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May 10, 2013 For Immediate Release

Vancouver Leaders of Vancouvers Jewish community are expressing deep concerns over Vancouver Fairview NDP candidate George Heymans links to anti-Israeli organizations. Rabbi Rosenblatt, whose synagogue, Schara Tzedeck, is located in the Vancouver Fairview riding and has over 465 families as members, says I am troubled that there are those running for office in Canada that would support an organization such as Canpalnet, which advocates policies that would effectively eliminate a Jewish State in Israel. I had thought that the progressive democracies of the world would recognize that value of preserving a Jewish State, the refuge for the Jewish people. Heymans role as a signatory and funder for the Canada Palestine Support Network (, an organization that Rabbi Rosenblatt says is actively working to delegitimize the State of Israel, is disturbing to the entire community. Another Fairview resident is one of many members of the Jewish Community, Alisa Bell, who are also expressing deep concern about Heymans entrenched ties to Canpal and said As a fairly left-leaning Jew living in the Fairview riding, I am concerned about George Heymans extensive anti-Israel activities, the overall effect of which is the promotion of conflict rather than peace. George Heymans anti-Israel activities are particularly alarming at a time when anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial is on the rise in Canada and where anti-Israel rhetoric often serves as a mask for anti-Semitism. I understand that Mr. Heyman is welcome to his own opinion regardless of how hurtful they may be many. But Mr. Heyman is running to represent a constituency with the largest Jewish population in the Province which hosts the largest 4 synagogues in the Jewish community, and 2 Jewish day schools. It is unbelievable and insensitive that the NDP could run a candidate with Mr. Heymans track record in this riding. says Ziv Kowarsky, an active member of the Vancouver Fairview Jewish community. He remarks that Heymans candidacy is far more troubling for the community than those of NDP MLA Mabel Elmore because he is running to represent the heart of the Jewish community in BC. While we were, and continue to be, deeply disturbed by Mable Elmores anti-Israel past she at least is not representing a riding that hosts the cultural heart of the community. We believe deeply in freedom of expression but we also believe in respect and sensitivity from those who seek to represent us and, quite bluntly, Mr. Heyman does not meet this test. 30

Rabbi Rosenblatt, Rabbi Schara Tzedeck 778.836.7607 Ziv Kowarsky, Jewish member of Vancouver Fairview 604.377.6856 Media Contact: Rory Richards at 604.505.6210