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1 nEGD. GOA - 6 I

:Pancji, 5th February, 1976 (Magha 16, 1897) SERIES III No. 45
Home Department (Transport and Accommodation)
Office of the District Magistrate
No. JUD/MV/76/108
Under Section 75 :of th!e Motor Vehicles Act" 1939 the
"following plae:es in 'Margao hereby notified for f4x:ation
<of sign'hoards indicated against iheir names:-
Name of the place Type of signboard
: 1.
. On 'both the' sides 'of Rafael Pereira
lMarg8.9. "
NeM' Fatima Convent .'and Vdrgincar
Pettol ',pufup 'On Mitiguel Loyola
Furtado lRoad, Margao.
N earr Grace Church on Yarde Va-
lauUkar R'Oad, Margao.
4. Near Cruz BulJding and Han Man-
dir, :Margao on Martires Dias road.
-5. On the North facet' of MunicfpaHty
0':1 'W-estern side near the main en-
trance of M1argao.
'6" In:6ront 'of Marchon Build-ing a-nd
near La ... Marin'a ,Hotel, Margao.
-7 _ Near'a Ho'tel and "Cruz
Hopse 'at Margao.
'8. Iniront of Bank of India Building,
-9 _ Near Holy Spirlit 'Cemetery, Margao.
No Parkling
for heavy ve
No Parking.
Parking for
tourist taxis,
Parlcing for
'Parlcing for
No Entry for
,oil tankers &
. JranspoIlt

1:1. Near Marchon Building infront of r-To, Entry.
LohJa 'Ma:d'an, MaTga.'O.
11. At Meghdu't Hotel, near Grace - do -
'Church, Margao.
12. Near Indepen-dent Club on Oine Lata
Road, MalTgao.
No Entry for
trucks, pick-
ups, cars,
c'ar'ts, het-
ween 9-30 hrs.
to 12-30 hrs.
and 17-30 hrs.
to 20-00 hrs.
Panaji, 23rd January, 1976. - The Distrti.6t MagriS'ta'"a.te,
:R. Narayanaswami ..
No. JUD/MV/76/1880
Under 'Sectlion ,76 of tile Motor Vehicles Aot, 1939, read with
..Rule 7.7, of 'the ,Goa, Darnall' and Diu M'otor', V'ehicles Rules,
1965, the foH6wmg places in ,Margao are
as Park-ing and No \P8!rking areas'.
(1) On :'both 1t11:e sides Qf lRafael Pereira
Road, M'arga'O.
(2) From Fatima. Convent to
( 6)
( 8)
Petrol Pump on Mlinguel Loyola
Road, Marg'ao. .
On 'the' Varde' ,'Valaul:ikar Road on
the side of Grace 'Chl1rch, MargaO.
From ',Cruz 'Burilding 'ito Hari MaruHr,
on Martires lDias Road, Margao.
On the North .facet of Municipality
on :Western side from ,the main en ...
trance of :Munioipa:J.itty" ,Margao-.
Infront 'Of March'on. BuHding upto
La-Marina Hotel, Margao.
From La-Matrin'a Hotel to CrU2
Hous'e, Ma;rg'a'O.
]jnfront 'of Bank of India BuDdiug,
hereby decl'ared_
IN 0 ParkLng
for heavy ve
No Parking
'Pa'rltting for
tour,lst taxis
Park4ng f.or
rickshaws .
Park-ing for
Panaji, 23rd' .January, 1976. - The Dl:i;sttJ:;ict Magistrate,
'R. Narayanaswami.
NO.JU[)i!MV /75-76/2068
Under Section 74 0' the ,Motor Ve!hicles Act; 1939 it is
hereby nottfi'ed that ,<dS'avdi-Verem-Betki road in -Ponda
Talukra IS closed 'for'-aIl ,VclriC,ular, fur- a upto
:?9th F'ebrua,ry, 1976 'on 'account' df 'con-structi:on 'of the safid
Pan'aji, 27rth .Tanuary, 1976. - The ,DistrJ.::t )\fagistrate, R.
Narayanasivanti. '
Education and Pub:ic \'Ioiks D:partmcnt
Public \A/orks Department
Division I - Buildings
T ende,r notice no. B/8/7576/169
The Executive Engineer, Works Division' r (Buildings) _
FWD., panajiGoa, invJtes on behaJlif of 'President of Iu<1:i'a,
s.ealed item rate tenders from approved and eXi'gible contrac-
tors upto 4.30 p. m'- 'On 13th February, 1976 for the work: of:
Construction of C type quarter (1 block of 2 un,its) for
ElectrIcity Department at Val pot Estmfatetl cost of Rs.
74.797-94. Earnest money Rs. 1870/-,. CondilHQns and tender
form can be had from his offi'Ce upto 4.30 p. m. on 12th Fe-
bruary, 1976 during- working, hours. Tenders of 'C!O-nt-ractors
who do not deposit earnest money 'ill the preS'CTibed form are
Hable to be rejected. -----
Pa;naji, 22nd January', 1976. _. The Executive Engineer
K. V. Nadkarni.
Tender notice no. 8/8/>75-76/172
.The Execubive Engineer, Works Division I {Buildings)
PWD., panaji Goa invites on behalf of !President of India,
Sealed Item 'Rate 'Tenders from aJpproved and eligible con-
tractors upta 4.30 p. m. on ,17th February. 1976 for the ,works
of: (1) Slum Improvements scheme lalong the road
and canst. of toilet 'block at Panl3.ji. (Phase II). Estimated
cost Of 'Rs. 54.644-62. Earnest money Rs. 1.366/-. (2) Canst.
Of D type quarter (single storey) ior ,Electricity DepaI'tment
at Valpoi. Estimated cost of oRs; 45-.778-01 .. Earnest ,mon-ey
Rs. 1.145/-. Condi,t'ions and tender form can -be had from
the above office upto 4.30 p. m. on 16th February, 1976 during
working 'hours. Tender of contractors who do ((lot deposit
earn,est money in the prescribed form areUable to be :rejeoted.
Panaji, 31st January, 1976. - The ExecutiVe Engineer,
K. V. Nadkarni. .
Works Division III, (PHE) {Panaji - Goa}
Tender_ notice no. WDIIl/ADM/29/7S-76
The Engineer, W-orks Divdsion ro,
Panaji, Goa, re-invites on behalf of the President of India,
sealed item rate tenders from eligible contractors upto
3.00 p. m. on 24-2-1976, for the Extension of water supply
network of Mapusa' High level zone at DattawadJ, Mapusa,
estimated at Rs. 43.257-78. Earnest money Rs. 1085-00. 'l'he
time limit foI' carrying out the work -is of 120 days including
m'onso'on perrtod. Cost 'of tender forms Rs. 5-00. If .required
by post an amount of Rs. 2-50 will be' charged extra_ Con-
ditions and tender forms can be had from his Office on
any working days upto 4.00 p. m. on 21-2-1976. Tenders
of con tractors who do not deposit earnest money in pres-
cribed form are liable to be rejected. .
Panaji. 29th January, 1976. - The Executive Engineer, L. P.
Worlc:s Division V - Panaii
Tender notice r:o.
The Executive Works Division V, Publ1c Works
Department mv:Ltes on Ibeha:lf the President
of India Se'3Iled percentage rate tenders from th'e approved
and eligible contractors upto 2.30 rp. m. 'On for the
below mentioned works: -
.1. Ren.'ovabion of cana:l No. 1 on the lett IJYoo'k of Maem
lake a.t 'Ma:em Taluka
2. ConStruction -of open type b'andhara at QalHl!katw'ada
AdwalJpale taluka :B1cholinl.
3. OotlSitruction of irrigation wells at Latam'b'arc.em
Ta:luk.a Bicholim (4 welLs).
4. Completi'On IOf the ,remaining work Qf \XO.e room
PI1imary school building at Math-P.i:ligao Taluka
5. 'COnstruction 'Of gram sevak quarters at St. Andre
Taluka Tiswadi.
6. Construct ton 'Of ka:tcha main canal for the Lift
Iroigati'On scheme at Assa.pur Taluka Pernem..:Goa.
Construction of drinking water wells at:-
7. Konad Corgao Taluka -Pernem-'Goa.
8. Pethechawada v.Hlage _Corgao Taluk:a Pernem.
9. Gaudewada village Corgao Taluka P.ern'em.
10. Deusu No. 1 V'iUage OOrga'O Taluka Permem.
11. Nacinol'a V. P. Moira Nacinola Taluka Ba.rdezwGoa.
Estimated cost, eal1nest money, time 'limAt in day and the
cost 'Of tender forms 'aore as f-ollows:-
(1) 'Rs. 30,538-54; Rs. 764/-; 90; Rs. 5/-.
(2) 'Rs. 24,20909; Rs. 606/-; 90; !Rs.5/-.
(3) Rs. 22,175-68; Rs. 555/-; 90; Rs. '5/-.
(4) Rs. 16;379-01; 'Rs. 410/-; 90; 'Rs. 5/-.
(5) Rs. 9,396-38; ,Rs. 235/-; 60; Rs. 2/-.
(6) 'Rs. 4,185-75; Rs. 105/-; 30; Rs. 2/-.
(7) Rs, 9,113-30; Rs.228/-; 60; 'Rs. 2/-.
(8) Rs, 9,LCl3-30; Rs. 228/-; 60; Rs. 2/_ .
(.9) Rs. 9,113-30; 'Rs. 228/-; 60j lRs. 2/-.
(10) Rs. 9,113-30; 'B.s. 228/-; 60j Rs. 2/-.
(11) Rs. 6,651-13;Rs. 167/-; 4-5j
'Rs. 2/-.
The. tenders will lbe lopened alt 3.00 p. ill. on the same day.
Co.n'dibion:s 'and the tender -;forms can be had :from this Office'
uptp- 3.30 .p. m. 'on 9-2-1976, on work:ing days. T.ender Of the-
contrlaotor, who do not deposit 'earnest money in the
crlbed form, 1s liable to be 'reJected. Contractor 'also Should
produce Income-tax c1e'Mance ceI'tif.icate befOre the issue-
'of tender.
Panajt, 24th' January, 1976. -'The ExecuUve .Eng,ineer, U._
R. PissurZe;ncar.
Works Division XI, Sanguem
Tender Notice no. AWD!WDXI/3/I017S-76
The ExecutiVe Engineer, 'Works IDWision lXiI, P. W. D.,.
Sanguem Goa, invites on behalf Of 'the President of India
'1tem rate tenders !from >a'pproved and ehlgi:ble contractol's
upto 3.00 p. m. on February 17, 1976 for the work of
P.roviding Fencing -around 'colony Site ,of IS. I. P. at Pajimol,.
Sanguem at an_estimated cost of Rs. 45.838-12_ Tenders will.
be opened at 3.30 p. m_ on the same day. Earnest money of
Rs. 1146-00 should be deposited 'in the state Bank of India
or any Scheduled Bank in the: form of Deposit at Call receipt
aqd enclosed :it with ,the tender. Tender forms and condit'ions'
can :be had from thlls O:6fice 'On .pay:m:ent of Rs. 5-00 upto
4.00 p. m. on FebruaI'Y 16, '1976. If required by post an
amount of IRs. 3-00 'Will Ibe charged 'extf'la. The time limit
allowed to carry 'out the :work inclusive of. monsoon w'i:ll be
90 days. rThe tender of the contractor who do not deposit
earnest money -in :the presc):;lbed manner is liaoble to be'
rejected. IContractor should :prO'd)lce lincome ,tax clearance-
certIficate Ibefore issue of tender.
Sanguem, 3.0th Ja.nuary, 1976. - The Executive Engineer,_
G. R. KarandJl-katr.

Directorate of Education
Cenhal Library,
Catalogue showing 'books and periodicals :received in the-
State Central Library, Pan'aji, 'from 1st January Ito 31st De-
cember, 1975, 'in 'lieu 'Of the proVision contained in Goa, Daman
and Diu, lPress and RegJstraUon of Books Act, 1867, amended.
up t'O 1st March, -1961.
Panaji, 28th January, 1976. -T'he Cura'tor. V. B. HubU.
Author, ti.tle, sUbject of the book, place of publication,_
publisher, year of publ1oa'ti:on, number of i>ages. price of the'
book, name of Ibhe proteI', ,place 'of printimg and 'language"
of the book. Dash dn' tfue entry shows the inf{)l'1rn:aroion required
is not found. -
I. BORKAR (Madhav) - Uzvaddacho Rukh (Poetry)
Panaji, Sobit S8Jhitya, 1975, '50 p. - Prdnbing Bureau,.
Bombay (Konkani).
2. BORiKAR (Mahableshw,ar H.) - Ashi Rani R'aja Rani
(Short :Storles) Margao, Author, 1975, -5Sp. Rs. 3-50,
Casa Gomant:a'k, Margao ,(Konkani).
3. BOTELHO (Rem'igio) -rTrtavelliiIlg 'through timej a
historical guide O'f Goa (Guide) Pana-ji. Author, 1974.
100 p. - Di'ario da 'N-oite Press, Panjim (English).
4. DUME (Vinayak Naf'laina 'Shenvi) - Shri Mahalaxm1
Devasthan Bandivadde; Samagr Jliha.s (Reillgi'on)"":'-
1975, 128 p.- (Ma,rathi).
5. Francisco Luis Gomes, !Death Centenary Commemo-
ration Commlittee of ,Sa.lcete - Souvenir de
ragao do prJmeiro Centenario do falecimento de Fr'an-
cisco Luis Gomes (Biography) Margao, Ftancisco
Luis ,Gomes Death Centenary OommemOMtion Com-
mittee, of Salceite, 1-974. 1681p_ _. Gomant.
IPr,inting . Press. Margta'o (Portuguese & 'IDnglllsh).
5TH FEBRUARY, 1976 (MMlHA 16,1897)
6. Goa, Daman & Diu Sanghpradesh, 2500 Bhagwan
Mahav'ir Mahanirvan iMahotsov S'amiti - Bhagwan
MahaVlir Smruti Ank (Religion) Panaji, GOa, Daman
& iDiu :Sanghpmdesh, 2500 Bhagwan 'MaJhavir Maha-
niTV'an iMahotsov :Samiti 1975, 74 p. Rs. 4-00, Sagar
Sahitya MudI1analya, Panaji (Mara1:Jh.'i). .
7, Goa, Daman' & niu State PlaIl[ling Committee for
Birth "Centenary 'Celebration' o'f S-ardar VaHalbhai
Partel-:Sal'dar Val1a'bhai Paitel; memmti.'aJ issue (Bio-'
graphy) Panaji, Dr. Shrimant Ma:lij 1975. - Saroj
(Printer, Panaji (iElng"ish' &
8. IK;UNKOLIENK.A<R' (Raml'a:o G. S.) Bhurgeam
gitam (Poetry) Mamgeshl Goa, S. lSuruta R. Kunke-
U.enkar, 1975, 21 p. Rs. 1-75, Gomant Xap]{h;ano,
'Margao (iKOnkiani).
LOTLl%AR ,(Paudarmath Damodar) -Amchi bhuim
(Poetry) 'Margao, Nath l'llakaShan, 1975, 401'. Rs.
2-00, Ajit Printers, Thane (IK'OIlkani).
MAHADIK (os:. 'D.) - pratapi Her (Fiction) Margao,
Vasant Prekashan, 1973 761'. Rs. 3-00, Shri Mudra-
nalaya, Belgaum (:Maraithi).
NAYAtK (Pundalik) - Ransundarl (Play) VolvoJ
Ponda, AJphuVbai Prakashan, ,1974, 291'. Rs. 1-00,
Bandekar Pl'inier, Kurchorem, (K'Onlmnl).
PAl ('Suresh R.) -Jaithachi guddi (Poetry) Kur-
chor-em, Author, 1974, 32 p. Rs. 3.00,_ :Bandekal' Prill
tel's, tKurchorem (Konkani).
RA]K'AR. -(!Shatleshchandra -
view (P'lay) Nave1im, Kuldip Agencies 1975, 29 p.
'Rs. 2-00, Kanchan Mudran:aJ.ya,ISanvordem (Konkani).
S'HLR'ODKAJR (P. P.) - JaJti"Va..machem S'amajsha-str
(lS'ociology) 'Margao, Konkani Bhasha MandaI, 1975,
72p. Rs. 4-00, Casa 'Gomanltak, Margao (KOnkanl).
SINGBAL (Digambar) -Anga mhajen ChDY pun
(Play) Valvdl Phonda, AJphurbhai iPrak!ash'an, 1975,
16 p. Rs. 1-00, Bandek'ar Printers,_ Kurchorem
16. XiA VIER (Carlos) - Bvief :history of physical
cation (Education) Pall'aji, of S;ports rund
Cultur'al A1f3Jirs, 1975, 94 p. -lKancoou Mudrahalya,
Kurchorem (English).
Half yearly, monthly and fortnightly.-
10) N<A<VE P .A!RVA.
13) A INDIA.
19) 0 HERALDO.
20) 'RASTRkMA'l1H.
Agriculture Department
Directorate of Agriculture
Soil Conservation Division
Tender notice no. 3/SCD/DA/7576
, The Director of, Agriculture, invit.e8' on of
the President of India, sealed percentage/item rate tenders
--------.. -. - _._-.. _ ..
for the following works from the approved and eligible
contractors upto 3.00 p. m. of 13th February, 1976.
of -w6rk
1. RepaIrs to the bund
DoncOll at Assol-
na of Salcete Ta-
ill Rs.
in Rs.
in days
luka .. ................... 1,55,481.19 3,887.00 ilOO
2. Work of repairs to
the bund Aptem
Khazan at Nerulof
Bardez Taluka ...... 40,992.11 1,025.00 120
3, Repairs to the bund
Donacholque Ca-
san at Chinchinim
of Salcete Taiuka... 78,502.55 1,963.00 '<;80
4. Repairs to the bund
Narva Toutem at
N aroa of Bichollm
Taluka ... ... ... ........ 30,093.33 753.00 90
'5. Repairs to the bund
Gutkal at Camur-
lim of Bardez Ta-
luka ..................... 20,664.32 517.00 90
6, Strengthening of the
bund Mulunda Can-
tor at S-erula of
Bardez Taluka ...... 2,667.28 67.00 30
7. Repairs to the
votacho Cantor :It
Corjuem of Bardez
Taluka (Retende-
red) ..................... 7,175.52 180.00 !5
Tenders wi,ll be opened on the same day 'i.e. on
at 3.30 1'. m.
The conditions and tender forms can be had from this
Office on payment of the cO'st as per rules
upto 11th February, 1976 on all working days and during
Office hours. Tenders of the contractors who do not deposit
money in prescribed form are liable' to be 'rejected. They
should produce Income Tax Clearance Certdftcate at the
time of issue of tender forms.
!Panaji, 27th January, 1976. - The IDireotor of tAgu'icurture,
Dr. H. Y. Karapurkar.
Rural Development Department
Mamlatdar's Office of Sanguem Taluka
No. ELN/VPT/75/1
In pursuance of Rule 13(c) of the Goa, Daman and Dill.
illage Panchayat ,(Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman)
Rules 1968, it is here-by notified for public information
that the member .'of Panchayat as appear:ing in c<ilumn 3:
of the schedule has been. declared elected on 28th January,
1976 as Vice"'Chairman of Panchayat 'shown in column 2
of the said schedule .
Name of Village
81. No. Panchayat
1 2
1. Sanvor"em
Name of member elected as
Shri Dharmu Pandu Naik.
Sanguem, "Ja.nuary, 1976. - The Mam'latdar; K. N. 11.

... -.-
No. ELN/VPT/76/2
In pursuance of !Rule .13(c) of the Go:a.,_ Daman and Diu
"'illage Panchayat ,(Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman)
Rules 1968, it is hereby notified for public information
that .the member !of PanchayaJt :as appearing ibl column 3
of the schedule haS' been declared elected on 28th January,
1976 as Chairman of the Panchayat shown :in column 2 of
the said schedule.
81. No.
Name of. Village
Ki,rlapal Dabal
Name of member elected as
Shri Vijykant Ragu Dessai.
. 28th January, 1976. The Mamlatdm', K. N. S.
Industries and Power Deparimcni
Electricity Department
Tender Notice
Sealed tenders are invited by the Executive Engineer,
Ele'ctrical Construction Division (North), 'Vidhyut Bhavan
S1'. No. Description of item
1. M. S. 'V' Shape X arms of channel type 100 mrnX
50 mmX50 mm for 33 SJIC. (,As per the
drawing) ......... ' .................. ' ................................ .
Sealed tenders for the above item will be received in the
above dffice upto 3.00 p. m. -on 28-2-.1976 and will be opened
on the same day at 4.00 p. m. in the presence of :the ten'del'ers
who wish to be present.
No separate tender documents will be issued.
Tenders should be accompalliied with earnest money deposit
as shown above either in 'cash or by demand draft on a:ny
bimk in Panaji, - Goa. Tenders received without earnest
money will not be considered.
Successful tenderer wHI have to deposit DepOSit
to the extent of 10% of the contract value.
labour and Information Department
Mormugao Port Trust
No. MPl'/10GA(7)/75
A required under Section 124(2) of the Major Port Trusts
Act, 1963, the following amendments .to the Mormugao Port
Regulations adopted by the Boar.d of Trustees are hereby
published: -
Amendm&nlt to RegUlation 59 of the Mormugao Port
Add the after Regulation 59(2):
Reg. 59(3).-The issue of li'cen:c-eto a steve'dor shall be
subject to the payment of a .fee of Rs. 75D{/- as non-refun-
dable licence fee for a period of one financial year or part
thereof and a 'deposlt of Rs. 1,500/- as ,Security Deposit,
"which wm he refundable on terminalron of' ltihe S8Jid iNeence
if the same is not renewed. This Security DeposR shall
be liable to be forfeited for breach of all 'or any of the
terms and conditoi'Ons -of the 'Or for breach of all or
any of the proylisi'Ons 'Of Regulation SO 'Or 61 of the
gao Port Regulations.
Amendment- to Regulation 60 of the Mormugao Port
Add the following su1J-reguiaitions a;fter Regulaition (60)
'and delete existmg -sub-o:egulation No. 60(4):.
-60(4). No licElllces w.ill 1Je !!s.sued 100 stevedores
existing lice-noes shall be ren-ewed unless all the dues of
2nd Floor', Panaji, Goa, on behalf of the President of India,
for the following item.
Earnest Money
Period of
2 months
Succe&:;ful tenderer wHI be bound by the condition laid
down under P. W. D. from No. 9 and will have to execute
an agreement in this form for satisfactory completion of
work at the time of awarding the contract.
The drawing will have to be collected from this office.
The Executive Engineer, Electrical Construction Division
(North) Panaji, Goa reserve the right to' reject any or
all the tenders without assigning any reason.
Pauaji, 29th January, 1976. -- The Executive Engineer, S. R ..
Shinkre .
the Mormugao Dock Labour Board -in a:ccordance with the
Regulations of the Mormugao Dock Labour Boar.d Mor-
mugao POllt Trust are paid by "Such stevedores.
60(5). A licensed stevedore shall not assign the work
of stevedoring entrusted to him to any other stevedore nor
shall he engage sub-agents for doing such work. He shaH
get the work of stevedoring done only through his own
staff and labour or through the staflf anti workers drawn
from the Mormugao Dock La:bour Board.
60(6). <<All 'tile stevedores "MIl aIOOde 1Jy all the "'WS
and regulation's particular1y in respect of contra'ct labour,
dock labourers regulations, labour through nucadams, and
shalrl pay the: correct wages to their work-ers. A licenced
stevedore wm extend 3111 ,the benefits aC'cruoo under the
Central Wage Boa,r,d for Port and Dock workers to their
"Staff and labourers, those which the: Port workers are get-
ting from time to time.
60(7) without p.rejudice to the penalties .to which the
stevedore may be Hable under any other provision of .law,
any stevedore contravening or permitting contravention of"
any of the preVisions of sub-regulations 60(i). 60(3),
60(4), 601(5) and 60(6) shall be liable to. the -pro-
vided ooder Section 17 of the Major Port Trusts Act, 1963
for b:reach of these regulations and also be liable .to. have
his Hcence cancelled in the manner provideld in regulation
60( A) Issue ot.1icences to shlp-llepairers, chippers and'
painters, ship 'chandlers and miscellaneous tra!ders:-
The Board 01'::- am:y- other -officer nominated by the Bqard
for this purpose shall frdm year to year ,issue :licences to
firms and individuals cleare!d: by the Oustoms Authorittes
and g;rant them permIssion- to the' work! -of
ship-repairing, chipping ailld painting. ship. ooandiling,_
" )
5TH FEBRUARY, 1976 (MAGHA 16,1897)
tailoring, laundry, barbel', cobler and miscellaneous ser-
VIces .traders in the Port and no !firm or in'dividual shall
be allowed to work 'inside the Port or on board any vessel
in Port except under such licence.
60(B). _The Board or any officer nominated by the Board
for .this purpose rimy at any time cancel any licence issued
under regulation 60(A) above or may suspend the same fa::"
,such period as may be specifie.d for hreach of all or a:lY
of the provi"sions of regulationS 60(G) and 60(D)' The ligence
.so issued may 'be cancelled or suspended lif, the
thereof, it is discovered :that the application !for the licence
contained l3ny misrepresentatton or mlisstatemen'ts of mateI'ial
facts, or if the licensee has been adjudged insolvent or has
gone into liqufdatien as the case may be er if the licenscp
or his/her werkmen cause any damage to' (Board's preperty
or to' any vessels, geeds, cargO' er equipment thereof er if
the licensee O'r his/her wO'rkmen cause an ebstructien to' any
work in the pert. The licence shall alsO' be camcelled en any
written cemplaint by the Customs Department fer the
violation of Custems Laws by the Licensee or/and his/her
a.utherised -agent. PreVided that nO' 'Such UcenCie shall be
cancelled er sus,pen'ded until the hO'lder ef the licence has
been- given a reasonable epportunity to' shew 'cause why
his(/her licence should not be cancelled or suspended as the
case may be.
Previded further that nO' such oppertunity fer showing
cause need be given when the licence is suspended pending
an enquiry agJlinst the of the ltcence fer 'centravention
of all or any ef the terms thereof er for centraveIition of
aU cr any of the Acts, Rules and Regulations er tEor deing
any thing fer whlich the Ltcensee 'is liable under this Regula-
tien to' be cancelled ex suspended.
The decision of the Beard shall be final and binding and
shall net be questiened by any body.
60(0). (Ii) Every and painter/ship
cham:dler/mrscellaneeus trader shan apply in the prescribed
proforma annexed as Appendix 'A' (in the Por,t Regulati'ons)
to' the Chairman, Mermugae Port Trust fer granting ship
repairing/chipping and painting/shtip !CharuUing/miSooHaneeus
trader licence. The proferma fer the iSsue ef
such licences can be ebtained from the Office of the Financial
Adviser & Chief Accounts Officer on payment of Rs. 5/- fer
each application.
(U) Such appUcation shall accompany a 'No Objection Cer-
tif!i.cate' frem Customs Autherities (by an officer not below
the rank ef Asst. Collecter) and a Solverrcy Certificate from
the Mamlatdar fer an ameunt net below R'S. 25,000/- ,jn (,ase
of -licence in respect of ship repairing, 'chipping and painting
and ship chandling. Applications w!itholit fulfilling the above
requirements will be rejected summarily.
(iii) Such licenoes issued only enables the licensee O'r his/
/her authOrised agent to enter tfhe Customs barorier for
purpose of carrying eut hls/her prefessional work'" but does
not autherise h'im/her to' board the vessels 'm the Port fer
this purpose. Permissicn to Board the vessels should be eb
tained .:from the tSteamer Agents. The permi'ssien from the
Steamer Agents so obtained shaH be 'Shown to' the Security
Staff of the Port by the lIcensee er his/her auth'orised agent
on ea,ch oc'casion befere en'ter1ng the Port area, failing which
Security Staff shall ,net permk the Ucensee or his/her -agent
to enter the Po.rt area. The licensee or his/her authorised
agent shall also produce lri's licerrce whenever he/she is asked
for the same by the Port Trust, Customs, Central Industrial
Security FO'rce and Pelice l3uthertlties. The. Ilicensee or his/
/her autherised agent shall abrde by the Acts, Rure'S and
Regulations of the Customs Autherities and shall ensure
that the same are fully 'complied wIth, before entering and
leaving the Port premi'Ses, for dO'Lng the- work fer which
the licence 'has been issued.
(!iv) The ltcensee shall inform the names, and partIculars
ef his/her agents in advance if she/he :tntends to' do the
business fer which a_ is granted/renewed through
them, and 'ebtatned the specific -approval in writLng frem
Traffi:c Manager to enter the pert area., No persen who
IS net approved by the Traffic Manager a'S autherisejd Agent
01' the licensee whO' fails to' preduce the -indentity
card on deman,d shan the pel'!t area or 'do the
(v) The licen-ee shall pay an amount of Rs. 500/- as non
Mrefundable l:'icence fee lin respect Of licence for ship re'paJi:tiing
:1:imr"rfllndabJe"licence feie' in .fespect
fer chipping and painting, R.s. 500/-.: -'as mon-refundable
licence. _ in respect.of shiip _chandling Rs. as
nOD.-TefundablEdi:cenoe fee In' respect-- of 'mIBC'e1lanebuS haders
per annum wHhin 7 days f;rem the date 'of 'lntimatien of the
mtentien to' 'issue/renew the lic'ooce by the Port authorities.
The licen'See shall also deposit an amount of Rs. 1000/:- in
respe'ct ef lic'ence fgor ship repa:i;rin'g, Rs. 500/- irn respe'ct ef
chipping ami paintin'g, Rs. 250/
in respect 'Of 'ShIp chan:dling
and Rs. 50/. ,in respect of m'iscel1aneaus traders ISS Secur1ty
Deposit alongwith the l'icence fee. The LIcence fee ment'ionled
abeve will be for per annum or part th:ereof. The Security
Depesit will be refunded in cases of satisfactory cempliance
O'f the terms and conditions of itIh'e licence at the term1inat1on
of -the licence, in case the same is not renewed.
(:iv) The licensee shaH submit any information asked for
by .the T-raffic Manager -at any time anld in manner and
form as may be required by the Tra'ffi'c :Mana:ger from time
to time.
(lVii) The licence shall be terminate;d summarily witheut
any netice to' the licensee and/er to the authorised agent,
if the licensee and/or his/lter authorised agent beards or
,attempts 1x> Ibdard any vessel Without o'bta1ning pr'ior per-
rnissl'On from the cencerme'd !Steamer Agents and thereupon
the Secur-ity Deposit shaU stand 'forfeite'd.
(vii'i) The licence may be cancelled. er witrudrawn by the,
Beard or by any Officer appointed by the Board at any time
without assigning any reason.
('ix) The licensee is only authel''i'sed to enter the Pert
premises on work cennecle'd with his licence cn por.t working
days between 06.0D'- A. M. and 06.00 P. M. 'an'd en other
days between 11.0.0 A. M. and! 1.00 P. M. However, the
licensee may be permitted at the dmcret5:en of the Traffic
Manager or any other Officer autherised by him to enter
the Port premises for urgent work after the above mentioned
(X) The licence shall not be transferable to any bedy and
enly the licensee and/er autheris-e'd agent shall
operate on tIle licence.
(xi) That in the event of it being consiidered (n:ecessary
to' exclude the pubUc from the whole or any part of tthe
harbeur premises en any day er port:cns ef a day, under
emergent dircumstances, the Traffic Manager may at hi'S
discretien, which shall be final, suspend the Ucen'ce :flor such
period or perieds.
(xii) (a) Such li.cence issued by the Board is val'i'd fer
one .financial year. If the Hcensee desires to' renew the
licence he/she shall apply one month before 'expl,ry ef the
licence. If the applicabion for r"enewal is not received within
the stipulated period, the licence may be renewed en payment
of an amount ef Rs. 25/- as late fee, provided the
for renewal tegether with the receipt in token of payment
'Of the late fees is receiv:ed Iby the Port aulhori'tlioo before
the actual expiry ef the licence and ,thereafter the 'late fee
payable will be Rs. 50/- per annum o.r part thereof. Pro-
vided the late fee payable in respect of the m.liscel:laneous
traders liaence shan be Rs. 5/- and Rs. 10/- respectively.
(b) If the licence 'issued to' ,the licensee lis lost, a duplicate
copy ef the licence will be issued to the .licensee, at his/her
wrttten request an'd also on of R'S. 25/-, except
in cases of licence fer m!iscellaneoU's traders in whose case
on payment of Rs. 5/-.
(xiH) 'Lf the llic'ensee or ibis/her autho:tiiSe'd !agent commits
breach ef _ all or any ef the terms and 'don-dltiO'llS ef the
licence and/or the Acts, Rules and 'Regulation'S of the Board
of Trustees ef the Port of iMormuga:o, the ,llicence is liable
to be_ canc'eIled without any reasen or netice and
the Seourity Deposit shall be ferfeited either in part ()r 'in
full_ at the discretien of the Traffic ,Manager.
(xiv) In respect ef ship repairing licence, the 1i'cence hclder
should possess at .least two I1leyds Certified Weidters to attend
'Ship rep3Jiring work -and the !.I.r:icensee shaU o'a-rry out ,repairing
work as provided fer 'in regulatien 26 ef these re -;ulations
and shall have a properly equipped workshop 'Super-
vis Len of qualified persons.
60(D) All the payments menti'oned in these regulatiens
above 'Shall be made to the FHnancial Adviser and Chief
AC'COUMS Mormuga'o Pert Trust.
II. SubRegulatlon 4 of 'Regulation 60 be
Mormugao, (Gea).
3rd September, 1975.
By Order,
A. B. Gadgil
Deputy Sec.retary
. 6585/1976

-----_. _._-------_.-._---------_._. __ ._-------
No. MPT(IGA(280)/76
As __required under Seotion 124 (1) of the Major Port T,t'usts
Ac( 1963, it is hereby notified that the -Central Gover'nment
vide Ministry of Shipping :::Lna Transport's letter
No, PEG(41)/75 dated the 22nd December, 1975 have accorded
approval to the amendment to the Morm1,lgao Port iEmployees
(Classification, Control and Appeal) Regulations- 1964.
published in the Official iGazette .Nos. 30 "arnd 31, Series- HI,
dated the 23rd and 30th October, 1975 respective1y.
Mormugao (Goa).
5th J8Jlluary, 1976.
By Order,
M. J. Kurian
V. no. 6512/1976
No, MPTjlGA(:114)/76
As ;required under Section 124(1) of the Major Port Trusts
Act, 1'963, it is hereby notified that the Centrall. Government
vide Ministry of Shipping ankl Transport's letter
No. PEG(42)/75 datetlthe 24th December, '1975 have accorded
approval to the amendment to the Mormugao Port
(Superannuation and Age of Retirement) Regulations, 1974
published "in the Official Gazette Nos. 32 and 33, Series HI,
dated the 6th aDld 13th November, 1975 respectively.
Mormugao (Goa).
8th January, IP76.
By Ordel',
111. J. Kur-ian
V. no. 6513/1976
Local Self Government Department
Forest Department
Tender Notice
Sealed tenders superscribed Tenders for the Supply af
R. C. C. Pipes - G. I. Lnterllink mesh etc. are invfte'd by
the Conservator of Forests, Gort. of Goa, Daman and Diu,
Junta House (3rd -Floor), Panaji (Goa), on beeha!lf df the
President :of Ind!ra, for the supply 'of lfue undermentiQlled
articles: -
1. R. C. C. Spun Pipes NP2.
2. G. 1. Interlink Mesh.
3. SWiss Welded M'e5h.
Tenders wHl be received in the offiice Of the 'Conservator
of Forests, Pa.naji (Goa), up to 3 P. M. 01> 24-2-1976 and
opened irrunedi'ate1y thereatfiter in the presence of such of
the tenderers or their duly authorised 13.S may
be present. Tender- forms and Ithe Onus specifyling Terms
and 'COndttlons If'Or supply can be had from the office of the
undersigned 'On' any work'ing day durting office hours on
payment of Rs. 5/ (Rs. only) non-refulIldOJble. An
amount of fRs. 3/- will be cha:rged extra ;t required by post,
Panaji, 31st- January, 1976. The :Conservator O:f Forests,
S. S. Bhattee.

liAaml.tdar's Office of Canacona Taluka
Section of MO'lanios
In_ accordance the terms and conditions and for pur-
pose envisaged in -the article 165 of Regulation 'Of Devasthans
9f _Goa in -it is hereby announced that 8hri Vitorino
Pap.g'O, of Raia.:Arlem, SaIcete, has applied on lease- fur PUl'-
pose of construction of house an uncultivated p::ece of la-:1'd
named Sthal-Cutumbona, situated at Shristhai of Shristhal
Village, belonging to Shri Molicarjuna of Canacona, in area
1.000 sq. metres and bounded On the east by roa:d and oli
the west, north and south by remain1ng parl 'Of the same land.
Chaudi, 24th January, 1976.-The Amanuence, _Foti. Ousta
Naique Ca1JVodcar.
Seen. The J. -D. R. Rodrigues.
V. no. 6444/1976
(2nd time)
Civil Registration Office of Panaji
2 P'iPi Gaudo, from Carambolim, Goa, desires to change
his name to Pipi Yadu iKauleker.
Any person having obje'Ctions is invited to fHe the same
at this Office in term of Clause 3 of Article 178 of the Cl.vil
Registration Code within 30 days.
Panaji, 28th January, 1976.-The Oivil Registrar,_ P. V. S.
V. no. 6619/1976

Administration Office of the Comunidades of Barde.
3 In accordance with the terms and for the purpose
established in article 330, of the 'Code of Comunidades, -in
force, it -is hereby annouD'ced that Gurudas Jaiiram Gavas,
resideut of Navelim, BichoHm Ta:luka, has applied on lease
for construction of house, the Uncultivated' and unused. plot
of land known as Bimplachem Mal, situated at NaveUm
and belonging to the iNaveHm covering 3.JD. area
of 600 square metres. It -is bounded On the east by the pro-
perty of the Betal Temple, on. the north by the
-Amona Road, and on the west and south by th'e land of the
said Comunidade. - Fd!le no. 8/1976.
If any person has any objection the proposed lease,
he shou1d submit his objection in writJing to the Adminis-
trator of Comuaidades of Bardez, wlthin 30 days from the
date of second publication of this notice, in the OffIcial
Gazette. .
Mapusa, 27th January, 1976. -The acting Secretary, Nelson
Xa'l)ier Trindade.
V. no. 6465/1976
4 'It is hereby announced that on 27th February, 1976,
at 11.00 a. m., at the door of the aforesaid Office, auction
will be held of a uncultivated and unused plot of land known
as Ponxem-Godvol, lot No. 404, Situated at Tivim and
belonging to the TiVlim Comunidade, the area of 588 square
metres, applied for on permanent lease by 8hri Anania
Saunlo Korgauncar, resident of Acoi, Mapusa, for construc-
tion of a house, being the upset price the annual Jease rent
of Rs. 132-30. It d.S bounded on the east by a private property
and -land of the same Comunidade, on the west by the strip
of land of Comunidade of 2 metres Wtidth, reserved a;long the
road of 3 metres width, on the north by the remaining part
of the same iJ.ot No. 404 and on the south by the plot of
Comunidade measured to Shrl 8ita;ram Chondro Polo, file
No. 70/1967. - File no. 14/1975.
It is further announced that the contesting bidder will have
to prove with necessary evidence that he/she was born in
Goa or hisjher parents were born in Goa or he/she is domi-
ciled in Goa for the last 10 years, and has to produce at
least before the time fixed for the auction an affidavit to
establish that neither he/she nor any dependent member
of his/her family owns any residential house or a plot fit
for construction of lI'eSidential house or any share in it,
withIn 'Di.vim village or within a radius of 5 kms . from the
. land PonxemwGodvol.
Mapusa, 28th JaJD,uary, 1976.-TIle acting Secretary, Nel-
son Xavier Trirndade.
Seen: - TIle ManguellJa, R. 8. QU<>nCTo.
V, no. 6567/1976
5TH FEBRUARY, 1976 (MAGHA 16, 1897)
5 It is hereby announ'ced that on 28th February, 1976,
at 11.00 a. m., at the Idoor of the aforesaid Office, auct'ion
will be held of an uncultivated, 'Unused and hilly plot of
land known as Ponxem-Godvol, lot No, 404, situated at
'I'ivlm and belonging to the Tivtm 'Comunidade. in the are,-t
of 517.50 square metres, appHed for on permanent lease by
,shr1 Deu Vassu Harmalcar, resident of Tivim, for construc-
tion of a house, being the ups-et price the annual lease rent
of Rs. 115-50, It is bounded on the east by 'the private leased-
plot, on the west by the ,remain"ing part of ;:the same 'lot
No. 404, on the north -by the strip of land -of Comunidade,
reserved along the road Mapusa-Bicholim,'of 15 metre_s width
from the centre of the same road ;a,nd on the south by the
priV3Jte property of HipoHto Cassiano Lobo. - File No. 151/
It -is further announced that the conte'sting brd'der will
have to prove with necessary evidence that he/she was born
in 'GO'a :or his/her parents were born 'in !Gea 0'1' he/she is
domiciled in Goa fo.r the last 10 years, and 'has to produce
at least befere ,the time fixed fer the ,auctien an affidavit
to' establish that neither he/she ner any dependent member
ef his/her family ewns any resi"dential heuse 0'1' a plet fit
fer coms'tru'Ctien ef res'::d-ential house or any share in 'it, within
Tlvim village 0'1' Within a radius' O'f 5 kms., from the said land
Ma,pusa, 30th January, 1916. -The acting Secretary, Nelson
Xav!e1' Trindade.
Seen. - The il1anguexa R. S. Quencro.
V. no. 6616/1976

6 The abeve 'Sard Cemunidade 'is hereby cenvened to' meet
in its ,Meeting Hall, en the 3rd Sunday at 11 a. m. after the
publicatien ef this netice in the Offiici3il Gazette in Order ,to'
deliber3.lte cn the file nO'. 26/1975 dn which Sh1'f Visncc Arjuna
Kinelker ef Canca, has appHoo on ,1eMe fer the 'ccnstructien
ef hcuse an un'cultivated and unused 'land Lete nO'. 6 slltuated
alt Danca and ,belongling to' llliis Comunlidade 'Of oanC'a,_ covering
QJn area of 600 sq. metres.
It is bcunded en the east with ;rcaJd reserved after whi'ch
slays plet measured itO' Shr:i Samsundara Xencora M1adem of
Canca, 'On- the west, north an'd south with the part
of Lcte nO'. 6.
Canca, '14th January, 1976. - The 'Clerk, Rajarama Pondori
V. no. 6482/1976
7 The above 'Sai-d: Comunidade' is hereby convened to meet
in its Meeting Hall, cn the 3rd Sunday at 11 a. m. after the
publicatien cf this nctice in the Ofiliciall Gazette in order to
deliberate en the flie nO'. 31/1975 Un. which -Shrt Pratap Pa.n-
dari Sou'Se, of Canca has applied Jon lease fer ;the construction
cf hcuse an uncultivated and unused land 1ete nO'. 6 situated
at Canca and belcnging to' this Cemunida:de, cever:in:g an area
cf 600 sq. metres.
It is bcunded cn the east lete nO'. 74 measured to' Shri
Crisna Lingudcar of Canca en the west, and south the
remaining part of lcte no. 6.
Canca, 14th January, 1976. - The Clerk, Rajarama Ponaorl
V. no. 6483/1976
8 The abcve said comunidade is hereby :ccnvened to' meet
in its :Meeting Hall, cn the 3rd Sunday at 11 a. m. after the
publicaitien of ;t"hlis notice)n the OflfiCiial Gazette in order to'
dEfiiberate cn the fHe no. 27/1975 in which ,Shri Balaji Visnum
Re'dker of Ccrlim, has applied en lease for the 'constructicn
cf heuse an uncultivated and unus'ed land lete no. 6 srtuated
in Canca and belenging to' this Ccmun:i.dade ef iGanca, _oovering
an area ef 600 sq. metres. It is bounded on the east wilth
rO'ad reserved wter which stays plot measuved to' Shrli Rogu-
nata Bivam -Gauncar, of Mapusa, en the west, ll'orth and
south the remaining part of iJ.ete no. 6.
Canca, 14th January, 1976. The Clerk, Rajarama
V. no. 6484/1976
9 The abovementioned Ccmunidade hereby 'COnvened
f.or an ,extracrdinary meeting I.ln 'its Me&t1'mg Han, on 22nd
F'ebruary next at 10 a. m., .in 'order to' deliberate cn the peti-
ticn cf SUresh R. Colva'lcar cf Mapusa, at page 59 of the
file nO'. 20 ef 1967, wherein :the same asks to gram.t him
fUrther extensicn of ene year to cemp]ete the oonstruction
in the plet al1cted to' him.
Mapusa, 20th January, 1976. - The Clerk, V,f.sitacao CristO'
Rei Socorro Pereira.
V. no. 6485/1976
10 The abO've Ccmunidade "is hereby convened for an
extraordinary meeting with a represen\tatrOll 'Of the 2/3 of
its sccial capital to' meet at Shristhal, in the Temple cf Shree
Nirankar, at ,lD.OO a. m., 'on 3rd Sunday a:fiter the pulYNcati.!>n
of this nctice in the Off.icial Gazette in .order to deli!betlate
the regulal'izatien cf the sltuation 'Of ,iHegal cen:sbruction
erected by 'Shri :(1) Roque :Miranda (2) :Smt. Amge-
liea Fernandes (3) InaciO' .1oa:o F'ern'andes (4) Sladananda
Anaht Dessai (5) Babal Babeni Kinlekar (6) n:_og-o F'ernGlnde::;
(7) Ma;teus Fernandes and ,(8) Smt. Mallia O. Le1tae, vide
fEes nos. 25/1974; 69/1972; 23/1972; 11/1972;30/,1972;
54/1973; 15/1972 'and 22/1972, "respectively "II residents of
Agcnda T3.iluka, ".in .terms O'f :art. 30 illQ. 4 aliuea ..1)
read wUh lal't. 36 ef the Ocde 'af :Ccmunfidad.'es, 'm :f1orce, as
per recomendation of the -Revenue iDept. SecretarIat Pan-ajr,
contatned ,in -its letter NO'. dt. 11-2-19"75.
If the OO'munridade ifails to meet 'on the said dare, agai.n It IS
c':'nvened to' meet fer ,the 2nd ltlme, 'cn 4th Sunday :in the
same form, time, ,pl1ace and ipu:npcse and :if it s:tin fans to
meet at .th!is time, :tt 1s 'agam convened to' meet for the 3rd
time on 5th Sunday, in its ordinary form at the 8ame' placp.,
time and purpose.
Chaur'.i, 24th January, 197-6. - The 'Clerk ill' charge, Balagi
BoU'ti'Onta Porobo Ooncar.
V. <110. 6538/1976
Provincia de Bali
11 The 'a'boEm1enltioll'ed 'CO'munidade lis heerby convened
for an em-ra'Ordin!ary meeting aIt ,its iMeeting 'Hall en 3rd
Sunday at 11 a. m., :after rpublioati'on: .of Ith1s notice !In the
OtIfiicial Gazette to give lits opinien lOll. ,the IbMls presenli:oed
by Engineer V. V. DesM.
Bali, 29th January, 1976.-The 1000erk, Ragoba P. 8. Desai.
V. no. '6540/1976

12 The abovementiened CcmunIdades are hereby
to meet at the Meeting Han the Cemun-Made at Ucas&o:tim,
en 3rd Sun'day, at 10 a. m. after the publication ef this
notice in the Official Gazette, with the representation cf
2/3 of their social 'capital, in order to' gNe the;r epinicns
en the file no. 71 cf 1975, in which Luis .Tose de Men-ezes
and ethers cempenents 'of the Cemunida'de ef PaHem applied
to increase the pay scales ef the staff cf the Ucassaim Church
revised as sugE'sted at the page nO'. 3 of the sa:'..d fl[e. If they
dO' not m'eet on the abeve day they are convened fer the
second tlIl1:e 'On 4th Tuesday, dn the same manner, at the
same plaoe 3.Il1d time (and :f:1or the same pUr!pese and if they
Still t'aJiI to' m,eeit at the second time, they aTe convened
fer the third ,time on 5th Sunday, in an ordinary tfIorm, '8if: the
same time and :plrace and 'fur the same purpose.
The twenty major s'have holders of the abov-' rComunidade
Of PaHem are also convened to meet on '5th Sunday sccn
after the meeting >of the Comunidades to' give their epinien
and conset .to' the mattter delibwalt'ed -by the salid Comuliidade., 5th January, 1976. - 'The 'Clerk, Esvonta Bicu
Sinai Mulgaocar.
V. "0. 6558/1976
13 The abcvementcned Cemunidade is hereby cenvened
to' meet at its Meeting HaH, on 3r'd iSunday after 'the publi-
cation of this notice :in the Ofncial IGazette at 10 a. m. to'
elect a special atterney itO' handle the case 'df -encroachment
ef ,the Ocmun1dade l:and :by Varnon-a Sina1i Ga:ironde ef
Uca'Ssaim, 5th January, 1976. -- The Clel'k, Esvonta Bfcu
Sinai Mulgaocar.
V. no. 6559/1976
318 SERIES III No. 45
Xri Naguesh Mandir. Curc(L Caturli, nhas, Goa
14 meeting of general assembly of
mahajans is hereby convened on the first Sunday after the
expiry of thirty days commencing -from the third publication
of this notice jn three successive issues of -the Official
Gazette, at 10 a. In., in the usuall place of the Devalaya
(Sabhamandap) to discuss an:d approve the project 'of the
bye .. laws (compromise) of the above. mentioned Devala;va.
Curca, 22nd January, li976. - The :Secretary o'f- the Special
Committee, Shankar OurUkar. - .'
The President of the Special Committee, Rama KankonJcar.
v. nQ. 6377/1976
(2nd time)
W $, i.flIQ'iH, -,n'H
lIT 'fi<R eft *J:<:
'IT 'W'if,", <idlm f.rl1'<lu1 'P-.:mmr ito
am-. tr Jm10 mf\lua- "-Tnt<: <'ll'fmo oR
<>i<oro lim 'ifT morr-.: ;t,;<'l
\"IT 'I1"l<IT 1l'fl<?l".fT'i"!T ;;rmr
" "fTii<lm, -- 'l>fi!iT,
aw:!lff, """T
Xri Babal Pir of
It is -hereby given notice-:that a public ,auctiQn of the
Ie'ase' 'of the :frtiit 'bearing trees rohe !property a::tOOned Bahal
'Pir belongilig .to 'the Baba.! Pi,r Devalaya, -SanqueUm, for the
period of 1976-1979, will be held on 15-2:''1976 at 11 a. m.
at the the Mesquita at Sanquel1m.
sanquelim, '24th Ja:nua;ry, 1976. - The Secretary, -Heo Ali.
V. no. 6525/1976
16 It ,is hereby gi.ven notice to all julterested parties that
a public for sa.le of 25 trees i. e., 16 Teak, 4 Mango.
1 NanoQ and 4 SWlv'ora trees from the property 'belonging to
Misquita Babal Flir 'of Sanquelim, will be held on 25th Fe-
bruary, 1976 at 11-00 a. m. in the office of 1.Tamlatd8.l' of
24th January, 1976. - The Secretary, Hee A-li.
v. no. 6526/1976
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17 ,- Assungao dRSHva Dias, from Bastora, by her attorney
Etelvina Silva e Moniz, resident at Bastora, intends to coHect
from tpe Comunidade of Galapor, the sum of 'Rs. 75-21 ps.
of the jon"", <Yf years 1969, 197.1, 1972, 1974 and 1975,
belonging to her late husband Francisco Antonio Dias Dando,
who was -component from the sa:i:d :Comunidald'e and invites
claim within the legal time limit.
v. no. 6496/1976
18 Ada:lgis'a costa Pinto fr'.om Candolim, lintends to collect
from the ,ComuDJidade of Camdolim the sum ,of Rs. 33120 ps.
,and Rs. 89-70 ps. the diVidends 'of the year 1975 belonging to
her late brothers-in-law Caetano Antonio de CaSta Pinto and
caetano ISalvador Fimto respectively who-were iir'om Candol1m
and inVites claim :wit'hin the {egal time lintit.
v. no. 6520(1976
19 Flora Martins, from Baga, Ambelim, intends to
transfer in her name 10 shares of the -Comunidade of
Ambelim, Nos. 2583 to 2592 \ containing in the shares cer-
tificates Nos. 2583 to 2592, belonging to her late mother
Edviges Rita PetornUa Joao, who was from Ambelim and
also. to collect the dividends of 'the' same' shares amounting
less than Rs. 500/- unpaid and unlapsed, from the Treasury
of the said Comunidade.
ThoSe - who wish - to claim do so before the competent
authority, Within-legal time.
v. no. 6603/1976
20 Palmira_ qorreia Rodrigues from Assagao, mterested
in-the' lnherltance' of h1s-' -late Caetano Xavier d'e Andrade
and his wife, wh9 were from AsS'agao, to transfer
in her name the title mo. 54- 'containing 10 share'S of
nos,. 6.52_10 663, o.f the:,_'Comunidade' of -Anjuna as,-well as
to. collect the dividends :of the -.'Same sha.res standing in the
_name of the said caetano and his wife, not exceeding to.
Rs. 590.00.
Those interested may put up their claim before the com-
petent Office within the time-limit.
v. no. 6613/1976
(lmprensa Nacional- Goa)
PRICE - 085 Po.
" ,