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BCC Intensive English Program Grade Three Course Syllabus for Semester 1 / 2013-2014

Course Objectives: To encourage children to be active and constructive in their own learning, using English as a tool to do things and to create personally significant meaning. To integrate learning English with other areas of learning at primary school. To help children learn how to learn and to encourage them to begin to become responsible, independent, reflective learners. To promote an atmosphere of co-operation and collaboration in class. Coursebook New English Parade 3 Teaching-Learning Materials and Resources: Student book, workbook, audio cassettes, flashcards, supplementary video cassettes, materials to complete projects and activities; scissors, construction paper, card, coloured pencils, markers, glue, overhead projector, television, video, cassette/CD player. Course Schedule Weeks 1 May 14May 17 24 May 20 June 7 Topic Class routines, getting to know you, ice breaker activities, classroom rules and reward systems, distribution and labelling of course books, students supplies, portfolio covers Unit 1 My Activities Through activities in this unit students will learn to tell the time and talk about common daily activities. Unit 1 Student book p.2 11 Activity book p.1 - 8 Text None

57 June 10June 28

Unit 2 Family Activities In this unit students will be learning to identify family members and their occupations. They will also look at adverbs of frequency.

Unit 2 Student book p.12 21 Activity book. 9 - 16

8 10 July 1 July 19

Unit 3 City and Country Through activities in this unit students will learn how to identify and describe different places and the things you can find there.
Reading CAT Week 7 / Writing CAT Week 8

Unit 3 Student book p.22 31 Activity book p. 17 - 24

11 13 July 24 Aug 9

Unit 4 Animal Homes In this unit students will learn to identify animals and describe them and their habits.
Listening CAT Week 13

Unit 4 Student book p.32 41 Activity book p.27 - 34

14 16 Aug. 13 Aug. 30

Unit 5 The Weather Through activities in this unit students will be able to talk about different types of weather. They will also learn how to talk about wearing clothes.
Speaking CAT Week 14

Unit 5 Student Book p. 42 51 Activity book p. 35 - 42

17 Sept. 2 -Sept. 6 18 Sept. 9 -Sept. 13 19 Sept. 16 -Sept. 20 20 Sept. 23 Sept 27 Main School Exams Reading/ Project/ Activity week. Revision Week for End of Semester Exam. . IEP Exam week

Unit 1 - 5

Unit 1 - 5