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Double Dragon International Reiki School

Short manual for the

New Usui Reiki Ryoho 1-3

Manual written by Jens Seborg, DK System founder Ole Gabrielsen, DK

I have received transmissions from Ole Gabrielsen from back in 1996. From his booklet A Complete Course in Healing from about year 2000 I have leaned how to channel the initiations myself. But this attunement I did not get from Ole Gabrielsen, nor did I channel it myself. After reading about the story, which you can read below, I was thinking of channelling the attunement, but did not. I few days later I received the attunement directly from Usui. I give it for free so please do not charge any money for this attunement. I was a gift from Usui to me. I give it as a gift from me to you. Please pass it on to your Reiki family, Reiki friends and Reiki students for free. Transmission lineage: Mikao Usui Jens Seborg You (Next One) You are welcome to pass this mini manual on for free too if you try to sell it you could be fined according to copyright laws. Copyright 2005 - Double Dragon International Reiki School

How this all came about

Thursday the 30th of December 2004 Ole Gabrielsen was meditating, and during the meditation he became a message from Usui, who is now working as an ascended master: Welcome my friend! It is with much pleasure and warmth in my heart, that I can now present to you a new upgraded version of Reiki Ryoho. Much have been said and written about Reiki, Much focus has been given to what is right and wrong, how the hands should be placed, which correct symbols to use etc. But let me tell you, what Reiki Ryoho really is: Reiki Ryoho is simplicity! You should relax more and trust your intuition, because that is the road to true healing! Do not dwell on to many techniques just do it! My child (Fuji Usui, who died July 10th. 1946, 38 years of age) has always been using this parable in his teachings: If you threw a bucket of water onto a path filled with potholes, what happens? The water gathers in the potholes. You dont need to go to each individual hole and fill them one by one; the water will run into the holes and fill them all one by on; the water will run into the holes of its own accord. This is how energy works. Start the energy flowing, and it will gather in the places it is needed of its own accord.

You se Reiki energy is intelligent. You cannot force it do less and you will gain more. The original system did not have any levels or grades. (They were made by the navy officers after creating Usui Reiki Ryoho and adapting the system of grading from Judo and other martial art systems). Nor did it have symbols. These have been added later on. (Symbols seem to have been added by Chujiro Hayashi). I have though decided to keep the 3 level system for better adaptability. I have added nothing, so you can keep on doing what you have done previous, with the only side effect, that the energy has been refined. Some claims that they have channelled the highest frequency or wavelength of the Reiki energy. But I say to you, nothing stops the evolving process! Everything evolves into a finer frequency and this process is infinite! A final word of lineage: Lineage is somehow important, because lineage shows you how far you are from the original source. It is not crucial but important if you would like to keep the energy strong and pure. So ask your teacher about lineage. 4 to 5 persons from the source should be a maximum. I will be with you always! In gratitude and love. Mikao Usui.

Is that really possible?

Did Ole Gabrielsen have an uncontrolled raise of the Kundalini and became somewhat soft upstairs! Do Ole and Jens claims to have direct connection to Usui to make more money or to make them look like World gurus? No we do not do those things for money or for fame then we would not pass them along for free. We can do it and you can do it yourself. When Usui states: I will be with you always! then is it not only for Ole Gabrielsen, but for all true seekers on the Reiki path. I can tell you, that being a traditional teacher - teaching Usui Shiki Ryoho and Usui Reiki Ryoho I was very sceptical towards the untraditional ways, which Ole used. I was proven wrong and I now pass along much of his material as distant classes. I still teach in the traditional way in Denmark, and I do not sell 1000 different styles of Reiki over the Internet.

Healing with New Usui Reiki

Do as you normally do. If you like to use symbols, then continue to do that. That regards symbols for Usui Shiki Ryoho (Furumoto, Weber Ray and William Rand lines), Usui Reiki Ryoho (Gendai Reiki-ho, Jikiden Reiki, Komyo Reiki, Threshold Reiki, Usui Do and Usui Teate), Kembo Nasake Ryoho (Raku Kei, Tera-Mai, Karuna Reiki and Karuna Ki), Violet Flame Reiki, and other serious types of Reiki. You can also just use these simple instructions to heal a person: 1. Lay your hands on the receivers shoulders. (On the back side you have connection to the bladder meridian, which connects to all organs in the body using the so called SHU points) 2. Clear your thoughts and think to yourself Reiki to start the flow. Just let the Reiki energy flow. You dont have to concentrate on keeping the energy flowing, it will flow freely of its own accord - just relax and enjoy the energy. 3. When 3-5 minutes have passed you will feel the energy stop, or you may feel a little tired or drained. That means that healing is complete. The healing energy will however, continue to work in the receiver. In this way the patient will always receive the correct healing that they need, no matter how severe or insignificant the ailment may be. Remember that the energy will always flow to where it is needed. Just remember Fuji Usuis analogy of the water filling the potholes.

Simple distance healing

Remote or distance healing you can off cause also do the way, you usually do them. You dont have to learn new methods. Remember keep it simple! Here are some instructions for remote or long distance healing: 1. Visualize the receiver, or the receivers name in the palm of your hand (or palms of your hands). Then place your palms together. (Use Gassho if you please) 2. Clear your thoughts and think to yourself Reiki. Just let the energy flow. You dont have to concentrate on keeping the energy flow coming; it will flow freely of its own accord - just relax and enjoy the energy. 3. When 3-5 minutes have passed you will feel the energy stop, or you may feel a little tired or drained. That means that you are finished. The healing energy will however, continue to work in the receiver. This is the same method that should be used for self-healing. It is a good idea to perform a self-healing every day at least in the first 7 days after receiving this attunement. Remember that it should always feel right when you start a healing procedure. There are actually some things that arent supposed to be tampered with, but you will be able to distinguish what should be healed and what should be left alone. This healing method can off cause also be used on plants and animals.

Cleansing a thing, room, apartment or house

It is very simple to clean a thing, room, apartment or house of negative energies. You can just use the distance healing like this: 1. Visualize the room, apartment or house (if you know it), or just say Simons room, Charmaines apartment, Kristinas house or something like that into the palm of your hand. Then place your palms together. (Use Gassho if you please) 2. Clear your thoughts and think to yourself Reiki. Just let the energy flow. You dont have to concentrate on keeping the energy flow coming; it will flow freely of its own accord - just relax and enjoy the energy. 3. When 3-5 minutes have passed you will feel the energy stop, or you may feel a little tired or drained. That means that you are finished. You should clean your own home once every 14 days. Remember, it is not important how precisely you visualize the object in your palm; the intention to clean or heal the object is enough to get the Reiki energy flowing to the right place.

Healing the Karmic band

There is always a karmic band between those we hold closest and ourselves, or those we have once held close. These bands can sometimes weigh us down and have negative influences on our physical body parts and energy. Very often relationships grow stronger when healing the karmic band. You should use this type of healing between yourself and those you hold dear, or have once held dear. For this you should use the remote, long distance healing technique. If you, for example, wish to improve the relationship between yourself and your mother, you should write my relationship with my mother with your finger in the palm of your hand. Place your palms together and start the energy flow. If you are healing a relationship for someone else, then you should write or say Charmaines relationship with her mother and start the energy flow. This method should be used in both near and long distance situations. This procedure usually lasts 3-5 minutes, but dont be surprised if it sometimes takes a little longer.

Healing on situations or qualities

You can also help heal a situation or a personal quality or character trait for instance helping people with bad habits. (The last thing being essential in the work of Usui Sensei). Try for example, to heal jealousy, nervousness, anxiety, toothache, patience, sorrow, anger, improving communication, your singing voice, etc. Then write or think e.g. My anger, my communication, or for someone else Charmaines smoking.

Remember that it should always feel right when you start a healing procedure and do not try to clear people of what you regard bad habits without asking them. There are actually some things that arent supposed to be tampered with, but you will be able to distinguish what should be healed and what should be left alone.

How to pass on New Usui Reiki

It is very simple to pass on the New Reiki attunements. I prefer just to give one attunement to the level of Reiki that people are attuned to in the moment. I do not give this out to use instead of the traditional forms of Reiki, but as a booster or brush up. 1. Visualize Usui Sensei you can use the front picture if you please. 2. Ask him to help you in this attunement procedure. 3. Now imagine or visualize, that you are surrounded by life force (Reiki) that is slowly becoming stronger and stronger. Do this for 2-5 minutes. 4. Say directly to the accumulated life force. Reiki will be generated continuously and you will not fade until this attunement is completed 5. Say mentally or loud (to your higher self and Usui) I ask that (Name) may be attuned at (time - and time zone if different) on (date if not the same day) to New Usui Reiki, in the strongest transmission the receiver can handle. 6. The attunement will then start (at the time stated) and after around 10 minutes, it will stop. Self initiation is also possible if you know how to do it.

Continue on your Reiki Path

The first students of Usui Sensei called the system Usui Do, which means the Way of Usui. I hope that you will continue on your personal Reiki path. Mine has brought me through many hours of studying and writing and on a trip to Japan with my lovely wife Charmaine, where we visited Kurama-yama and the Usui grave-site by the Saiho-ji temple as well as other interesting places. To the right is a low quality picture of a high quality visit at the grave.

Sending this to you with love and compassion Jens Denmark

Usui teachers principles principles

Also for tomorrow: Keep Reiki Ryoho clean Keep it simple Keep your intention Keep meditating Keep the principles
Keep Reiki Ry
The wonderful and intelligent Reiki energy can be used with nearly all other healing commodities. That is off cause a blessing, but also a curse. It is a blessing, because many people who have learned to use the Reiki energy for healing tend to mix it with all the other things, which they have learned before or since. That is no problem it is good for the ones who seriously working to heal others to have many tools in their boxes. You are always welcome to combine Reiki energy with other methods for the good of the receiver. No the problems come at the teaching level. The teachings today do not take so long time any more, and many people learn it over the Internet. Some teachers are very good others not that good. Some manuals are very good others lack something. Some manuals are stating a lot of things as a truth, which it is absolutely not. I am not talking about the lovely story Mrs. Takata told about me, but of a lot of other misleading things. There is now a tendency to mix everything else with Reiki and here the problems start. There is really no problem if you call a system Shamanic Reiki, Buddhist Reiki, Christian Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Taoist Reiki or Shinto Reiki because then people know, that it is a mix even though some of the cocktails in the Internet Bar are quite amusing. It is interesting to se how many variations you can make out of one variation. A lot of students from Reiki classes think for instance, that treating the chakras is Reiki Ryh. It is NOT. But it still is a nice western way to use the energy. Chakra, Nadies etc. are Indian and Tibetan systems, but in China and Japan the Meridian System is used. Some teachers mix a lot of other stuff into a normal Shiki Ryh or Reiki Ryh class. Please do NOT call it a Reiki class if you mix it with Buddhism, Christianity, Shamanism or ANY other thing call it something else. Another way to keep Reiki Ryh clean is to follow some ethic rules, which are done by a lot of groups, but many others do not follow such rules.

Keep it simple
Keep it simple does not mean, that you as a teacher shall come around with it the easiest way. No it is expected that you work hard, study a lot of material, improve your healing skills, meditate daily and so on. But you have to make it as simple as possible for the ones you teach whether it is in person or by correspondence. In Reiki Ryh and its variations a lot of symbols are used. They are really not necessary; your intention is of much more importance. But they are useful as focusing objects. Using the Reiki energy and during meditations many people see symbols, that they can use for healing. Some of those symbols are personally other can be used by all. But beware of the number of symbols in the systems the more symbols the more complicated.

Keep your intention

The Reiki energy flow automatically to the place, where it is most needed. But that does not mean, that you should think of everything else during a healing session. Your intention should always be to help the person that you are treating doing it for free, exchange or for money. Money is always a problem. Having too many or too little is a problem. What should a treatment cost? What is the correct price for a Reiki class? Nobody expects you to use time and energy without any exchange but nobody wants to get ripped off either. The Reiki energy is given free from the guides, angels, ascended masters etc. You DO NOT pay for the energy. You might pay for the time used, for the classes that your teacher has paid for e.g., but you have never paid for Reiki (the energy). Keep your intentions clear, Reiki Ryh should not be a money making issue, but everyone have to survive and nobody tells you work for nothing. Reiki Ryh is not an ego polishing issue either. Many people who have taken a correspondence course in Shiki Ryh 1-3 or Kundalini Reiki 1-3 tend to call themselves masters. What do they master? Mr. Hayashi and the other teachers did not call themselves masters. Their students called them sensei of respect for them and their learning. They could call themselves shihan, which means teacher, but never master or grand master. In Germany they tell people, that they can become grand masters over a weekend by taking a Reiki 5th. and 6th. grade class. You were told to make it simple but not that simple.

Keep meditating
A lot of Reiki Ryh practitioners and teachers do meditate regularly, and that is really a good thing for you. Meditating you can connect to many healing energies and you can learn a lot. Some Reiki Ryh practitioners and teachers do not use meditation so much. They should do it more often.

Keep the principles

The principle was written after a long meditation and on very nice and expensive paper. It was written for the seekers of a happy life. As Teate was introduced and later the Reiki Ryh in benefit of the naval officers, the principles was used there as well along with the beautiful Waka poetry from the Meiji Emperor. I know it is not everybody that every morning and evening can say the principles and feel it in their hearts but try to do it as often as possible. The writer of this manual of New Usui Reiki Ryh had to be reminded more than one time.

Keep smiling
That was not a principle or a precept, but a wish for you In love and gratitude

In connection with this little manual I shall bring thanks to a lot of hard working practitioners and teachers that I have met in my Reiki Path. There are hundreds of people, but especially I should like to honour:

Mikao Usui
for bringing this wonderful system to us. Also thanks to the people who supported him in his quest and to the teachers who worked on spreading his teachings.

Hawayo Takata
for bringing this system to the West with a little help of fairytales. Also thanks to the 22 teachers, she educated for spreading the knowledge around the World.

William Lee Rand

for making it possible for people without big fortunes to become teachers and by that spreading the teachings much further around.

Patrick Ziegler
for discovering the Seichem energy and founding the Sekhem methods, which has become a wonderful supplement to Reiki Ryoho. Also thanks to the many teachers following the Seichem Path.

Frank Arjava Petter

for his work to uncover the veil and bring us true facts about O-sensei, for his books and his teachings.

Hiroshi Doi
that he came to the West with original Reiki Ryoho teachings and to Andrew Bowling, Rick Rivard and Tom Rigler, who made it possible.

Andrew Bowling
for his quest to come closer to the original teachings, Usui Do and Usui Teate, his website and for bringing Reiki Ryoho and Usui Teate to Denmark and other countries.

Ole Gabrielsen
for his exciting new energy and healing methods

Informative Websites
where I and many others have spent hundreds of hours to find out all the latest about Usui and the different new forms of Reiki here the authors I have read the most: James Deacon, Light & Adonea, Rick Rivard, Taggart King, Vincent Amador and William Rand. Also thanks to the many work-groups, which are doing a tremendous work to spread out knowledge of traditional and new forms and for the authors of the vast material that we can all enjoy there.

My Reiki Family
all the ones I have taught in Denmark, those who are using my material to teach others and all the new Reiki friends, that I now meet on the Net. And at last a special thank to my wife, co teacher and closest friend

Without her nothing of this was possible.