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Rivers September 2012 Performers

The Captain This mixed medium artist, filmmaker, activist has been interpreting how the world is viewed in her perspective. To challenge what society deems acceptable before middle school. Her filmmaking is direct reflection of adversity not overwhelming the persistence and productive attitude of the life that Naye lives. Her activism includes fighting for healthcare, worker's comp, and LGBT rights for homeless youth.
blogger, stand-up comic, and singer of comic songs. She writes a blog of short humorous fiction entitled The Adventures of Sissy Van Dyke and she is working on the sequel to a novel of the same name entitled, Further Adventures of Sissy Van Dyke. For more info

ArtiQuette Saturday, Sept 15, 2012, 6-11pm 1103 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York 11238 The vision for this event is to create a space where Brooklyn based artists can network, express their art and create an opportunity to gain awareness and welldeserved recognition for Brooklyn inspired artistic movement. Seeking to collaborate with a number of designers and artists that capture and set current trends in fashion specifically for the upcoming fall season. Genesis Tramaine Female Painter

Sissy Van Dyke is a humorous writer,

Her paintings are reflections of mental notes, personal challenges with ridicule, abandonment and rejection. These are not visions or dreams or an indirect picture of an African religion. She uses acrylic, spray paint, and oil pastels to paint large images of mask like portraits on raw canvas, stretched canvas and found street objects to draw attention to the untapped, under recognized and underrepresented spirit of Black People. is the author of the unpublished novel The Monsters Fool. She is currently directing a literary arts project called Raw Fiction, designed to give writers aged 16-20 the opportunity to create their own literary website while they participate in a badass reading and writing course (launching September 15, FIVEMYLES GALLERY 558 St. Johns Place; Doors 2pm). Her next project intends to be a work of revisionist history that investigates environmentalism, isolationism, humanitarianism and obsession. inland empire native. Her first craft was spoken word. Shes had appearances in Russell Simmons Def Poetry Presents Brave New Voices in 2008. Since then has toured the east, west, and south with spoken word and live painting. A marketing and farm manager of Philadelphia Urban Creators. Currently she works at an educational farm with plans of revolutionizing the food and restaurant industry while also perusing an artistic career.

roots deep in Bangladesh. She is an artist, student, teacher, romantic, yogi, Bengali American, Muslim, Buddhist, queer, optimist. She has discovered performing in her life much later on than most. The arts has been a sacred and healing practice for her and as a recent theater arts graduate from Brandeis University it has been a long since she last danced for the sake of dancing. Her style is free and fused with the cultures of her urban and traditional life. She believes dance should not make you think, but make you feel.

asa bloomed from the streets of Queens with

Zahra "Raw Fiction" Patterson

DaRuddest Jones is a LGBT spoken word artist from

Jeaninne "5"Kayembe is a 22yr old Los Angeles /

the Bronx, NYC. She has been in performance since 4yrs 7 has the opportunity to work with greats such as George Faison and Dr. Maya Angelou. DaRuddest is the founder of Rude Artist looking for development and exposure can find assistance from her through her website

Janae Alexis hails from Baldwin, Long island. 17 and entering her senior year of high school started playing 2 yrs ago and writes all of her material. Adele, Lauryn Hill and Elle Varner are strong influences on her writing and style. Janae has played basketball since 3rd grade, taking her high school team to the state championships but, now wants to dedicate herself to music.

RIVERS OF HONEY September 2012

Rivers September 2012 Production Team

DJ Zena, your Rivers DJ, was born, raised, and still resides in Brooklyn, NY. Shes only been DJing for a few years but plays as if its something she was born to do. Shes well versed in playing old and new school house music, electronica, hip-hop, r&b, dancehall, even alternative, rock, and heavy metal. Zenas outlet for

expression is creating, and connecting with people through making them dance. Shawn(ta) Smith, Your Rivers Co-producer & WebMistress. She is a lesbian separatist, writer, Archivist, Librarian, and Brooklyn native, whose work is focused on preserving the stories of women of color, particularly African ancestral lesbians. She is editor of Her Saturn Returns An anthology on Queer Women of Color Life Transitions. The upcoming Submission Deadline is Oct 15th: Canonize your story at:

Producer and Curator of Rivers of Honey is an Artist, Writer, Barber. She has been a member of WOW for eight years and a Producer and organizer of Rivers of Honey for over six years. She single-handedly resurrected the Rivers of Honey framework to represent a spiritual artist space for women of color. And of course We wouldnt be here without You our River:

Jaz Cruz,

Honoring Orisha Goddess OSHUN Rivers of Honey is a Cabaret held the first Friday of Every Month at WOW Caf Theater highlighting the art of womyn of color. For more information, to join us, perform, or hear about our other events find us online at