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Nadi grantha refers to various works on the nadi, especially nadi jyotisa (nadisubsystem of Vedic astrology).

Relates words are nadi cakra and nadi dipikawhich refer to specific works. Nadi jana refers to the knowledge of the nadi. Nadi tarmga also meansa nadi astrologer who may also be adept at handling poisonous substances andmedicine.Nadi naksatra has been loosely used to refer to the janma naksatra (i.e. moon naksatra) which it is not. It is instead related to the naksatra occupied bya planet.It is evident that the nadi astrology links the subtle pulse to the horoscopeand is the most intricate system of Vedic Astrology. The word nadi refers to at u b o r p i p e e n t h e b o d y wh i c h c a r r i e s t h e v i t a l f l u i d s . It c a t a l s o r e f e r t o metaphysical tubes like channels like the nadi which carries the prana or thevital breath. The coconut offered as a symbol of removing ones sins is alsocalled nadi-kela and is the fruit of the tree of karma which becomes the seedfor another life/ tree to grow. In a similar manner the nadiamsa is the smallestzodiacal division that forms the seed for the new life to manifest the karma which is the fruit of another previous existence. The interpretation of the charttakes a new color and a much deeper meaning if we are doing it at the depth of the nadiamsa.The nadi-ka is a measure of time (= muhurta) or length (=1/2 danda) and is used in mundane astrology although itsr e a l u s a g e i s l o s t d u e t o a l a c k o f a p p r e c i a t i o n a n d u n d er s t a n d i n g o f t h e nadiamsa itself. Nadirtarga means an astrologer who is conversant with nadigrantha and has nadi jana (knowledge of the nadi). In ayurveda, nadi means pulse (in the vein) and nadi kuta refers to thematching of nadi in the charts of the bride and groom to ensure good health and longevity. If the nadi is a mismatch then one of the two or both are surelygoing to suffer physically besides showing the danger of genetic and other disorders in the progeny. Nadi astrologer Durai Subburathinam states, The very word Nadi in Tamil means destined to come on its own accord. There is no such meaning to theword nadi in sanskrit nor in any of the other Indian languages we are aware of.In Hindi language, nadi means river and refers to flowing fluids. We request the reader to have this meaning verified from experts of that language.Most of the real knowledge is hidden in various nadi literature spread over thelength and breadth of India. In north India this is popularly called Brighu nadiwhile in the south it is more popular by the name of Agastya nadi. Generally the nadi are attributed to a sage who along with his disciples had contributedsubstantially to its creation. There are also many nadi books dealing whith thenadi literature and attempting to consolidate them. Foremost among them is the Candra-kala nadi (a.k.a Deva Keralam). 1.1.2 Nadi grantha 1 There are various jyotisa literature related to the nadi like Graha nadi(Suryanadi, Candra nadi, Kuja nadi, Budha nadi, Guru nadi, Sukra nadi, Sani nadi) La g n a n a d i , La g n a d h i p a t i n a d i , S a r v a n a d i , Y o g a n a d i , C a n d r a k a l a n a d i , Saptarsi nadi, Agastya nadi, Brighu nadi, etc. Some of these like the Saptarsin a d i a r e a n e x a m i n a t i o n o f h o r o s c o p e s o r c a s e s t u d i e s t h a t b r i n g o u t t h e principles and use of hora sastra. 1 Books or literature containing palm-leaf manuscripts of horoscopes and readings Others like the Candrakala nadi enunciate principles through illustrationsof specific combinations having a focus on the nadiamsa with the objective of t e a c h i n g h o w t o u s e t h e n a d i a m s a a l o n g w i t h o t h e r t o o l s o f j y o t i s a l i k e astakavarga, dasa, transits etc. However the principles in themselves are not restricted to the nadiamsa and are more like an illustration.Ag a s t y a N a d i ( S o u t h In d i a ) a n d B r i g h u N a d i a r e c o m p i l a t i o n o f h o r o s c o p e s a n d l i f e e v e n t s , s o m e t h i n g l i k e a d a t a b a n k t h a t wa s c o l l e c t e d around the time of the recording of the hora sastra. 1.1.3 Genesis of the nadi Durai Subburathinam, a Chennai based traditional Nadirtaga has old palm-leaf bundles or Nadi Granthas authored by the seven seers that expound minutedetails about a persons life and gave Vedic remedies to tide over the sinscommitted in a past life.There are two theories about the palm leaves one that the prophecies arewritten for those souls that were expected to come for a reading and the other that all possible chart combinations were recorded. The latter claim is stronglydisputed by many Vedic astrologers. In a hard hitting article titled Chasing an elusive Nadi leaf 2 L. Abeykoon says that the second claim is absurd as the d a t a b a s e w o u l d b e f a r t t o o l a r g e e v e n f o r t h e m o s t a d v a n c e d c o m p u t e r s t o handle. Nadi astrologer Subburathinam states, We have only a certain amountof leaves. Natives whose leaves are here will somehow or other come to us att h e a p p r o p r i a t e a g e s p e c i f i e d o n t h e l e a v e s f r o m a n y c o r n e r o f t h e w o r l d . L e a v e s a r e t h e r e n o t o n l y f o r In d i a n s , b u t a l s o f o r f o r e i g n e r s b e l o n g i n g t o other religions. Whoever is destined to look into the leaves will come to us onhis own accord. 2 Refer WebPages of Sri Lankan astrologer Lakshman Abeykoon M.Sc.: 2. NADI READINGS The doyen of the Kannada tradition of Jyotisa, Dr.B.V. Raman spent many years trying to unravel the mystery of the Nadi granthas. His observation wasthat most were good at discussing the past until the present but were poor withf u t u r e e v e n t s a n d d a t e s . H e b e l i e v e d t h a t t h e b e s t o f a l l t h e s e w e r e t h e 3 6 Tantra nadis containing 1,588,320 astrological charts that re-occur every 360years. Dr. Raman cites an example reading of the leaf for Mahatma Gandhi: The native will be born in a holy city on the coast of the ocean. At the age of 20, he will go to a foreign country. His mother will die at the age of 22 in hisabsence. He will marry at 13. At 32, he will be a lawyer. He will always speak t r u t h a n d wi l l b e p u r e i n h e a r t . T h e r e wi l l b e n o d i s t i n c t i o n b e t w e e n h i s thoughts, words and deeds. Before the age of 65, he will meet the king of thewhite race. He will resort to fasting for the good of the world and will live beyond the age of 70. 2.1 PROCEDURE AND PRACTICES In Hostiapur, Punjab, the Nadi reader casts a chart for the moment you walk inhis door and then proceeds to find the appropriate leaf, which may take hours.At the Nadi centre in Chennai, only your thumb print is used. In another i n t e r v i e w t o t h e E x p r e s s S t a r t e l l e r m a g a z i n e , D u r a i S u b b u r a t h i n a m a n e x p o n e n t o f K a u s i k a A g a s t h i ya N a d i s a ys t h a t t h e l i n e s o n t h e t h u m b a r e classified into 1008 types (refer R.G. Raos book on thumb prints for

morei n f o r m a t i o n . T h e d e t a i l s o f t h e l e a v e s a r e d i v i d e d i n t o t w e l v e p r i n c i p a l c h a p t e r s ( p a r t s ) wh i c h a r e r e a l l y t h e t w e l v e h o u s e s o f t h e z o d i a c a n d t h e matters signified in them. In addition there are four more chapters. Chapter 13 and 14 deal with the previous birth and the sins committed therein. Remedialmeasures are also given for getting rid of the effect of the sins of the past birth.Chapter 15 prescribes the medicines and methods of consumption for chronicdiseases. The 16 th chapter gives predictions for the current dasa and antardasa p e r i o d s i n c o n s i d e r a b l e d e t a i l . In a d d i t i o n t o t h e s e , t h e r e i s a l s o a s p e c i a l chapter (17 th Chapter) for Prasna where any query is answered. All these werewritten hundreds of years ago by our Maharsi.In Puri, Orissa the Durga nadi practitioner 3 draws a chakra on the floor a n d a s t o n e h a s t o p l a c e d i n o n e o f t h e b o x e s b y t h e c l i e n t . A p a l m l e a f i s extracted based on the calculations from the stone placement and the questionsin the mind of the client and the answers to these questions are read out.The Acyuta Gaddi (seat of Mahapurusa Acyutananda at Mangala devi temple in Puri district, Orissa) uses copper plates that have absolutely nothingwritten on them. The client has to ramdomly pick one leaf from a bundle andthen writings appear in ancient oriya script that not only list all the questionsin the mind of the client but also give the detailed answers including remedialmeasures. A visit to this place and nadi reading was a part of the SJC AnnualConference at Puri in 2004 and many Vedic astrologers who attended had a first hand experience of this reading. 2.2 BLACK MAGIC RITES D r . R a m a n i n v e s t i g a t e d a n d f o u n d t h a t s o m e o f t h e n a d i p r a c t i t i o n e r s worshipped ksudra devata (kind of black magic) and the correctness of theforecasts depended upon the intensity of the rituals performed and recitation of the mantra to propitiate the devata. Sincere nadirtaga are rare and most of 3 Sri Bhagavan Mishra, nadi astrologer, has been observed by the scribe doing Durga nadi readings t h e f r a u d s h a v e a d e t a i l e d q u e s t i o n n a i r e t h a t i n t e l l i g e n t l y d e t e r m i n e s t h e details about the client before giving it back to him!Details of these kinds of magic rituals to get powers to foretell the past h a s b e e n m e n t i o n e d i n v a r i o u s t a n t r a w o r k s a n d o n e e x a m p l e t h a t i s w e l l known is the worship of the sakti called Karna Pisacini (Ear Ogress) whowhen supportive whispers the information about the client in the ears of the occult practitioner. 2.3 SOME ISSUES AND INFORMATION Nadi astrologer Subburathinam states, We show them the particular leaf with the predictions, and some of our customers are able to read the leaves on the own. Some even buy their leaves for preservation. Permitting other people or clients to buy their palm leaves means that they are going to end up losingthese leaves from their stock or compilation unless they have some sort of amechanism in place to recreate these palm leaves or make duplicates of it. Infact there is a whole industry on this based in a village in Tamil Nadu which ism a n u f a c t u r i n g p a l m l e a f c o p i e s f o r u s e b y d i f f e r e n t s e c t i o n s o f n a d i astrologers giving room for consid erab le d oubt on the genuineness of t h e copy, ability of interpretation of the nadi reader and also the authenticity as towhether these are real copies or something created anew. The indiscriminatecopying and creation of palm leaf manuscripts or pages is going to end up ruining the whatever little faith people have on these Agastya nadi readers. Collected Papers in Vedic AstrologyAutor Sanjay RathPublicado por Sagittarius Publications, 2006ISBN 097651771X, 9780976517719385 pginas