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Self-Assessment 1

Read each statement while referring to the Five-Point Scale. Assess yourself for each of the
1= Awareness 2=Basic 3=Operational 4=Extensive 5=Expert
1. Business Acumen
I understand relevant legislation, restrictions and functions of regulatory bodies. 12345

2. Business Development (semesters 5/6)

3. Client Focus (semesters 2/3/4/5)
4. Client Relations
I interact cooperatively with clients and substitute decision-makers. 12345
I acknowledge, value and respect other’s needs, viewpoints, opinions and cultural beliefs. 12345
I recognize and respect client boundaries. 12345
I demonstrate empathy and concern for the feelings and needs of others. 12345
I create rapport by establishing open and honest communication. 12345
I define therapeutic relationships including therapist/client power differential,
transference/counter transference, privileged communication and confidentiality. 12345
I provide constructive feedback and willingly accept feedback from others. 12345

5. Communication
I provide complete and accurate information in a sensitive and timely manner. 12345
I communicate verbally, clearly articulating the meaning and content of the message. 12345
I listen effectively, using silence and questioning techniques to clarify communication. 12345
I recognize my own body language and interpret the body language of others. 12345
I use language and terminology that to each person understands and background. 12345
I acknowledge the client. 12345
I write clear, concise treatment plans, reports, letters and memos in a timely manner. 12345
I make formal and informal presentations. 12345

6. Compliance
I understand and comply with:
Regulated Health Professions Act 12345
Massage Therapy Act ( and its regulations) 12345
Healthcare Consent Act 1 2 34 5
Standards of Practice 1 2 34 5
Code of Ethics 1 2 34 5
Other applicable legislation 1 2 34 5
I comply with informed choice and consent requirements. 1 2 34 5
I report any occurrence required under the Mandatory Reporting requirements. 1 2 34 5
I understand insurance regulations and issues particularly with respect to third
party billing (semesters 5/6). 12345
I safeguard/protect the client’s right to physical and emotional privacy and confidentiality. 12345
I recognize potential conflicts of interest and deal with related issues and conduct. 12345

7. Conflict Resolution
I bring conflicts into the open to enable collaborative resolution. 12345
I maintain objectivity. 12345
I use disagreements as a tool to strengthen working relationships and improve client focus. 12345
I seek assistance, when necessary, if conflicts arise between the therapist and the client. 12345
I address important issues, recognizing the difference between main and lesser issues. 12345
I acknowledge the value in all points of view. 12345

8. Interprofessional Relations
I collaborate with members of other healthcare professions and third party payers
to meet public and individual healthcare needs. 12345
I refer clients to other healthcare providers/specialists and draw on their expertise
to improve client outcomes. 12345
I demonstrate respect and support for other healthcare professions and members. 12345
I promote teamwork and consider others needs. 12345
I work collaboratively with people from diverse backgrounds and adapt responses/
approaches accordingly. 12345

9. Ongoing Learning
I take responsibility for my own learning and professional development. 12345
I assess own levels of knowledge, skill and judgment in relation to professional norms. 12345
I continuously seek and assimilate new information. 12345
I access and use the internet to communicate with other healthcare professions/practitioners
and access new information. 12345
I openly seek opportunities for learning. 12345
I use criticism and knowledge of past mistakes to avoid future mistakes. 12345
I share learning with others. 12345
I seek out new technology to support and enhance performance. 12345

10. Problem Solving and Decision Making

I understand and apply critical thinking techniques. 12345
I identify the source of the problem by gathering and analyzing sufficient
information before making a decision. 12345
I generate and consider innovative alternatives. 12345
I evaluate potential risk and impact of possible solutions. 12345
I identify and remove potential barriers. 12345
I use sound judgment, combining and experience, and make timely, effective decisions. 12345
I recognize own limitations when making decisions and know when to seek the help of others. 1 2 3 4 5

11. Records Management

I set-up and maintain accurate clinical records in accordance with regulations and standards. 1 2 3 4 5
I establish and maintain accurate business records including financial, business,
equipment and client appointment records. 12345
I establish and maintain an effective filing system whether manual or computer based
adhering to protection and security procedures. 12345

12. Self Management

I am aware of own values and identify when value conflicts interfere with client care. 12345
I demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement. 12345
I am accountable for own actions and decisions. 12345
I perform only those functions for which I am qualified. 12345
I set realistic timeframes that do not compromise quality of care. 12345
I take responsibility for my health and well being. 12345

Technical Competencies
13. Anatomy
I use directional vocabulary (e.g. proximal & distal). 12345
I use movement vocabulary (e.g. flexion & extension). 12345
I use anatomical vocabulary (e.g. scapula vs. shoulder blade) 12345
I identify relevant anatomical landmarks and:
Muscles and tendons 1 2 34 5
Fascia and connective tissue 1 2 34 5
Bones 1 2 34 5
Joints 1 2 34 5
Viscera 12345
Major arteries and veins 1 2345
Lymphatic vessels 1 2345
Central and peripheral nervous systems 12345

14. Physiology
I understand the operation, functions and impact of:
Cells 12345
Inflammation and repair 12345
Tissues e.g. epithelial, connective, muscle, nerve 12345
Regulation of homeostasis 12345
Nervous system 12345
Muscular system 12345
Cardiovascular system 12345
Lymphatic system 12345
Immune system 12345
Respiratory system 12345
Renal system 12345
Gastrointestinal system 12345
Endocrine system 12345
Reproductive system 12345
Integumentary system 12345
Fluid and electrolyte dynamics 12345

15. Pathology
I understand the reactions of the body to injury such as:
Cellular adaptation/tissue responses 12345
Neoplasia/anaplasia 12345
Cellular degeneration/necrosis 12345
I understand the pathophysiological process of:
Inflammation and repair 12345
Immune pathologies (e.g. RA, HIV) 12345
Skin pathologies (e.g. lipoma, atopic dermatitis) 12345
Fluid and electrolyte imbalances (e.g. hypokalemia) 12345
Infectious diseases (e.g. hepatitis, tuberculosis) 1 2 3 4 5
Nutritional deficiencies (e.g. scurvy, vitamins and minerals) 1 2 3 4 5
I understand pain, pain theories and pain referral theories. 1 2 3 4 5
I understand maladaptive stress responses. 1 2 3 4 5

16. Massage Theory

I understand the principles and practice of massage therapy. 12345
I employ critical thinking skills in planning client care. 12345
I apply knowledge, skills and judgment derived from various sources and disciplines. 12345
I understand the contraindications of therapeutic treatment. 12345
I understand mechanical and reflex effects of therapeutic treatment on client health
and well being. 12345

17. Massage Techniques

I apply Swedish techniques e.g. effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, rocking/shaking,
stroking and vibrations. 12345
I apply other techniques such as:
Joint mobilization 12345
Stretch techniques 12345
Trigger point therapy 12345
Fascial therapy 12345
Frictions 12345

18. Client Assessment

I identify and record through effective questioning, the client’s overall situation,
history, and goals, using subjective and objective techniques. 12345
I examine the client by observing gait, posture, signs of pain and general well being. 12345
I apply regional assessment techniques. 12345
I perform special tests including:
Orthopedic 12345
Neurological 12345
Circulatory 12345
Muscular (e.g. pain at rest/stretch/resisted) 12345
Range of motion 12345
Proprioception 12345
Client questionnaires (e.g. Oswestry, Vernon-Mior) 12345
I develop an appropriate treatment plan which includes:
Measurable goals and outcomes 1 2 3 4 5
Client expectations and commitment 1 2 3 4 5
Types of treatment 1 2 3 4 5
Effects of treatment 1 2 3 4 5
Frequency and duration 1 2 3 4 5
Client self-care plan 1 2 3 4 5
Ongoing client evaluation 1 2 3 4 5
I analyze responses and interpret information to determine client’s needs. 1 2 3 4 5

19. Pre-treatment
I prepare the treatment area and self in accordance with the prescribed Standards of Practice. 1 2 3 4 5
I position and drape the client appropriately for treatment. 12345
I clearly communicate the role of the massage therapist. 12345
I inform clients of other healthcare service options and treatments known to you,
or refer when appropriate. 12345
I provide information about the proposed treatment, alternatives, material effects,
risk and side effects, and consequences of receiving or not receiving treatment. 12345
I receive proper consent for treatment. 12345

20. Applying Treatments

I identify and adapt treatment through the stages of healing. 12345
I apply appropriate techniques, within the scope of practice, for the treatment of:
Inflammation and repair 12345
Nervous system (e.g. flaccidity, spasticity, neuritis, upper/lower motor neuron lesions) 12345
Muscular conditions (e.g. contraction, spasm, contusion) 12345
Cardiovascular conditions (e.g. hypertension) 12345
Lymphatic conditions (e.g. edema, drainage) 12345
Immune conditions (e.g. RA, SLE) 12345
Respiratory conditions (e.g. asthma, emphysema) 12345
Gastrointestinal conditions (e.g. constipation, spastic colon) 12345
Reproductive conditions (e.g. secondary treatment of symptoms) 12345
Skin conditions (e.g. skin adhesions, scar tissue) 12345
Skeletal conditions (e.g. OA, scoliosis, fractures) 12345
Psychopathology (e.g. stress, depression) 12345
Pain management 12345
Trigger points 12345
Fascial dysfunction 12345
Pre/post natal care 12345
Postural, structural and biomechanical conditions 12345

21. Hydrotherapy (semester 2/3/4/5/6)

22. Remedial Exercise (semesters 3/4/5/6)
23. Ongoing Client Evaluation (semesters 2/3/4/5/6)
24. Healthcare Services Knowledge
I interpret the applicability and impact of relevant legislation. 12345
I maintain an awareness of current issues and events, and their impact
on healthcare services and the general public. 12345
I assess future trends and their impact on healthcare services and the general public. 12345

25. Public Health

I understand and apply the principles of hygiene and sanitation as they relate
to the client, equipment and materials and the works environment. 12345
I understand the role of public health inspectors. 12345
I understand the control of:
Communicable diseases 12345
Microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, parasites) 12345
STD’s 12345
I advocate with other healthcare providers to promote and support social changes
that enhance individual and community health and well being. 12345

1. Development Area
#1: Business Acumen
2. Development Area
3. Development Area