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Respondent (details) Heather Thomas Viridian Housing Colwell House 376 Clapham Road London SW9 9AR Date


Proponent (details) Michael: Moor 19 Lacey Close London N9 7SA 29-04-2013

Greetings Mrs Thomas My name is Michael: of the Family Moor and tenant of Viridian Housing, I wanted to bring across information to the Chief Executive but the position list I saw on the internet was vacant, whoever I would like to bring across your attention to one of your staff by the name of Julia Shield who has committed an unlawful act by coming to my home from 6/11/2012 to arbitrate the law as judge, the Police, the DVLA to make investigation on my park car that has no tax then ordered for it to be crush, bear in mind that according to alleged DVLA that if a car is un-tax it should be off the road and in this instant it was park on private property. I had written and coted the law to her and ask her to make a fiat check of 5,000 pound for my property but instead take me for a ride with fictitious stories .all liability and responsibility rest on my last notice I inform her I will be writing to her superior to express my concern. If this is the attitude of your staff, to go around and destroy people lives and play the role of other agents then she does not fit her job role and she became dangerous and should be SACK! as public servant from Viridian Housing . The tort and damage she has cause me emotionally and mentally is unbearable, and as I have inform her in one of my notice that I will be sending her an affidavit for her to rebut then taken to the a Notary to be Notarised followed by a lean against her, the lien will then be taken to the Uk Column to exploit Viridian Housing and for them to exercise the Lien + prosecution I have lost trust for Viridian Housing ,leading to a lacking in my Monthly payment. under the bill of exchange act 1882 I have created a promissory note payment for my rent , in a letter I told her If she does not accept the promissory of 4,277.11 she should return the promissory note and explaining why the is above legislation, however I did not receive back the promissory note so I presume my account is now set to zero. However due to the un going problem I have with her she has turn my alleged account over to one of her agent, who is now treating to use bailiff to evict me, I would like this problem to solve as I have never had a contract with Viridian Housing but I dont mind starting one now. Please take note on the 30/04/2013 I will be coming the office to get your staff Julia Shield Arrested for thief under the Thief Act 1968 for my car. Thank you and have a nice day