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Social Studies Activities for Healthy Living

Content Standards for Social Studies Standard 3.0 Geography Students will use geographic concepts and processes to understand location and its relationship to human activities. TOPIC A. USING GEOGRAPHIC TOOLS INDICATOR

1. Use geographic tools to locate and construct meaning about places on Earth

Standard 5.0 History Students will use historical thinking skills to understand how individuals and events have changed society over time. TOPIC A. INDIVIDUALS AND SOCIETIES CHANGE OVER TIME INDICATOR

2. Investigate how people lived in the past using a variety of primary and secondary sources

Part 1: Primary Source Documents The History of the Food Pyramid Visit this newspaper website to learn how the food pyramid has evolved from the early 1900s: 1. Describe what the food pyramid looked like in 1943. What did food group 7 consist of? 2. What was the shape of the pyramid in 1992? How many servings were suggested for the vegetable group? Which food group had the most servings? 3. Look at the most recent food pyramid. What do you like about the design of this? Is there anything that you would change or add? Visit this website to find out more history about the Food Pyramid: 1. What was the name of the woman who wrote Food for Young Children in 1916? 2. What does RDA stand for? Why do you think the USDA created this? 3. What is put onto most food, starting in 1994, so that it is easier for people to stick to the food pyramid? The History of Teeth Cleaning Visit this site to read about the history of teeth cleaning: 1. What ingredients were used in the first type of tooth paste for the Egyptians?

2. What was the name of the dentist who added soap to toothpaste in 1824? 3. Where did the first bristled toothbrush originate from? What was it made out of? Ancient Greek Games Read about what the Greeks did to stay in tip-top shape and how they treasured physical fitness: 1. Imagine you were living during the Ancient Greek times. Would you enjoy living during that time period in that country? Why or why not? Use facts from the article to support your answer.

Still curious about the Ancient Greek games? Check out this interactive website! Part 2: Google Map

Bike Ride to Fort McHenry! In this activity you will use Google Maps to plan a bike ride from your house to visit the historical park of Fort Mchenry. Follow the directions below to plan your trip! Answer the questions below once you have entered in all of your information. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Go to website: Click Get Directions Click on the picture of the figure riding a bike. In line A, put in your home address. In line B, type Fort Mchenry, Baltimore, MD. Click the blue tab Get Directions. Read over the suggested route and map. Want to see a 3D version of the path? Click on the tab labeled 3D next to the bike directions.

Questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. What is the total mileage from start to finish of the bike directions?_______________________ What is the total time from start to finish of the bike directions?__________________________ Which direction has you biking the greatest distance?________________ the least?__________ Click on the tab above to change biking directions to car directions. What is the difference in mileage? __________________________ What is the difference in time?__________________ 5. Would you prefer to take the car or bike to Fort McHenry? Why?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Resources: Read about FortMchenry: Do you know enough about bike safety? Visit this site to find out: Helmet safety: