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Corporate information We are a global leader in remittance and foreign exchange with direct operations spreading across five

continents and 30 years of successful business history. Our awardwinning services powered by the reliable network we have built across the world ensure that your money transfer and exchange needs are completely met at all times, and you stay connected to your loved ones wherever they are. We are a peoples brand which touches millions of hearts everyday across the world through our services, taking care of the remittance and foreign exchange needs of communities in the most efficient, reliable and affordable manner. Our steadfast grounding in value-laden business ethics and firm focus on customer satisfaction has given us the acclaim Worlds Trusted Money Transferrer. Global Locations Our operations are spread across five continents; so that at any given moment, somewhere in the globe there would be branches providing our customers with the same service experience and quality we are known for the world over. Middle East And Asia As the flagship market, UAE Exchange was quick to become the remittance leader in the region with strong network presence across UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and China with a total tally of nearly 400 branches. With nearly 250 branches in India, located in all major towns of the country, and 84 strategically located branches in UAE, UAE Exchange continues to expand aggressively in the region, catering to a population consisting of more than 125 nationalities. Americas As one of the first overseas markets we ventured into, N America has always been a favourite destination for UAE Exchange. Within a short time, we were able to establish ourselves in the USA through our associate, Money Dart Global Services Inc. This was followed by our entry into Canada under the UAE Exchange banner, where we have established popular branches in Brampton and Rexdale. Our expansion into various global markets has been fuelled by these success stories, and the enlivening experience of being the favourite of vibrant communities spread across the continent Europe

With one of the largest UAE Exchange networks overseas, UK hosts 9 branches located across major residential and commercial hubs, catering to widely distributed expatriate and ethnic communities in the country. Offering a wide range of products and services from traditional to online remittance and foreign exchange, this network promises to expand to other regions of the continent in the near future. UAE Exchange recently established its new headquarters for UK at Carlisle, located at the heart of Londons bustling Soho area. Africa it was the untapped potential of many developing markets in the continent that attracted UAE Exchange to Africa in the new millennium. Today, with multiple branches across the region, UAE Exchange operations have helped in elevating organised remittances here to higher standards. South East Asia & Pacific Starting with the land of Kangaroos, UAE Exchange present-day operations cover Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Philippines. With over 35 branches in Australia alone, the region has fast evolved into a major operational hub of UAE Exchange. UAE Exchange History The birth of our brand and transformation into the Worlds Trusted Money Transferrer has been one incredible journey. A journey which has seen the world evolving, people becoming highly mobile, businesses crossing farthest borders, commercial indices sky rocketing, and global fund flows thickening. We have always been at the centre of this change, with our efficient and trusted services, spreading smiles across the world, and bringing delight to millions of people. We started off with our flagship branch in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, in 1980, to build the fine empire we have today, spread across five continents of the world. During these times, we have overcome numerous challenges to provide the best to our customers, thus maintaining our position as a brand loved by all. 1980 UAE Exchange started it first branch in abu dhabi, UAE. 1981-92 UAE Exchange consolidates UAE operations As the market leader 1993 UAE Exchange becomes a swift member 1994 launches express transfers, adding to our product portfolio 1995 Commences operations in oman

1996 launches feature-packed gold card and commences operations in Kuwait. New bank notes division established in uae 1998 launches its global website, with online facility to track transaction 1999 launches retail operation in India 2000 establishes first liaison office in Bangladesh 2001 Express money, a leading instant money service established in uk 2002 establishes first liaison office in Sri Lanka 2003 a landmark year for UAE exchange when it commenced its operations in Australia by acquiring an existing an exchange house, launched its UK operations, and established its 100th branch in India. It also entered into the corporate business segment during the year, held its first global conference. A technology milestone was achieved when its UAE operations launched self-serving kiosk machines across its balances.

Recognitions Every achievement of ours is an outcome of a strong vision, anticipation of change in business environments, and effective adaptation to any such change. We relentlessly work towards excellence in every facet of our business, the benefits of which are passed onto our customers. We have built time-tested processes that deliver all-round quality consistently at every point of our value chain, which ensures that we are efficient enough to surpass any quality benchmark. And our results speak. They speak of the quality of our operational processes which distinguishes us from competition.

Leadership Our management team leads change in a changing industry with a deep and strategic understanding of the global financial market, and has responsibility for the day-to-day operations and success of the company H. E. Abdulla Humaid Ali Al Mazroei Chairman Dr. B. R. Shetty MD & CEO Y. Sudhir Kumar Shetty COO & General Manager Promoth Manghat Vice-President, Global Operations

Rajesh G K Vice-President, Human Resources & Administration Sudhesh Giriyan Vice-President, Business Development Ashwin Shetty Vice-President, Dealing T. P. Pradeep Kumar Chief Financial Officer Sarath Chandra M Chief Information Officer Foundation Empowering people around the world through fast and safe remittance. Our vision is simple: Empower people around the world through fast and safe remittance. From the simple beginnings of UAE Exchange nearly 30 years ago, to our position as one of the world's leading remittance companies today, our vision guides everything we do. That's why every day, millions of people across the world think of just one brand when it comes to satisfying their money transfer needs... the brand called UAE Exchange. These are the people who know for sure that their money would reach the right hands through the safest hands. Trust is the cardinal value over which we have built our business. We have built the trust we enjoy by providing our customers with reliable products and services which gives lasting value, being a strong and reliable partner to all our associates, a responsible community member, and above all by being an enterprise which steadfastly stand for ethical and responsible business. UAE Exchanges market success is the net result of planned, measured activities which are evaluated constantly against the value they bring to our customers. Our growth has been market driven, powered by the trustful and passionate relationships which we upheld all through our 30 years.

Responsibility Compliance and Integrity A Commitment to Operate in Legal Compliance and with Integrity Our global compliance and integrity program helps guide our customers and employees to obey all applicable laws and regulations while conducting business around the world. It also emphasizes how important it is for us to act with integrity and make ethical decisions for our business, our associates, our employees and our customers, because their trust and confidence is critical to our success. Integrity, respect and accountability are vital aspects of the UAE Exchange business environment. From these flow qualities such as trust, fairness and honesty, which form the fabric of our company. The fight against money laundering and terrorist financing is a priority for us. Our Anti Money Laundering & Combating of Terrorist Financing (AML & CTF) laws aims to prevent illicit activities and give protection from the potential risk posed by financial crimes. UAE Exchange commenced the customer registration system in the year 1996 itself, which later became a powerful tool in the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Community Involvement Touching hearts everyday

In many ways, UAE Exchange is a reflection of the communities it serves. Our product offering is diverse and progressive, our commitment to quality service is strong and sincere, and our earnest work ethic delivers customer satisfaction which is lasting. We understand that the role of the corporate in strengthening communities, Our services Retail services Send money globally with our leading money transfer services, exchange foreign currency at attractive rates, or choose from a wide range of other services: Remittance Send money to your loved ones, anywhere in the world, within minutes UAE Exchange provides a host of products for you to transfer money to your loved ones, wherever across the globe, within minutes. Choose from any of the varied money transfer services available at our counters. Account Credit Money in the bank, fast and risk-free Transfer the money directly to your loved ones bank account in any part of the world. Our strong correspondent banking relationship with more than 150 banks make it easier for you and your family. Choose direct account credit and send money through: Demand Draft Demand Draft (DD) is a cheque that helps you transfer money to a bank account in a secured manner. Unlike a normal cheque, the DD does not require a signature in order to be cashed. Electronic Transfer Electronic Transfer (ET) is the transfering money to any bank account through computerbased systems. Telex Transfer Telex Transfer (TT) is an electronic means of transferring funds overseas. Instant Money Transfer Your cash reaches your people, instantly This facility enables you to transfer money to the beneficiary, within minutes, through cash payout at various agent outlets located in the respective receive countries, and also through account payout in select countries. You can select from: Xpress Money Xpress Money is a global instant money transfer brand with a wide agent network across the globe. For more information log on to

Western Union Western Union is one of the largest instant money transfer brands with a vast network of agents. Coinstar Money Transfer Coinstar Money Transfer (CMT) provides an easy to use, reliable and cost effective way to send money around the world. CMT, a leading money transfer service provider, offers three options to send money. You can either send money and your loved one can collect it from any of its 23,000 agent locations across over 140 countries. Or you can credit it directly in their accounts. You can even get the money delivered home. Associate Branch Transfer Associate Branch Transfer (ABT) is an instant money transfer facility for transfer of funds within United Arab Emirates as well as other countries, wherever UAE Exchange and its Associates have their reach. Cash to Card Money Transfer This facility enables you to credit the amount directly in your loved ones debit / credit card, which they can either use to withdraw money from an ATM or make purchases at an authorised merchant location. MoneySend UAE Exchange and MasterCard together bring you this unique service, whereby you can conveniently and cost-effectively send funds directly to your loved ones MasterCard debit/ credit card. They can then, either withdraw cash from an ATM or use it to make purchases at MasterCard approved merchant locations. They can also pay their credit card bills. Forex Easy transactions in a foreign land When you visit a foreign land for leisure or on business, you will require the currency of the country concerned for your transactions. And no better place to get the best foreign currency services than at your trusted UAE Exchange. Foreign Currency Exchange You can buy and sell foreign currency at any of our branches at competitive rates Travellers Cheque Traveller's Cheque allows you to make payments while travelling in foreign countries. At UAE Exchange, you can buy, sell or convert them into cash. PayMyBills

Multiple bill payments under one roof No more running from pillar to post for clearing your monthly bills. Now all your bill payments can be made faster and in a hassle-free manner at the nearest UAE Exchange branch. Credit Card Payment You can easily pay your credit card bills or make settlements for select credit cards at any of the UAE Exchange branches Loan EMI You can make you regular Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) of your loan payment for select banks at any of the UAE Exchange branches, conveniently Insurance Premium You can make your insurance premium payment at any UAE Exchange branch at your convenience. Utility Payments You can easily make payments for you electricity, water and telephone bills at any of the UAE Exchange branches Membership Subscription Make subscription payments for services like Arab Digital Distribution (the digital infotainment service), (the online marriage bureau) etc., easily. Airline Ticket Payment We bring you a unique service, whereby you can book your airline ticket online or through telephone and make the payment at any of the UAE Exchange branches within 24 hours. Wealth Management Intelligent investments for a secure future Secure your future with safe and profitable investment options that we offer at our counters. You can choose from the following bonds through your trusted leading agent, UAE Exchange. National Bonds Mashreq Millionaire Top Time Easy mobile recharge in another country

Recharge the mobile of your loved ones staying in another country within minutes through Top Time, the international mobile top up facility. Just pay the money at any of our counters along with the phone number to be recharged within minutes. More Magic Ezetop GFT Mi-Pay Sim Card Own your mobile connection easily Purchase the SIM card of your favourite mobile phone service provider, easily at any of our branches. Gifting Now that was never so easy! Buying a gift for your loved ones was never so easy. Just walk in to any of your favourite UAE Exchange branches. And express your love by buying a gift. Loyalty programme Value-added for the loyal few To add more value to you, our esteemed customers, we have brought you various programmes that will enhance customer satisfaction, which include: Eitsalat More Programme

Corporate Services Remittance Send money to your business partners, anywhere in the world, within minutes UAE Exchange provides a host of products for you to transfer money for your business requirements, wherever across the globe, within minutes. Choose from any of the varied money transfer services available with us.

Account Credit- High value money transfers, fast and hassle-free Now you can transfer companys money directly to the other corporate bank accounts in any part of the world. Our strong correspondent banking relationship with more than 150 banks make it easier for you. Direct account credit can happen through: Demand Draft Demand Draft (DD) is a cheque that helps in transferring high value money transfers to a bank account in a secured and hassle-free manner. Electronic Transfer Electronic Transfer (ET) is the transfering money to any bank account through computerbased systems. Telex Transfer (TT) is an electronic means of transferring funds overseas. Forex Transact easily across the borders As a corporate with business interests across the border, you will require foreign currency. And no better place to get the best and most value-added foreign currency services than your trusted UAE Exchange. Foreign Currency Exchange Buy and sell foreign currency in bulk at any of our branches at competitive rates. We also offer customised services for corporate apart from pick up and delivery services for high value currency exchanges. Payroll Solution For smart and easy salary payments At UAE Exchange, we undertake payroll services for the corporate in the UAE. We provide them a reliable solution for salary disbursal, complying with the directives of the Wages Protection System (WPS), initiated jointly by the Ministry of Labour and the UAE Central Bank. Smart Pay is a WPS compliant payroll solution for hassle-free and accurate salary disbursal, for various corporate companies and small businesses. We also have an expert onsite salary disbursal team, which distributes salary on the companys behalf in various camps of blue-collared workers across the UAE. Corporate Cash Collection

The trusted single point contact

At UAE Exchange, we also act as the authorised cash collection agent for various companies. With total trust, customer service agents of these companies deposit their daily collection of cash in the respective companys bank account easily through our counters. Some of our strong alliances include: One Prepay 20:20 mobile Big Bus SCB Global Remittance Today, career and commerce have heavily transcended geo-political boundaries, calling for fast and reliable channels for global fund transfer. With SWIFT membership, correspondent relationship with over 150 global banks, direct operations in 22 countries, and 30 years of industry- leadership, UAE Exchange has prefected fast and safe global money transfers. Send money to your loved ones for family maintenance or for personal savings, business needs or for investments, whatever your need be, you have a wide range of bank account credit services to choose from at UAE Exchange. Suiting your pace and lifestyle, and compatible with your favourite bank account. List of Correspondent Banks Bangladesh AB Bank Ltd. - Agrani Bank Ltd. - Bangladesh Krishi Bank - BRAC Bank Ltd. - Dhaka Bank Ltd. - Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. - ICB Islamic Bank Ltd. - Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. - Janata Bank Ltd. - Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. - National Bank Ltd. - National Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd. - ONE Bank Ltd. - Prime Bank Ltd. - Pubali Bank Ltd. - Rupali Bank Ltd. - Sonali Bank Ltd. - Standard Chartered Bank - The City Bank Ltd. - Uttara Bank Ltd.

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