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4.1 Green Card System Green Card system, as a contractual prerequisite, requested all persons on site to obtain a valid Green Card issued by an organization or institution under a course accredited by the Labour Department Note: All such personnel and labour shall carry the Green Card with them at all times whilst within the site. 4.2 Safety and Environmental Induction Training The Contractor shall regualr review the training needs of all persons employed on the works or in connection with the contract and prepare a long term training programme. Each month the Contractor shall submit a proposed training program to be provided in the next month for the Supervisors approval. The Induction Course shall be conducted by the Safety Officer who is competent in site safety training techniques as recognised by the HKCA. The objective of the Induction Course is to acquaint the workers with the actual site environment, the nature of the job, the hazards encountered, emergency preparedness, accident reporting, the equipment and safe usage to prevent accident. Note: Site Induction Training shall be carried out within 2 working days of any employee commencing work on site. LCECL will manage a database of safety and training records with strict confidentiality. The Course shall be 1 hour to include and not limited to the followings : (a) (b) (c) Policy and its implementation (10 mins.) General / Particulars of the site in regard to site safety, waste management and environmental protection requirements. (10 mins.) Special Characteristics of the works and inherent hazards on the site highlights of particular safety measures and use of protective equipment (15 mins.) Emergency Procedures including Fire, Typhoon, Procedures of handling SARS, Thunderstorm and Black Rainstorm. (10 mins.) Accident/ Incident Reporting, first aid facilities and injury compensation procedure (5 mins.) Question and Answer (10 mins.)

(d) (e) (f)

4.3 Tool Box Talks Tool Box Talks shall be given to all workers on site including subcontractors. The tool box talks will be given by safety supervisor/ foremen/ganger who are competent trainier and have received training on safety training techniques organized by the HKCA ,CITA/CICTA or other approved training organization.It would be conducted at a frequency of one talk per worker on every two weeks . The frequency of training may be changed subject to the approval of the the Supervisors Delegate Approval. The Tool Box Training material will be based on the HKCA, OSHC and CITA/ CICTA package. 4.4 Safety Management and Supervisor Training Management and Supervisor Training is to be arranged according to the Company Policy Requirements. Safety Manager and Safety Officer shall arrange training for relevant manager and supervising staff. Management Training included but not limited to the following Environmental Management Safety Management System Quality Management System Accident Investigation Technique Confined Spaces System Supervior Training included but not limited to the following Construction Safety Supervisor Confined Space Compentent Person & Confined Space Certfied Worker Training Underground Supply Line Cable Detection Competent Person Training Contractor shall keep register of the competent person on site which would be attached to the monthly safety training program and monthly safety report. The person in register shall include but not limited to the following Safety Officer Safety Supervisor First Aider Trainer to Safety Work Cycle Trainer to Safety Induction

Competent person for detection of underground supplyline Comeptent person for erection, alteration and dismantling of metal scaffold Competent person for inspection of scaffold Electricain Competent person for inpection of excavation

4.5 Trade Training Trade training will be the trades as specified in the PS1.12B. LCECL will ensure the achievement of the minimum percentage of qualified tradesman arrangement as listed into the said clause. The following would be the trade that this Project might employ. (a) Bar Bender (b) Carpenter (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) (j) Concreter Welder Leveller Metal Scaffolder Piling Operator Drain Layer Ground Investigation Operator Electrician

4.6 Risk Assessment Safety Training Training needs analyze would be reviewed regularly to provide sufficient training for all level of personnel on site. A monthly training programs would be proposed against the major work activities. The training content would be in accordance with the result of the risk assessment prepared by the Site Engineer and Safety Officer of the Contractor. The subjects of the risk assessment training would be, but not limited to the following: (a) (b) (c) (d) (f) (g) 4.7 Working at height safety Metal scaffolding safety Road work safety Safety of excavation

Safety of lifting operation Other topics as deemed necessary in the course of the works Refresher Training

Further to the change in circumstances and site activity, LCECL shall provide a refresher course to all employees at intervals of 6 months. The objective of the refresher course is to ensure the employees could obtain updated information regarding the inherent characteristic and the associated hazards existed in current and future time. 4.8 Safe Work Cycle 4.8.1 Pre-work Activities The Pre-work Activities including the Pre-work Exercise and Safety (PES) meeting, Hazard Identification Activity (HIA) meeting and Pre-work Safety Checks will be held daily.. The PES meeting shall be led by the Production Manager or a senior staff of site management of Contractor. It would be lasted to 15 minutes. The HIA meeting shall then be followed, it works out as a training led by either Safety Officer, Safety Supervisor, foreman, ganger or safety representative. It could be lasted to 10 minutes. Having conducted the PES and HIA meetings, the pre-work safety checks shall be followed and led by foreman, ganger, safety supervisor or safety representative. Then the safety inspection conducted by Production Manager or his representative shall be followed. Safety co-ordination meeting then will be held following the inspection conducted by the Production Manager so as to review the findings and take appropriate action. 4.8.2 Competence of the Trainer

The person assigned to be responsible for the PES meeting shall have attended the training course on Site Safety Cycle (SSC) or Safety Work Cycle training course organised by the OSHC or CITA. The person assigned to be responsible for the HIA meeting shall have attended both the SSC course and Safety Training Techniques course from CITA/ CICTA.

4.9 OSH Care Campaign for New Workers in Construction Sites 4.9.1) Care Campaign for New Workers including:

LCECL to Flag P(Probation) identify new entrants and no experience of workers. LCECL shall arrange for the instructor to caring new wokers, reminding workers to pay attention to work safety, each instructor to take care of up to four new workers, and care period should not be less than 3 months. LCECL should provide basic safety training and familiarize themselves with the environment, the site arrangements.


Care Campaign for New comer including: identify the site workers have experience in

LCECL to flag N(New comer) the construction industry.

The flag Nexhibition period should not be less than two weeks. LCECL should familiarize themselves with the environment, the site of arrangements.

4.10 Checking system in Competent person In order to ensure the operation or activities are carried out in a safe manner and in compliance with the regulations, competent persons shall be appointed by Site Agent to carry out the work inspections. The appointed competent persons must possess appropriate training certificates and experience. Appointment letters will be issued to the competent persons with their responsibilities and duties are clearly defined.

Followings are examples of the operations / activities / person which may require the appointment of competent persons according to the site situation:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

CP for Confined Spaces CW for Confined Spaces CP for Scaffolding CP for Excavation & Earthwork CP for underground utility detection Load Shifting Machinery Operator Passenger Hoist Operator Mounting of Abrasive Wheels Banksman / Signaller

10. Lifting Appliance Operator 11. Certified Electrical Worker 12. Demolition Supervisor 13. Cartridge Tool Operator 14. Any others as require

4.11 Sliver Card 4.11.1 (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) (j) (k) 4.11.2 Further, workers from the following specfic trades shall be a holder of Silver Card by Construction Industry Council Training Academy(CICTA) : Painter and decorator Carpenter Building demolition worker Plumber Bar Bender / Steel-fixer Worker for external wall installation, plaster, tiler Bamboo scaffolder, working platform installer. Curtain wall installer Construction materials rigger Lift mechanic (installation and maintenance) Tower crane worker (erecting, dismantling, telescoping & climbing) LCECL shall pay a token allowance of $650 to each skilled worker of specific trade training (Sliver Card) after the worker has successfully completed a Sliver Card Course and received a Sliver Card. A skilled worker has completed a revalidation course and received a revalidated Sliver Card, LCECL shall pay a token allowance of $350 to the skilled worker. All such personnel and labour shall carry the Green Card or Silver Card on them at all times whilst within the site. LCECL will also ensure that all card holders will carry their LDRGC and Silver Card At the end of each month, LCECL will prepare and submit a certified monthly statement of workers who have successfully completed the trade specific advanced safety training course to the Supervisor using the designated proforma attached in Appendix.