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Students Name : . Class : . Time Allowed : 1 hour Full Marks : 100%

This question paper consists of 50 questions. Answer all questions. Choose the best answer from the answers marked A, B, C and D.

Part 1: Reading Comprehension

Read the letter below carefully and answer questions 1 6. 1. From the letter, we know that Sams school concert A. will be held on the following week B. was held a month ago C. was held that day D. is not over

2. Tinas class presented a A. patriotic song

B. classical ballet C. comedy sketch D. short play on war


In the play, war started between A. two brothers

B. two friends C. two villages D. two enemies

4. The practices for the play were difficult to organize because A. the play was long B. the class was small C. many people were late D. many people took part

5. To learn the lines by heart is A. to memorize the lines B. to think carefully C. to read them D. to sing them

6. During the practices, the students learnt A. new words B. to cook C. to make friends D. to speak better

Questions 7 12 are based on the article below.

7. Vegetables are good for us because A. they are easy to get B. they are sold in markets C. they are green in colour D. they are good sources of vitamins

8. Vegetables should not be cooked for too long because A. they will lose their taste B. they will lose their nutrients C. they will lose their freshness D. they will lose their flavor

9. All the following statements are true except A. vegetables contain fats B. vegetables are best eaten fresh C. vegetables serve as feed for animals D. vegetable oils are widely used in cooking

10. Fruits which are eaten as vegetables include tomatoes, cucumbers and A. apples B. melons C. bananas D. mangoes

11. Before vegetables are marketed, they have to go through a process of A. washing, drying, waxing and packing B. washing, waxing, cooking and grading C. washing, trimming, waxing, grading and packing D. washing, trimming, waxing, soaking and packing

12. Vegetables are waxed to improve their A. size B. prices C. colour D. appearance 13. The special occasion mentioned in this advertisement refers to A. Valentines Day

Questions 13 15 are based on the following advertisement.

B. Childrens Day C. Mothers Day D. Fathers Day

14. In order to show your father that you love him, this advertisement suggests that A. you take him for a show B. you buy him a special gift C. you take him out for lunch D. you buy him a non-alcoholic drink

15. The word sumptuous can best be replaced with A. 3 good and delicious

B. attractive and tasty C. expensive and good D. pleasing and satisfying

Part 2: Rational Cloze

Questions 16 31 : Choose the best answer from the options A, B, C and D to fit the numbered blanks. One morning, I was reading in my room. Suddenly, my sister came and reminded .(16) that it was our beloved grandmothers birthday. I quickly .(17) out of my bed. We were going to throw grandmother a surprise party. After making sure that our grandmother .(18) gone to the market, my sister quickly tidied .(19) the rooms. Later she decorated the house, .(20) I got everything ready in the dining room. Mother .(21) a big cake. My sister cooked some chicken curry .(22) had bought some cookies which were my grandmothers favourite. When grandmother returned home she looked very tired. But she was surprised and happy to see the house fully .(23) with balloons. We wished her Happy Birthday. After giving her our presents, we cut the cake. It was a happy day for my grandmother.

16. A. them B. her C. me D. us

19. A. out B. in C. off D. up

22. A. but B. and C. then D. though

17. A. jump B. jumps C. jumped D. jumping

20. A. but B. while C. when D. although

23. A. decorate B. decorated C. decorating D. to decorate

18. A. has B. had C. have D. having

21. A. orders B. ordered C. ordering D. order 4

Susan and Mary went to the Royal Circus last Saturday. They were very excited .(24) they entered the circus top. Many people from all walks of life came to watch the circus. Finally, the ringmaster .(25) the ring and greeted the audience. After that, there were .(26) fascinating acts. Susan and Mary saw a .(27) girl standing on a horse as it ran around the ring. The girl was indeed very confident that she would not fall .(28). Then there was another girl who walked .(29) a tightrope holding an umbrella in .(30) hand. The clowns made everyone .(31) with their funny acts.

24. A. as B. so C. for D. since

27. A. careless B. reckless C. pretty D. slow

30. A. his B. she C. her D. him

25. A. enter B. entered C. enters D. entering

28. A. of B. off C. in D. up

31. A. laugh B. laughed C. laughs D. laughing

26. A. many B. little C. much D. least

29. A. by B. at C. on D. with

Part 3: Meaning In Context

Questions 32 40 : Read the conversation / passage below and choose the best meaning for the phrases or expressions underlined.

Mrs Lim : Did you hear about Kassim? He has been absent from school for quite some time. Hassan : I hear that he is going to drop out (32) of school, teacher. He has to look after (33) his younger brothers and sisters because his mother has to work to support the family. Mrs Lim: What a pity. He is a hard-working boy. Anyway, ask him to call up (34) the school. Hassan : Okay, Mrs Lim.

32. drop out A. stay out B. quit school C. drop a letter D. drop some things

33. look after A. take care of B. take leave of C. take concern of D. take the position of

34. Call up A. scream at the door B. shout out the name C. telephone the school D. write to the school

Karim was telling his neighbor, James that he was driving along the street when the new restaurant caught his eye (35). He added it was within walking distance (36) from their place. The The food served is spicy and delicious. Karim recommended him to try out (37) the spicy fish cake.

35. caught his eye A. caught his attention B. caught him C. caught in the eye D. looked this way

36. within walking distance A. can walk B. any distance C. walking there D. very near

37. try out A. trying B. order C. give me a piece D. buy it


: Have you heard that Marys grandmother has just passed away (38)?

Diana : Yes, I have. I was really taken aback (39). She baked a lovely chocolate fudge cake for Marys birthday just last week. She was there too. What happened to her? Anna : Yesterday, while she was walking to the grocery shop, a van ran over (40) her.

Diana : Lets pay her family a visit. Anna : Yes, we must convey our condolences.

38. passed away A. gone away B. set off C. left D. died

39. taken aback A. bored B. excited C. shocked D. disappointed

40. ran over A. pulled B. crashed into C. knocked over D. knocked and rolled over

Part 4: Literature (Poems)

Read the poems below and answer the questions that follow. Questions 41 44 : Lifes Brief Candle 42. The poor player after leaving the stage is A. B. in trouble very sick

C. quickly forgotten D. getting weak

43. The word frets can best be replaced with A. spends

B. wastes C. waits for D. worries about

41. According to the poem, fools are those who A. work hard B. think too much C. forget about death D. prepare themselves for death 7

44. What is the theme of the poem Lifes brief Candle A. Life is not easy B. Life is like a shadow C. Life can be meaningful D. Life is short and can end any time

Questions 45 47 : The Dead Crow

45. The poet describes the land as A. poor B. empty C. hard D. rich

47. The poet A. is alert to the environmental problems

B. has been suffering from breathing problems C. has been making desperate attempts to survive D. is totally disappointed with the current situation and puts no hope on any parties

46. It is likely that the poet is a A. grandfather B. politician C. sick man D. farmer

Questions 48 50 : The Lake Isle Of Innisfree 48. The veils of the morning refers to the A. bird B. mist C. water D. midnight 49. Where do you think the poet is living now? A. In an urban area B. In the rural area C. In the suburb D. In Innisfree 50. The mood of the poem is A. desirous

B. hopeless C. miserable D. sombre

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