-even through villagers say they have seen Heathcliff’s
ghost Lockwood wonders how this is possible because
Lockwood knows Heathcliff is in a very happy sleep