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PARTIDO STATE UNIVERSITY Goa, Camarines Sur Name: ________________________________________________________________________ Rating: __________________ Course/Yr.

& Sec: _______________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________ Final Examination


I. 1. MULTIPLE CHOICES: Encircle the letter of your choice. If you decide to change your answer, mark it with X. Two encircled letters will be considered a wrong answer. Which are not included for the requirements for building permit if the applicant is the registered owner of the lot. a. current Real Property Tax Receipt c. Description of ownership of the lot - TCT/OCT b. Contract of Lease or Sale d. Tax declaration Areas within which only certain types of buildings are permitted to be constructed based on their use or occupancy, type of construction and resistant to fire a. fire zone b. fire hazards c. fire areas d. none of the above The building permit will be null and void if the construction didnt commences the work in a period of a. 6 months b. 12 months c. 2 years The building permit will be null or void if the construction has been abandoned for how many days. a. 30 b. 120 c. 60 d. 3 months d. 80


3. 4. 5.

The power and duties of the Board according to RA 1364 are the following, except: a. issue certificate of recognition to Sanitary Engineers b. inspect educational institutions/ schools offering sanitary engineering courses. c. issue professional ID d. Discharge such other powers and duties as may affect ethical and technological standards of SE Profession in the Phil. The fundamental canons for engineers are the following except: a. perform services only beyond areas of their competence b. avoid deceptive acts c. hold paramount the health, safety, and welfare of the public d. issue public statements only in a n objective and truthful manner The following are the qualification of Board Members according to RA 1364, except: a. a citizen and resident in the Philippines b. at least 25 years of age and must have good moral character. c. registered sanitary engineer d. not a member of any schools or institution where SE course is taught. The pre-bid conference shall be held at least ____ calendar days before the deadline for the submission and receipts of bids. a. 11 b. 12 c. 13 d. 14 Refers to an eligible contractor, manufacturer, supplier, distributor and/or consultant competing for the award of a contract in any government procurement. a. contractor b. bidder c. consultants d. proponent



8. 9.

10. A document issued by the procuring entity as the basis for bids, furnishing all the information necessary for a prospective bidder to prepare a bid for the infrastructure projects, goods and consulting services required by the procuring entity. a. contract c. procurement management plan b. procurement forms d. bidding documents 11. 12. Electronic means that serve as the primary source of information of information on government procurement. a. E-GEPS b. G-EPS c. E-PEGS d. G-SEPS The following are the copy of documents in which BAC shall furnish, except: a. post-qualification summary report c. APP b. Abstract of Bids d. Plans and specifications Responsibility of Prospective or Eligible Bidder are the following, except: a. taken steps to carefully examine all of the bidding documents b. acknowledged all conditions, local or otherwise, affecting the implementation of the contract; c. made an estimate of the facilities available and needed for the contract to be bid d. Assist in managing the procurement processes


14. Is a method of procurement of goods whereby the procuring entity simply requests for the submission of price quotations for readily available off-the-shelf goods or ordinary/regular equipment to be procured directly from suppliers of known qualifications. a. bidding b. shopping c. repeat order d. NOTA 15. Is a method of procurement of goods that does not require elaborate bidding documents. a. shopping b. repeat order c. direct contracting 16. An agency responsible for professional and technical assistance according to RA 1096 is a. NBCDC b. DPWH c. BO d. selective bidding d. AOTA

17. Qualification for Sanitary Engineering Examination are the following, except: a. be a citizen of the Philippines c. at least 20 years of age b. graduate of Sanitary Engineering d. must have a good reputation and moral characte 18. The enforcement of PD1096 on their respective jurisdiction is the. a. NBCDC b. DPWH 19. Government and Health Services structures are classified as a. Group A b. Group B 20. c. BO c. Group C d. Mayor d. Group D d. AOTA

The RATING that determines the degree to which a material can withstand fire a. Fire respective rating b. Fire resistive rating c. Fire protective rating

21. An Engineering services that deals primarily with collecting, interpreting, reporting information, formulating conclusion and recommendations a. Consultations b. Construction c. Special Services d. Academic services 22. Ability to communicate people, drafting letters, solution makers, team player, etc. is an example of a. Key Skills b. Computer skills c. Technical skills 23. Basis in determining salary depends on the following, except: a. Place b. Position c. Nature of work d. traits/character d. Years of service

24. Land surveys, laboratory inspections of materials and equipments, preparation of environmental assessment and impact statements, is the example of a. Consultation services c. special services b. construction services d. service as an employee 25. Services included in a Study and Report Phase of a construction project includes the following, except: a. analysis of client needs b. formulating conceptual designs c. estimates of probable construction costs d. evaluation of alternatives and recommendations of a preferred options Part II. IDENTIFICATION ________________ 1. The date when RA 1364 was approved. ________________ 2. Minimum age for a Sanitary Engineer to be qualify as board member of the board of examiners for SE. ________________ 3. Minimum ceiling heights of rooms with natural ventilation, ________________ 4. Refers to TYPE I construction ________________ 5. Building official in chartered cities ________________ 6. Minimum period of imprisonment for any person who violates this act (RA 1364) ________________ 7. Refers to all items, supplies, materials and general support services ________________ 8. Also known as single source procurement ________________ 9-10. Minimum and maximum period of penalty of imprisonment for the public officers, and private individuals who commit any of the following acts stated under RA 1364. Part II. ENUMERATION 1 5. Give at least five (5) typical services under Consultation Services 6 10. Give at least five (5) basis in selecting/hiring a sanitary engineer 11 12. Two (2) Constructions/activity exempted in securing Building Code 13 15. Give three (3) grounds for the non-issuance, suspension, or revocation of Building Permit according to the new building code 16 18. Three (3) applications of RA 9184 19 22. Give at least four (4) scope of a Sanitary Practices, according to RA 1364. 23 25. Give at least three (3) alternative methods of procurement according to Rule XVI of RA 9184