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Motivational Letter

Since the age of 14 , im dreaming about becoming a entrepreneur and politician, its two different areas but both of them bring changes in society and make a better world . I always admire people who had capacity to bring people toghether and organise them in a way so they can change the world in a better way and im trying hard to be like them. One of them is my father, who left medical career because its low paid in may country and succed in business to change the world for me and my sister and offer us a better perspective for future. From him i learn what means to dedicate yourself and make sacrifices for the things you love and dream about. My first entrepreneurship experience was when i orginese my friends from my grandmother village and we toghether collected nuts in the autumn and with the help of my father sell them. Another chilldhood experience was to buy pencils at lower prices and sel the min school. I found easy to comunicate with people, to convince them and to find compromises in all about all discussed problems, but the most important is that i enjoyed and i still do. Aims that i have, lead me to read everything that somehow is connected to subjects that i like. Because of strong will to become succesfull and to gain more knowledge and experience i went to national college of trade, my first student research was published at the age of 17 , at the age of 18 i took part in a lot of programs and projects , college life theached me that i have to work hard and learn hard on my own , but in the same time to understand that good team work make things better. Energy and wish too succed make me to start working, my first job was a storekeeper in big company, first time in my life i saw what real business means and i was amazed , but i was looking for more , i started my voluntering acitvity, my passion for politics lead me to become a member of Youth Parliament of Republic of Moldova and later a member of European Youth Parlaiment from Moldova, soon after that i became member Junior European Federalists, this experience challenged me to become more organized ,offerd me posibility to find out that im good at debating, to become executive director and start practicing management activity, to impliment national and international projects, to become more open-minded and to travel. Maastrich Universty for me its a new challenge, i will apply for two faculties, European Studies and Economics and Business Economics, im

interested in this fields and I know that MU its one of the best place to study them. In mottivational letter requirements published at MU website was state that I have to express my view on how I can contribute to international classroom of the university. I think that main purose of international students is to share the beauty of the culture and places where is he from to spread good relationship among nations and countries at the level of students and ordinary people. Also I think i could contribute at organising social events between students, I have broad experience of this kind of events and its will be a great background for colaboration among students. I state above some facts about me, I hope that they will help you to decide about my enrolment at the MU and sincerly belive that i will be a good and hardworking student.

Your Sincerely, Balutel Adrian