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DELIVERANCE PRAYER IN HONOR OF THE UGANDAN MARTYRS OF PURITY Oh Great and Merciful Heavenly Father, we come to you today

in the Name of Jesus Your Blessed and Holy Son by the Power of Your Most Holy Spirit to ask deliverance from the evils of the twisted sin of fornication for __. We especially pray, fast and cry out this day concerning__ caught in the trap of homosexuality and we ask that you honor the prayers and witness of the Holy Martyrs of Uganda on --s behalf. We know your Holy Word forbids these things as abominations and that the wages of unrepented sin is death. But the world has chosen to bend the knee to what it popular, instead of what is right. It seeks approval for these acts, instead of repentance; it cries out for acceptance instead of transformation and healing. It seeks conformity instead of the Peace of Christ that passes all understanding. This was the test given to the Martyrs of Uganda: would they obey God or obey man? They were given the choice: support, approve or ignore the sins of homosexuality and fornication or die. They chose death and found their glory in the ashes of the flames of martyrdom rather than offend You and lose their immortal souls. For this reason, the Body of Christ honors them in their victory and blesses You for giving them the strength to deny the flesh, even unto death by sword and fire. Please grant _ that same grace of strength and courage in his/her/their time of need. Open Your arms of love and power to help__ overcome sin as the Holy Martyrs did. Deliver__ from the snare of the Enemy. Give him/her/their the faith to believe Your Word, receive Your Hope and walk in Your Victory over this sin and every other evil that the world, the flesh and the devil may have in store for him/her/their. Most of all, dear Father, heal the wounds and confusion that have caused__ to fall into this sin in the first place. Bring forgiveness to__s heart, cleaning to __s body and clarity to __s mind for any act of violence or abuse that opened the door to this pattern of sin. Forgive those around him/her/their that may have caused this problem through neglect, cruelty or stupidity. Help us to support__s recovery that we might be instruments of Your Healing to him/her/their and many others. I ask for the Promise of the Martyrs be given to __: that he/she would be given the Grace to clearly see and understand homosexuality as sin, to repent of any and all attachment to it and any other sin of impurity and that __ would find total and complete deliverance and victory in Christ within thirty days time. I especially ask this for the many members of the clergy and the entertainment industry who are caught up in this enslavement, particularly, __. Have mercy on them, Holy Lord! Forgive us our trespasses against all who have fallen into this sin and help us to bring them Your Love and Salvation.

In the Name of Jesus and for the sake of His Precious Blood shed in the pain and shame of the Cross, do whatever it takes to bring __ out of darkness into Your marvelous light and let it begin today. Amen. Saint Mary Magdalene, pray for us Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us Saint Margaret of Cortona, pray for us Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for us Saint Philomena, pray for us Saint Maria Goretti, pray for us Saint Dymphna, pray for us All the Holy Martyrs of Uganda and all holy martyrs of purity, pray for us