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r of a bouncing baby boy at 5pm on

...... THE EMERGENCY pitch repairs which had to take place after the snow plough
had ripped up t w o yards of pitch at the Rochdale Road End .. . Of course no one.
will o w n up t o it . . . but the fact remains that there is now a nice new strip pieced
in at the Rochdale Road End penalty spot. (It sticks out like a sore thumb). -

. . DYNAMO BUCHEREST who have been kicked wt of his years European Cup
Winners Cup at the quarter final stage . . . not for crowd violence or any
misconduct on the field . . . but because they have switched fromtheir name of
Dynamo Bucherest, which is closely associated with the hated secret police, to
Uniree Tricolor. A change of name is strictly forbidden by U.E.F.A. so their
opponents in thequarter final, Partizan Belgrade, have been given a walk over into
the semi-finals.
PEDRO MUNOZ He's a first class referee in the Spanish League and last week
suffered a savage beating after sending off Roberto Carlos during the Collerense ./ .
. .
dPuerto Polensa second division match . not from the dismissed player, but from
. 9
- Mrs Robert Carlos the players wife!!

THE Rochdale fan wwlx, won a free bet from a famous nationwide bookmaker last
- 4
August, but he guld onty place the bet on a football related event.
Beinga Dale fan he knew now't about soccer, so stuck a pin ih the League tables.
. . you gms&e.edit . . . Oldham'Athbtic was the team picked out ...
the bet? E 5
Latics to win the Littlewoods Cup, the odds? 500/1 !! Far fetched it's not, the -
gentleman telephoned this week to send his best wishes to Joe and the team and
has promised t o buy a round of drinks for the lads if they go all the way!
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ZB 11 11 0800 q 1 Q l SMau IW
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blooming ,

team to the' top of

the tree!

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