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Extensis PhotoAnimator is an exciting, full-fledged yet affordable animation package that will change forever the way you create and work with Web animations. PhotoAnimator automatically generates the frames and transitions needed to create unlimited animation special effects. There is no need to build each frame of an effect manually. With PhotoAnimator, just decide how you want something animated, and let it do the rest. ----------PhotoAnimator requires: A PC with Pentium processor or faster Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 8MB free hard disk space for PhotoAnimator, the PhotoAnimator Manual PDF, and Tutorial Sample Files ----------If you are not familiar with Extensis, we have been building software that extends the productivity of all major graphics arts applications for over three years. Our other award winning products include: * PhotoTools for Photoshop * Mask Pro for Photoshop * Intellihance for Photoshop * PhotoFrame for Photoshop * Portfolio for media management * PageTools for PageMaker * VectorTools for Illustrator and FreeHand * QX-Tools for QuarkXPress * QX-Effects for QuarkXPress * BeyondPress for QuarkXPress * Preflight Pro for advanced preflighting We offer fully functioning demos of all our products at our web site; please visit us soon at and download our productivity enhancing software. To reach us for technical support or general questions please use one of the following methods: Ph: 503-274-7030 Fax: 503-274-0530 Internet: Web: Our website includes a detailed, up-to-date FAQ/troubleshooting page for PhotoAnimator. If you have troubleshooting or functionality questions, please visit or contact Extensis technical support. Mail: Extensis Corporation 1800 SW First Ave. Suite 500 Portland, OR 97201 Extensis Europe: Zonnebaan 34 3606 CB Maarssen The Netherlands Phone #31 (0)30 247 50 50 Fax #31 (0)30 241 20 39 Internet:

Installing PhotoAnimator By default, the installer will place the PhotoAnimator, the User Guide, and the Tutorial Sample Files in the following locations: Application and User Guide - C:\Program Files\Extensis\PhotoAnimator 1.0 Tutorial Sample Files - C:\Program Files\Extensis\PhotoAnimator 1.0\Tutorials Serializing and Registering PhotoAnimator Upon launch, you will be requested to serialize and register the software. If you wish to purchase a serial number for PhotoAnimator, call Extensis Customer Service at (503) 274-2020 to register & obtain a serial number by phone. If you do not have a serial number, you can choose to run PhotoAnimator in demo mode; demo mode allows full functionality for 30 days. - - - - - PhotoAnimator software program copyright by Extensis Corporation. 1998 Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporat ed.