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Principles of management

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Introduction Management is the integral part of living and is very essential whenever human efforts are undertaken to achieve set goals. The basics of management are always at play whether we manage our lives or any business. Management as a system is not only essential element of an organized society but also a inseparable part in life in viewing of managing our lives. Mangers job is very important in any organization. More complex is the organization more crucial is the role of manager. With regards to enhance these managerial skills in a person IAM organizes annual food festival which is managed only by students of the college, this event enhances managerial skills and gives them more confidence to handle any situation in future when all be on actual role of manager. Managers of every department were chosen by the students and faculty by voting system. All chosen managers were given certain responsibility according to their department. The objective of the event was to uplift skills within themselves and give their full efforts to make event grand. Managers were free to choose their staff with in the college students which would make them comfortable to work as a team. Every department was given certain budget within which managers have to arrange their resources with effective results. This uplifted the skill of managers to how to utilize the available resources only.

Importance of planning- Planning is critical activity .it is the process of determining how the organization can achieve its goal. Their primary functions of the management, as all other function depend upon how the organization plans to achieve its objective. Planning is decision making activity requiring the process of ascertaining objective and deciding on activities to attain those objectives. While planning does not guarantee success in achieving organizational objectives ,in context wuith college food festival students have to plan entire festival on their own starting from the theme of the fest till pricing of the tickets , planning for getting more

guest for the event , planning for target market based on the theme, planning to get sponsors and guests for the event, students have also to plan the requirement and availability of required resources with inn the given budget . Due to planning the food festival all managers got an direction and purpose as it is future oriented planning. Advantages of organizing food festival on students college level give individual a chance to make their decision making process strong at any critical condition .decision making and problem solving are core functions of management because they are an integral part of all other managerial function such as planning, organizing ,directing and controlling . Manager involved in any event or organization needs to have strong decision making and problem solving skills.

Directing, Motivating and Leadership:

Directing and leading comprise the managerial function of guiding, overseeing and leading people .The primary elements in this function is human relation and personal relationship. This area is primary geared towards leadership, motivation and communication .Direction is concerned with direct human efforts towards achievement organizational goals. Making good use of available staff is one of the skills which individual should learn . events also brushes the skill of directing and utilizing the human resources available , during food festival many students were selected by their managers for various department , as all department does not have work on event day and some department had work on particular day only so the idol staff was utilized for the preparation of the event where ever they were required and on event day they were working for their respective departments. Motivated people are in constant state of tension. This relived by carrying out an action which results in to expected out come. The greater tension the more activity it will require to bring about relief and hence ,higher the motivation .manager should have skills to motivate his staff at any kind of situation . manager should always look out for an employee who is lacking behind or any individual with less skill and motivate or give him training if

needed so he can be motivated and can give his full dedication towards his job. During food festival to get work done was very difficult task as many students were working for first time in food festival so it was very important to keep them motivated to do work, managers were told not make work staff for continues hours they should be given breaks which will reduce the work load. Staff was given some refreshments and snacks between the breaks which made interest in the work.

Controlling is one of the most important function of management, second perhaps only to the function of decision making. Control involves a set of mechanisms for evaluating the organizational performance against the set standards and where deviation occur, steps are taken to correct these deviation to ensure that organization stays on course

Organizational structure involves arrangement and assignment of personnel to these activities in order to achieve the organizational goals .it is the key factor which keep an organization tied together in order to coordinated manner and it illustrate as well as direct relation among various level keeping this in mind food festival had all designations like top of the event was general manager and under him there were many department heads who would select their supervisors from juniors as per skills. Making hierarchy is the key factor to make easy communication with each and every employee. All employees can directly communicate with their managers and discuss their problem regarding job. Food festival had hierarchy which consist of GM, Asst GM , Heads of all departments and supervisors .