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Islam Worksheet 1

Kevin Shorthall

A major world religion called Islam whose members are called Muslims

Find on an atlas or map of the world the country Saudi Arabia. This country is the place in the world where the religion of Islam began almost 1500 years ago. A man called Muhammad, who was described by his friends as a holy and faithful man, taught people all about the religion of Islam. He spent most of his life in prayer and meditation. For 23 years, from the time he was forty till his death, he received many messages from God and he then shared these with his family and friends. These were later written down but the religion had begun and Muhammad was having an affect on people. Here is a list of words, as you find them in the passage below, fill in what it tells us about them in the spaces beside them.

Mecca Kaba Polytheism Monotheism

About Mohammed and his life

Muhammad was born in the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia around the year 570. In a square in the middle of the city there was a shrine to many different gods called the Kaba. Lots of people traveled to the city to worship statues of these gods at the shrine. Polytheism was the main kind of religion in the area at the time. This meant that the people and believed that there were many different gods and they often worshipped many at the one time. The Christians and the Jews who also were around at the time were against this kind of religion. They practiced monotheism, this means that they believed in and worshiped only one god. As a result of the many visitors to the city it became wealthy. The visitors however, were not very holy when they were in Mecca. They gambled, cheated, drank too much and often became very aggressive. This behaviour was encouraged by many of the people who lived in the city because they were making lots of

money from the visitors.

Recap on what you have learned so far (1)The name of the founder of Islam is _______________. (2)He lived in a country called _____________. (3)The shrine in the middle of the city of__________ was called the ______. (4) ____________ is when people believe in and worship many different gods. (5) ____________ is when people worship and believe in one god. (6)Describe in the box below what the city of Mecca was like before Islam began.

What happened next?

Muhammad had traveled a lot in his early life as a guide through the desert. He met and spoke to many people and religions. He had become very wise in the ways of the world and he had always been a holy man. He married when he was 25. His wife Khadija was a major influence on his life. The situation in Mecca at the time troubled him greatly. He was upset and disillusioned by the falseness of religion. He detested the behaviour of the people of the city who encouraged the abuse of religion. He often went to pray in a cave outside the city. While Muhammad was at prayer one day, a messenger from god, said to be the Angel Gabriel, spoke to him. He said that there was only one God and that his name was Allah. For the next 23 years Muhammad received these messages. His wife helped him to make sense of the messages and she and others learned them by heart until they were written down. These messages later became the Quran (Koran), the religious scriptures of Islam. Describe in your own words what you think was the prayer of Muhammad in the cave.

Muhammad spoke out about the religious problems and abuses in Mecca. He told them that there was only one God and his name was Allah. This annoyed its inhabitants greatly and eventually Muhammad had to flee for his life. This is a very important moment in the beginning of Islam. It is called the Hijra. Muhammad went to a city 400 kilometers away called Medina. There he was well received and became the leader of the town. Islam had become alive and powerful. Because of the Hijra Islam had become a vibrant religion. The rapid spread of Islam was to follow soon after. Muhammad later took an army back to Mecca to show them their wicked ways and sins against Allah. Mecca then became and still is today the holy city, spiritual centre and main shrine of Islam.

Explain what you know about the following words:

Khadija Allah Quran Medina Hijra

Write an imaginary conversation between Muhammad and his wife as they were fleeing from the city of Mecca:

Muhammad: Khadija: Muhammad: Khadija: Muhammad: Khadija: Muhammad: Khadija: Muhammad: